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Investing In Farmland With Carter Malloy

Money Tree Investing

Investing in farmland is one way to protect yourself from higher inflation. This week we discuss how to invest in one of the oldest assets classes. Carter Malloy from AcreTrader will explain how he is democratizing farmland investing for people who are not farmers. For more information, visit the show notes at https://moneytreepodcast.com/investing-in-farmland-carter-malloy Today's Panelists: Kirk Chisholm | Innovative Wealth Barbara Friedberg | Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance Megan Gorman | The Wealth Intersection Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moneytreepodcast Follow LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/money-tree-investing-podcast Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MTIPodcast For more information, visit the show notes at https://moneytreepodcast.com/investing-in-farmland-carter-malloy


23 Sep 2022

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Building a Growth-Minded Startup with Carter Malloy

Be EPIC Podcast

This week begins a special series on the podcast where Matt sits down with local entrepreneurs to discuss their businesses and the growing startup scene in Northwest Arkansas. We begin the series with Carter Malloy, founder and CEO of AcreTrader, which is a land transaction and investment technology company based in Fayetteville. Matt and Carter discuss the background of how AcreTrader began, the importance of finding product market fit and the challenges in managing a business with a two sided marketplace. They also touch on the importance of experimentation within your business, finding the right messaging, the journey to raising capital, and importance of building a culture in a growing startup as well as mentorship. Learn more about AcreTrader: https://acretrader.com/


7 Sep 2022

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80: Investing in Farmland with Carter Malloy

The Alt Asset Allocation Podcast

For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes and more visit: https://altassetallocation.com/ Today's interview is with Carter Malloy of AcreTrader. In this episode we cover why you might be interested in investing in farmland, and more details specifically on what AcreTrader is doing to allow more investors access to Farmland.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/investinalts/support


15 Aug 2022

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Carter Malloy On Raising $80 Million To Help You Invest In Farmland

DealMakers: Entrepreneur | Startups | Venture Capital

Carter Malloy decided to leave Silicon Valley when he launched his startup. A proptech venture that has already raised $80M in venture capital. The company, AcreTrader has attracted funding from top-tier investors like Drive Capital, RZC Investments, Narya Capital, and Anthemis Group.


29 May 2022

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Struggle, Persistence, Tech & Mentors: Building Your Successful Business (with Carter Malloy)

The Stacking Benjamins Show

"Failure is an option," Carter Malloy says during today's interview, and it's true. Evolution in business is critical, and technology, the right team, and pure persistence can pull a success from near-certain failure. From early websites to failed business plans, business owners have many challenges to navigate. Carter Malloy faced tons of these challenges and more while advocating for an investment approach he strongly believed in: buying farmland. Today we bring you a special episode sponsored by Dell as part of their PodFerence, a podcast-based conference to celebrate Small Business Month. Malloy, who is the founder and CEO of AcreTrader, joins us to share lessons learned during his early steps into entrepreneurship. He talks about early lessons his father and mentors taught him, how technology has helped evolve his business, surrounding yourself with people who don't think like you, and the overall grit and determination it takes to be a business owner.Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


20 May 2022

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258: Buying The Farm with Carter Malloy & Michael Iseman of AcreTrader

The Startup Junkies Podcast

Summary: Welcome to the Startup Junkies Podcast! Our hosts Jeff Amerine, Caleb Talley, and Davis McEntire, were joined by Carter Malloy and Michael Iseman of AcreTrader. AcreTrader's goal is to simplify farmland investment. It's no joke that the global population and, therefore, demand for food is proliferating, Carter and Michael believe in offering a truly diversified investment opportunity with long-term returns. Hear how this company is not only leveling up in asset acquisition but also a stellar company culture!  Thanks for joining us! Shownotes: (1:03) Introducing Carter & Michael of AcreTrader (5:07) From Listing to Sign-Ups  (7:49) Farm Styles Offered (10:13) Due Diligence of Saying Yes or No (15:53) Adapting to Challenges (22:09) Evolution of Leadership from a Small to Large Team (27:50) What Winning Looks Like (30:45) Craziest Business Experience   (35:22)Advice to Younger Self (37:18)Wrap Up Links: Jeff Amerine Caleb Talley Davis McEntire Carter Malloy Michael Iseman AcreTrader Quotes: "And as a result, we ended up having a great product. We have really great investments to come through and ultimately really great outcomes for those that we work with."  (4:15) - Carter Malloy "Within your team, the people who are closest to any particular interaction are going to understand it better than you. So trusting your team, trusting the process, and ultimately trusting the data very quickly, in this case proved out."  (16:46) - Carter Malloy "We work really hard, but we have a lot of fun too. We celebrate the wins and the milestones, and then everyone comes back and works harder to achieve the next one."  (29:19) - Michael Iseman https://www.startupjunkie.org/ https://wlj.com/


30 Aug 2021

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Tell me you're a farmer without telling me you're a farmer ft. Carter Malloy, Founder/CEO of AcreTrader

What's Happening in Fintech Today

Julie is joined by Carter Malloy, Founder/CEO of AcreTrader (farmland investing) to discuss:- what is AcreTrader? (0:52)- who's investing in farmland? (5:28)- qualifications to invest (7:21)- inspiration behind AcreTrader (11:51)- which areas of the country are ideal for farmland? (20:09)New episodes every Monday and Thursday!For daily updates on the fintech space sent right to your email, subscribe to the FTT Newsletter HERE.For a more in-depth breakdown and analysis of the fintech space, subscribe to the premium newsletter, FTT+, HERE.Follow us on Twitter:FTT - @fintechtoday_Julie - @julieverhage[Theme Song Credit]


9 Aug 2021

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The Key to Exponential Business Growth: Think 5 Years Ahead, Always with Carter Malloy

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Carter Malloy is a financial analyst, guest columnist, and the founder and CEO of AcreTrader, a leading farmland investing platform that makes it easy for investors to buy shares of US farmland. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Success is a state of mind, and it should be defined by fulfillment and happiness along the way to your goals and milestones. Wherever you go, enjoy the ride. 2. Not thinking about your future will lead you to have increase odds of failure. 3. Be constantly selective about who you choose to become part of your team, and make sure not to run out of money for your business. Diversify your portfolio while supporting a farmer. Get started. Invest online, in minutes - Acre Trader Sponsors: Thinkific: It’s time to stop trading time for money and start reaching more clients and making a bigger impact - with online courses! Try Thinkific for free today at Thinkific.com/eof. HubSpot: Listen, learn, and grow with the HubSpot Podcast Network at HubSpot.com/podcastnetwork!


8 Aug 2021

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TIP358: Inflation Hedging with Farmland w/ Carter Malloy

We Study Billionaires - The Investor’s Podcast Network

On today’s show, Stig Brodersen speaks with the CEO of AcreTrader Carter Malloy about Farmland investing. With rising inflation and Bill Gates being America’s top farmland owner with a $690 million investment, we want to understand the nuts and bolts of the $9 Trillion asset class. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL LEARN:(01:45) Why Farmland investing is hedging your inflation exposure(14:52) What are the risks when investing in Farmland(34:35) Disruption in Farmland investing, including global warming(48:22) Farmland investing for international investors*Disclaimer: Slight timestamp discrepancies may occur due to podcast platform differencesBOOKS AND RESOURCES:Visit AcreTrader’s websiteOur interview with Masterworks about investing in artOur interview with CrowdStreet about investing in Commercial Real Estate Browse through all our episodes (complete with transcripts) hereSupport our free podcast by supporting our sponsorsHELP US OUT!Help us reach new listeners by leaving us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! It takes less than 30 seconds, and really helps our show grow, which allows us to bring on even better guests for you all! Thank you – we really appreciate it!See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


4 Jul 2021

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Episode 85: Carter Malloy

The Tony Shap Show

Carter Malloy is the CEO and Founder at AcreTrader AcreTrader is a real estate investing platform that makes it easy to buy shares of farmland and earn passive income, starting in just minutes online.


15 Jun 2021