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S2, #13. "Let Those Skills Emerge" Shawn Myszka & Tyler Yearby look at MMA through an ecological lens.

The Primal MMA Coaching Podcast

I finally snagged the boys from Emergence to come and talk to me about MMA. I have been following Shawn Myszka AKA @movementmiyagi since coming across his youtube channel several years ago. Shawn is an NFL skill coach and movement consultant, co-founder of Emergentmvmt.com, regular podcast and skill conference presenter and co-author of the recently published paper "Applying an ecological approach to practice design in American Football". His biz partner Tyler Yearby also a co-author of the same article and is an educator and speaker on sport science and skill-development for American Football. Both Tyler and Shawn are regular guests on Rob Gray's Perception Action Podcast and are considered to be well informed and passionate advocates of the ecological approach to sport. They also somewhat uniquely straddle both the academic and on-field coaching spaces which arm them both with a deep theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding.Be sure to follow them both and stay tuned for their soon to be launched Patreon community which will be a fantastic resource and information sharing space for progressive coaches and sports academics alike. Should you wish to get in touch with either Shawn or Tyler, they are very receptive and helpful and best reached on twitter or at their website. (See names above for links).I was very grateful for their time and consider them coming on as another scalp, as this duo were on my original shortlist of wanted guests when I started the Podcast a few years back. 

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22 Jun 2022

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Episode 501: Shawn Myszka & Tyler Yearby

Saturday2Sunday Football Podcast

In this special episode Matt is joined by Shawn Myszka (@MovementMiyagi) & Tyler Yearby (@TylerYearby). Shawn and Tyler are the Co-Directors of Education at the innovative movement skill education company known as Emergence (@EMERGENTMVMT or EmergentMvmt.com). In addition, both Shawn & Tyler are doctoral candidates at the University of Gloucestershire. Throughout their careers Shawn and Tyler have partnered as movement skill acquisition coaches with many athletes across various levels of mastery. Specifically, Tyler has served as a strength coach and football position coach at the collegiate level. While Shawn has been working with NFL players since 2008. Recently Shawn & Tyler published  a paper titled “Applying an ecological approach to practice design in American Football”. In this paper, the first of it's kind in American Football, Shawn & Tyler seek to shift the paradigm on how practice is designed and athletes are trained in American football. In this episode Matt discusses with Shawn & Tyler the major points of the paper and how coaches, scouts & trainers can grow in their understanding of the game through this lens. We sincerely hope you enjoy the episode!Here is the link to the paper:https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/3IWFDEBGG9XHWT69MGRW/full?target=10.1080/21640629.2022.2057698To purchase the S2S Premium Notebooks for $9.99 or to read the full descriptions of what is in each notebooks, click here. Sponsors: Scouting Academy Hosts: Matt Caraccio (@matty_S2S) Paul Perdichizzi (@paulie23ny) Jeff Abercrombie (@theSofascout) Editor: David Nakano (@KawikaNakano) Website: Saturday2SundayFootball (@s2sfootball)

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31 May 2022

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Applying An Ecological Approach to Practice Design in American Football w/ Tyler Yearby and Shawn Myszka

The Athlete Blueprint Podcast

For todays show I’m joined by Tyler Yearby (@TylerYearby) and Shawn Myszka (@MovementMiyagi)Tyler is the co-director education at Emergence and has appeared on the show before way back in episode 1.Tyler has been been a strength coach and football position coach in multiple stops at the collegiate level.   He now  works as a movement skill acquisition coach for athletes from various levels and is currently pursuing is doctor at eh university of Gloucestershire in the UK.Shawn has been served as a personal performance advisor & movement skill acquisition coach for NFL players since 2008 and up to this point has partnered w/ 5 NFL all pro and 12 pro bowl team members He is also the co director at education at Emergence as well.  and is pursing his doctorate along side Tyler They’ve  recently published  a paper titled “Applying an ecological approach to practice design in American Football” which seeks to shift the paradigm on how practice is designed and athletes are trained in American football This paper really is the first of its kind thats applied ecological dynamics to American football, so I was extremely excited to have them on.Besides the paper, we discuss a myriad of concepts that are useful to both sport coaches and practitioners. I hope you enjoy the conversation! If you like today's episode, leave a review here....If you want to reach me directly, contact me on social media or shoot me @javier@igniteperformance.netEpisode Resources:Tyler and Shawn's Paper Shawn Twitter Tyler's TwitterEmergence Website Emergence TwitterEmergence IG

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11 May 2022

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EvelChat #26 “We Never Stand in the Same River Twice…”: A Chat with Shawn Myszka.


In this episode of EvelChat Derek & Movement Expert & Skill Acquisition Coach Shawn Myszka discuss learning, teaching & technical development within the context of one of sport’s most complex movement challenges, the Hammer Throw.Shawn has served primarily as a Personal Performance Advisor & Movement Skill Acquisition Coach for National Football League (NFL) players since 2008, working with approximately 12 players each year and has partnered with 5 NFL All-Pro selections and 12 NFL Pro Bowl Team members.You can find Shawn’s full bio at https://emergentmvmt.com/about/Shawn’s website: https://emergentmvmt.comYou can find Shawn on Twitter at @movementmiyagi Topics:Coaching in northern environments & innovationSkill development in varying conditionsFacilitating skill development as opposed to imparting a technical model (Ecological Dynamics)Unique technical and physical elements of the hammer throwNikolai Bernstein’s ideas on problem solvingThe functional adaptive relationship between the athlete & performanceMovement as a problem-solving processDrills vs. whole movement learningA coach’s place in the learning processGlobal movements & coaching beginnersCreating dexterity & “Bulletproofness” in technical developmentThe line between fostering individual problem-solving solutions & facilitating ineffective techniqueBarry Sanders & chasing technical models“Adaptability Zone” & the confluence of constraintsConsidering Emergence in movement learningGlobal vs. Part learning with beginnersEgo and coaching technical modelsAuthenticity & problem solving “on the fly”Creating / exposing athletes to different environmentsThe line between ‘thinking’ & moving instinctively.One-on-one coaching & over-coaching 

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5 Jan 2022

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REFRAMING THE WEIGHT ROOM with Shawn Myszka and Tyler Yearby

Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

-Balancing strength and conditioning and practice-Important measurements for volleyball athletes-Working with groupshttps://emergentmvmt.com/Get CYBO the book! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1098630904Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/coachyourbrainsout


8 Jul 2021

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SPORT MOVEMENT with Shawn Myszka and Tyler Yearby

Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

-Ecological Dynamics in sports training-Shaping the learning/training environment-Co-Design and a learner-centered approach-Warmups for volleyballhttps://emergentmvmt.com/Get CYBO the book! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1098630904Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/coachyourbrainsout


1 Jul 2021

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Functional Agility - Shawn Myszka - The Movement Myagi With Dr. Joe Eisenmann

Coach and Coordinator Podcast

Today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast is from the archives but very timely given time of year. It was part of the High Performance Series, and features Shawn Myszka, the pro performance director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, where he consults several NFL athletes. Myszka and Dr. Joe Eisenmann discuss movement and agility in football with host Keith Grabowski.1:49 How Myszka got his start in studying football player movement7:26 How you teach agility and reaction on the field12:38 How to teach agility concepts to high school players20:33 How to teach fundamental agility drills to youth players24:51 Myszka’s views on “The Agility Ladder”31:20 Tips that will improve player agility drillsSeries with Coach Myszka:https://soundcloud.com/user-804678956/sets/the-movement-miyagi-playlist


30 Jun 2021

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Episode 376: Seminar Series (Part 1): Barry Sanders & Saquon Barkley with Shawn Myszka

Saturday2Sunday Football Podcast

The 2020 Seminar Series returns to the Saturday2Sunday Football Podcast. This summer we explore Movement Marvels in the game of American Football. In our first episode, Matt is joined by Shawn Myszka (@MovementMiyagi) of Movement Mastery. Shawn is a performance advisor for NFL players, a sport movement specialist, an educator & presenter. Shawn is also the author of the very popular website entitled Football Beyond The Stats:Breaking Down On-Field Movement of the Game's Best. Shawn is also one of the founders of the inovative movement skill education company called Emergence. In Part 1 of our Seminar Series we discuss the movement skill of two of the most exciting running backs in American Football - Hall Of Fame Inductee Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions and the current rising Star of the New York Football Giants, Saquon Barkley. Matt and Shawn examine such questions as: How are Barry & Saquon similar? How are they different? What lessons can we learn as evaluators, scouts, analysts, trainers and coaches from their movement skill on the field? All of these questions and more are explored throughout this episode. Enjoy! To purchase the S2S Premium Notebooks for $9.99 or to read the full descriptions of what is in each notebooks, click here. Sponsors: Scouting Academy Hosts: Matt Caraccio (@matty_S2S) Paul Perdichizzi (@paulie23ny) Editor: David Nakano (@KawikaNakano) Website: Saturday2SundayFootball (@s2sfootball)

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29 Jul 2020

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'Ecological dynamics for dummies' - a conversation with Shawn Myszka & Tyler Yearby

The Talent Equation Podcast

I caught up with Shawn Myszka and Tyler Yearby, the co-founders of 'Emergence' a www.emergentmvmt.com, a dedicated resource and community for coaches and movement specialists looking to explore the ever growing world of skill acquisition through ecological dynamics. In this conversation we explore why 'emergence' was set up and the impact it is having for coaches looking to learn more about this branch of the coaching world. We also dig into what this means for coaches working day to say and I challenge the guys to come up with some solutions for parents at home as to the kinds of things that they could do to keep their kids active. Join the guys at one of their 'movement meet ups' at www.emergentmvmt.com

1hr 15mins

13 Apr 2020

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#096 - Shawn Myszka

OPEX Fitness Presents: Back Room Talk

Bio:Shawn Myszka is the Pro Performance Director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he is entrusted with the personal consulting of countless NFL players who seek him out to take their performance to the limits of their potential. Shawn is a former National-level competitive bodybuilder who has become a sought-after clinician and leader in the field of sport-specific power development, the transfer of training to sport performance, and developing mastery in the movement of athletes at all levels of qualification. At the beginning of 2014, Shawn introduced a new brand into the industry, Movement Mastery (www.optimizemovement.com), which has the purpose of helping training professionals of all kinds to more fully understand the process involved in attaining more optimal movement for athletes in all sporting disciplines. He also runs a football-specific movement blog, Football Beyond the Stats (www.footballbeyondthestats.wordpress.com), in which he breaks down the movement patterns & mechanics of the top performers in the sport plus offers insight regarding training principles for football performance.  Show Notes:Websites and Social Media Links: Website - optimizemovement.com Website – emergentmvmt.com Blog - Football Beyond The Stats Facebook - Shawn Myszka Twitter - @MovementMiyagiInstagram - movementmiyagi YouTube - Shawn Myszka Books Mentioned: SupertrainingThe Four Agreements Research Mentioned: Development of a Skill Acquisition Periodisation Framework for High-Performance Sport Explosive Ergogenics for Athletes: Using the Science of Nutrigenomics to Improve Performance Soviet Training and Recovery Methods Podcasts Mentioned:OPEX Podcast #009 - Shawn MyszkaATSW: Episode 205 - Shawn Myszka (aka - The Movement Miyagi) - All things skill acquisition and movement mastery Mind Muscle Project 181: EP 181 - DO YOU HAVE TO COUNT YOUR MACROS FOREVER? WITH ADEE CAZAYOUX FROM WAG Documentary and Films Mentioned: It Might Get Loud Sully Resources Mentioned:  The Sport Movement Skill Conference is headed to sunny Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, May 16th and Sunday, May 17th, 2020 ALTIS 360James Gibson’s – Ecological ModelKarl Newell’s – Constraint Led Approach (task, environment, and organism)Professor Keith Davids – Dynamics of Skill Acquisition Nikolai Bernstein Stu McMillan Rob Gray Ben Franks Paul ChekAdrian PetersonKobe Bryant Richard Sherman Frans Bosch Dan Pfaff Mike Tuchscherer John KielyMartin Bingisser Rick BrunnerJames SmithMike RobertsonAdee Cazayoux

1hr 40mins

9 Mar 2020