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31 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nick Jones. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nick Jones, often where they are interviewed.

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31 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nick Jones. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nick Jones, often where they are interviewed.

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Chamber Voice Podcast Ep. 57.1: Legislative Candidate Forum - Delia Haak (R) And Nick Jones (D)

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Moderated by Kyle Kellams from Ozarks at Large, this forum, hosted by the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, is here to help you get to know your candidates for the upcoming election for State Representative District 91.
Sep 15 2020 · 22mins
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The Bevo and Biggie Show Episode Twelve featuring Nick Jones, World Champion Bodybuilder and Gen-Tec Founder

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Bevo and Biggie were extremely lucky this week to be joined by one of the best bodybuilders of all time and the founder of Gen-Tec Nutrition, Nick Jones.

We spoke about Jonesy's amazing career in bodybuilding and the challenges that he overcame along the way, how he trained and prepared for competitions, some of his biggest achievements and the story behind the amazingly successful business, Gen-Tec Nutrition.

Thanks so much to Nick for his time, to Flex Fitness Equipment for their continual support as our sponsor and to Matt Pill for a great job of editing the video.

Sep 07 2020 · 47mins

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Wot Supp Episode 15 - Nick Jones Founder of GEN-TEC Nutrition

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Stu and Will discover the in's and out's of the Nick Jones story. Not only is he the founder of GEN-TEC Nutrition; one of Australia's biggest supplement brands ever, he was also a world champion bodybuilder.

Aug 03 2020 · 1hr 34mins
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Episode 8: Nick Jones of Crepitus

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From the vault, this episode dives into the OC Death Metal scene from the 90s at wild rags to the present day. Recorded in 2018, Nick Jones of Crepitus and myself had a great conversation that I think you will enjoy.

Crepitus Bandcamp: https://hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/the-vile-vortex
Crepitus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CREPITII
Crepitus Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms_quV432pI
Jul 12 2020 · 1hr 9mins

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Noble & Cooley's Nick Jones - The Upbeat Hang Ep. 19

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In this Episode, Duke gets the opportunity to have an exclusive sit down with Nick Jones, the Vice President of well-known custom drum maker, Noble & Cooley.
Although there are many boutique and custom drum companies in existence today, virtually none can rival the rich and illustrious history of Noble & Cooley which dates all the way back to January 1854. Since then, the famed Massachusetts company has been developing its craft first by creating musical drums (some of which were used by military drummers in the Civil War), then toy drums, and then finally reconnecting with its professional-level drum making abilities again in the 1980s.
Since the company’s reemergence in the musical drum making business, Noble & Cooley has earned a reputation of excellence which is second to none. In this Episode, Jones, a 7th Generation descendant of the Cooley line, takes time to explain the unique and painstaking manufacturing techniques and processes employed by N & C to create the legendary quality drums that they have produced for so many generations.
noblecooley.com https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sideshow-podcast/id471295309
Jun 01 2020 · 1hr 20mins
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Roundhouse podcast with Nick Jones, Jeff Chapman of Wichita State basketball

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Nick Jones, director of player development, and video coordinator Jeff Chapman join the podcast to discuss the Twitter (@Nick_JonesWSU) project highlighting former Shockers such as Ron Baker, Joe Ragland, Markis McDuffie and others. We also learn Chapman’s role in a halftime superstition, their favorite advice from coach Gregg Marshall and how they explain Fred VanVleet’s basketball smarts.

Apr 28 2020 · 26mins
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Episode #52 - Captain Beyond - Dawn Explosion (with Nick Jones from Pod of Thunder)

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The Deep Purple Podcast

Show Notes

Episode #52

“Captain Beyond - Dawn Explosion”

April 20, 2020

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Lead up to the Album:

The Captain Beyond Story researched by Hartmut Kreckel


Bass, Ensemble [String], Vocals – Lee Dorman

Drums, Percussion [All], Vocals – Bobby Caldwell (2)

Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar – Rhino*

Lead Vocals – Willy Daffern

Producer – Captain Beyond, John Stronach

Album Art & Booklet Review

Design [Album] – Pacific Eye And Ear*

Illustration – Carl Ramsey (2)

Album Tracks:

Side one:

Do or Die (Caldwell, Daffern, Reinhardt)

Icarus (Caldwell, Dorman, Reinhardt)

Not played Live

Sweet Dreams (Caldwell, Dorman, Reinhardt)

Fantasy (Caldwell, Daffern, Reinhardt)

Side two:

Breath of Fire, Part 1 & 2 (Caldwell, Daffern, Reinhardt)

If You Please (Caldwell, Daffern, Dorman, Reinhardt)

Midnight Memories (Reinhardt)

Oblivion (Caldwell, Dorman, Reinhardt)

Reception and Review

The Captain Beyond Story researched by Hartmut Kreckel

This Week in Purple History . . .

April 20 through April 26

April 20, 1968 - Roundabout plays their first show at Parkskolen-Vestpoppen in Tastrup, Denmark

April 22, 1997 - Blackmore’s Night releases “Shadow of the Moon”

April 26, 2013 - Deep Purple releases “Now What?!”

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Apr 20 2020 · 1hr 55mins
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Nick Jones - Overcoming hurdles to follow his passion

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Sometimes it's good to put the phone down and that's exactly what we're doing. We're your hosts Jake and Meg and we're here to talk all things social media, digital and just anything that's trending really. Our aim is to talk about topics that affect the human population in one way or another, whether that's mental health, digital advancements or trending topics. To be perfectly honest we just love a good chat and we're sharing our conversations with you whether you like it or not! Over the course of our podcast we'll be welcoming guests including friends, family and hopefully influential figures. Keep your eyes peeled for our uploads and make sure to subscribe to our channels!

Mar 21 2020 · 57mins
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Ep.33 - Nick Jones. Life in the water, channeling your anxiety into creative pursuits and a morning ritual by the sea.....

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The sun is barely peeking over the horizon, a thin orange line glows off in the distance, but the streets are still dark. A tall figure, GoPro in hand, lumbers down to shore, plunges into the quicksilver water and disappears. Sometime later he re-emerges, rubbing the salt water from his eyes and climbs back up the beach. Smiling at passers-by, a look of satisfaction beams from his face as he steps off the sand and towards the local coffee van at Currumbin Alley for part 2 of his morning routine. This is Nick Jones in his groove.
First thing in the morning, every morning, every day of the year. I grab a coffee with him, instantly energised by his vibe and start talking life. It’s hard to miss Nick, not so much because of his height but more so because of his personality. Outgoing, supportive, cheerful and funny, Nick is always up for a chat and constantly throwing his support behind those ocean creatives who come into his life. But underneath the cheerful exterior is a deep thinker and a talented photographer.
Later in the day Nick and I sit down for a chat in his peaceful Currumbin Valley pad. A jack of all trades, in this episode we talk GoPro, drone, DSLR, vortex shots, rock splashes and any other weird and wonderful creations that pop into Nick’s mind, even using sultanas to create an effect in liquid for a shot! We talk about Nick’s journey from Sydney to the Gold Coast, what motivated him to pick up a camera for the first time, what it’s like to have a mind that’s buzzing away at 1 or 2 in the morning and how the ocean and capturing its unique magic has helped him deal with anxiety, insomnia and the curveballs of life.
For anyone looking at getting into GoPro there’s some good little tips in here for you and many words of wisdom for those out there dealing with anxiety and looking for somewhere to channel their nervous energy. We even get some fun stories about how Nick’s over active mind has come up with some bizarre but incredible shots. You’ll definitely get a sense of his quirky sense of humour in this episode! If you’re listening make sure to hop onto Nick’s Instagram, @nickjonesimages, as we go through some of his more unique images. Play along with us and scroll through his page as you listen. Some of Nick’s work we talk about is for sale fully framed and I can say they look amazing.
Apart from ocean imagery Nick and I love a chat about one of our other passions, basketball, in our spare time. He’s a Lakers man and I’m a Celtics man, so we’d like to dedicate this episode to one of our heroes Kobe Bryant, who tragically passed away during the editing of this episode.
We’d love to see everyone’s work by tagging us on our Instagram page as well as hear your thoughts on our show ‘Chasing Clarity’. Please get in touch via Instagram, @chasingclaritypodcast or on our personal pages @travdonjohnson, @senseiodell and @jakebreretonimages.
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The Chasing Clarity crew are: me, Travis Johnson @travdonjohnson, Jake Brereton @jakebreretonimages and our founder and show co-host Odell Harris @senseiodell
Jan 30 2020 · 56mins
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Episode 21 - Nick Jones

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Fearless Training Roar Knowledge Podcast Episode 21:  Nick Jones - Husband, Father, Business Owner & World Champion Bodybuilder!

Welcome back to the Fearless Training "Roar Knowledge" Podcast where we talk everything; Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle.

Gen-Tec Nutrition was founded in 1999 by Nick Jones who has devoted 33 years of his life to nutrition, health and the art of Bodybuilding.

The Gen-Tec formulations are always evolving and retail sales are experiencing rapid growth throughout Australia and targeted overseas markets.

First and foremost, Nick Jones is a Body Recomposition Specialist whose goal is to improve quality of life and enhance performance through superior nutrition, exercise and specific supplementation. Nick's dedication to body building has paid dividends throughout the past 28 years and has been justified by his achievements through local, national and international platforms. His achievements include Mr World, Mr Australia, Mr Australasia and 1st runner-up in the prestigious Mr Universe competition.

These award winning honours are testimony to the benefits of the Gen-Tec product range.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gentecnutrition/?hl=en


Website: http://gen-tec.com.au

Follow Along For More Here:

Master Class Tickets:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fearless_training_/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FearlessTraining/?ref=bookmarks

Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFaAxEHPYiM2ucqUs4-z54A?view_as=subscriber

Coaching/Business Inquiries: alex@fearlesstraining.org

Stay Fearless!

Sep 23 2019 · 1hr 13mins