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How To Build Wealth And Thrive In Life After COVID | Michael Hananel PT.2

Millionaire Mindcast

In today’s episode, we have the continuation of Michael Hananel’s conversation where he shares insights and predictions about the economy including gold and silver, real estate investing, and stock market, his psychic experience with his wife, the good thing about COVID-19, why cash is trash, and how to unlock big dreams and big goals! Michael’s wife is an expert in the cosmetic industry, really an empire creator, and is serving humanity through contributions.  All of her brands have given back components. In fact, the $5 from the sale of each of her skincare products like scrub and cleanser from now until the end of this year will go to Movember, a men’s health charity. In which the mission is to create awareness in men's health issues. In addition, Michael and his wife truly build an amazing portfolio and wealth. He believes that an authentic give back component leads to a successful business. Although, wealth is idolized in this culture but recognizing that worldly goods are not what life is all about. It’s nice to have it but it’s just an energy and a resource that you can use for good or bad. As to Mike, if you are really true to yourself, you’re going to find your purpose which is to do something to help other humans in some form of passion. Thus, figure out how to help more in a form of social entrepreneurship. Finally, Mike has some good and bad predictions on silver and gold, real estate investing, and the stock market.  And as a realist, Michael is always prepared for the worst, but always hopes for the best, and prays for it. Some Questions I Ask: What do you urge people to lean into on that front on self-care? How has your wife’s company really segued and tie into all that? (49:33) You’ve said, “Taking without giving back, it won’t be accepted in the future”, what did you mean by that? (59:34) What’s your overall sentiment of where we’re at in the economy and where we’re heading in the economy? (01:05:09) What do you say to those young people on how to build wealth and to unlock big dreams and big goals? (01:12:14) What kind of real estate product that should people be looking at as well as being very cautious of? (01:27:44) In This Episode, You Will Learn: Creating an empire within your empire (50:17) Michael’s metaphysical experience (51:12) The good thing about COVID-19 (55:37) New Monetary Regime around the world – what does it mean (01:07:38) Michael’s prediction on economy (01:10:02) Prediction of the price ratio of silver and gold. (01:12:41) Real estate and stock market predictions (01:18:34) Warren Buffet’s stock market indicator (01:21:46) Why setting in a lot of cash is detrimental (01:23:41) Why it’s dangerous to get into the real estate world now (01:25:47) Quotes: “You can’t really be there for others or for your family or anyone else if you haven’t taken care of yourself first.” “Money and wealth is just energy.” “I always prepare for the worst but I hope for the best.” “Cash is trash.” Connect with Michael Hananel on: SELF/ish Movember


12 Oct 2020

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Great Awakening as a COVID-19 Survivor | Michael Hananel

Millionaire Mindcast

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a fantastic guest, Michael Hananel who shares his personal experience with COVID-19, talks about his great awakening and his standpoint on it. Also, imparts wisdom and insights about how to strengthen human relation, the advantage of fears, the difference between Crony Capitalism and Capitalism, and understanding the dimensional physical space of life! Michael Hananel is an entrepreneur, an economic expert, real estate Rockstar, a multi-family investor, and CEO at Strategic Growth Real Estate, Inc., a commercial real estate brokerage and management company, specializing in Multi-Family Assets in Downtown Los Angeles. Michael’s life got shaken when the COVID-19 started as he did have with the disease. Also, his top employee resigned, and other things have gone wrong. He thought that his life was over for it was almost 2 months before he got back on track and recovered. Since COVID, he has learned a lot of things on so many different levels. Michael sees this as an exciting year where planet Earth and humanity are going through a massive shift of vibrational energy. An awakening that human consciousness must evolve in order to meet the new challenges. Forecasts that the After COVID (AC) the world is never going to anything like it before. Relative to this, many things he did realize including the effects of the government's responses are far worse from the disease itself. It violates human dignity. As a result, a lot of protests and violation of orders of the government are rampant around the world. The system launches divided people. According to him, masks hide human facial expressions and communication by 80%. The depression rate climbs up high which is very disturbing. In order to combat that, people should be allowed to make their own choices.  On the other side, Michael believes that hating the natural world is hating yourself. Love and compassion are the answer. There are lots of sad, scary, crazy things that had happened, but there were beautiful silver linings. Michael believed that his mission is to help others understand that they can do the same thing, the power they give to the government and the rulers is a choice, that we can take all our personal power back. Now, Michael is being focused on becoming introspective through meditation, in tone to the spiritual world, and imparting to his two boys what he’s learning. Likewise, planting seeds to them that they can have their own opinion and don’t have to agree with their teachers or anybody else always. Some Questions I Ask: What’s you been up man? What’s been going in your world? (01:20) What was your experience like with COVID-19? (03:54) What is your opinion on how we handled COVID and how we should be handling COVID now moving forward? (07:20) Do you feel like our country is in a very scary and dangerous spot? (15:38) What are you telling your boys and what do you teach them? How are you leading in your business, family, and community? (20:58) How do you protect your energy and where do you allocate it to serve you, your family, and the goals for achieving a better life? (29:57)  In This Episode, You Will Learn: Michael’s opinion of this current crisis (00:25) The effects of Coronavirus quarantine (10:46) Crony Capitalism versus capitalism (14:00) How to strengthen human relation (18:02) Matt’s Ayahuasca experience (39:35) Why the answers you’re looking for are within you (43:09) The beauty of fears (47:28) Quotes: “There is no normal, that old world is over, and the new world is begun and I don’t think we’ll ever see anything like our old world again.” “You need to allow humans their freedom to make their own choices.” “Not socialism is socialism.” “The people are the masks enforcers.” “There’s always the Yin and the Yang of everything.” “It’s okay to change your mind, it’s okay to even admit you were wrong previously.” “Human consciousness must evolve in order to meet new challenges.” “The challenges that we go through is where the biggest learnings come from.” “The most successful people have failed the most.” “The biggest losers always become the biggest winners.” “There won’t be light if there wasn’t darkness.” “We’re all made up of the same matter.” “The deeper you go into yourself the more you find the truth.” “Hating any other person is hating yourself.” Resources Mentioned: Many Lives, Many Masters book by Brian L. Weiss, M.D Connect with Michael Hananel on: SELF/ish LinkedIn


5 Oct 2020

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