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Love After Divorce with Ben Heldfond and Nikki DeBartolo

the challenger podcast

On this week's episode, we are joined by Ben Heldfond and Nikki DeBartolo, co-authors of Our Happy Divorce, a personal story of divorce and coming together as a team to raise their son.  I too went through an unhappy divorce from my daughter's mother and can resonate a lot to Ben's account of taking ownership and a need to face his ego.   What does it take to set aside the need to win in divorce?  We dig deep into this question with a new mindset from our guests today that have a mission to share their story in the hopes that it will help others navigate the waters of divorce and coparenting with their new partners.  If their message resonated with you today, please connect with them at ourhappydivorce.com Are you struggling with a divorce or know someone who is?  Introduce them to our private small support group that meets weekly with a passion for sharing tools to navigate conflict, love, and dating.  Click here for more details and to apply today!


29 Mar 2021

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How to Turn Divorce Conflict Into a Strong Friendship with Ben Heldfond & Nikki DeBartolo:

Heartbreak to Happiness

How do you turn Divorce Conflict Into a Strong Friendship & Top tips on co-parenting through disagreements.When Nikki and Ben knew their marriage was ending, little did they didn’t know that their new relationship would bring them closer together.  “Our Happy Divorce,” a book authored by Nikki and Ben, they have tackled how they created a modern family despite both being remarried. Communication and a desire to put their son Asher’s needs before their own have been the keys to turning their hurt into friendship.


17 Mar 2021

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Episode 06: Ben Heldfond: Moving From Rage to Connection During Your Divorce Is Possible

The Divorce Doctor

When we think of divorce, we rarely associate it with anything positive. Anger, sadness, resentment, all of these feelings are often attached to the idea of a relationship ending. But this doesn’t always have to be the case, as exemplified by my recent guest on the Divorce Doctor podcast: Ben Heldfond. Ben is the co-author of Our Happy Divorce, a book that he and his ex-wife, Nikki DeBartolo, wrote about their journey through divorce and how it brought them closer together. He talks about the importance of putting your kids first and how you can actually connect and stay close even after a divorce. In my talk with Ben, we discuss the genesis of Our Happy Divorce and the soul-searching that often comes from the experience of divorce.


19 Feb 2021

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Interview with the awesome Ben Heldfond!

"The Sober Truth" Faith | Recovery | Life

George sits down with Ben, a successful businessman, an author, and a person in long term recovery (26 years to be exact).  Ben wrote a book with his ex wife, Nikki Debartolo called "The Happy Divorce" he is also a DJ for 102.5 the Bone. The show "Miggs and Swig is described this way, Musician Don Miggs and businessman Ben Swig may take the reins, but it’s their female powerhouse counterparts, Lisa D and JoJo that keep this unconventional show on track! The line up consists of husband and wife team (Lisa D. & Don), Ex Brother-In-Law (Ben Swig) and Dating Diva (JoJo). I had the opportunity to be on the show and I had a blast, I knew I needed to get to know this guy more and this conversation is the result!  A lot of wisdom and real life, recovery experience is shared in here I hope you take the time to listen!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sober-truth-project/message

1hr 34mins

29 Oct 2020

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Our Happy Divorce with Nikki Debartolo and Ben Heldfond

Mimosas with Moms

This week on the Mimosas with Moms Podcast, Abbey welcomes Nikki Debartolo and Ben Heldfond, co-authors of Our Happy Divorce. Nikki and Ben talk about the beginning process of divorce and the high emotions involved. They stress how, Our Happy Divorce is built on accountability and forgiveness and a daily desire to not hand their son the emotional bill for their decisions. Now both remarried, they live 7 houses apart and have created a Coparenting relationship with respect for their son. How can you achieve a Happy Divorce? Let's talk about it, CHEERS!———————————————You can find Nikki Debartolo and Ben Heldfond:IG: @ourhappydivorce Book: https://www.amazon.com/Our-Happy-Divorce-Marriage-Together/dp/1631779974/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Our+Happy+Divorce&qid=1568927277&sr=8-1FB: Our Happy Divorce ———————————————Instagram @mimosaswithmoms FB /mimosaswithmomsEmail 2mimosamoms@gmail.com


19 Oct 2020

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#130 Nikki Debartolo and Ben Heldfond

The Epic Comeback Podcast

Be inspired and see divorce from a different perspective on this special edition of The Epic Comeback™ Podcast with the authors of the book Our Happy Divorce, Nikki Debartolo and Ben Heldfond. They work as one in cultivating a community of divorced families that coexist in a happier and healthier way, with the needs of their children as a central priority. Nikki and Ben share that the best ways to get to the other side of a life-shattering experience are to keep going and to take time for yourself. They learned these lessons while enduring their own divorce. Find Nikki and Ben at ourhappydivorce.com, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @ourhappydivorce. Get hold of their book, Our Happy Divorce, on Amazon.


30 Sep 2020

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The Myth is Busted, Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Horrible. With co-parents and co-authors of Our Happy Divorce, Ben Heldfond and Nikki DeBartolo

Divorce, Healthy!

Divorce has long had a bad reputation. It is often incredibly stressful for the couple and leaves broken families in its path. Have you ever wondered, “does it really have to be this way?” Are there people out there who have successfully dissolved their marriages in a peaceful and healthy way? Are there children who don’t feel like their lives have been torn apart by their parents’ divorce? The answer is yes.Enter Benjamin Heldfond and Nikki DeBartolo, authors of Our Happy Divorce, and today’s guests on this episode of Divorce, Healthy! When Ben and Nikki got divorced 13 years ago, there were far fewer resources available for collaborative processes and co-parenting. Luckily, they were both able to successfully navigate the divorce process and make decisions that have resonated positively in their lives and the lives of their children.Benjamin stresses the importance of keeping your child’s best interest at heart. With painful memories of his own parents’ divorce, Ben knew he didn’t want to put his child through the same hardship. Conversely, Nikki's parents remain married after 52 years, and she claims this was the driving force for making things work throughout the divorce process. (5:26)At first, Ben did what most people do and hired an attorney. He soon realized his attorney may be more interested in a fight than in doing what was best for Ben and his family. Instead of pursuing a fight, Ben decided to step away from everything for a while. After taking time to weigh his options, he ultimately decided to team up with Nikki to tackle the problem together. “She was on my team and I was on her team. So, if you want to talk about collaborative, that's the ideal behind it. But we truly were on each other's team… as team captains.” (19:22)Ben and Nikki admit that there is no easy way out of a divorce; there will always be fights, arguments, anger, etc. However, there are ample resources for people going through separation and divorce to consider. One resource the couple endorse is the App Fayr, developed by Micheal Daniels, who joins the conversation at 30:12. “Fayr is really just my sincere effort in trying to…communicate on the core issues, the things that need to be communicated on and try to clear up some of the misunderstandings and disagreement that oftentimes escalate into a costly court motion. And it has an emotional cost too.” (30:54)As Ashley-Nicole mentions in prior episodes, the divorce industry is a broken one, and only some people benefit from it. Echoing her thoughts, Michael says “[Divorce] is such a broken system… everybody talks about the broken system. The truth is the system is working just fine for those who are financially benefiting from it.”(38:37) This is why “we're all here to try to scream and say, you do not have to follow the norm just because it's the norm,” says Ashley-Nicole. (45:52)For more information on Benjamin and Nikki’s book Our Happy Divorce, visit ourhappydivorce.com. To download the Fayr App visit fayr.com/appLike this interview with Benjamin Heldfond and Nikki DeBartolo? Check out How to Move Forward After Divorce, With Divorce Attorney & “Better Apart” Author, Gabrielle Hartley.To inquire about speaking engagements, purchase your copy of Ashley-Nicole’s book “The Cure for Divorce Culture,” or to schedule your private orientation meeting, head to www.anrlaw.com. You can also find us on social media @ANRLaw. Find a better way forward, right here, on Divorce, Healthy!


14 Sep 2020

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SP 283: Our Happy Divorce with Ben Heldfond

The SHAIR Recovery Podcast

From weeknight dinners and homework sessions to Christmas card photos and vacations, Nikki and Ben created a tight-knit, enviable family. From the smallest daily tasks to the biggest life events, they both work well together. However, it only took a divorce to get them there. At 12 years sober, Ben was what some might call a “dry drunk.” Searching for something other than a spiritual solution, he would place blame on his wife, not take any responsibility for his faults, and felt flat in his marriage. “I had a strong foundation of recovery, but I stopped doing the things I needed to do on a daily basis for myself.” At the time of their marriage, Niki and Ben had hoped their wedding would start their happily ever after—but seven years, one child, and countless financial and familial entanglements later, their I do-s had turned into We can’t-s. Armed with their fierce love for their son and a desire to give him the best as their primary purpose, they realized they needed to find an alternative to the seemingly inevitable toxic divorce that loomed over their lives. By cleaning up the past, owning up to each other's faults, and working on differences it took a divorce to bring Ben’s family together. Today, though their marriage has been over for nearly a decade, they still share a happy life with each other and their son Asher, along with their spouses and children. In episode 283 of the SHAIR Podcast, you’ll learn about: How you can find yourself in dry drunk syndrome after finding long-term recovery What happens when you see red flags in a relationship but fail to act on them What happens when we begin searching for something other than a spiritual solution How we can become blind to our ego and entitlement without admitting fault In their book, Our Happy Divorce, Ben and Nikki elaborate on the difficulties of their divorce experience, their individual pains and triumphs, and their unique approach to relationships and blended families. Their story is sure to inspire others to pursue something few believe is possible - a happy divorce. For the show notes and links for this episode go to theshairpodcast.com/283. Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle and Feel Better Now! Join the SHAIR Recovery Community and live alcohol-free - theshairpodcast.com/join-the-src. Get 1-on-1 Life Coaching with Omar Pinto! For more information and a FREE consultation go to omarpinto.com/coaching.

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25 Aug 2020

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Two Exes, One Very Happy Divorce: Meet Ben Heldfond & Nikki DeBartolo, the Co-Parents Who Turned their Divorce HAPPY.

Moms Moving On: Navigating Divorce, Single Motherhood & Co-Parenting.

Imagine living a few doors down from your happily married ex. Having Sunday dinners with them and their new blended family. Taking a 2-week trip to Africa together. Writing a whole divorce and co-parenting book together. That's the magic of this co-parenting duo, Ben Heldfond & Nikki DeBartolo.  After a few years of post-divorce drama, they decided life would be much better for their child if they could only manage to get along. So that's exactly what they did. Over a decade later, they're both remarried, live on the same block, and have co-founded the "Our Happy Divorce" brand which includes the book on how they turned this divorce happy. It's a success story I truly know you'll love and appreciate!


14 Aug 2020

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Guest Ben Heldfond

The Bubble Hour

After 25 years of freedom from heroine addiction, Ben realizes that his sobriety has the power to transform every aspect of his life. When he and his wife divorced, he used the principles of recovery to examine his role in the breakdown of the marriage and shifted from anger and resentment into a solution-seeking frame of mind. Ben and his ex-wife Nikki DeBartolo wrote about the experience in their book, Our Happy Divorce.Host Jean McCarthy's books and blog are available via www.jeanmccarthy.ca and www.unpickledblog.com

1hr 4mins

28 Jul 2020