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The Godless Gospel - Julian Baggini

Digital Gnosis

In this episode I talk to atheist philosopher, Julian Baggini, about his latest book, The Godless Gospel, which tries to approach the ethical teachings of Jesus from a secular perspective to find out if he really was a good moral teacher. Julian's website and book can be found here: https://www.julianbaggini.com/​ Consider supporting what I do by becoming a Patron: https://bit.ly/2sTITYQ​  Join the Discord server for after show chats: https://discord.gg/qjrUsTa ​Writing        https://nathanormond.wordpress.com​ Twitter        https://twitter.com/nath_ormond​​ Twitch        https://www.twitch.tv/digitalgnosis​


20 Feb 2021

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How Cultures Think, with Julian Baggini

On Opinion

"By gaining greater knowledge of how others think, we can become less certain of the knowledge we think we have, which is always the first step to greater understanding"It goes without saying that the way we think is embedded in our own time and culture. The same is true even of Philosophers: our 'professional' thinkers. Julian Baggini's How the World Thinks is an exploration of the world's non-Western philosophical traditions (China, Japan, India, Islam and the oral traditions of Africa and elsewhere) - how they differ, what they can teach us.Nothing deflates western philosophy's claims to universalism so much as seeing how deeply embedded they are in time and place.Baggini looks at four epistemological areas across each philosophical tradition:How we think we knowHow we understand the workings of the worldHow we understand ourselves in the worldWhat we see as the 'Good Life'From the Confucian ideal of Harmony, the interplay of Falsafa and Kalam in the Islamic world, the Indian principle of Pratyaksa and ideas around Karma in numerous cosmologies, listen to Julian and Turi discuss how very differently we all see the world:Truth-seeking vs Way SeekingProgress vs TraditionFreedom vs HarmonyIntimacy vs IntegrityAnd how the way we see the world impacts what we do to it - from the development of empirical science to the rise of capitalism, populism and today's atomised society."An insider is like a fish in a fishbowl," said Xu Zhiyuan, "unable to see the exact shape of its surroundings even though those surroundings are perfectly clear to everyone else." Come take a step outside.Works Cited:Derek Parfit, Reason and PersonsThomas Kasulis, Intimacy or IntegrityJulian BagginiDr. Julian Baggini is a philosopher, journalist and the author of over 20 books about philosophy written for a general audience. He is co-founder of The Philosopher's Magazine and a patron of Humanists UK.More on this episodeLearn all about the Parlia Podcast here.Meet Turi Munthe: https://www.parlia.com/u/TuriLearn more about the Parlia project here: https://www.parlia.com/aboutAnd visit us at: https://www.parlia.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


13 Jan 2021

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Was Jesus a great moral teacher or something more? Julian Baggini and Skye Jethani


Atheist philosopher Julian Baggini and Christian author Skye Jethani discuss whether the teachings of Jesus Christ can be separated from his claims to divinity. For Julian’s new book The Godless Gospel https://www.julianbaggini.com/the-godless-gospel/ For Skye’s new book What’s Wrong With Religion? https://skyejethani.com/ and his podcast The Holy Post https://www.holypost.com/ USA listeners check out our new USA website for exclusive resources: www.unbelievable.show Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the free Unbelievable? e-book ‘In Conversation With…’ https://www.premier.org.uk/Unbelievablenewsletter Support the show and receive all the videos sessions from Unbelievable? USA 2019 https://resources.premier.org.uk/supportunbelievable For more faith debates visit http://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Saturday/Unbelievable Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UnbelievableJB Twitter https://twitter.com/unbelievablejb Insta https://www.instagram.com/justin.brierley 

1hr 29mins

13 Nov 2020

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A Philosopher’s Duty? | Julian Baggini

Philosophy For Our Times

Should it be a philosopher’s duty to discuss politics? And how can philosophy be used to improve public life? This week we’re discussing the roles and responsibilities of philosophers and the everyday applications of philosophy. Julian Baggini is a philosopher, journalist and the author of philosophy books for a general audience. He is co-founder of The Philosophers' Magazine and has written for international newspapers and magazines.


15 Sep 2020

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Julian Baggini - Consolations for a Post-Truth World

Full Circle IDEAS

How did we find ourselves in a ‘post-truth’ world of lies, deception, and ‘alternative facts’? And can we get out of it? Philosopher Julian Baggini sets out to answer these questions by looking at the complex history of truth and falsehood. He takes us through different types of supposed and real truths and explains there is no one type of truth that we can rely on unquestioningly. That, however, does not mean the truth can never be established. Truth has become much less plain and simple, but people have not ceased to believe in it. Attaining truth is an achievement we need to work for. Baggini provides us with all we need to restore faith in the value and possibility of truth. A needed antidote for all truth-seekers.


31 Aug 2020

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Power and Philosophy: East vs West |Julian Baggini, Jamie Whyte, Vivienne Shue

Philosophy For Our Times

Is the sun setting on Western ideas as well as Western economies? Or is Western thought, essential to growth and progress, already embedded in China's success? On this week’s episode we’re discussing the influence of the Eastern and Western worlds of philosophy on the modern global stage.Author of How the World Thinks Julian Baggini, political philosopher Jamie Whyte, and Oxford Professor of China Studies Vivienne Shue consider China's influence on the future of ideas. Journalist and broadcaster Isabel Hilton hosts.


11 Aug 2020

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Julian Baggini on Babette's Feast

The Hedgehog and the Fox

Babette’s Feast, released in 1987, was the first Danish submission to win the Oscar for best foreign language film and it’s the subject of Julian Baggini’s recent book in the BFI Film Classics series. A short, engaging essay on the film that won’t take you much longer to read than the film’s running time. Babette’s Feast is based on a short story by Karen Blixen, best known as the author of Out of Africa. It’s set in the 19th century an austere part of northern Denmark in an equally austere Christian community, into which comes Babette, once a celebrated Parisian chef, now fleeing the counter-revolutionary violence of the Paris Commune in 1871.What could have been merely a pointed satire on the rigidity of a certain kind of religious life or a gentle culture-clash comedy, is, Julian suggests, something much deeper and much more thought-provoking: an example of film as philosophy. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Jul 2020

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2. Julian Baggini, writer and philosopher

Work Interrupted

What do you do when you're unemployable? Julian Baggini thinks he now is. The first in his family ever to go to university, he has spent his career writing and thinking about the big issues, but has never really had "a proper job". In this podcast, he talks about the myth of authenticity at work, the challenges and rewards of freelance life, and what we're all learning about ourselves and our values in a pandemic.


14 Jun 2020

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In Search of Freedom | Paul Broks, Julian Baggini, Hannah Dawson, Hilary Lawson

Philosophy For Our Times

Is there space left for individual autonomy when we are constrained by our genes, manipulated by technology and shaped by the cultural zeitgeist? Should we conclude that the very idea of freedom was a mistake, which once abandoned will enable us to reframe human behaviour and success and create a more equal society?Historian of ideas and author of Life Lessons from Hobbes Hannah Dawson, post-realist philosopher Hilary Lawson, neuropsychologist and science writer Paul Broks and author of Freedom Regained Julian Baggini ask who's really in control. David Aaronovitch hosts.


5 May 2020

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The Myth of the Self | Julian Baggini, Angie Hobbs, John Milbank

Philosophy For Our Times

It is said that Mother Theresa allowed many to die unnecessarily and glorified suffering. While Stalin was a loving son to his parents, and Hitler - a vegetarian who adored his dog. Are we wrong to assume that there is a single self behind our actions? Are people not good or bad but only individual actions? Should we accept that we are inconsistent and unpredictable? Or is consistency and integrity the cornerstone of what it is to be human?Professor of religion, politics and ethics John Millbank, co-founder of The Philosophers' Magazine Julian Baggini and Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy Angie Hobbs explore our multiple selves.


10 Mar 2020