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Basecamp: Jason Fried

Wisdom From The Top with Guy Raz

Jason Fried, the CEO and co-founder of Basecamp, doesn't want you to come to meetings. He insists that you work no more than 40 hours a week; 36 in the summer. He doesn't really want you coming to the office either... and this approach has helped make Basecamp hugely successful. In this episode, Fried describes how he's built an institution by bucking a lot of conventional wisdom.


8 Feb 2023

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20VC: Why Financial Planning and Goals Do Not Work, The Decision to Ban Politics in the Workplace and Losing 1/3 of the Team Overnight & The One Question That Will Drive All Decision-Making for Leaders with Jason Fried, CEO @ 37Signals

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Jason Fried the Co-Founder and CEO at 37signals, makers of Basecamp and HEY. Over an incredible 21-year journey, Jason and his co-founder David have scaled Basecamp to become the communication tool trusted by millions. Jason is also the co-author of the widely acclaimed, ReWork and has also made several angel investments in the likes of Intercom, Gumroad and Hodinkee to name a few. In Todays Episode with Jason Fried We Discuss 1. From Web Design Agency to Founding Basecamp: What was the a-ha moment for Jason when they had to make the pivot from a design agency to going full-time launching and running Basecamp as a SaaS company? What is Jason running towards? What is he running from? What is the single biggest fear that Jason is trying to avoid? 2. Jason Fried: The Leader: Why does Jason believe he is running from his position as leader and CEO @ Basecamp? Why does Jason not like or agree with goals or targets? Why are they not helpful? How does Jason make decisions today as a leader and CEO? What one question does he ask that determines his decision-making process? Why does Jason never compare himself to the competition? Why does he believe competition is for losers? 3. Jason Fried: The Politicisation of Leadership: Why did Jason and David decide to not allow politics in the workplace? How did they manage with 1/3 of their team leaving overnight? How was that experience for them personally? How did it impact the company? Is there anything they would do differently? Does Jason believe we will see the continued politicization of leadership in the coming months? How would Jason advise other CEOs when it comes to taking a stance on politics? 4. Jason Fried: Building the Best Team: What is the one question that determines whether you made a good hire? Why does Basecamp start with hiring all employees on a week-long project contract? Why does Jason believe the best CEOs approach management as the art of the individual? 5. Jason Fried: The Partner, Father, and Husband: Jason and David have been partners for 21 years, why does Jason believe it is helpful that they do not see each other much? Is it right for co-founders and partners to be friends? What have been Jason's single biggest lessons on what it takes to be the best husband? What does great fatherhood mean to Jason? How has it changed over time?


6 Jan 2023

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Jason Fried - Tech Founder Gone Collector

Collectors Gene Radio

Co-Founder of Basecamp and Hey, Jason Fried is pretty known in the watch community as a great collector. While fairly private, sometimes you just can’t help but talk about the stuff you love. That’s Jason Fried for ya. Jason has authored and co-authored several books, some if not most of which have been New York Times Best Sellers. But how would a Co-Founder of a tech company as big as Basecamp have the time to even collect anything? Well, Jason has actually been preaching a really relaxed work-life balance for a long time and that can be learned about in his books. But what’s most intriguing is his love for watches. And that’s not all Jason collects... Which gives us the feeling that he was definitely born with the Collectors Gene, but we will let him tell us. Alright, here you go, Jason Fried for Collectors Gene Radio.


19 Oct 2022

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44 - How Jason Fried Built a Massive Company Without the Hustle

Making It with Jon Davids

When you think of a software company that rakes in millions in profits, you would likely think of people grinding for long hours, with a 'hustle' mindset. 60+ hours a week trying to pull everything together. And for Jason Fried, this is not the case. Jason is the co-founder and CEO of 37signals, the makers of Basecamp and hey.com. Jason is the kind of guy who believes it's not how much time you put in, but what you're doing with that time that matters. Today he talks with Jon about how he built his business, how hustle culture isn't worth it, and the time he almost lost his company. Find out more about Jason: 37signals | Basecamp | Hey | Twitter | LinkedIn | Jason's Newsletter Visit JonDavids.com for more info. And follow Jon across social: Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn


4 Oct 2022

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The Mindset Companies Need to Make Remote Work, Work with Jason Fried (Space Matters, ep. 5)

The Office Chronicles

Jason Fried joins Kursty to share wisdom on how he runs a fully remote company by simplifying things and focusing on what matters. They explore where deep work happens, how to create space for it to happen, why rigid workplace rules can kill passion and create distractions, and why companies who want to run remotely need to adopt a new mindset. Jason Fried is the co-founder of Basecamp. In fact, he has been running the company for 23 years. He is a monthly columnist at Inc. Magazine and has authored several books including Rework and Remote: Office Not Required.“A lot of work doesn’t happen in the office. A lot of distractions happen in the office. We get in each other’s way all the time.” - Jason FriedTimestamps[01:13] Who is Jason Fried? [04:16] How did Jason grow Basecamp?[06:32] Where do people do their best work?[09:28] How to create the space to do great work.[13:44] Why don’t people have the space to do great work? [17:58] Why remote work requires a different mindset from physical work.[22:32] 40-hour week: how much can you get done in 8 hours?[25:34] Balancing work life and home life when working remotely. [29:02]  What if employees abuse our generosity or trust?[34:18] Organisational culture is NOT created.[36:47] How to stay social when your company is fully remote (expensive but not frivolous).[41:01] JOMO - The joy of missing out.[43:25] Creating great and safe digital workspaces. [47:24] How to stay in touch with Jason Fried4 Key TakeawaysPeople need to have space to do great work. When space is restricted by workplace rules, people aren’t able to fulfil their potential. Restrictions include: being monitored or watched, not being able to move while working, and being forced to work in specific places or at specific times. Remote work requires a different mindset from local work. Amongst many other aspects, remote work requires more trust, fewer meetings, more individual work, and less oversight. If companies don’t adopt a different mindset for governing remote work, it may end up being worse than physical work.Being driven by philosophies rather than rules can allow organisations to be more flexible and adaptable. It creates a more open, lenient, and thoughtful culture. It creates more space for agency and openness. For example, instead of having a rigid rule about purchasing very specific equipment for employees who work from home, you can have a general guideline for what sorts of equipment can be funded and assess people who need different unusual equipment on a case-by-case basis. Culture is not created, it is a byproduct of what actually happens. Culture is a byproduct of consistent behaviour. Links Listen to Workplace Geeks: Podcast Web Page | Kursty’s Episode on Workplace GeeksWhy Work Does not Happen at Work: Jason Fried at TEDxMidwestBooks by Jason Fried: AmazonJason’s new email service: HeyConnect with Jason Fried: Newsletter | LinkedIn | TwitterConnect with Kursty Groves: LinkedIn | Twitter | Ask a question


11 May 2022

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184 - Taking Risks — with Jason Fried

The Futur with Chris Do

Jason Fried is the founder and CEO of Basecamp. Once a web design firm (and operating under the name 37Signals), Basecamp unintentionally pivoted into building software with their namesake product. They also created the email app HEY, a fresh take on an old idea.As you can imagine, Jason is no stranger to change. In this episode, he shares how Basecamp accidentally came to be and the struggles they’ve encountered along the way. Like working remotely, building new products, and taking calculated risks that from the outside might look crazy.Change is inevitable, but it’s rarely easy, especially for a company where people are the driving force. Shifts in direction profoundly affect company culture, and how you manage that change can make or break your business. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 19mins

13 Apr 2022

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Rethinking Repair: Jason Fried

Rethink Moments with Rachel Botsman

How do you get through a trust crisis? In this episode of Rethink Moments, Rachel is joined by Basecamp CEO Jason Fried one year on from his explosive memo that almost destroyed his business. In a rare public conversation about this highly controversial moment, Jason reveals what he still believes he got right, what he got horribly wrong, and what he learned from the experience.Follow Jason on Twitter: @jasonfriedJason is co-host of The Rework Podcast, alongside business partner David Heinemeier HanssonHere is the Basecamp memo in full: https://world.hey.com/jason/changes-at-basecamp-7f32afc5Here’s the article Rachel mentioned that digs deeper into the story of the Basecamp memo: https://www.theverge.com/2021/5/4/22419512/basecamp-political-speech-policy-falloutTo keep rethinking with Rachel, subscribe to her newsletter: https://www.linkedin.com/newsletters/rethink-with-rachel-6625780695937626112/


28 Mar 2022

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How to Say No to Protect Your Time with Jason Fried

The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

With so much information, and gadgets and access and hustle and email and …and.. aren’t you overloaded at work!? It’s understandable and it’s a real problem. If this describes you or someone you love…you’ll LOVE this episode of the show. Enter: Jason Fried.  He’s the brilliant NYT best-selling author and co-founder of the software firm, Basecamp.  Since long before meeting Jason in person he’s always caught my eye as perhaps THE outspoken thinker / critic of the current status of work, our unhealthy habits around our jobs, and our addictions to busy-making. Whether it’s the toxic hustle, the grow-at-all-cost mentality, or the idea of working your fingers to the bone…Jason helps us all see why 99% of this approach is rubbish. And within 3 minutes of meeting him / listening to this episode, I’m banking you’ll be in agreement with him. The one refreshing difference with Jason?  He also gives us a roadmap to fix what we’ve broken. In this episode we talk about his latest book (co-authored with previous CJLIVE podcast guest David Heinemeier Hansson) called It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work, which lays out a play-by-play on how to avoid all exhaustion, stress, and burnout and how to find tools for reshaping success, habits, trust, self care, and gaining that much-needed fresh perspective. In this episode, we cover How hard work and hours are not the same thing. In fact, long hours leads to burn out. Why instant communication (slack, messenger, text etc) is making us slaves to our devices, less effective, and spending more time on the conveyor belt of information consumption than doing any real work. Some insights and strategies for regaining control over our screen time, our sleep patterns, and where we put our our attention. A re-framing of our always-busy culture around the JOYS of missing out. Not FOMO…we’re talking JOMO. Why regaining control of our time starts with learning how to say no. …and that’s all in the first 10 minutes. Just kidding but you get the point. This episode of the podcast is chock full of inspired virtues for reclaiming our spirit, doing GREAT work and loving life in the process. Enjoy! Have a question? Text me 1-206-309-5177
 Tweet me @chasejarvis --- Today's episode is brought to you by CreativeLive. CreativeLive is the world's largest hub for online creative education in photo/video, art/design, music/audio, craft/maker and the ability to make a living in any of those disciplines. They are high quality, highly curated classes taught by the world’s top experts -- Pulitzer, Oscar, Grammy Award winners, New York Times best selling authors and the best entrepreneurs of our times.

1hr 53mins

19 Jan 2022

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BIG 400TH INTERVIEW: Jason Fried discusses his controversial decision & its fallout

From Founder To CEO

WOW! We could not have asked for a better 400th Podcast Episode Guest! And, Jason Fried delivered. He was super candid about a great many topics that I think you will really enjoy listening about and learning from. In this interview, Jason discusses: What he considers to be the harder part of the transition From Founder To CEO. Why he made this controversial decision: "No more societal and political discussions on our company Basecamp account." How the "fallout" from this decision impacted the company. How the "fallout" personally impacted him. What he did to get through the stressful and "sad" elements of this decision. Why this decision is a turning point for the company. What the future of Basecamp looks like. How a new COO and Product Leaders will factor into a relatively new structure for Basecamp's future. How he envisions being the CEO in the future. And so much more. Like many of you, I have been reading Jason's books and his vulnerable online posts for many years. You can tell he is a hard-working, kind-hearted man who strives to do the best he can. I hope you enjoy listening to this very special 400th Founder interview as much as I did.


31 Aug 2021

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🏅15. Jason Fried (Basecamp, HEY.com)

The Usual SaaS-pects with Ch Daniel

Jason Fried is the Founder & CEO @Basecamp, the project management and team communication tool trusted by millions. Over an incredible 22 year journey, they have scaled to over 3.5M accounts and in 2020 they went back to being a multi-product company with the launch of their integrated email client & service, HEY.com. Jason is also the co-author of the widely acclaimed, REWORK (but also other books) and has also made several angel investments in the likes of Intercom, Gumroad and Hodinkee to name a few. Best place to find Jason: world.hey.com/jason   ——  Links  Reddit SaaS: https://www.reddit.com/r/saas My Twitter: https://twitter.com/chddaniel My product: https://Simple.ink/

1hr 22mins

10 Aug 2021