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Understanding Your Inner Market w/ Dr. Andrew Menaker

The Allstarcharts Podcast on Technical Analysis Radio: Current Market Analysis For Traders

JC Parets · Understanding Your Inner Market w/ Dr. Andrew Menaker The need to be right vs wanting to make money. Every trader has to solve this problem and it’s not easy. On this week’s podcast I sit down with Dr. Andrew Menaker to talk about what he refers to as “Your Inner Market”. You guys already know how much I love a good chat about investor psychology, so this was really fun for me. I hope you enjoy! Click here return to the episode page


17 Feb 2021

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BONUS: CT Member Webinar – Trader Psychology Q&A w/Dr. Andrew Menaker

Convergent Trading

Jul 09, 2020, we hosted a special Convergent Trading Member-Only webinar with trading psychologist, Dr. Andrew Menaker. As a special bonus, we've made this webinar and podcast available to everyone! Dr. Menaker went through a number of key trader psychology Q&A questions asked by our members, based on his real-life experience working with traders. Click here to become a member of Convergent Trading "The two biggest traits that are associated with successful trading are resilience and open-mindedness." - Dr. Andrew Menaker For more information about Dr. Menaker, please visit https://www.andrewmenaker.com/


15 Aug 2020

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The Impact of Emotions and Feelings on Trading with Dr. Andrew Menaker

Limit Up! Podcast

We’ve been saying this for months now, but people are feeling a lot of uncertainty with the current market and don’t even know where to begin. This week on Limit Up! Jack and Dan brought in psychologist Dr. Andrew Menaker to offer advice on dealing with this turbulence from a mental standpoint.Dr. Menaker discussed what the difference is between feelings and emotions – words we use interchangeably but mean different things. He has some great tips for day traders interested in micro-contracts and also talked about what he calls your “inner market.” Listen to get in touch with your inner market.[02:42] - This week: Dr. Andrew Menaker[04:34] - Interview with Dr. Andrew Menaker[07:38] - Institutional bank trader vs. retail client[10:28] - Market psychology[13:48] - Overcoming emotional biases[17:26] - Trading Holy Grails[18:51] - Micro contracts[25:09] - The difference between emotions and feelings[29:58] - The inner marketA licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD and extensive experience in performance enhancement techniques, Dr. Andrew Menaker has been a high performance coach for traders, portfolio managers and executives at banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms since 1995. His clients are among the top professional traders in the world. Andrew’s approach effectively translates recent neuroscience research into actionable steps that improve performance. He uses a variety of methods to change one’s response to risk and opportunity, using emotion as a source of information and understanding unconscious motivations. He addresses the mind-body connection, so may include biofeedback, as well as assisting clients in creative and intuitive development.Limit Up! is a podcast for traders of all levels brought to you by Topstep. Whether you’re considering a career in trading and don’t know where to start, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for advice from big names in the financial industry, Limit Up! is your guide. Join us weekly as we discuss the market in all of its volatile glory. Risk Disclosure: https://www.topstep.com/risk-disclosure/Jack Pelzer is a co-host of Limit Up! He traded as part of a U.S. Treasury group for 7 years at Chopper Trading and DRW. After leaving the industry, he became a Writing Fellow and Senior Contributing Writer for The Onion. He is now the Head of Content at Topstep.Dan Hodgman is a co-host of Limit Up! Prior to coming to Topstep Dan traded 30 Yr Treasury Options and Yield Spreads. Before that, he served in the United States Marine Corps where he simultaneously managed his own Futures Account applying the skills he grew up learning from clerking on the trading floor. Now Dan works with the Traders here at Topstep as a Performance Coach as well as being a regular on the Daily Market Recap.If you'd like to receive new episodes as they're published, please subscribe to Limit Up! in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a review in Apple Podcasts. It really helps others find the show.Podcast episode production by Dante32.


4 Jun 2020

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BONUS: Q&A With Dr. Andrew Menaker (Trading Psychology)

Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading Tips & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

BONUS: Q&A With Dr. Andrew Menaker (Trading Psychology) Some background on Dr. Andrew Menaker? Dr. Andrew Menaker is a licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD in psychology. He is, in my opinion, the leading authority when it comes to trading psychology and has been recognized worldwide for his work in the fields of emotion management and emotion development. He has coached some of the world's top traders since 1995. Following his interview on the Desire To Trade Podcast in episode 34, Andrew accepted to be part of a live Q&A session, which turned out to be highly actionable and instructive for all levels of trading experience. Watch the video! Get the highlights (important points)! Get the 5 Crucial About Trading Psychology That Will Make You A Better Trader for FREE!


20 May 2016

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033: The Most Valuable Insights On Trading Psychology w/ Andrew Menaker

Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading Tips & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

The Most Valuable Insights On Trading Psychology - Andrew MenakerEpisode 33 of the Desire To Trade Podcast features Dr. Andrew Menaker, a highly knowledgeable and well-known psychologist in the trading world. Since 1995, Andrew has been coaching traders and top fund managers to achieve a better performance.  Being a trader himself, Andrew is frequently asked to speak at conference and is constantly being requested advices across the world.  I, personally, have been blown away by this interview. The depth of the information provided and the great interest I had in the topic made me listen very carefully to every single words spoken by Dr. Andrew Menaker on trading psychology. From the start, Andrew Menaker mentioned "no one can master trading". This is a substantial thing to understand due to the fact that most of our decision-making is made subconsciously. Those looking to become perfect traders do not have a single chance to succeed.  The next very interesting thing to note is that we, as traders, bring our own personality to trading. Two traders do not see the exact same chart the same way. In fact, "We don't see the market as it is, we see the market as we are" is a powerful statement!What’s covered in the podcast? Why no trader can master trading & what to do about it The source of our decision making The greatest ability you must develop as a trader What confidence truly is and how to get it Andrew's #1 lesson for any trader The true difference between a winning and a losing trade How to journal powerfully And so much more...  Show notes: http://www.desiretotrade.com/andrew-menaker/ Get the FREE Complete Price Action Strategy Checklist: http://www.desiretotrade.com/complete-price-action-checklist/ Get the New FREE Perfect Engulfing Pattern Cheat Sheet: http://www.desiretotrade.com/perfect-engulfing-cheat-sheet-5/


28 Mar 2016