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The Narrative Arc w/Tommy Walker

Unleash Possible

Regardless of where your content marketing function lives within your organization, the success of that function is directly related to developing a solid narrative arc from which to develop multi-faceted marketing campaigns. Join Samantha and her guest Tommy Walker, Founder at The Content Studio, as they discuss the pros and cons of content marketing as a silo within organizations, the challenges they face in defining their role within companies and the fundamental goal of creating a narrative arc from which to develop content.


3 Sep 2021

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God Knows Your Name, with Tommy Walker (S2E79)

The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

Life Can Make Us Feel Very AloneBut I've got great news for you, friend: God knows your name, and he cares for you! Join me as I bring back a wonderful conversation with Tommy Walker from 2020. This is a great companion to episode 78, What Do You Say?


15 Aug 2021

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How to Define Quality Content with Tommy Walker, Ep #51

B2B Content Marketing: The Content Callout Podcast

Tommy Walker spent years as a freelancer before getting hired at ConversionXL as the Editor-in-Chief. He was recruited to Shopify Plus as their first marketing hire, rounding out his tenure there as Editor-in-Chief. He went on to be the Global Editor-in-Chief at QuickBooks. Now, he’s the founder of his own shop, The Content Studio. With that plethora of experience, Tommy is uniquely qualified to define what quality content looks like. But Tommy uses a unique approach to help him determine what quality content looks like within an individual organization. Learn more about it in this episode of the Content Callout podcast!Outline of This Episode[0:48] The pair of pants that got Tommy fired[5:07] When companies don’t understand content marketing[8:48] Implementing automation to solve the problem[15:43] How to effectively trial a tool[19:31] Don’t be afraid to outsource[22:26] Tips + tricks for working with freelancers[28:10] How to take ego out of the equation[31:38] Has Tommy ever seen a perfect piece? [33:48] How do you define high-quality content?[43:30] How to learn more about Tommy WalkerResources & People MentionedThe Content Marketing InstituteAaron Orendorff: Episode #8AirtableTypeformHana AbazaThe New York Conservatory for Dramatic ArtsStory by Robert McKeeThe Canadian LadConnect with Tommy WalkerThe Content StudioTommy’s Personal WebsiteConnect on LinkedInFollow on TwitterThe Content CodeConnect With the Content Callout Teamhttps://ContentCallout.com Subscribe to CONTENT CALLOUT onApple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts


27 Jul 2021

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180 – ft. Tommy Walker: A Content Marketer’s Journey

B2B Marketing and More With Pam Didner

Welcome to another episode of B2B Marketing & More! Today’s guest is Tommy Walker, founder of WalkerBots Content Studios, content strategy consultant responsible for starting a Shopify Plus blog and former Global Editor-in-Chief will QuickBooks. Now, as a consultant, Tommy shares the knowledge that he gained over the past 15 years with other brands. Today we talk about the content marketer’s journey. In this episode: How to turn a blog into a content marketing asset The process of determining and planning an editorial calendar How often should businesses change the structure of an editorial narrative How to include other team members and departments into editorial planning Learn more about the Four Act Structure of content editorial The importance of evaluating published and old content, and how to do it. How to work on content without having all the information What are some best practices and critical messages to apply and include in content such as a case study, podcast or video? What is content ROI, and how to quantify and measure content success? How many website visits does it take for a person to actually convert to a customer? Examples of reusing and repurposing content. What is the process of creating an industry report? How should enterprise marketers manage the content? Quotes from the episode: “When you’re thinking about the big [content] piece, what are the smaller things you can create that are modular and put that out there? Something I learned years ago is to create soundbites within your content. What are some tweetables that you can put out there? ” “Content marketing is not a solo sport, it is very much a team sport, and it’s not just on the content team. If you need to work with other parts of the company to get what you need to be done, try to understand their working cadence and how you can fit into their day so you’re not bashing heads when it comes to their day to getting stuff created.” ————— If you want to chat, reach out to any social media channels or email me hello@pamdidner.com. You can also join my Facebook community: Build Your Marketing Skills to Get Ahead. When you join, you get a free Starbucks on me. You can go to the Announcement tab and click on the barcode of the gift card.


27 Jul 2021

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Resilience And The Right Mindset: Driving Change And Peak Performance With Tommy Walker

Game Changer Mentality – Strategies and Tactics to Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Your Positive Potential

Adversity is the proving ground of success, as long as you have the right mindset. You can drive change and resilience as long as you try and don’t give up. These and other life lessons are tackled in this episode as our host, Rodney Flowers, sits down for a chat with mindset coach, Tommy Walker. Tommy shares his story, talking about his childhood, his attempts at business success, and his realization that his mindset was holding him back. Learn how to rise from adversity in this must-catch episode.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! http://rodneyflowers.com/


13 Jul 2021

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14: Being the Fun Dad (feat. Tommy Walker)

Her Best Dad Ever

On todays episode of Her Best Dad Ever, we have our friend Tommy Walker joining us! He teaches us what it looks like to enjoy this season of life with our young daughters, and to strive to become the fun dad. Come learn with us! 

1hr 2mins

18 Apr 2021

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Tommy Walker - Reprogramming the mind for success

Get Off The Bench Podcast

Tommy Walker is a Mindset, Business and Life Coach, and better known as ‘The Mind Engineer’. He started his entrepreneurial journey more than 21 years ago, and has endured many struggles, but the past 10 years has seen Tommy’s success transform as a result of studying and working on the mind.He has created 2 successful businesses, focusing mainly on the mindset and has reached more than 120 thousand people and has been invited to offer lectures around the world.He has combined the best practices in the world, mixing the entrepreneurial journey and mindset, to develop Rapid Transformational Reprogramming™, combining coaching, neuroscience, inner child connection, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. Tommy is the author of ‘Mindset Secrets’, and the founder of ‘Unleashing Your Mindset For Success’.He is now living his dream life, with his wife and kids in the mountains.Socials:Website: https://www.unleashingyourmindset.com/FB - Tommy Walker (The Mind Engineer)LinkedIn - Tommy Walker - The Mind Engineer Book - Mindset Secrets Mentions:Celestine Prophecy (book)

1hr 9mins

4 Mar 2021

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Tommy Walker - Former Shopify Plus editor-in-chief on creating industry leading content

Own Your Commerce

Tommy Walker never really wanted to be a writer, but when his family was on the verge of homelessness he used the storytelling tricks he learned from years in acting and film to become a content marketing guru. In this episode, he shares those strategies with us — but chances are you’ve gotten advice from him before.As editor-in-chief at Shopify Plus, CXL, and Quickbooks, he led the creation of top-performing content that helped position those brands as leaders in their respective industries. Plus, he’s contributed to other online publications like Unbounce, Smashing Magazine, Crazyegg, and more. So if you work in ecommerce, you’ve probably read something Tommy helped produce. You’ll learn:Only invest in content with measurable outcomes How to truly put yourself in your customers’ shoes and understand what they want Bobbing and weaving: how to use startup agility to compete with the big guys The importance of building out a weekly content calendar How to use storytelling intrigue to break the mold How Tommy used his acting background to break into ecommerce marketing Writing: Practice makes perfectLinks and resourcesMaryville University - 54% of readers trust blogs over brand  Clearscope - Optimizing your content for SEO  The Ultimate SEO Tutorial For 2020 by Backlinko - Basics of SEO Andy Crestodina on Internal link building - SEO ranking hack Screaming Frog - Mapping out links Story by Robert McKee - Tommy Walker’s “storytelling tome” Hooked by Nir Eyal - Silicon Valley thought leaderBrands mentionedBeardbrand The Hundreds Urban Outfitters Zappos Warby Parker


5 Nov 2020

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A Conversation with Worship Leader Tommy Walker

Men's Ministry Roundtable (Christian Assembly Church in Los Angeles, CA)

In this episode Tommy shares from his years of ministry at Christian Assembly and around the world - shares stories of how he has seen God at work over the many years.


29 Oct 2020

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#110 Conquer Your Mind To Become Financially Free| Featuring Tommy Walker

Affiliate Journey

If you have experienced procrastination, not doing the tasks you know you need to be doing; perfectionism, facing the same issue, imposter syndrome, and more, this episode is for you. Tommy is an extraordinary mindset coach, that has helped me a lot lately on my own journey, and we dove deep on how you can make some changes, face the challenges, and eventually overcome them! Also, if you want to watch a FREE 37-minute video from 7 figure affiliate where he broke down how he grew his business to 7 figures, I would definitely encourage you to do so! In the meantime, you can get my free 4-step framework to 4-figure days with affiliate marketing! Lastly, you can join my FREE FB group Affiliate Marketing Elite!


23 Oct 2020