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Functional Medicine, Empowering Yourself with Data Through Blood + DNA Testing, and Mindset Shifts for Better Physical Health | with Dr. Julie Foucher and Emily Duncan

EMBody Radio

Dr. Julie Foucher is joining us on the show today to talk all about the differences between functional and Western/allopathic medicine, along with where they overlap and share common ground (hint: it's a lot of places). Learn how we can use data like lab testing to empower ourselves with information about our bodies to help us feel better in the now, and prevent disease later on in life. We also have a great chat about the power of mindset and shifting your thoughts, and tangible ways to start shifting your thoughts to create a better reality for your body, mind, and spirit.  Dr. Julie Foucher is a former Crossfit Athlete, physician at Wild Health, and focuses on functional medicine. Wild Health is here to provide you with individualized, precision medicine and primary care that offers holistic healthcare, diet + exercise support, and personalized genetic and blood testing to help you empower yourself with data and take the reins on your health. Wild Health empowers you with a deep dive on your blood work and DNA testing and supports you with care from a physician and a health coach so that you can better optimize your health + lifestyle now, and for later on in life. Use code EMBODY20 for 20% off at wildhealth.com Interested in a luxury 1:1 online health coaching experience? Look no further than FENIX ATHLETICA, where we fuse science and soul for life-long transformation (inside AND out). Ready for a strong and centered start to 2023? Same dude. Same. That's why I've partnered with Open, a meditation app (or what I prefer calling a digital wellness experience) that combines breathwork, meditation, sound, and movement to strengthen the connection between your mind and your body, and your soul. Head to withopen.com/emdunc to enter the challenge! Follow me on Instagram Follow EMBody Radio on Instagram Shop CURED NUTRITION CBD/Hemp wellness products with code EMILY

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16 Feb 2023

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EFR 663: Functional Medicine, Genetics Testing, and the Importance of Mental Health and Physical Strength with Dr. Julie Foucher

Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

Welcome Dr. Julie Foucher, MD to talk about how precision medicine differs from conventional medicine and why mental and emotional health is often more important than your lifestyle. Chase then shares his own results and experience using Wild Health’s genetics-based healthcare.  Dr. Julie Foucher is a former CrossFit athlete, functional medicine expert, and physician at Wild Health, a precision medicine and primary care service offering holistic, personalized healthcare based on your genetics. They provide a comprehensive health analysis using advanced testing and create a custom care plan to help you decode your DNA and unlock better health.  Could precision medicine save us from diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease? We think so! In fact, it’s been clinically proven… Follow Dr. Julie Foucher @juliefoucher Follow Chase on Instagram @chase_chewning Follow him on Twitter @chasechewning Key Highlights What does it mean to know your baseline? Why is it important to know your baselines and health markers? So many of us don’t know our own health markers, but if we do, we’ll be better able to sustain our health and prevent disease. Tune in to hear Julie describe this in more detail. What is the different between functional, traditional, and precision medicine? Julie breaks these down for us and explains why you should consider leaning into functional and precision medicine more. Julie speaks on the importance of having a relationship with your doctor as well as the best ways to advocate for yourself and strengthen your patient/provider relationship. She also talks about how to present your health concerns to your doctor to ensure they really hear you. Chase describes how Wild Health helped him discover his predisposition for cardiovascular disease and the subsequent choices he made to improve his baselines and prevent the disease. Julie details why she worked with a mindset coach as a CrossFit competitor and how mindset shifts can significantly improve your physiological health.  The external is not always an accurate representation of the internal, meaning you can look healthy on the outside while being very unhealthy on the inside. Listen in as Julie reflects on the unhealthiest, most stressful time in her life: when she entered med school as a top tier CrossFit athlete. Episode resources: Learn more about Wild Health and their genetics testing, functional medicine, and health coaching at https://www.WildHealth.com and save 20% with code EVERFORWARD Feel as much as 80% better the next day after drinking alcohol with Morning Recovery by More Labs and save 20% with code FORWARD at https://www.MoreLabs.com Watch and subscribe on YouTube https://youtu.be/3ZhE0MbMWtw

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12 Dec 2022

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What The Func?!

This week we chat with Dr. Julie Foucher, former four-time CrossFit Games athlete and family physician practicing precision medicine with Wild Health. We discuss the trappings of perfectionism, the power of the pivot, and how to heal from the inside. On What The Health?!: What's that smell? It might not be what you think it is. Use code FUNC for 20% off at Wildhealth.com! Use code FUNC for $500 off tuition at Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Follow Dr. Julie Foucher on IG @juliefoucher Follow us on IG @whatthefunc


12 Oct 2022

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Dr. Julie Foucher - Clydesdale Media Podcast | Friend and CrossFit Legend

Clydesdale Media Podcast

We catch up with our friend Julie Foucher and see where she is in life, in her medical practice, how she came to know a boy named Will who she took to the CrossFit Games this year. We talk about how relaxing this year was and experienced it through Will's eyes was different, She talk about Lincoln her significant other and all the amazing things he is doing. We look into Wild Health and how you can become a member, and so so much more.


30 Sep 2022

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What You Don't Learn in Medical School | Julie Foucher

The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show

Julie Foucher is a former four-time CrossFit Games athlete and family physician practicing precision medicine. She launched the Pursuing Health podcast back in 2015 while transitioning from CrossFit competition to being a full-time medical trainee. Based on what she saw in her medical training and CrossFit career, she realized her passion and unique position to help patients maximize their health through lifestyle, and she's committed to transforming primary care delivery to achieve this mission.In this episode we discuss:·     How to motivate positive health & lifestyle changes·     The qualities & mindset that make an excellent doctor·     Is precision medicine really the future?·     What it takes to be great…at anythingThis episode is brought to you by LMNT, InsideTracker, and 1stPhormConnect with Julie on FacebookFollow Julie on InstagramWild Health | Precision Medicine, Primary Care, Preventative Health - Discount code DRLYON20CrossFit Health Sign Up - Crossfit HealthMentioned in this episode:LMNT Sample PackGet your free LMNT Sample Pack with any purchase: http://www.DrinkLMNT.com/DRLYONInside Tracker 20% OffGet 20% Off the entire Inside Tracker store: http://www.insidetracker.com/drlyonVisit 1st Phorm Website for Great Dealshttp://www.1stphorm.com/drlyon

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19 Jul 2022

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Food as medicine: Dr. Julie Foucher explains how to eat your way to good health

WHOOP Podcast

This week’s episode is all about nutrition and how locking in your diet can help prevent chronic disease, fix health problems you might be dealing with, and help you live a longer life. Dr. Julie Foucher, family physician and four-time CrossFit Games athlete, talks about how food can often be used as the medicine for what ails you. She joins WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes to discuss food's medicinal capabilities (3:25), preventing chronic disease (7:20), inflammation (9:20), processed foods (14:08), eating for longevity (17:36), eating close to bed (22:15), comparing different diets (27:02), injury prevention and recovery (29:48), nutrition and mental health (33:15), and habit formation and behavior change (35:12).Support the show


22 Jun 2022

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Julie Foucher: Precision Medicine, The Jump from CrossFit Games Athlete to Family Physician, and How Health Habits are Contagious

The Ready State Podcast

Julie Foucher is a former four-time CrossFit Games athlete and family physician practicing precision medicine. She launched the Pursuing Health podcast back in 2015 while transitioning from CrossFit competition to being a full-time medical trainee. Based on what she saw in her medical training and CrossFit career, she realized her passion and unique position to help patients maximize their health through lifestyle, and she's committed to transforming primary care delivery to achieve this mission. Julie is currently working with Wild Health, a precision medicine practice which takes a comprehensive look at genetics, laboratory results, microbiome, and lifestyle factors in order to craft a plan that fits the patient's health, fitness, and longevity goals.•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is sponsored by Momentous, the largest supplier of nutritional support to college, pro-sports teams, and the military in the world. Kelly might have "the gift" when it comes to falling asleep the second he wants to, but that doesn't mean he always has the best sleep quality. That's where Momentous comes in. Kelly's sleep stack is Momentous Magnesium Threonate and Elite Sleep and he sleeps like a baby. Every. Single. Night. For more info go to thereadystate.com/momentous and use code "TRS" for 20% OFF your first purchase.


2 Jun 2022

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Women's Biohacking feat. Dasha Maximov & Dr. Julie Foucher

Wild Health Podcast

Dasha Maximov, the founder of WealthCo, joins us today with host Dr. Julie Foucher to discuss women's biohacking, menstrual cycles, fasting for women, brain health, and more.


11 May 2022

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Episode 10: You are Enough with Julie Foucher

I Dare You Podcast

Dr. Julie Foucher is a board-certified family physician and competed in the CrossFit Games from 2010-2015 where she consistently finished among the top 5 women with two podium finishes. While balancing the demands of her first year of medical school and training for the CrossFit Games, she became the second-Fittest Woman on Earth in 2012. Julie’s passion lies in bridging the gap between fitness and medicine to empower individuals to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Julie has completed her coursework through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in Biomedical Engineering and completed her medical school and residency training at the Cleveland Clinic. Julie also holds a Master’s in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University and has completed the Integrative Medicine in Residency curriculum through the University of Arizona. She continues to do CrossFit for health and longevity and hosts a popular health and fitness podcast called Pursuing Health. To learn more about Julie: Julie is most active on Instagram: @juliefoucher Facebook: @JulieFoucherCF Twitter: @Julie_Foucher CrossFit Health: https://health.crossfit.com/ Wild Health: https://wildhealth.com/


12 Apr 2022

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How to train for the CrossFit Games while working toward a healthcare revolution with Dr. Julie Foucher

Fit For Adventure

Julie has planted her flag on the fitness industry over the last 13 in some impressive, and broad ways After starting CrossFit in 2009, she quickly became a household name.. if your household was filled with Crossfitters.. Julie went on to compete in the CrossFit games 4 times. Across her four Games appearances, she has never finished outside the top 5. This incredible display was trumped by the fact that she was also traveling weekends as a member of the CrossFit seminar staff, AND attending medical school. Her last games appearance was in 2014, as she was committed to completing her residency and knew the stress that would come along. During this time she was continuing to travel for seminars, and she started the posting health podcast When CrossFit health formed, Julie was on the team who put MDs through the CF, level one seminar. She worked as a Liaison between the Fitness community and her physician peers. She currently practices family medicine, and is working to create long lasting health through fitness by spearheading CrossFit’s Precision Care, an initiative that connects to doctors who help create a plan for long term health. We talk a lot about how Julie handled the stress of completing at a high level while working toward her MD, and her passion and vision for the future with CrossFit health. Remember, if you enjoyed this episode Please leave us a review on Apple, and share this with a friend! CrossFit Precision Care: care.crossfit.com Pursuing Health Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pursuing-health/id1019070179

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7 Jan 2022