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33 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rob Walker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rob Walker, often where they are interviewed.

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33 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rob Walker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rob Walker, often where they are interviewed.

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August 5 – Screenwriter Rob Walker

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With Brady out Kevin and Micah review Coke favored Tic Tacs.  Rob Walker joins the show.  He penned the screenplay "They Hunt at Night" as well as an upcoming tabletop came called "They Came from Beyond the Grave!"  Travis Perry, owner of The Nerd Store Closes out the show with further board game discussion.
Aug 06 2020 · 45mins
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Jun 19 2020 · 27mins
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Rob Walker In Comedy (Trailer)

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May 10 2020 ·
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#001 Why Most Post-Pandemic Predictions Will Be Totally Wrong// Rob Walker

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Why Most Post-Pandemic Predictions Will Be Totally Wrong Rob Walker ||


"..A deadly global pandemic is a self-evidently world-changing event. But world-changing how? While the coronavirus nightmare is nowhere near resolution, we are awash in predictions about what will come next, how our professional and business lives will be permanently altered, and how they will look a decade from now or beyond.

That’s only natural, and in some ways, it’s necessary: We sense that things will never be the same, and thoughtful speculation about the future helps us cope with the present — and, among other things, suss out economic perils and opportunities. Yes, it seems the massive work-from-home experiment will be here to stay. That virtual education is having its moment. That even meal-delivery subscription companies, which were recently on life support, may once again have a future..."


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May 02 2020 · 29mins
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Rob Walker - "The New Yoga"

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Rob Walker, author of the The New Yoga: From Cults and Dogma to Science and Sanity, talks with J about taking a hard look at critical questions and proposing common-sense yoga for the future. They discuss how yoga classes have recently changed, the movement to make yoga classes safer and more inclusive by debunking myths and telling a more accurate history, drawing upon movement science, and six principles that add clarity and encourage further inquiry into the benefits of yoga. This episode is sponsored by Ropana CBD.

Learn more about J’s tour… GENTLE IS THE NEW ADVANCED: EASING THE PAIN 2020.

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Mar 30 2020 · 1hr 45mins
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Is Rob Walker Dan Walker's brother?

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Broadcaster and MC Rob Walker joins Kieran Poole to chat pronouncing those tricky names, running and Johnny Cash. Get involved by telling us the strangest place you have spotted a snooker player using the hashtag #SnookerTableTalk. Recorded at Alexandra Palace for the Dafabet Masters.

Feb 10 2020 · 21mins
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Ep. 107: 1% Better Noticing w/ Rob Walker

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You can find my guest's full body of work on his website.

Rob Walker is a journalist covering design, technology, business, the arts, and many other subjects.

Today we talk about his new book , the power of observation, how to improve writing skills, and much more.

As always, thanks for listening!


Oct 13 2019 · 48mins
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192: Rob Walker

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Our guest this week is Rob Walker. Rob is the Human Resource Columnist for, and a longtime contributor to the New York Times and many other publications. He's on the faculty of Products of Design graduate program at the School of Visual Arts, and his new book from Knopf is The Art of Noticing, 131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration and Discover Joy in the Everyday. You can find him on Twitter and Medium at @notrobwalker. For show notes visit:
Sep 13 2019 · 33mins
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SPOS #679 - Rob Walker On The Art of Noticing

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Welcome to episode #679 of Six Pixels of Separation.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #679 - Host: Mitch Joel. Over a decade ago, Rob Walker was on this show. It speaks to the longevity of the show, but more importantly, it speaks to value and work that Rob Walker brings into our world. I had been following him long before we first recorded back in 2008 (and I have been following him ever since). Rob Walker is a journalist covering design, technology, business, the arts, and other subjects. He writes the Human Resource column for Lifehacker, and has contributed to publications like The New York Times (where he wrote The Workologist column from 2013 - 2018), The New York Times Magazine (his amazing Consumed column ran from 2004 - 2012), Bloomberg, The Atlantic and many others. His first two book, Letters From New Orleans and Buying In (a must-have for anyone in business) were both bestsellers. His latest book, The Art of Noticing - 131 ways to spark creativity, find inspiration and discover joy in the everyday, is amazing. He is on the faculty of the Products of Design MFA program at the School of Visual Arts and his newsletter, The Art of Noticing, is one everyone should subscribe to. In this episode we discuss creativity, inspiration and much more. Enjoy the conversation...

Jul 14 2019 · 54mins
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096 We're All Products Now w/ Rob Walker

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Everything on social media is a secret ad running on an algorithm designed to social engineer you into the perfect consumer. No big deal, right? The old saying is true, “if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.”

Rob(@robthemutant) is the founder and CEO of Mutant Capitalist, a B2B digital marketing and B2B sales agency, who hired me a couple of years ago to make videos for weed gear. Since then, we’ve become friends and have had fun conversations like the one on this Kimcast. Rob freed himself from the brick and mortar grid a while back and now operates completely digitally and remotely. Comics still trying to make ends meet are slowly dying working in offices (meaning me), and I found Rob to be a great model to free myself from thinking I needed a “job” in the traditional sense.

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Show notes

00:14 - Online dating turns people into products

02:14 - USA is #1 bullshitters

03:14 - bullshitting in sales and dating*

04:14 - America, the land of confident dummies

05:44 - social media influencers

07:14 - social media is secret advertising*

09:14 - office culture is dead

10:14 - office life is control in the face of death*

11:14 - active shooter drills

12:14 - gov’t shooter video - run, hide, fight

15:14 - people are a lot more miserable

18:14 - the me generation

19:14 - reagan*

20:14 - 72 hours

21:14 - at war with ourselves*

22:34 - rob intro

24:14 - undoing the drug war

27:14 - the POV of a private prison contractor*

28:34 - we’re really punish-happy

29:44 - humans are not honest

30:14 - America is puritan

32:34 - do the math

33:44 - becoming more conservative as you get older

35:14 - the gov’t is us 

36:14 - we don’t value all life*

37:14 - Obama was us and so is Trump*

38:14 - depending on who’s team you’re on it’s ok

39:34 - what sanctions means*

44:14 - legalize psychedelics

46:14 - local politics are more important

49:44 - America is for sale

51:44 - we’re in the craziest time ever*

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Jun 26 2019 · 55mins