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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm with Mark Perez

Gotham Outsiders: A Batman Bookclub

In this special episode of Gotham Outsiders: The Better Cut, we discuss the animated film, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Joining us is one of the hosts of the amazing Pink Milk Podcast, MARK PEREZ! Expect many Star Wars jokes and talking Batman, queerly. Mark: @iameldiablito; @ServingPinkMilk Chris: @themythofpsyche TJ: @troyfin2 Gotham Outsiders: @GothamOutsiders Music and edited by: Nick Oyler Logo: Aliza Layne


8 Aug 2021

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"Polyester" (with Mark Perez & Joseph Johnson)

Surviving Chick Flicks

This episode was recorded in Odorama! (Okay, not really.) What do you do when your husband is a smut peddler, your daughter is a tramp, your son is a foot stomper, and your best friend is about to become a debutante? The answers lie within this week's film, Polyester, the first mainstream film from the Pope of Puke, John Waters. And joining us this week are our returning guests Mark Perez and Joseph Johnson! The movie may literally smell, but was it a good smell or a bad smell? Find out here!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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14 May 2021

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RTBLive Extra: Discerning Truth from Propaganda (with guest speaker Mark Perez)

Reasons to Believe Podcast

Some atheists claim that Christians are the propagandists. How do we answer that?  Is there a good resource about cognitive biases besides perhaps The Intelligence Trap? What do you think of The Intelligence Trap?  What role does fear play in propaganda?  How can we encourage more openness to competing ideas within the university environment?  How can you weed out bad data from good data? When you hear opposing views how do you know what is reliable and what isn’t?  In today’s society, it feels like you have to pick one side versus another. What do you do when you end up 50/50 on a belief?  Is propaganda always bad? Certainly during World War II the United States had its own brand of propaganda. I would imagine the best propaganda contains elements of Truth. How are we to sort that out?  How would you recommend starting conversations between Christians who have deeply different political ideologies on how to be Christ like? In home groups? One on one?  Didn’t Peter’s first sermon cause fear in his audience? And what’s the difference between speaking fearsome truth and terrifying in order to persuade? 


20 Jun 2020

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Benedict Morelli│Mark Perez v. Live Nation Worldwide, Inc.│$101 Million Verdict

The Great Trials Podcast

Benedict Morelli│Mark Perez v. Live Nation Worldwide, Inc.│$101 Million Verdict This week, your hosts Steve Lowry and Yvonne Godfrey interview Benedict Morelli of ( https://www.morellilaw.com/ ) Remember to rate and review GTP in iTunes: Click Here To Rate and Review Case Details: Morelli Law Firm founder Benedict Morelli shares how he secured justice for 30-year-old Mark Perez, a talented graphic designer and DJ who sustained a traumatic brain injury when a forklift operated by a Live Nation employee crashed into his booth at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York. Despite the defense’s attempts to undermine the validity and severity of Mark’s physical limitations and continuing, pain and suffering, a New York County jury returned a verdict of $101,798,968 in damages after four weeks of trial.   Click Here to Read/Download the Complete Trial Documents Guest Bio: Benedict Morelli Benedict Morelli began his career in 1973 as a law clerk in a personal injury law firm, becoming eligible for the bar exam in 1977. After being admitted to the New York State Bar he became a partner and then senior partner of that firm. Mr. Morelli has a degree from City College, NY 1971 and studied law at New York Law School. He is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, the U.S. District Courts, Southern, Eastern, Western, and Northern districts of New York. Mr. Morelli has been a partner at his law firm since 1981 and a senior partner since 1990. In June 1998, Mr. Morelli dissolved his firm and started Benedict P. Morelli & Associates, which later became Morelli Law Firm. Mr. Morelli represents clients in Employment Discrimination cases (including racial discrimination, age discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, and gender bias), false arrests, civil rights, complex product liability (including drug product liability – DES, Vioxx, Bextra, Ortho-Evra, and Avandia), auto accidents, premises, labor law, and many other types of cases. In each of these areas, Mr. Morelli has gotten multi-million dollar verdicts. He represents individual plaintiffs against many major corporations including many large investment banks. For over thirty-five years of trying cases, Mr. Morelli has received numerous multi-million dollar verdicts. In 1995, his $40 million dollar verdict was featured in the National Law Journal as one of the "Top Ten Verdicts" in the United States. He has tried every kind of civil case – from a person who tripped and fell over a raised door saddle and broke his hip ($2.6 million – the largest verdict in the country for that injury) to complex medical malpractice cases (the largest verdict in the country for blindness in one eye). He has attained the largest verdict for a loss of three fingers (medical malpractice) and the largest verdict for a crush injury to the arm. In 2010, Mr. Morelli was lead counsel in a polio vaccine case that had been filed thirty years earlier and received a $22.5 million verdict (the largest verdict in Supreme Court in Staten Island, NY history.) It was also the largest vaccine verdict in U.S. history. In 2011, Mr. Morelli was lead counsel in a sexual harassment trial in Federal Court in the Southern District of Illinois and received a $95 million verdict (the largest single-plaintiff sexual harassment verdict in history.) Approximately half of the cases the firm handles are for other lawyers or law firms who choose Mr. Morelli and his staff as their trial counsel because of their track record for delivering multi-million dollar verdicts. Over the years Mr. Morelli has always been considered a lawyer's lawyer. He not only has numerous law firms referring clients to him but also has judges recommending clients to him. From the time he was admitted to the Bar through the present, Mr. Morelli has been first and foremost a trial lawyer. Read Full Bio Show Sponsors: Legal Technology Services - LTSatlanta.com Digital Law Marketing - DigitalLawMarketing.com Case Pacer - CasePacer.com Harris, Lowry, and Manton - hlmlawfirm.com Free Resources: Stages Of A Jury Trial - Part 1 Stages Of A Jury Trial - Part 2

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3 Mar 2020

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Lesson 71: Listen to Your Mother with Mark Perez

Star Wars Spelt Out Podcast

Our friend from the west coast Mark Perez joins us to talk about collecting, shipping, Reylo and Bendemption. We talk about our opening night strategies, where we were back for the prequels and we ponder, can a mother bring a wayward boy into line? Follow us on twitter: @starwarsspelt Follow us on instagram: @starwarsspeltout Drop us a nice email: starwarsspeltout@gmail.com Subscribe to our Youtube  channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsgw0WcCmz2UT1tSpZnGmpA Theme music by Cam Chapman: @gullychaps Follow Josh Chapman: @chapmanjosh Follow Mark Perez: @iameldiablito www.starwarsspeltout.com


25 Sep 2019

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Joyous Expansion #14: Mark Perez – Empowering the Future by Helping Students and Speakers

Joyous Expansion/Church of Awesome

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his issue with consistency. How being inconsistent has made it so he has never succeeded in a way that he has wanted to. Then he has an amazing interview with a young motivational speaker on how he got started in motivational speaking and how he is taking it to the next level with speech coaching.Who is Mark?As a Tedx/ Youth Motivational speaker, world-class speech coach, and occasional stand-up comedian Mark travels to remind people why they are here. When people commit to their one thing in life. Great progress happens and that is how we make solving the world problems easy. (MARKS VERSION)After graduating from high school the recurring problem that I and other students suffer from is learning aimlessly. All through school we have been taught to learn for grades. But never learn for value, a vision and a purpose. As a speaker, my defining moment is going to see the 1999 world champion of public speaking speak in my hometown and very nervously I walked up to him and said: "I hope to be like you one day." With a big smile, he looked at me and said: "Change your I hope to I am and you are halfway there". Sparking the I am idea. The I am moment is what I travel for, to remind others of their "I am". Are you ready for yours? I know I am:) The VISION"To remind people why they are here so that united we create progress in the world and in our lives" https://markperezofficial.com/ More podcasts at Pod.JoyousExpansion.com


11 Feb 2019

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Thinking Through Theories: Interview with Ross Hoagland and Mark Perez

Straight Thinking

Straight Thinking #318: Thinking Through Theories: Interview with Ross Hoagland and Mark Perez


11 Mar 2015

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Making the Christian Witness Attractive: Interview with Ross Hoagland and Mark Perez

Straight Thinking

Straight Thinking #317: Making the Christian Witness Attractive: Interview with Ross Hoagland and Mark Perez


4 Mar 2015