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Ep 26: Clinically Led and Professionally Managed, with Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D., President, Clinical Care, Providence St. Joseph Health

Her Story - Envisioning the Leadership Possibilities in Healthcare

In this episode of Her Story, we sit down with Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, president of clinical care at Providence. From her career journey, we learn how to speak up when the odds are against you, when to forfeit clinical practice to take on administrative leadership roles, how to balance a career and parenting, where to start when you want to serve on a board, and more.


7 Apr 2021

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Rhonda Medows, President of Population Health at Providence St. Joseph Health and CEO of Ayin Health Solutions

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

This episode features Rhonda Medows, President of Population Health at Providence St. Joseph Health and CEO of Ayin Health Solutions. Here, she discusses the initiatives she’s currently leading to address health disparities in underserved populations, her advice for health systems to make an impact on health disparities in their communities, and more.


4 Oct 2020

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58: Marathon and Not a Sprint, with Rod Hochman, M.D., President and CEO, Providence St. Joseph Health

The Academy Table with Renee DeSilva

In this episode of Fireside Chat, we sit down with Dr. Rod Hochman, President and CEO, Providence St. Joseph Health to talk about the impact of the crisis on the longer-term impact of the COVID crisis on health systems, key characteristics of a leader in a crisis, and discussion of what the federal government can do to lead change in healthcare and balance its role as a regulator while encouraging innovation.


29 Sep 2020

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Aaron Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

This episode featured Aaron Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health. Here, he discusses the journey of his career, what Province is doing in the digital sector, and more.


18 Sep 2020

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Providence St. Joseph Health Chief Executive Erik Wexler (SoCal)

PopHealth Podcast

After initially joining the show in 2017 as "the new guy" to Southern California, Erik has helped Providence St. Joseph Health transform into arguably the largest provider of health services in Southern California.  Erik touches on some of the key initiatives over the years, including the current partnership with Cedars Sinai, as well as how PSJH is positioned to serve during the pandemic.


23 Jun 2020

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Dr. Ira Byock, CMO @ Providence St. Joseph Health - Care Advocacy Innovation

The #PopHealth Show

Join us today as we speak with Dr. Ira Byock, CMO for the Institute for Human Caring at Providence St. Joseph Health, about care advocacy innovation.


26 Nov 2019

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03 - Interview with Rod Hochman, M.D., President and CEO of Providence St. Joseph Health

Health Ecosystem Leadership Model (HELM™) Podcast Series

Rod Hochman, M.D., is the president and CEO of Providence St. Joseph Health, a faith-based not-for-profit health and social services system comprised of over 111,000 caregivers serving patients and communities in 50 hospitals, 829 clinics and hundreds of programs and services across Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Rod has been selected multiple times as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare and 50 Most Influential Physician Executives by Modern Healthcare. He is a board member for the American Hospital Association (AHA), chair of AHA's Regional Policy Board 9 and vice chair of the board of trustees for the Catholic Health Association. Rod served as a clinical fellow in internal medicine at Harvard Medical School and Dartmouth Medical School. In addition, he is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology.[fl_builder_insert_layout id="3603"]Show Notes: Health ecosystem leaders are working with partners and recruiting talent from new places, all contributing to where healthcare is going. Engaging with the ecosystem involves continued learning, comfort with change, and thinking about what’s possible. Collaboration is indispensable as a technique to solving the tough problems facing population health today such as the mental health national crisis, affordability, and availability of pharmacy and specialty drugs. Embodying mission, vision, and values based on a global concept of health and a better world is about actively living those values when approaching daily work. Health ecosystem leadership must reflect the communities we serve and be centered around the individual with a focus on team-based, whole-person centered care.

14 Nov 2018

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088 - Providence St. Joseph Health

Cafe con Pam Podcast

Hello listeners, we're back this week with an episode brought to you by Providence St. Joseph Health. Providence St. Joseph Health is one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in America, comprising a diverse family of organizations driven by a belief that health is a human right and everyone should have access to live the best life possible, regardless of how much money they have. Every day they serve patients with compassion and excellence. They share a singular commitment to improve the health of all, and are strong advocates for those who are poor and vulnerable. To learn more visit future.psjhealth.org During this episode, we chatted with Ali Santore, who is vice president of government and public affairs for Providence St. Joseph Health. Ali leads advocacy and public affairs, which includes managing government affairs operations across seven states and in Washington, D.C. Her national advocacy and engagement strategies have successfully advanced federal priorities that preserve and expand access to care for the underserved, positioning PSJH as a leading advocate for mental health, advance care planning, and the Medicaid program. Ali and I chatted about the services Providence St Joseph Health provides to the community, where can people find them and who can receive services. I am excited to share this episode because I think people often times overlook their health because of lack of resources. I hope Providence St. Joseph Health serves as a provider to your needs. Please share this episode with a friend you think they'd benefit from and listeners, stay shining! Find Cafe con Pam on all things social: https://www.instagram.com/cafeconpampodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/cafeconpampodcast/ https://www.spreadideasmovepeople.com/podcast


29 Oct 2018

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Digital Health with Aaron Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health

Creating a New Healthcare

This is the second of two inspiring interviews featuring the integration of digital health into one of the largest integrated delivery networks in the country.  In this episode of Creating a New Healthcare, Dr. Zeev Neuwirth interviews Aaron Martin, who came to Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) directly from spending nearly a decade at Amazon, where he was an executive - the North American director of Kindle & print-on-demand services.  In that role, Aaron led a disruption of the print publishing industry that catalyzed tremendous value for readers as well as writers.  What is remarkable about this interview is that, despite being a technical leader in the digital realm, Aaron spends the first few minutes of the interview describing the leadership principles & cultural norms that were critical factors in Amazon’s success.  In those first few minutes, what becomes abundantly apparent is that Aaron brings to his work an intense dedication to patients and providers; as well as a unique combination of value-based thinking, authentic leadership, and industry-leading technical capability in healthcare redesign and innovation.  In what is an inspiring and refreshing dialogue, Aaron describes the two most important stakeholders in healthcare - the ‘creator’ of value (the provider of care), and the ‘customer’ (the patient or consumer of care) in the healthcare value chain. In this interview, he shares how he views his role as supporting the professional commitment of providers & enabling the ‘sacred moments of care’ between provider & patient. Aaron views digital health & the consumerist approach as integral enablers of medical care, and not as disintermediaries.  He also lays out a very clear picture of why and how design thinking, digital health, and a consumerist approach are critical success factors for any organization that expects to thrive in the future healthcare delivery market.  With straightforward examples, Aaron demonstrates that, unlike some previous deployments of technology, digital health leads to a markedly better consumer experience for both patients and providers; leverages and enhances the value proposition of providers; improves health outcomes, and solves for major organizational challenges such as access to care, growth and affordability.  Aaron and his colleagues hold themselves accountable for producing demonstrable and measurable results - outcomes that matter to patients, providers, and payers.  

1hr 16mins

20 Nov 2017

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Digital Health with Sara Vaezy, Chief of Digital Strategy for Providence St. Joseph Health

Creating a New Healthcare

This is the first of two amazing interviews featuring the topic of Digital Health and its integration into healthcare delivery at Providence St. Joseph Health.  In this first interview, Sara Vaezy describes, in no uncertain terms, the ‘Existential Imperative’ that makes digital health an absolute requirement and a critical success factor for any organization contemplating a robust future in healthcare delivery.  Sara shares two customer-centric examples of how digital health is transforming healthcare at Providence St. Joseph Health - in their on-demand care services (Express Care); and in their Women’s Health offering (Circle).  She points out that, far from being a nice-to-do, the consumer-oriented digital health integration is moving “big needles” in terms of access, consumer satisfaction, growth and revenue. Sara talks about the work she and her colleagues are collaborating on - to create a 10X experience that enhances engagement and improves health outcomes. By 10X, she means a patient/consumer experience that is ten times better than what patients currently experience!  When asked to describe the personal leadership characteristics that make this sort of transformation possible, Sara has two answers. First - “resilience... in the face of a non-steady state environment”; and second - an “unwavering commitment to what’s best for our patients”.  You’ll not want to miss this authentic and insightful interview with someone who is clearly one of the up and coming leaders in the digital health movement.


16 Nov 2017