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Explaining China's Belt and Road Initiative: Author Clive Hamilton

Drive with Jim Wilson

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22 Apr 2021

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Ep. 3: Clive Hamilton, China's Hidden Hand


Australian public intellectual Clive Hamilton, author of Silent Invasion and Hidden Hand, helps Mike and Marshall understand how China seeks to infiltrate and manipulate democratic societies.


17 Mar 2021

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China Special 3: Clive Hamilton

The Daily Breakdown

Continuing the China theme, today we revisit my April 2019 interview with Clive Hamilton - it is still relevant today. Professor Hamilton has a new book out, Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and please buy the book, and his original volume, Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia.


9 Mar 2021

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Clive Hamilton, Mareike Ohlberg - "Die lautlose Eroberung. Wie China westliche Demokratien unterwandert und die Welt neu ordnet"

Andruck - Deutschlandfunk

Autor: Borchardt, Katharina Sendung: Andruck - Das Magazin für Politische Literatur Hören bis: 19.01.2038 04:14


26 Oct 2020

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Clive Hamilton and Wai Ling Yeung

Conversation Six

Clive Hamilton and Wai Ling Yeung on CCP influence in Australia.

11 Sep 2020

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Clive Hamilton, Mareike Ohlberg - Die lautlose Eroberung. Wie China westliche Demokratien unterwandert und die Welt neu ordnet

SWR2 lesenswert - Literatur

Clive Hamilton und Mareike Ohlberg zeigen in einem gut recherchierten Buch, wie einflussreich China unter der Kommunistischen Partei bereits im Westen ist.Rezension von Konstantin Sakkas.Aus dem Englischen von Stephan Gebauer-LippertDVAISBN 978-3-421-04863-9496 Seiten26 Euro


15 Jul 2020

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Clive Hamilton and Richard McGregor on Australia-China relations

Politics with Michelle Grattan

After its calls for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, Australia has found itself targeted by China with sharp rhetoric and trade retaliation. In this podcast, we talk with two prominent China experts about China's ambitions and the Australia-China relationship. Clive Hamilton, from Charles Sturt University, has just coauthored, with Marieke Ohlberg, Hidden Hand. The book probes the Chinese Communist Party's ever-expanding presence on the international stage."From Beijing's perspective, they see themselves not in a new Cold War, but still in the old Cold War," Hamilton says. Richard McGregor, who reported from China for many years, last year published Xi Jinping: The Backlash. McGregor argues for a rather different "tone" in Australia's dealing with China. "We always seem to want to bring on a fight with China, and that ignores the economic equities we have in the relationship. We don't want to give them any excuse to unfairly punish us."


17 Jun 2020

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#34 China's Hidden Tactics Exposed! | Clive Hamilton

China Unscripted

The Chinese Communist Party has been waging an unrestricted war against free and democratic countries around the world. But the Chinese regime showed their hand a bit too soon and people started to catch on. People like Clive Hamilton, author of Silent Invasion: China's Influence in Australia. It's a play by play guide book of how the Communist Party undermines democracies around the world. And countries around the world have started to wake up.


28 May 2019

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Clive Hamilton and Richard Rigby on Chinese influence in Australia

Politics with Michelle Grattan

The Australia-China relationship is again in the headlines, with reports of strains between the two countries, resulting in federal ministers who want to visit finding it hard to get visas. China is reacting against the Australian government’s rhetoric and especially its legislation, now before parliament, to combat foreign interference in Australian politics. Malcolm Turnbull plays down the issue but admits “there is certainly some tension”, in the wake of the move on foreign interference. In this podcast, Charles Sturt University’s Clive Hamilton talks about his controversial book Silent Invasion, in which he alleges a high level of penetration by Chinese officialdom into Australian institutions. On the flip side, the Australian National University’s Richard Rigby is confident Australian institutions are strong enough to head off any dangers.


13 Apr 2018

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Interview with Clive Hamilton, Defiant Earth: The Fate of Humans in the Anthropocene

Uncommon Sense – Triple R FM

Philosopher Clive Hamilton joined Amy Mullins in the studio to talk about his new book, 'Defiant Earth: The Fate of Humans in the Anthropocene,' and how human activity has created a new and dangerous epoch. Broadcast on 11/7/2017.


11 Jul 2017