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It’s Not All About Money: Talking Multiplying the Kingdom with Shanda Sumpter

The FIT in Faith Podcast

I had the amazing pleasure of interviewing Shanda Sumpter a few weeks ago and she gave us some amazing gems you are going to want to write down and activate.  She has so many resources for you to multiply your legacy and to truly do so with the premise and the foundation of my man, God himself, Jesus Christ. It's beautiful, and I know with the real estate information she gives you today will multiply your business and life. Listen in as she talks about the cycle of courage and how to get confidence connected to competence. You're gonna be blessed, but if you are not fully present on this one, you're gonna have to listen to it several times. She's gonna tell you how she literally crashed and burned, and ended up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt in 2008 and how she is set up to potentially make multiple millions in real estate right now in Puerto Rico. Is this a dream of yours? Do you want a private jet?  Do you want to get the dream life and be able to steward and help other people? It's time to get going. It's not about the finances. It's about the way that you can help and multiply the kingdom with your good works. My coaching programs and 1:1 coaching has just a few open spots left! Book a call now to see if it is the right place for you! https://calendly.com/fitinfaithmedia/activation-intro-call Grow for God 2022 registration is going to SELL OUT! Get your tickets NOW! https://www.fitinfaithmedia.com/grow-for-god-con 📕📗📘📙My book is NOW AVAILABLE! Buy Always Becoming: Sex, Shame, and Love https://amzn.to/2ZvA2xn About Shanda:  Shanda Sumpter is an 8-figure entrepreneur who's on track to 5x her income while taking 5 months off a year. She's helped thousands of men and women unlock financial freedom without sacrificing their relationships or health. Partner with her to break through your blindspots so you can create the business and life you deserve. Where to Find Shanda: www.instagram.com/shandasumpter www.facebook.com/heartcorebusiness Where to Find Tamra: We have an APP! Join us for FREE or for less than $1 a day, you can have access to all our courses with new ones being uploaded monthly! If you are an entrepreneur, this is for you!  Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/f-i-t-in-faith-network/id1623538165 Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pl5yczyalkzk.phfvrz7bgapp Let's Connect! Book a Call today to see how I can help you grow your business! https://calendly.com/fitinfaithmedia/activation-intro-call Want to write a book, start a podcast, or create an ecourse? Visit us at https://www.fitinfaithmedia.com/ TEXT Me (yes, it's really me!) at 📱757-906-3734


23 Aug 2022

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283: One of the BEST Marketers on the Planet: Meet Shanda Sumpter!

The Goal Digger Girl's Podcast

Hey Goal Diggers! Today’s episode is so special because we have Shanda Sumpter here with us! For those who don’t know, Shanda is such a PIONEER in this industry and has worked so hard to pave the way for others. Join us as we talk about one of the most important things for yourself and for your business. Being YOURSELF! Staying true to who you are and keeping your integrity.  So if you’re ready to get lit in your business and set your soul on fire, then stay tuned! Host Bio: Kimberly Olson is a self-made multi-millionaire and the creator of The Goal Digger Girl, where she serves female entrepreneurs by teaching them simple systems and online strategies in sales and marketing. Through the power of social media, they are equipped to explode their online presence and get real results in their business, genuinely and authentically. She has two PhDs in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition, has recently been recognized as the #2 recruiter in her current network marketing company globally, is the author of four books including best-sellers, The Goal Digger and Balance is B.S. In addition, she is a business blogger, success coach, and a mom of two all while teaching others how to follow their dreams, crush their goals, and create the life they've always wanted. Important Links: We are very excited to help you get lit in your business! You can go online to https://searchmysocial.media/thegoaldiggergirl to be part of our Goal Digger Community and start growing your business! Leave a review here: Write a review for The Goal Digger Girl Podcast. Check out Project Broadcast: https://bit.ly/ProjectBroadcastTGDG Website: www.thegoaldiggergirl.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/thegoaldiggergirl Facebook: www.facebook.com/thegoaldiggergirl Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/thegoaldiggergirl Grab The Goal Digger Girl Journal: https://amzn.to/3BeCMMZ Grab the BOSS It Up, Babe book: https://bit.ly/bossitupbabe Check out my Facebook groups for those that want to build their business online through social media, in a genuine and authentic way: Goal Digging Boss Babes: http://bit.ly/GoalDiggingBossBabes Goal Digger Creatives: http://bit.ly/GoalDiggerCreatives Goal Digger University is where you can access my archive and newly released workshops, masterclasses, bonus training PLUS my Mastermind: http://bit.ly/GoalDiggerU Connect with me across the social media platforms: https://searchmysocial.media/thegoaldiggergirl Subscribing to The Podcast: If you would like to get updates on new episodes, you can give me a follow on your favorite podcast app. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thegoaldiggergirl/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thegoaldiggergirl/support


28 Apr 2022

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"From Tears to Triumph" with Shanda Sumpter on Negotiate Your Best Life with Rebecca Zung #281

Negotiate Your Best Life Podcast with Rebecca Zung

Shanda Sumpter went from having $500 in her pocket to running at 8 figure, multimillion dollar company that actually has a heart and a soul.   She has fierce passion but has endured tears, difficulty, and has navigated the hardest that life has thrown at her to get where she is today.   In this conversation with Rebecca, Shanda gets real, raw and is even funny while she authentically shares exactly how to get from wherever you are now to where you want to go.  She provides ideas that you can start using today regardless of how much money you have or the toxic situation you are in, you can break free. Shanda has cleared the path for you.  Listen in and find out how she did it, and how you can too.   More About Shanda Shanda Sumpter is the Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business – a training company on the brink of hitting eight figures designed to give entrepreneurs the powerful systems they can use to share their gift and use those gifts to create profitable, sustainable businesses. Today, Shanda is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and business coach, as well as a bestselling author and owner of a multi-million-dollar business and a wife and mom with plenty of time for family, self-development, hobbies, and rest. She lives in a beautiful house on the ocean, and loves her life! It’s Shanda’s mission to give entrepreneurs the step-by-step systems they need to launch and grow their businesses – and transform their financial lives and the world. She’s experienced her own journey from struggle to triumph: there was a time when she had only $500 to her name and was facing the prospect of moving back home to her parents’ house in Canada. She knew then that it was time to make a change. So she hired a mentor.. and that became the catalyst for a domino effect of miracles that set the stage for HeartCore Business and its evolution into a multi-million-dollar company. Visit Shanda at https://www.heartcorebusiness.com/. Grab Tiny Habits right here  https://amzn.to/3wXsXAV Grab The Passion Translation right here:  https://amzn.to/3xOK33T _______________________________________________________________________________________ THIS WEEK'S SPONSOR INFORMATION:   Grab the New York Times Bestseller, The Lost and Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs (published by Harper Collins) right here  http://aps.harpercollins.com/advt?isbn=9780062914118&retailer=harpercollins&locale=US After her mother’s death, Natalie Harper inherits a charming but financially strapped bookshop in San Francisco, and becomes caretaker for her ailing grandfather. Books provide welcome solace for her grief and struggle. People magazine calls the book “A feel-good family saga… A charming tale about the silver linings of unwanted detours." Perfect for readers of Jennifer Weiner, Emily Henry, Elin Hilderbrand, Amanda Eyre Ward, Jojo MoyesThis is a great pick for book clubs and also really great to enjoy poolside, on the beach, at the lake, on vacation, etc. This is a novel that book lovers will LOVE– it’s the perfect feel-good summer read! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Soberlink is a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, Soberlink automatically documents proof of sobriety in real-time, which gives clients a sense of accomplishment while rebuilding trust with others. Features Adaptive Facial Recognition technology Technology to detect physical tampers Real-time text message reminders and Alerts Customizable scheduling Automated reporting options Get an exclusive $50 off your device by emailing info@soberlink.com and mentioning Negotiate Your Best Life ____________________________________________________________________ For more information on REBECCA ZUNG, ESQ. visit her website www.rebeccazung.com and follow her on Instagram: @rebeccazung and YouTube! GRAB YOUR FREE CRUSH MY NEGOTIATION PREP WORKSHEET RIGHT HERE!  SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL RIGHT HERE.  Grab a copy of Rebecca's book, Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win (foreword written by Robert Shapiro).   It went straight to being a #1 bestseller the first day it was launched!  Find out what everyone is so excited about - get the book RIGHT HERE!  To get your copy of Rebecca's bestselling book, Breaking Free: A Step by Step Guide to Achieving Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Freedom, please visit the Amazon website to order it RIGHT HERE.   


19 Jul 2021

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Shanda Sumpter: Biz Success Driven by Healthy Habits

Whole You, Consciously Creating a Life and Business You Love Podcast

Want a success blueprint? Shanda Sumpter has one.  Grab yourself a spicy cacao latte and settle in for this inspiring conversation with Shanda Sumpter, CEO of Heartcore Business – an entrepreneurial training company offering a proven, powerful step-by-step system for building a profitable business and creating a lifestyle of freedom. In today’s episode, we talk about how healthy habits are the secret sauce for biz success. If you believe you can have a balanced lifestyle AND a healthy bank account, this episode is for you. Join the Habit Hackers community here 👉: https://www.hayleyhobson.com/habithackers. 💜 To learn more about Shanda, visit her website: https://www.heartcorebusiness.com. Connect with me on Clubhouse, Instagram, and Facebook. And be sure to join my email list for free content that helps creative professionals and entrepreneurs implement healthy hacks & habits so they can eat smarter, rest better, and get it all done.  


30 Jun 2021

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024: Shanda Sumpter || The Queen Visionary

Shit You Don't Learn In College®

Shanda Sumpter is a multiple 8-figure business owner who’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs get their business up and running. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and many more publications. And does it all while making sure she always has time for her family! Shanda is an absolute rockstar, so you don’t want to miss this episode!In this episode, you’ll learn:Three tips to help starting entrepreneurs be successful and build the life they wantWhy colleges is pointless right nowHow to run a successful business AND build a familyPlus, so much more!!And don't forget... We only spread our message when you share this knowledge with others that need it, so if you enjoy this episode, please share it on your social and tag @zanderfryer, and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and give us a 5-star rating, so you don't miss any other great episodes.For more info on Zander and Sh*t You Don’t Learn In College, go to: www.zanderfryer.com


10 Jun 2021

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Shanda Sumpter Interview on "Faith In You!"

Your Good Life Now

Shanda Sumpter, Owner & Founder of the multi million dollar Heart Core Business, shares priceless wisdom on how to get out of your own way & live the life of your dreams!  This is not only a "must listen to" episode, but a "must share" episode, trust me, your friends will thank you!Support the show (https://pod.fan/your-good-life-now)


20 Apr 2021

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Stellar Conversations 5. Creating Financial Abundance with Shanda Sumpter

Stellar Life

Success, abundance, wealth. These are all accessible as long as you have the drive and proper mindset. Achieve the freedom in life you crave when you tune in to this Stellar Conversation with Shanda Sumpter.  She is the Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business – a training company designed to give entrepreneurs powerful systems they can use to share their gifts and use those gifts to create profitable sustainable businesses. Tune in for an episode that will motivate you to become the best version of yourself. 


4 Aug 2020

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011: Influence Your Mind with Positivity with Shanda Sumpter

START with Kristy Dickerson

Stop being complacent and START setting your positivity on fire! Join us today, as Kristy interviews Shanda Sumpter, founder of HeartCore Business! Shanda has built an empire and has generated almost 8 figures in revenue! A powerful conversation about how to lead your mind with positivity, lean into your purpose, and start showing up and focus on driving your mission. They dive in and discuss the economy and decision making tactics that anyone can apply! You won't want to miss todays episode to discover 3 tips on how to positively push your life forward as we all continue STARTing!For the FREE weekly review download mentioned in the podcast: https://printables.startplanner.com/weeklyreview/


2 Jul 2020

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How to Buy and Sell a Home Using None of Your Own Money with Shanda Sumpter

Building Freedom with Jordan Paris

This conversation with Shanda Sumpter changed my life.For the first half of the episode, she teaches us how to grow a business to 10-figures (which, of course, she has done with. See Heartcore Business.The rest of the episode, she teaches us how to buy and sell a home using none of your own money.It was so powerful because it was so actionable, so I had to go back and listen and write down a bunch of notes. There was so much gold I couldn’t keep type fast enough! I would be furiosuly typing away while the audio played, then Shanda would say something else that I wanted to write down and I’d have to pause. It was crazy. See all my takeaways below in the form of scattered and abbreviated notes:How to grow your business to 10-figuresEmpower the right leaders within the company to run different platforms and departments. “Who is the person I need to hire for that?” Shift to being about leadership.Use Indeed and write ads to the exact person you want to hire. “This is where we want to go.” Share the vision. Articulate it and you will attract good people…Shanda’s pitch: If you’re addicted to your phone, a workaholic, obsessed with results, and constantly studying your craft. You forgot that you hit your goal because you already are working on the next. If that’s you, keep reading. If not, stop because you will hate this job.Pay higher on the back end. Incentive ambitious people. You get paid every month for 12 months on one sale.Sales trainer paid 2% override and for every hire that stays 90 days.Increase the price point. Package it with how to build email list, business around it, etc. (regarding my business, Trend Up Media)Incentivize people to pay in full because you can invest that upfront cash in new hires and bigger reach.Hire a sales manager/trainer to hire and train salespeople. 8-10 sales per salesperson per month minimum. Now I focus on lead gen, marketing, fulfillment/operationThe sales department puts pressure on the marketing department to deliver which then becomes an accountability game for me as an entrepreneur to grow my company.A sales director that wants to make money that grows the team to X number of people… How do I create the leads for them that are qualified? Reinvent the packages to grow this much bigger.Quote from Shanda: “People who are saying nobody’s buying right now don’t know how to take a prospect and shape them into a customer. Anyone who knows how to do that knows right now is a great time to be online.”How to generate life-changing wealth during a down economyPay yourself first – $X per month automatically deposited into a savings account to buy things with.Think outside the box – Buy properties using none of your own money. Reach out to homeowners and say, “I’ll take over the monthly payment and in two years I’ll have this house off your hands or you can have it back.” Wealth transfers.Quote from Shanda: “People are trying to work their way to millions and that is ignorance. That is an employee mindset. You don’t work yourself to millions; You leverage yourself to make millions.”Google “lease option”. It’s rent to own.If you’re going to rent it, you might as well rent to own it.Promissory note – A signed document containing a written promise to pay a stated sum to a specified person or the bearer at a specified date or on demand.Have to be making offers on a regular basis.Quote from Shanda: “If you are comfortable, you are in a very dangerous position.”Quote from Shanda: “If you think you’re just going to work for the rest of your life and you are going to make millions and every year is going to be amazing, you are sadly mistaken.”Quote from Shanda: “If you grow at the level you make money, you are making a mistake. You don’t want to die with an 800 credit score. That’s dumb. You want to use your credit to get access to cash to put money down on marketing campaigns that are working.”Say, “I buy homes cash. I will take over your house payment.” Put signs out at busy intersections.Call and make offers. Ask:How much money do you owe on it?How much equity is in the house?Then…Tie up the home.Sell the home to an investor.Take a finder’s fee on the property.Control the property.Google local investment groups.Bird-dogging deals.Bird dog fees.You want to be so well grounded on how to create cash so you never have money be your boss. You have to master money for your life. You can’t ever stop at your capacity for time or money.Start tracking your time by the hour.Do you start with a plan at the beginning of the day? Do you know what you are going to produce every hour? What am I going to produce this hour? Did I do it? Yes or no?Google these:“What is a bird dog in real estate?”“How do you find real estate investors?”“Real estate investment groups”Don’t be afraid to do other countries. Buy in the UK because your money is worth more.Ask real estate investment groups, “What are you educating your group on? I want to know in case I come across any deals you guys might want.”They say, “We like pre-construction real estate”Go to developers. Say “my buyers want this deal. They want 30% discount on the property. They want this, that, the other thing. Can you create this deal?”They create the deal.I bring it back to the investment group and say, “Do you want this deal? My developer said he would do this.”They say yes. The deal is brokered together and I take a finder’s fee on it.Questions? Reach out to Shanda on Instagram. She’ll respond.Shanda Sumpter bio:Shanda Sumpter is the Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business – a training company on the brink of hitting eight figures designed to give entrepreneurs the powerful systems they can use to share their gift and use those gifts to create profitable, sustainable businesses.Today, Shanda is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and business coach, as well as a bestselling author and owner of a multi-million-dollar business and a wife and mom with plenty of time for family, self-development, hobbies, and rest. She lives in a beautiful house on the ocean, and loves her life!It’s Shanda’s mission to give entrepreneurs the step-by-step systems they need to launch and grow their businesses – and transform their financial lives and the world.She’s experienced her own journey from struggle to triumph: there was a time when she had only $500 to her name and was facing the prospect of moving back home to her parents’ house in Canada.She knew then that it was time to make a change. So she hired a mentor.. and that became the catalyst for a domino effect of miracles that set the stage for HeartCore Business and its evolution into a multi-million-dollar company.Visit Shanda at https://www.heartcorebusiness.com/.


8 Jun 2020

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Faith, Money, Shamans, Demons, Spiritual Warfare & Million Dollar Mansions - With Shanda Sumpter

Fuel Your Vision

In episode 13 of the Fuel Your Vision Podcast, I bring on lady boss and 8 figure entrepreneur, Shanda Sumpter!Shanda is a high performance business coach,  is the founder of the almost 8 figure company  HEARTcore business where she gives entrepreneurs the powerful systems that they can use to share their gift and use those gifts to create a profitable and sustainable business.Shanda is also a world renown speaker, best selling author, trainer and mentor helping literally thousands of people go to the next level in their businesses by breaking through the six-figure ceiling!She’s been featured in Forbes and is an INC 5000 top entrepreneur.And what I love most about her is the desire to build the bridge between Faith and Money which is something this show is also trying to accomplish!This was an amazing interview (despite the minor tech issues) for anyone who is struggling with the concept of business/money and their Faith in God.In this episode we talk about:-Shanda's past and how her mothers boyfriend would beat her as a child.-How she became an ultra successful entrepreneur.-The important role God plays in her life and in her business.-She shares about her journey to Faith.-She gives her advice of how to prosper during a global crisis.-We talk on the topic of Spiritual Warfare and levels within Heaven.Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy the episode!Drop a COMMENT and a REVIEW of your thoughts :)To Connect More With Shanda:--------INSTAGRAMFACEBOOK FAITH&MONEYHEARTcoreTo Connect More With Alex:--------YOUTUBEINSTAGRAMFACEBOOK#FuelYourVisionPodcast #VisionWall#Faith


6 May 2020