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747: Daniel Spreadbury on next-generation music notation

Contrabass Conversations double bass life

Daniel Spreadbury is the Product Marketing Manager for Steinberg’s professional scoring application Dorico. Before joining Steinberg, Daniel and many members of the Dorico team worked for many years on the Sibelius music notation software. We discuss the innovative approach Dorico takes to user interface, how Adobe Lightroom influenced the initial development of Dorico, lessons learned from legacy products like Sibelius and Finale, and much more.  Enjoy, and pick up a free version of Dorico SE to experiment with all the interface and design concepts that we dig into here! Listen to Contrabass Conversations with our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle! Check out my Beginner's Classical Bass course, available exclusively from Discover Double Bass! Thank you to our sponsors! Dorico - Dorico helps you to write music notation, automatically producing printed results of exceptional quality — and plays it back with breathtaking realism. It is easy enough for anyone to learn, yet has hundreds of advanced notations, features, options and sounds to satisfy even the most demanding professionals.  With its streamlined, natural user interface, students and those with less experience in scoring can compose and arrange straight into Dorico, making learning the language of music notation much faster and more intuitive. Editing and making changes — such as instrument, time signature or key — are straightforward, with the notation instantly and correctly adapting to include them, reinforcing the learning outcome. Ear Trumpet Labs - They make hand-built mics out of Portland, OR and they have an excellent mic for upright bass called Nadine. The Nadine is a condenser mic with a clear natural sound and incredible feedback rejection. This mic is a completely new design -- the head mounts in between the strings above the tailpiece with a rubber grommet, and the body securely straps to the tailpiece with velcro elastic. A 14-inch Mogami cable connects the two parts making it easy to place on any bass. It’s durable and holds up to the demanding needs of the instrument while offering excellent sound quality. Ear Trumpet Labs is offering a free t-shirt just for Contrabass listeners with the purchase of a mic, just visit EarTrumpetLabs.com/contrabass to claim yours and check out the Nadine! Practizma - The Practizma practice journal is packed with research based strategies to turn your ho-hum practice into extraordinary practice.  Develop your curiosity, discipline, creativity, daring, tenacity and zen.  Take a journey with four elements each week: goal setting, reflection prompt, action challenge, and journal pages to track your practice.  Curious? Download the introductory chapter of the journal for free - this gives you an idea of what it's all about. Modacity - Are you a practice-savvy musician? Get Modacity – the music practice app that organizes, focuses, and tracks your progress.  Recorder… metronome… tone generator… timer… note taking… Do away with the random assortment of music practice apps in your arsenal. Modacity™ combines all the tools you need into one easy to use, music practice tool.  Organize, focus, and reflect on your practice – motivating you to increase retention in less time.  Modacity has a special offer for Contrabass Conversations listeners that includes lifetime access to the app. Contrabass Conversations production team: Jason Heath, host Michael Cooper and Steve Hinchey, audio editing Mitch Moehring, audio engineer Trevor Jones, publication and promotion Krista Kopper, archival and cataloging theme music by Eric Hochberg Subscribe to the podcast to get these interviews delivered to you automatically!

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5 Nov 2020

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93: Daniel Spreadbury

The Nikhil Hogan Show

We’re joined today by a great guest, Dorico Product Marketing Manager Daniel Spreadbury, to talk about the new release of Dorico, version 3.5 and the new Figured Bass feature. ------- 0:22 The new feature: figured bass in Dorico 3.5 1:05 How is Dorico figured bass different in implementation compared to Sibelius, Finale, and other notation software? 4:38 On the greatness of the letter G being reserved for figured bass 6:14 Was figured bass a feature that was greatly requested? 9:30 F.T. Arnold as a reference for research for the Dorico team 9:46 Will the smart figured bass system work with other theoretical systems that don’t relate to fundamental bass 11:30 Can a jazz musician’s chords be converted into figured bass? 12:46 Do higher intervals like a 13th be shown? 13:39 Can you customize how the accidentals appear? 14:12 Would you be able to spell out voicings? 14:34 Is that a feature that might come out in a later version? 15:23 Are the French, Italian and German traditions of figured bass represented in Dorico? 17:10 When is the next release of Dorico? 19:34 Have you heard about Professor Nicholas Baragwanath’s upcoming book,”The Solfeggio Tradition”? 20:10 Wrapping Up


3 Jun 2020

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Dorico 3.5 interview with Daniel Spreadbury

Scoring Notes

Steinberg product marketing manager Daniel Spreadbury talks with Scoring Notes about the Dorico 3.5 release. We learn about pitch-before-duration input (a.k.a “Speedy Entry”), semantic figured bass notation, VST expression maps, and what a “graphic slice” is. Also: Daniel talks about what it’s like creating music notation software in the middle of a pandemic, and we find out his personal favorite feature in this release — even if it’s obscure. Read more: Scoring Notes review of Dorico 3.5


21 May 2020

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76: Daniel Spreadbury

The Nikhil Hogan Show

We have a very special guest here today! Daniel Spreadbury, who is the Dorico Product Marketing Manager is here today to talk about Dorico 3, the latest update to Steinberg’s music notation software program. ----- 1:01 Talking about condensing 3:19 Do you have a grand plan for features? 4:20 What kind of modern technology is being utilized in Dorico? 6:29 How many people work in the Dorico programming team? 8:00 Will the condensing feature be refined in later updates? 9:41 Soundiron’s Olympus Choir Micro integration 11:20 What’s the state of playback? 13:51 How’s the reception with Note Performer? 15:12 What’s your pitch to someone on Sibelius to switch to Dorico? 18:13 Talking about Alan Silvestri’s interview and are there other composers who use Dorico? 19:34 Is Dorico seeing more adoption in education? 21:01 With the excitement around Partimento, is figured bass on the radar for the next update? 23:12 What sort of learning materials can a new user find to improve their skill with Dorico? 24:57 Are some of the videos on the YouTube channel out of date? 26:10 What’s a common question that you get all the time that’s actually an easy fix? 28:57 When’s the next update? What’s the pipeline for 2020? 30:33 Wrapping Up


25 Oct 2019

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MTT62: Dorico Notation Software with Daniel Spreadbury

Music Tech Teacher Podcast

My guest is Daniel Spreadbury - who was the Senior Product Manager for Sibelius in a previous life - but for the past 6 years he has been working on the conception, design and marketing of the new professional-level scoring application Dorico.  Daniel and I discuss what it’s like to start a new software application

1hr 5mins

5 Aug 2018

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29: Daniel Spreadbury

The Nikhil Hogan Show

Dorico Product Marketing Manager Daniel Spreadbury returns to the show for his 2nd appearance to talk about the recent major release of Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements. Great new features such as added Video, Time Signatures, System Track, Automation, Divisi, Ossias, Slashes, Bar Repeats, Note Performer 3 and many more! We talk in-depth about the exciting new features and also spend a little time talking to Daniel about his musical tastes!


9 Jun 2018

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10: Daniel Spreadbury

The Nikhil Hogan Show

Daniel Spreadbury is the product marketing manager for Dorico, the revolutionary new music software that changes the game when it comes to digital music notation. No stranger to industry, Daniel has worked in the music notation software field for nearly 20 years and was an integral part of the Sibelius team before starting the Dorico project in 2012. We talk about his past work in Sibelius, amazing new features of Dorico, exciting future Dorico features and much, much more!


26 Mar 2018

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Dorico, featuring Daniel Spreadbury (Season 3, Episode 2)

Music Ed Tech Talk

Daniel Spreadbury, Product Manager of notation editor, Dorico, joins the show. Once we got going, this conversation ventured into great detail on the subject of Daniel’s start at Sibelius, using the different modes of Dorico, user interface design, the challenges of software development, the future of Dorico on mobile, and much more. Daniel’s articulate thought and meticulous attention to detail made this a really fun episode to record. You can hear Daniel’s inner nerd pour out over every side of the product. From the backend code, to the user experience, to the customer support. Daniel Spreadbury Twitter | Dorico | Blog Show Notes: Dorico YouTube Channel Lynda.com Cubase Cubasis Marco Arment Overcast Podcast App Forecast My Book - Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers Audio Hijack Edit: Since recording, the Dorico Manual was released in PDF form. Download here.

2hr 4mins

6 Jan 2018

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Episode #83 – Daniel Spreadbury on Music Notation Software

The Next Track

We welcome Daniel Spreadbury to discuss the software that composers use to put their notes onto virtual paper. This week’s guest: Daniel Spreadbury, Dorico Dorico Show notes: Sibelius ARM processor An original score of a fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach A score by William Byrd German organ tablature French-style lute tablature Bach’s unfinished fugue Real book Newzik A shakuhachi score Our next tracks: Kirk: Stan Richardson: Shakuhachi Meditation Music Doug: 10cc: Sheet Music If you like the show, please subscribe in iTunes or your favorite podcast app, and please rate the podcast.Special Guest: Daniel Spreadbury.Support The Next Track


15 Dec 2017

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40 - Daniel Spreadbury on Steinberg's new scoring software "Dorico"

Clarineat: The Clarinet Podcast

Today I speak with Daniel Spreadbury, who is the Product Marketing Manager for Steinberg's new scoring program, Dorico. Daniel and his team have set out to develop a new "gold standard" for music scoring applications, and we discuss some of its features, the philosophy behind the product, pricing and upgrade eligibility, and the story behind its interesting name.

1hr 32mins

29 Nov 2016