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Dating without Apps and Finding the One with Dina Brenci

AntiFool with Norman Chella

Dina Brenci is the dating coach, the expert in animal behavior on a mission to help you find the right one. She is the AntiFool.Let's talk about dating: it's difficult to find the right one. You have 7 billion+ people, and we don't know if the right one exists, even if this ideal perso nis someone we imagined in our minds. Even taking that first step is so overwhelming. How do we know if we can even find them? How do we know if we are the right fit? How do we know if we are worth dating? Spiraling questions like these stop us from really finding the perfect relationship.But, there is someone here to help with that: Dina Brenci.Watching people's struggles in the dating scene, Dina has made it her mission to support individuals in making organic connections in partnerships that last. Combining years of animal behavioral studies with her unconditionally loving and non-judgmental persona, she has designed a unique approach to dating that feels completely new. She is an ICF certified coach that specializes in helping her clients date without dating apps. She offers a variety of different packages so that she can support as many people as possible to reach their dating goals. We talked about:Her origin story: a background in animal behavioral scienceThe facets of dating: from confidence to vulnerability and finding the right oneWhat goes into Dina's coaching sessions and dating in the midst of this outbreak? How to go on dates without dating appsMaintaining healthy relationships in highly stressful situationsEnjoy!LinksDina Brenci's InstagramDina Brenci's FacebookDina Brenci's Website


8 Dec 2020

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Dina Brenci: The Sweet Life - Dating & Self-Love

Teachable Soul Podcast

Dina Brenci -Dina is a Dating Coach committed to supporting her clients by teaching them to attract the sweet partner that they desire! She does one-on-one coaching as well at workshops and group coaching! If you would like to hire Dina or listen to her podcast, The Sweet Life, after you listen to this interview at www.sweetdeens.comSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/theteachablesoul)


20 Jul 2020

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Ep 21: Dina Brenci - A dating coach on a mission to help evolve relationships around the world.

The Quietest Moments

Dina Brenci is an international dating coach who helps people of all ages to transform their intimate relationships. Dina helps her clients to unlock their deepest potential in all relationships, not just the ones we have with others, but also the relationship we have with ourselves. She loves to help her clients elevate what they see possible in their relationships and has worked with both men and women of all ages. On this episode, we get right into Dina's background to learn about the deeper parts of her journey. Dina shares what she personally has gone through and where her love for relationships and helping others has stemmed from. She imparts a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom, and shares how people can take action today to start cultivating better relationships for themselves. Dina's Links: https://www.sweetdeens.com/


3 Jul 2020

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EP22- Communicating with Yourself with Dina Brenci

Get Heard with Ian Roth

This week marks a very first for the Get Heard Podcast.  Dina Brenci is a dating coach. How does a dating coach relate to leadership or communication? I'm so glad you asked!Leadership is similar to dating in that to be successful, we must first believe in ourselves. Self limiting beliefs are detrimental to our success in both of these fields. To overcome this, we need to understand that we are unique individuals and not try to be someone else.Be present in the moment! How much of life has passed you by because you were too engaged in social media or not aware of what was going on around you?Dina mentions that when we are communicating with others through text messages, it's so easy to forget that there's a person at the other end who has real, human feelings. How many times do you find yourself communicating with the phone instead of the person on the other end?We also discuss Dating with Scrum. What is it? I won't spoil the surprise, listen to this episode!If you find this content valuable and would like access to some cool perks, become a patron, here https://www.patreon.com/talkingllamamedia.If you know someone who would benefit from this podcast, please help me spread the word and share this link: https://talkingllamapodcast.captivate.fm/listenFollow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ianroth1/Connect with me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianroth1/Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGwOcjYut0Gw4MNkElYcr-A?


6 May 2020

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83. Dina Brenci - Learning To Date Without Using Dating Apps

Dr. D’s Social Network

Watching people struggling through the dating scene and continually being frustrated with their results (or lack of results), Dating Coach, Dina Brenci has made it her mission to support individuals in making organic connections in partnerships that last. Combining years of animal behavior studies, with her unconditionally loving and non judgmental persona, she has designed a unique approach to dating that feels completely new. She is an ICF certified coach that specializes in helping her clients date with out dating apps. So if you are sick of swiping on faces, and endless texting to never even meet up with someone, then Dina will be the right fit for you. She offers a variety of different packages and price points so that she can support as many people as possible to reaching thier dating goals. You can find her on instagram @sweetdeenswebsite: sweetdeens.comfacebook: Dina BrenciPodcast: The Sweet Life Podcast


24 Feb 2020

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Need to up your dating game? Find out how with dating coach Dina Brenci Episode 38

Fit Fun Father Podcast

In this episode of the podcast I sit down with organic dating coach Dina "Sweetdeens" Brenci. We discuss Dina's background and how she got into the dating coaching business. We discuss the importance of being genuine and digging deep to find what you want in a partner, We discuss strategies around dating WITHOUT dating APPS. Yes, the old fashion way!  I really enjoyed putting this together as a piece of the puzzle in helping mainly men, divorced or separated re-enter the dating scene and build confidence. It's a great and fun listen!!!     PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!! Tag your favorite episode, write a review to get a one on one coaching call with me!! ask a question or get support!! If you like Dina and would like to learn more please CLICK HERE If you would like online one on one coaching or have a question or comment DM me on Instagram @fitfunfather or CLICK HERE Want to be a part of my private Facebook group? CLICK HERE  Love the podcast? Want to see it grow, please head over to Patreon and show your support CLICK HERE 


14 Feb 2020

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Ep. 6: Dina Brenci shares how to date authentically

Tips with Te

Join Tips with Te as dating coach, Dina share her journey of becoming an entrepreneur and give tips on how to date authentically in today's society. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tipswithte/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tipswithte/support


13 Jan 2020

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#37 - Why not mate people instead of porcupines with Dina Brenci

Showing Up With Edward Terres

Dina Brenci is a woman who started out as a zoologist who then became a dating coach who helps men and women navigate the dating scene and supports them to continuing into healthy lasting relationships but we also go into how she started her business.


11 Dec 2019

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Dina Brenci | The Open❤️Heart Collective | S4 EP:006

The Open Heart Collective

S4: EP006 Dina is an ICF certified Dating Coach who is originally from Los Angeles, California. Her work allows her travel often and meet people from all across the country. Her background is in Zoology and animal behaviors, and according to her, through her work with animals, she feels perfectly aligned to help people in their dating quest. She says helping porcupines to mate is close enough to helping people find their mate. (Her words, not mine). She received her bachelors of science in Zoology from Oregon State University in 2006 and when her guidance councilor asked her what she would like to do with her degree, she replied, “I want a job where I can just love everyone, for who they are and exactly where they are at on their journey”. After the guidance councilor stopped laughing, she shook her head and said, “no such job exists”! Well, jokes on her, because it does exist, and that is the job that Dina has right now. Dina believes that every human has a unique a valuable story and they all are worthy of love. In her work with her dating clients she supports each of them to connect their head with their heart. She also helps individuals unblock areas where they feel stuck and supports them in building the confidence and energy they need to attract the partner that they desire. Recorded LIVE on November 12th, 2019 Connect with Dina here; https://www.sweetdeens.com/ Subscribe to her podcast, The Sweet Life, here; https://soundcloud.com/user-114281581 As with previous episodes, each video session will run for 60-minutes broadcast live on Facebook 💻& Instagram📱. The videos will be live & unedited as these conversations need to be raw, emotional and in your face because we don’t have them enough. Stay tuned & thank you for your continued support in breaking the stigma & creating safe places for us all to share our stories. Support this podcast and our mission to break the stigma around mental health. Support mental health organizations around the world via this link https://anchor.fm/the-open-heart-collective/support Thank you to everyone who continues to support this series, it truly means the world to me. Together we can #breakthestigma & #stopsuicide❤️ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-open-heart-collective/support


16 Nov 2019