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#33 The Inner Flame (with Max Klau)

The Wonder Dome

My guest today is a dear friend of mine, Dr. Max Klau. We met nearly a decade ago at a songwriting class at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA, when Max was studying for his doctoral degree at Harvard Graduate School of Education. He's an author, coach, speaker, scholar, leadership development consultant, and a damn good songwriter. He recently published a book called Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action.We explore Max's journey to writing this important book. We also dive into his current work with the New Politics Leadership Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to recruiting and developing military veterans and alumni of national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps to seek political office. And what a time to enter politics! I was deeply inspired to learn more about how Max and his team help people who have devoted their lives to public service step into the political arena.Max draws on a wide range of scholarship in the realms of leadership and human flourishing, weaving them together with his own experiences and research. What we ultimately arrive at is the truth that how we show up from the inside actively shapes the world around us. Max calls this "the inner flame." If you care at all about what it is to show up for the world as your best self - about igniting and sustaining your own inner flame - then this conversation is for you. The Wonder Dome Newsletter http://bit.ly/3dTfdPi​Follow Andy on Twitter http://twitter.com/cahillaguerilla​Like us on Facebook http://facebook.com/mindfulcreative.coachEPISODE #33 NOTESRace and Social Change: a Quest, a Study, a Call to Actionnewpoliticsacademy.orgJoseph Campbellcityyear.org/aboutMilgram ExperimentStanford Prison Experimentnewpolitics.org/podcastMaxKlau.cominstagram.com/maxklau linkedin.com/in/max-klau-0319a11 twitter.com/maxklau

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24 Nov 2020

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A Much-Needed Antidote to Racism, from Max Klau

ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

As of production time, the 2020 Presidential Race has only 'Old White Men' contenders. We could debate why endlessly, but perhaps something deeper is at play? Claudia Cragg (@ClaudiaCragg) speaks here with , (@maxklau) who as a Harvard doctoral student was researching the topic of 'youth leadership'. Klau stumbled upon a provocative educational exercise, he says, that changed the course of his life. Klau is an author, leadership scholar, educated and Chief Program Officer @NewPoliticsAcad. To inquire about joining the New Politics Leadership Academy team, email . This is a a non-profit, Klau says, is dedicated to recruiting and developing military veterans and alumni of national service programs to seek political office. The education-focused AmeriCorps program that engages more than 3,000 young adults across 27 U.S. cities in a year of demanding, full-time citizen service. But, back to Klau's epiphany, on the last morning of a week-long residential youth leadership program focused on teaching about social justice, high-school aged participants gather before breakfast for what they think will be normal day. Instead, something unusual happens: They are told by the Program Directors to separate into groups: Whites, Asians, Jews, Latinos, LGBTG, Latinx, Black. They are instructed not to make eye contact with other groups or talk with other groups, and then they are told to go to breakfast: The White group goes in first, sits at a big table and gets double servings, and every group lower in the hierarchy gets less food and a smaller table. The Black group ends up sitting on the floor with almost nothing to eat. It’s called the Separation Exercise, and it’s an attempt to simulate a hierarchical, segregated, Jim Crow-style social system. Over the course of the morning, the participants begin to challenge these unjust norms, and events unfold that mirror events of the real-life civil rights movement in surprising ways. , it turns out, provides a remarkable opportunity to observe the unfolding of social change using the tools of empiricism and social science. Arguably, it also inhibits, nay interferes with, candidates who rise to the top of US Politics? Klau spent the next four years of his life engaged in rigorous research of three more of these Separation Exercises in a quest to discover what might be learned from observing the unfolding of multiple simulated civil rights movements. This book describes the personal journey that led to this effort, the ethical considerations surrounding this kind of study, the surprising findings that emerged from this inquiry, and the implications that all this has for matters of race and social change in the real world today. Klau's 'quest' is one best adopted sooner rather than later if true democracy is ever to be realized.


16 Jan 2020

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Remote Leadership Education with Max Klau

DistantJob Podcast

Max Klau explains the possibilities of teaching critical thinking in order to develop leadership skills through remote education platforms. Our guest talks about the program “Answering the Call”, which recruits and trains military veterans and national service alumni who consider politics as a way to continue serving their country. “Answering the Call” has both local and virtual offers, giving the opportunity of remote leadership education to hundreds of people in America.


14 Dec 2019

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Episode 135: Featuring Dr. Max Klau

Rise Up Network's Podcast

Host: James Carmody Guest:Dr. Max KlauChief Program OfficerNew Politics Leadership Academy


12 Apr 2019

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#21 Max Klau (New Politics Leadership Academy)

This Year & Beyond

Ever think about running for elected office? Well this episode is for you. I chat with Max Klau Chief Program Officer at New Politics Leadership Academy.  New Politics Leadership Academy is a nonpartisan non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting servant leaders to serve through politics. Through leadership development experiences, educational programming, and networking events, they're building a new pipeline into politics for Americans who have served our communities and country before and who feel called to continue their service by jumping into the political arena.https://www.newpoliticsacademy.org/answering-the-call/https://www.patreon.com/ThisYearandBeyond


14 Feb 2018

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Race and Social Change, a new book from Dr. Max Klau

City Year Corps Voices

Senior Vice President and Dean of City Year Charlie Rose and Dr. Max Klau discuss Max's new book, Race and Social Change: a Quest, a Study, a Call to Action.


24 Mar 2017

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Episode 37: Leadership Development & the Importance of Space with Max Klau

Visions of Education

In episode 37, Michael and Dan chat with Dr. Max Klau about leadership development and the importance of creating dedicated time and space to do this.


22 Dec 2016