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Planting Values, Reaping a Harvest with Rachel Drori, Founder and CEO of Daily Harvest

Stairway to CEO

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:How Rachel’s big family with two entrepreneurial parents provided the opportunity to grow up learning about business by watching her parents lead.How she built her confidence in college in order to build and lead a successful company.Why her time working at American Express and Gilt Group helped her learn valuable lessons from both a big company and a small business that gave her a scope to be set up to scale Daily Harvest successfully.How her observations about her work and eating habits led to her investigation of the food industry and to creating healthy, convenient options. The metrics Rachel set in the testing phase to see if she had a product market fit and how Daily Harvest took off so quickly.What it has been like to create and scale something that had not yet been done before, what lessons were learned the hard way, and why they are stronger now than ever before.Advice she has for building, growing, and communicating well with your team as you scale and why it is so important to have an open dialogue from the beginning.How her unique and steady approach to fundraising led to being able to partner with value-aligned investors who have been a good fit and have helped her in her goal for consistent capital efficiency.How she has grown as a leader and continues to grow as the business grows, and what is next for Daily Harvest.To Find Out More:DailyHarvest.comQuotes:“As a child, my parents were so passionate about what they were doing, and I could see it.”“The box that I actually needed to check was the confidence box, not the education box or not the work experience box.”“Seeing what happens when things aren't going so well and how some of that could have been avoided by more disciplined growth really led me to focus on things like capital efficiency when starting Daily Harvest from day one.”“When I think about how I've built Daily Harvest, and what our goals are, and how we treat our people, and how we invest in talent and growth and management skills, I think a lot of it is informed from that incredible environment that was created at Gilt in the talent incubator.”“I started looking at the food options out there and trying to figure out why they were the way that they were. And for me, it really comes down to how they are structured, number one, and how they view success in the public markets.” “If you think about what slow, steady growth and dividends mean for food, something that you ingest, there's a lot of squeezing margins. And when you think about squeezing margins out of food, it's also squeezing nutrition out of food.”“I set a metric for myself, which was very important for me, because what I wanted to avoid in this little MVP experiment of mine was I like to call it the Girl Scout cookie effect or the wrapping paper effect... I wanted to make absolutely sure that there was no ‘my friends are feeling bad for me’ effect.”“Economies thrive with specialization. And so do companies.” “You need to hire experts in certain areas, and it can create this really uncomfortable situation with those early people who you owe everything to, but it becomes murky when there's not a clear path for them. So my advice to people is to just have that awkward conversation up front and to have it frequently throughout the growth stage.”“Early on I felt like, "Oh, I'm a founder now. I need to have this morning routine and I need to have work/life balance, and I need to have all these things." Like that was stressing me out more than just being like "I'm at the center of a tornado, and it's great.’" “I think going from down and in to up and out was kind of the hardest transition because it's not just something you can do yourself. You also have to make sure that you have the right team to be able to support it and you have the right accountability that strings through the organization. And those things are hard to orchestrate.”“You want people who look different, who think different, who have different experiences that they bring to the table, but it's so important that the values are aligned.”


29 Jun 2021

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Episode 249: Rachel Drori - Tactical Tips On Starting A Business From Daily Harvest’s Founder

Why Not Now? with Amy Jo Martin

Rachel Drori was gainfully employed and pregnant when she had the idea for Daily Harvest. She says she had all the reasons not to start the company, but knew the perfect “right time” would never come. Beside saying “Why Not Now?” to her idea, Rachel shares the more tactical strategies she used to measure whether she was ready to start her company. She identified the worst possible case scenario that could come out of this journey (one of Amy Jo’s five Renegade Rules!) and realized it was worth taking the risk. When Rachel’s customer base was 5x the size of her inner circle, she knew it was time to go all in on Daily Harvest. Rachel shares so many tangible tips for entrepreneurs on this episode of Why Not Now? She says she learned more from starting a company than she did during the two years of her MBA program! Rachel also tells Amy Jo about the responsibility she feels toward her customers and her employees, the pros and cons of raising money from investors when starting a business, and investing in female founders. Learn more about Rachel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/racheldrori Follow Rachel on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racheldrori/ Learn more about the Renegade Accelerator:  http://www.renegadeaccelerator.com/ Get Amy Jo’s newsletter: https://amyjomartin.activehosted.com/f/21 Follow Amy Jo… Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amyjomartin/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/amyjomartin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amyjomartin Why Not Now? Instagram: https://instagram.com/whynotnow Buy Amy Jo’s book: https://amyjomartin.com/book


12 Jun 2021

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Rachel Drori: Daily Harvest Founder and CEO

Second Life

In 2015, Rachel Drori saw a gap in the health and food industry and seized the moment to create something new that would change the way Americans ate daily. Drori founded Daily Harvest, a brand dedicated to making organic, healthy foods accessible and convenient—no matter your hectic work schedule. Since its launch, the brand has grown its offerings into 75 items across nine collections available nationwide that are prepackaged in 100% compostable and recyclable packaging and delivered directly onto your doorstep. On this episode of Second Life, find out how Drori used her past career in marketing at major companies such as Gilt Groupe and American Express to propel herself forward and build a brand that is making a difference. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


1 Feb 2021

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Daily Harvest | Rachel Drori: Why Isn't Food Customer-Driven?

Authentic Avenue

Daily Harvest | Rachel Drori, Founder and CEO Daily Harvest: a clean DTC meal brand taking care of food so that food can take care of you. When Rachel Drori founded Daily Harvest, she noticed that all the ways in which "Big Food" launched its lineup were too reactive to be on the cutting edge. Rather than wait until a revenue opportunity appears from a trend, Rachel has sought to catch the upswing of product lifecycles and flip the script on her larger competitors. But it begs the question: why isn't all food customer-driven like this? Today, Rachel will help answer that question. So blend up a green smoothie and enjoy as I get real with Daily Harvest and Rachel Drori. Check out Daily Harvest's menu: https://www.daily-harvest.com/app/browse. (My favorites are the harvest bowls and flatbreads!) FOLLOW AUTHENTIC AVENUE ON SOCIAL MEDIA:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/68049428/Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthenticAve/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authenticavemedia/ Email Adam: adam@authenticavenuemedia.com Learn more at https://authenticavenuemedia.com/. Theme Song: Extreme Energy (Music Today 80)Composed & Produced by Anwar AmrVideo Link: https://youtu.be/8ZZbAkKNx7s


4 Nov 2020

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Rerun: 34 Rachel Drori - The Founder & CEO of Daily Harvest on Solving the Modern Eating Dilemma

The Mentor Files

Like many of us, Rachel Drori was trying to fit healthy, nutritious meals into her busy life...but was frustrated by the lack of options. In 2015, Rachel decided to take matters into her own hands: She founded Daily Harvest, a direct-to-consumer brand blending health and innovation to send delicious superfoods straight to your freezer so you can prepare and enjoy them at your convenience. The business is one of the fastest growing nutritional food brands in the U.S. With more than 100,000 subscribers, Daily Harvest delivers breakfast bowls, ice cream sundaes, and soups to freezers around the country. Today on the podcast, Rachel and Monica talk about the importance of having a customer-centric business, how to attract high-profile investors early on, and Rachel's plans to reshape how people think about frozen food.


29 Apr 2020

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Daily Harvest Founder & CEO Rachel Drori

Unfinished Biz with Robin and Wayne

When Rachel Drori, Daily Harvest Founder and CEO, found herself in need of better nutrition while juggling work and family, she realized she could solve the problem for others as well..Find out how Rachel’s formative years paved the eventual way to her own nutritional food line, how making smoothies turned into a much bigger business, and why frozen food is better for you than you think.


5 Feb 2020

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Rachel Drori On Raising $43 Million To Deliver To Your Door Healthy Plant-Based Meals

DealMakers: Entrepreneur | Startups | Venture Capital

Rachel Drori is the founder and CEO of Daily Harvest which delivers superfood eats delivered to your door, frozen and ready to enjoy on your schedule. The company has raised $43 million from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Collaborative Fund, BAM Ventures, Hedgewood, 14W, M13, Rubicon Venture Capital, and Serena Ventures to name a few.


7 Jan 2020

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From Cookies to Kale: Rachel Drori of Daily Harvest

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

How many times have you been hungry - hangry, even! – and stuck somewhere with no snacks? Worse, perhaps there’s food laying around but it’s not even something you want to actually consume, but you have no other options, so there go those neon orange Cheezy Ballz down the hatch. Rachel Drori was stuck between a stale cake and a hard place, dreaming of fruit and veggie-based foods that would be nutritious and convenient for busy folks like herself. After scouring the market and finding the same tired protein bars, she finally decided to create the product she wanted for herself. That dream became Daily Harvest, a direct-to-consumer service that delivers fresh produce perfectly portioned to create your own smoothies, bowls and bites, providing your body with the best support to tackle your boss babe goals. Thanks for listening! We love our listeners! Drop us a line or give us guest suggestions here, or visit https://anchor.fm/superwomen/messages on your desktop or phone to leave us a voice memo! Follow Superwomen on Instagram. Big Ideas No matter the bells and whistles, the core use for the product must be functionally successful in order to ensure return customers! [06:06]--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/superwomen/support


26 Dec 2019

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The UGLY truth about the health food industry: How Daily Harvest is on a mission to bring healthy, quick and delicious options to homes across America with founder Rachel Drori.

Hacking It

The health food industry has been deceiving consumers for years claiming certain pre-packaged foods are "healthy." Even foods that are labeled "natural" or "organic" often times aren't. Rachel Drori could never find fast and actually healthy frozen foods that tasted delicious so she's started a frozen foods subscription-based delivery service, Daily Harvest. Each recipe at Daily Harvest is co-designed by a Michelin-trained chef and nutritionist. Their product line includes lattes, soups, overnight oats, chia parfaits, harvest bowls and sundaes that are delivered to subscribers nationwide. All of their produce is picked right at harvest and frozen within hours to lock in the nourishing goodness of peak season ripeness. Rachel shares how she got America to love Daily Harvest's fresh and nutritious meals.  Connect with Yola Robert: @yolarobert Find the pod: @isuckatlifepodcast Connect with Rachel Drori: @racheldrori Find Daily Harvest: @dailyharvest


12 Dec 2019

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Daily Harvest's Rachel Drori: There is a cycle of torching cash in the DTC space

The Modern Retail Podcast

Rachel Drori started a company because she was hungry. But once the seeds of Daily Harvest were planted in her head, she dove in, and started trying to build a brand. Now, with a cushion of VC funding, Drori is looking towards the next evolution of her company. According to Drori, some of the funding will be used to build out the brand's content strategy and help them share their story. On this week's episode of Making Marketing, Shareen Pathak sits down with Drori, the brand's founder and CEO, to discuss how she built her business, why she worked with investors before taking funding and how she's pushing back against rising customer acquisition costs.


1 Aug 2019