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107: Depressed Burritos with Jenipher Lyn

You, Me, Empathy: Sharing Our Mental Health Stories

On Episode 107 of You, Me, Empathy, Jenipher Lyn and I explore valuing our own work, giving ourselves the grace we deserve, disordered eating, depressed burritos, and taking time to enjoy the life around us. Thanks for listening and thanks for empathizing with us! Join The Feely Human Collective Launch Team! Full show notes and all links mentioned in the episode here. Follow You, Me, Empathy on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Support You, Me, Empathy on Patreon. Subscribe and leave a review in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google. Get yourself a feely t-shirt, mug, or tote!

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16 Dec 2019

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E034: An Interview with Author Jenipher Lyn!

Throwing Light

Merry everything and happy always! We made it. Through the joy and the stress and the family drama. And now we get to look forward to 2019. And there's something about it. It just feels like it's going to be a good year. And I'm stoked to end 2018 with this interview. Jenipher Lyn and I met online in a group Michelle Ward created years ago called the When I Grow Up Clubhouse. In 2013 (ish) I ran an online class for the Christian season of Lent called Be and asked Jen to teach a week of the course. Over time, we began to realize that we had a lot in common (like tons of anxious energy and a passion for creating something bigger than ourselves) and began to Skype every few weeks. The rest, I guess, is history. In this episode, we talk about finding our purpose, oversharing, and the annoying need to make it work as workaholic passion people. Jen shares vulnerably about intense anxiety she had while she was pregnant and what running a business looks like after having a baby. We talk about how we gained confidence as moms and as humans. Here are this week's show notes! And if you have a tween girl in your life, please go forth a preorder Jen's amazingly beautiful book! HONORABLE MENTIONS Jenipher Lyn's online home Preorder the Find Your Rainbow book here!li> Sign up for CoCreate here! Thank you for listening! Throwing Light is for people who believe in the restoration and healing of the world and who aren't hung up on outdated dogma that seeks to dictate what that's supposed to look like. I'm interested in connecting with people who seek healing and restoration for themselves and the world and who are paying attention in micro and macro ways that they can see it happening in real time. I promise that engaging with this podcast will help you on your healing journey and move you toward your greater purpose.If you know someone who might dig this episode, please pass these show notes along. Click here to support me on Patreon, and get a shout out on the podcast! If you are intrigued by the conversation and want to chime in with your own two cents, I would very much love that. Find me on Instagram and let me know what struck you! MUSIC CREDITS Intro + Outro: Matt Large, "Balloon Animals"


28 Dec 2018

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Ep 23: Tapping into your creativity to help your mental health with Jenipher Lyn

Mind of Her Own

Julie talks to Jenipher Lyn, an artist and illustrator on a mission to encourage and inspire young girls and women who are struggling with negative thoughts about themselves and low self-esteem. After spending years feeling depressed, lonely and not good enough, Jenipher began a nightly drawing routine to help her deal with her depression and anxiety. Her whimsical doodles caught the attention of others who appreciated her honesty, and now she has a new book for young girls called Find Your Rainbow: Color and Create Your Way to a Calm and Happy Life.” Connect with Jenipher Lyn: Jenipherlyn.com Jenipher Lyn on Facebook Jenipher Lyn on Instagram Resources mentioned: When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens Find Your Rainbow: Color and Create Your Way to Calm and Happy Life Timehop App Thanks for tuning in to Mind of Her Own – the podcast that gets inside a woman’s head! If you enjoyed this week’s episode, head over to Apple Podcasts and leave a rating and review. Don’t forget to share your favourite episodes on social media and subscribe to the show so that you never miss an episode! For more information about the show, visit mindofherownpodcast.com. You can also join the Facebook Group at facebook.com/groups/mindofherownpodcast, follow the show on Instagram and connect with Julie on Twitter at @julietrites.


23 Jul 2018

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Eps. 1 - Introduction & Interview with me, Jenipher Lyn!

Rainy Day Diaries

In this VERY FIRST episode of Rainy Day Diaries, (yay!!) I vulnerably answer all the questions I’ll be asking my future guests. Come sit with me and learn the reasons I’m starting this podcast, and the good I hope it will do in the world! <3 A few fun Topics: - Awkwardly hard Teen Years- Mental Wellness- Pregnancy :)


29 Mar 2018

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040 Saving The World One Doodle At a Time with Jenipher Lyn

The Couragemakers Podcast | Encouragement, Inspiration & Rebel Rousing for Mission Driven Doers, Makers & Shakers |

Happy Monday Couragemakers! I am so excited to share with you this week’s episode of Couragemakers! For this week’s episode, I’m speaking to the wonderful Jenipher Lyn. Jenipher a self-taught artist who is on a mission to save the world one doodle at a time. She who believes the more genuine encouragement in the world, the better and her goal in life is to inspire as many girls and women that they are not alone. Jenipher can be found drawing and eating cupcakes in the middle of Florida with husband and giant cat, Baby. I found Jenipher through her doodles and am so happy to get to know Jenipher as a person. In this episode, Jenipher shares the story behind her art, how being a writer or an artist isn’t how many people make it look online and how struggling with anxiety, depression and loneliness has influenced her life and her mission. Oh, and also what her ideal weird superpower would be. We really dive into the importance of imperfection, and how the online world sometimes deceives us, the struggles we often face as creative women and how we all need more mess, encouragement and cookies in our lives. Jenipher shares fantastic advice for anyone going through a hard time, gives a great insight into how her creative process has changed along the way and how she protects her own sanity as a highly sensitive person. Jenipher is wonderful and I absolutely loved every bit of our conversation. We had such a good laugh and her approach to life is simply contagious. This episode is full of so much hope, joy and truth and I know you’re going to love this episode! Enjoy the show!​​​​ About Jenipher Jenipher a self-taught artist who is on a mission to save the world one doodle at a time. She who believes the more genuine encouragement in the world, the better and her goal in life is to inspire as many girls and women that they are not alone! She does this with whimsical illustrations and vulnerably humorous articles. Jenipher can be found drawing and eating cupcakes in the middle of Florida with husband and giant cat, Baby. You can connect with Jenipher here: Website | Facebook | Instagram | New BookThings we talked about during today's show What Jenipher believes about herself now that she never thought possible How Jenipher’s creative process has developed How Jenipher deals with rejection Jenipher’s advice for anyone going through a hard time Find out more and download the Couragemakers Manifesto here If you have any question about today's episode, any comments or would like to be a guest on Couragemakers, get in touch: meg@thathummingbirdlife.com   About Meg & That Hummingbird Life I'm Meg and I'm the host of Couragemakers and founder of That Hummingbird Life. I started this podcast because I wanted to create a platform for passionate and unconventional women to have honest conversations and to share their stories, struggles and dreams. The intention behind this podcast is to inspire and encourage creative and mission-driven women to live a wholehearted life and follow the beat of their drum. When I'm not recording episodes and making new friends with the wonderful guests, you can find me working on all manners of magic over at That Hummingbird Life, sending free self care checks ins to hundreds of women every Sunday and helping my clients build brands they love as a graphic designer. I'm currently on a 3 month road trip of the US with Mr. Meg but normally based in the UK. That Hummingbird Life | Twitter | Pinterest |


5 Dec 2016

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117: Jenipher Lyn, Artist, Illustrator + Writer

She Percolates with Jen Hatzung & Danielle Spurge

Today’s episode is sponsored by Katie Williamsen Web & Social Media Consulting. Are you a lady boss who is ready for your website and social media to finally start creating real results for your business? Schedule a web or social media strategy call today! Stop feeling overwhelmed and make effective changes for your business. Learn how to attract your dream audience and turn them into loyal fans. Learn more here: http://kwilliamsen.com/shepercolates Jenipher Lyn is  an illustrator who specializes in whimsical, punny illustrations. She is currently writing & illustrating an encouraging book for girls and women. She strives to save the world, one doodle at a time! Jenipher's definition of success:"ultimately for me, money is part of it but it's not the success term for me - i would rather do something I love and make less money and eat more pasta and peanut butter and jelly than do something that isn't true to myself."Things we chat about with Jenipher: life not being perfect rejection can help make you successful what you do VS what you really want to do how stubbornness, creativity and her unwillingness to fail help her to keep going how she allows herself to spend time on non-work related tasks/projects books Jenipher mentions: Sarah Dessen & Lisa Congdon


30 Mar 2016