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Americanuck Radio - Finding the Lost - Pastor John Patterson New Life Tabernacle SD

Americanuck Radio

1hr 55mins

19 Oct 2022

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Loyalty Shouldn’t Kill You with John Patterson

Influential U

Today’s guest is Influential U CEO and Co-founder John Patterson. You’ve heard him on this podcast since 2016, but somehow, we’ve never gotten to listen to him tell his story. In 2005, John was having an existential crisis, and his job, relationship, and life were simply not working for him, so he needed a change. At this time, John had already been long-time friends with Kirkland Tibbels, Influential U’s other Co-Founder, and through hundreds of hours of conversations with Kirkland, John was able to discover that he was being loyal at all costs. In other words, John was more committed to people and ideologies than he was to taking care of himself. Soon after, he ended his relationship, lost 70 pounds, earned a sizeable 6-figure income, and would eventually found Influential U along with Kirkland. Now John has thirty years of experience focused on personal, business, and management effectiveness and performance and has facilitated training for tens of thousands of people internationally.Each week the Influential U Podcast is streamed live on our website, Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube. If you enjoyed this podcast, share it with others. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or any place you get your podcasts. Don’t be shy. Give a rating or review. We want to know what you think.Check out our show notes for links to connect with our guests – plus links to websites, books, or special downloads we talked about. This podcast is made possible by the Influential U staff, mentors, and members around the world. Special thanks to our executive producer, Tyson Crandall, and video and sound by Michael Teehee and Darryl Anderle.The Influential U Podcast is produced by Influence Ecology, LLC in Ventura, California. This episode was recorded on July 20, 2022. The podcast theme is by Chris Standring and titled ‘Fast Train to Everywhere.’If you haven’t yet offered a rating or review, I ask that you take a moment go to Apple Podcasts or your podcast app of choice and let us know what you think. This helps us more than you knowPodcast Bonuses:The Influential U WebsiteJohn Patterson on LinkedIn


21 Jul 2022

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Navigating the Transaction Cycle with John Patterson

The Attention Seeker

This week Everything is Grey has gone international as Drew tunes in from Ojai, California! In this episode, Stan and Drew are joined by their first guest, CEO, and Co-founder of Influential U, John Patterson. The guys continue their discussion of navigating the Influential U transaction cycle and pick John's brain about the pitfalls of certain personality types within that cycle.


13 Jul 2022

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Ohio Farm Service Agency Director John Patterson

Our Ohio Weekly

From conservation to disaster assistance, crop insurance to Farm Bill programs, the Farm Service Agency has many important tasks falling under its purview. They work with dairy farmers, livestock producers, row crop farmers, beginning farmers, specialty crop farmers, beekeepers and just about everyone who contributes to the front end of our food supply system. That means there is always something to talk about when it comes to FSA and we will have that discussion with the new executive director of Ohio FSA on this Our Ohio Weekly.00:00 - Ohio FSA Director John Patterson talks about his new role and the goals he has set for himself and his team throughout the state.16:50 - Director Patterson has been impressed with the early success of H2Ohio and shares his views are what farmers are doing and will need to do in order to maintain healthy soils on the farm and clean water for all Ohioans.23:50 - On this “To the Beat of Agriculture”, meet Ohio Farm Bureau’s District 8 Trustee, Roger Baker. Hear about his lifelong passion for agriculture and his desire to see the industry thrive in Ohio.32:20 - Ohio FSA Director John Patterson was an early proponent of new and beginning farmer legislation that was recently passed in Ohio. He shares why that bill was so important to agriculture.42:20 - Being a former teacher, Ohio FSA Director Bill Patterson knows how vital teaching agriculture in the classroom is and discusses why he wants to see more done on that front.


12 Jun 2022

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John Patterson

Reel Turf Techs Podcast

John Patterson, equipment manager at Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, GA, rebuilt his first engine with his dad at eight years old and never wanted to be anything other than a mechanic. Fed up with Chicago winters, John headed south with plans to become a marine mechanic in southwest Florida. When every boat mechanic he met told him to do something else, John answered an ad at a golf course and after passing the “righty tighty, lefty loosey” test, the rest is history. From fabricating a sand silo and method for filing divot mix more efficiently to a better designed front roller bracket on the John Deere, listeners will find John’s reputation as one of the most brilliant in the business is well-earned. In his free time John enjoys his hot-rod Miata, tinkering on his 1975 BMW 750 and teaching his son to drive. As a founding member and past president of the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association (IGCEMA), John is rewarded to see his vision come to life in the form of the Certified Turf Equipment Manager (CTEM) program launched this year. 

1hr 20mins

26 May 2022

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Mbulia Man Eating Lions & The Journal of Colonel John Patterson

The Sustainable Voice Presented by Big Five Tours & Expeditions

In this episode, Ashish talks about his travels to Kenya, specifically the Mbulia Conservancy, and the famous account of Colonel John Patterson. Don't forget to subscribe to never miss an episode!


8 Oct 2021

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1205: Katie Woolf spoke with John Patterson from AMSANT about the BUStopping vaccination campaign

360 with Katie Woolf


5 Oct 2021

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Morgan, UT: John Patterson, CPA, on Owning and Preserving a Historic Rural Building and Managing Growth in Rural Communities

The Rural Towns Project Podcast

In this episode, I talk to John Patterson, CPA, rural business and building owner on Morgan’s historic Commercial Street. John and I talk about the old bank building he bought and restored and the changes happening on Commercial Street. We talk about the changes - and the challenges that come with trying to manage those changes - happening in rural communities across the West. We also talk about ideas for the local level management of change and growth. We end, as always, with the Road Trip Music Question. Podcast music: “A Happy Day” by codemusic, http://www.jamendo.com, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/


28 May 2021

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Legal Talk Today : The Kidnapping of John Patterson

Legal Talk Network - Law News and Legal Topics

In 1974, a United States diplomat was kidnapped by the People’s Liberation Army of Mexico. His wife fought for his release but U.S. policy forbid the government from paying his ransom. Tune in to hear a true life account involving President Nixon, John McCain, Henry Kissinger, the “Hanoi Hilton”, a hijacking, and border crossings. Brendan I. Koerner, author and writer for the Atlantic joins us. Special thanks to our sponsor Nota.


12 May 2021

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The Kidnapping of John Patterson

Legal Talk Today

In 1974, a United States diplomat was kidnapped by the People’s Liberation Army of Mexico. His wife fought for his release but U.S. policy forbid the government from paying his ransom. Tune in to hear a true life account involving President Nixon, John McCain, Henry Kissinger, the “Hanoi Hilton”, a hijacking, and border crossings. Brendan I. Koerner, author and writer for the Atlantic joins us.Special thanks to our sponsor Nota.


12 May 2021