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Responding to Sexual Sin with Conviction and Compassion, with Laura Perry


Hear from Laura Perry, a woman who formerly identified as transgender. God used her mother's love and prayers to call Laura back to Himself.

5 Sep 2022

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Catching Up with Author Laura Perry -07/03/22

Desperate House Witches

Modern Minoan Paganism writer and artist, Laura Perry and I spend the hour catching up!Please visit:https://www.lauraperryauthor.com/


3 Jul 2022

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A conversation with Laura Perry - S10.E8

Listening In

Laura Perry lived for nearly a decade as a transgender man named “Jake.” Eventually she realized she was not a man trapped in a woman’s body. But by then she had made physical changes that would be difficult to undo. In this conversation with host Warren Smith, Laura Perry talks about the radical transformation she experienced through Christ, and how she uses her experience to minister to others.


10 Jun 2022

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Episode 147: LGBTQ Conversations: Transgender to Transformed with Laura Perry (Reprise)

Candid Conversations with Jonathan Youssef

This month throughout the U.S. many will celebrate Pride month.  In today's episode we look at God's perspective on human sexuality. You may have heard of the term gender dysphoria. If you haven’t, it is the psychological distress endured by a person because of a perceived mismatch between a person’s biological sex and their gender identity.  What causes gender dysphoria and what lies behind the desire to be a different gender? How should Christians view gender and how can we share the Truth in love with those struggling with gender dysphoria?Today’s Candid Conversations guest, Laura Perry, shares her struggle with gender dysphoria. She opens up with Jonathan in this conversation about her path from being a transgender male to a transformed woman of God. Don't miss a minute of this awe inspiring and transformational testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to heal and redeem.Get a Copy of Laura Perry's book, Transgender to TransformedTo ask Jonathan a question or connect with the Candid community, visit https://LTW.org/CandidFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/candidpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/candidpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/thecandidpod

1hr 39mins

7 Jun 2022

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#4 Laura Perry, pagan author, artist and editor of The Witch Wavelength!

The Witch Wavelength

What better first (outside) guest on the podcast, than the editor of Sheena's book, The Witch Wavelength?Laura shares her perspective on editing and writing, her love of music, as well as ideas and techniques for living a magical life. What's her favourite element, which book has taught her the most, and what has the pandemic brought to light?  Laura's wisdom shines through in her answers, especially the views on animism and burnout, and the use of practices like the God-phone and creating a deity playlist make intriguing listening ...A magical chat on every level.Recorded and produced by Ian Cundy. For more info: Laura's website Join Laura and Sheena on the Witch Lit FB group Buy the book:  The Witch WavelengthBook in on The Witch Wavelength Workshop 27th April  Theme music: The Madness & the Magic by Morrigans PathDownload the music of Morrigans PathFor more info: Sheena's site


23 Apr 2022

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Laura Perry: A Radical Redemption from Transgender to a Transformed Heart

Fierce Calling

Laura Perry lived for nearly a decade as a transgender man named “Jake” before realizing thedeception of the transgender lifestyle and leaving it all behind. In today's show, Laura shares with us how she experienced a radical redemption from transgender to a transformed heart. Embracing her true identity as a woman, her transformation was chronicled in a documentary, In His Image, and she now shares her story of redemption at churches and conferences to help others find the same freedom. Hear what happened in her life that caused her to reject herself as a woman, what her life was like after telling her parents about the lifestyle she chose to pursue, and how God pursued Laura and drew her back to Himself.I know what Laura has to share will encourage, inspire, and challenge you--so listen in while I have a chat with Laura Perry.By The Way...Fierce Calling is on the Spark Network which can be found on the Edifi App!Fierce Calling is one of many Christian podcasts available on the Edifi app. To listen to this podcast and other amazing Christian podcasts, go to the Apple or Google Play stores and download the app today!Favorite Quotes from A Radical Redemption from Transgender to a Transformed Heart"God just began to transform my heart and drew me back to Himself...." "...my eyes were opened and I began to see who God really was.""He had satisfied my soul in a way I had never experienced before." --Laura Perry, author of Transgender to TransformedConnect with Laura!You can connect with Laura at firststone.org and find the resources Laura mentioned in the show. Check out her blog at transgendertotransformed.com and book, Transgender to Transformed: A Story of Transition that Will Truly Set You Free. Watch the documentary, In His Image, that Laura mentioned in the show at inhisimage.movie.More about Laura...Laura Beth PerryLaura Perry lived for nearly a decade as a transgender man named “Jake” before realizing the deception of the transgender lifestyle and leaving it all behind. Embracing her true identity as a woman, her transformation was chronicled in a documentary, and she now shares her story of redemption at churches and conferences to help others find the same freedom.Meeting Laura in person at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention (NRB)!Let's Stay Connected! Scroll down and grab my free resources! When you do you will also receive a monthly newsletter with encouragement and great resources!Love Fierce Calling?By following, rating, and leaving a review over at Podchaser, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts you can help others discover the show too! Do You Need a Speaker for Your Next Women's Event?Check out my speaking page, grab my flyer, and let's talk about me speaking at your next women's event...I love speaking God's truth into the lives of women! Free Gifts for You...Grab one of my free downloads by scrolling down to the bottom of the page!Love & God's Perfect Peace to You!Doris


29 Mar 2022

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FreshEd #268 - School Socioeconomic Composition (Michael Sciffer & Laura Perry)


Welcome to our first episode of 2022. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been a bit quiet. But we’ve been hard at work producing the next round of Flux episodes (they’re going to be awesome!), developing a new podcast (more details on that later!), and figuring out how to engage you, our listeners, in more ways. We are thrilled to be back and are looking forward to our sixth year! One of our goals this year is to highlight the work of PhD students more regularly. So, to kick things off, Michael Sciffer and his supervisor, Laura Perry, join me to talk about school segregation and compositional effects across countries. Michael G. Sciffer is a Ph.D. student at Murdoch University, where Laura Perry is a Professor. Their latest co-written article with Andrew McConney is entitled “Does school socioeconomic composition matter more in some countries than others, and if so, why?”, which was published in the journal Comparative Education.www.freshedpodcast.com/sciffer-perry--Get in touch!Twitter: @FreshEdpodcastFacebook: FreshEdEmail: info@freshedpodcast.comSupport FreshEd: www.freshedpodcast.com/support/


6 Feb 2022

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Program 3707 Laura Perry Part 3 (PG)

UNSHACKLED! on Oneplace.com

3707 Laura Perry Part 3 (PG) (LGBTQ Agenda, Grace, Reconciliation) Laura underwent multiple surgeries as she committed to her pursuit of transitioning to a man. But she was disappointed after every one that it hadn't changed her inside. While creating a web page for her mother’s Bible Study, she discovered the Bible wasn’t old and dull, but the living word of God that has stood firm throughout millennia. As she desired to be a man of God, she realized she was rejecting God’s creative design. She finally decided to leave her trans-life, and start over as the woman God had created. Now her testimony and ministry reaches across the globe.To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/110/29


30 Jan 2022

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Program 3706 Laura Perry Part 2 (PG)

UNSHACKLED! on Oneplace.com

3706 Laura Perry Part 2 (PG) (Rebellion, Searching, Transgenderism) After walking away from an auto accident that could’ve been deadly, Laura should have believed in miracles and God’s power, but it was lost on her. Cheating on her boyfriend by having casual encounters with strangers, leaves Laura awash with emptiness. She decides she’s through with it and determines she could be the boyfriend she never had if she dated a woman. After joining an LGBTQ support group, Laura transitions into a man, Jacobe. But the fun wears off and she’s left wondering whats next as she goes under anesthesia for a surgery to remove her breastspleading with God that she’ll wake up.To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/110/29


23 Jan 2022

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Program 3705 Laura Perry Part 1 (PG)

UNSHACKLED! on Oneplace.com

3705 Laura Perry Part 1 (PG) (Rebellion, Satanism, LGBTQ Agenda) As an energetic and strong-willed child, Laura longed for the same connection with her mother that her brother had. Turning to partying and rebellion to numb the pain, she ended up across the country from her parents, with evil spirits attached to her. Her uncle tries to intervene, but Laura didn’t welcome his help. The pain and powerlessness she experienced led a broken Laura to pursue a masculine ego that would protect her and encourage her to reinvent herself. Leading to her first step into a dangerous identity game.To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/110/29


16 Jan 2022