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Tony Serra / The Original True Believer - Stanford

Love thy Lawyer

lovethylawyer.comA transcript of this podcast is available at lovethylawyer.com.Tony Serrahttps://pier5law.com/attorneys/j-tony-serra/Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_SerraGraduate Stanford University, Philosophy Graduate Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley,  Law ReviewHas practiced criminal defense for over forty years, specializing in jury trials. A little known fact is that Tony Serra started his career as a trial attorney as a Deputy District Attorney in Alameda County.Tony Serra has spent his life defending society’s outcasts. He began his practice in the 1960’s, an era he calls the golden age of law. Perceiving himself in the role of a warrior, Mr. Serra has continued to battle for more freedom for more people through law. His role in the Chol Soo Lee case was depicted in the film True Believer. Tony Serra has always known how to express the poetry of the law, while fighting in the ditches and dark alleys of legal practice. He has gained national prominence for his closing argument techniques.Over the past 30 years Mr. Serra has spoken to hundreds of professional organizations on various legal issues in multiple forums in 14 different states.  Louis Goodman www.louisgoodman.com louisgoodman2010@gmail.com 510.582.9090 Musical theme by Joel Katz, Seaside Recording, Maui Technical support: Bryan Matheson, Skyline Studios, OaklandAudiograms & Transcripts: Paul Roberts    We'd love to hear from you.  Send me an email at louis@lovethylawyer.com. Please subscribe and listen. Then tell us who you want to hear and what areas of interest you’d like us to cover.  Please rate us and review us on Apple Podcasts.   Louis Goodman www.louisgoodman.comhttps://www.lovethylawyer.com/510.582.9090Music: Joel Katz, Seaside Recording, MauiTech: Bryan Matheson, Skyline Studios, OaklandAudiograms: Paul Roberts louis@lovethylawyer.com


10 Aug 2022

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Everyday Injustice Podcast Episode 117 - Tony Serra

Everyday Injustice

On July 13, 2021, one of kind, radical attorney Tony Serra joined the Vanguard for a live webinar and podcast. At the age of 86, he is not only still practicing as an attorney but continues to have the drive and passion that has driven his long and storied career as an attorney.Listen as he discusses his career, some of the notable cases he has defended and the Chief Stankowitz case.


26 Jul 2021

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Tony Serra offers a defense of his Ghost Ship client Derick Almena

California Sun Podcast

Tony Serra gives an exclusive look at his defense strategy in the ongoing Ghost Ship trial. He explains why he thinks his client, Derick Almena, is not guilty of 36 counts of manslaughter, and gives a preview of what we can expect to hear when Almena takes the stand. Regardless of the outcome, the trial is also about the future of the city of Oakland.


27 Jun 2019

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FLP SPOTLIGHTS Ep. 24 w/ J. Tony Serra

The Fight Lawyer Podcast

This episode of FLP SPOTLIGHTS features a segment from our interview with J. Tony Serra, as we revisit our discussions with Tony about his reasons for representing the anti-establishment and opposition, his own time in prison and thoughts on materialism in society.Music: Epic - Bensound.com


26 Aug 2018

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FLP Ep. 20 w/ J. Tony Serra (Law)

The Fight Lawyer Podcast

This episode of The Fight Lawyer Podcast features legendary radical criminal defense attorney J. Tony Serra, as he discusses his unconventional approach to the practice of law and justice system, most notable cases, strategies in the courtroom and contributions to his profession.Music: Epic - Bensound.com


25 Aug 2018

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True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers

J. Tony Serra is the epitome of counter-cultural hero. He has spent his life defending society's marginalized citizens in the courtroom. His role in the Chol Soo Lee case was depicted in the film True Believer and he has gained national prominence for his closing argument techniques. He is a life-long tax resister who has spent time in federal prison in protest of what he percieves to be an unjust political and legal system. Tony Serra has been a criminal defense attorney for over 45 years. He has been involved with numerous high profile cases including the Black Panthers and the Hell's Angels. He is the reciepient of numerous awards including an ACLU Civil Liberties Award and Lawyer of the Year from the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association.Recently he was incarcerated for federal taxes he decided not to offer a federal government he considers hostile to the poor, immigrants, Native Americans, and folks who enjoy a bit of inner transportation by means of forbidden substances. WALKING THE CIRCLE-PRISON CHRONICLES-J. Tony Serra

1hr 23mins

13 Sep 2012

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Crime, Comedy And Legendary Defense Attorney J. Tony Serra

It's A Crime With Margaret McLean

On the first hour, CRIME AND COMEDY with Ex-con Felon O'Reilly. Al Joyce (aka Felon O'Reilly) will make us laugh as he talks about his life of crime and years behind bars.Al now tours the country performing his "convict" stand up comedy routine in clubs and prisons, and has written a book about his experiences,Laughing on the Inside, The Life and Crimes of Felon O'Reilly. He also spreads the message that rehabilitation and recovery programs are more beneficial than incarceration.On the second hour, courtroom drama at its finest with legendary criminal defense lawyer, J. TONY SERRA, and PAULETTE FRANKL, acclaimed courtroom artist and author of LUST FOR JUSTICE The Radical Life & Law of J. Tony Serra.

1hr 26mins

10 Sep 2012

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LUST FOR JUSTICE-Paulette Frankl and J. Tony Serra

True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers

The greatest counter-culture lawyer of his time. His trials have garnered him acclaim as one of the greatest criminal defense lawyers of the century. He's the white tornado in court, a semantic samurai, a shaman, a bard, a hero to some, a trickster to others, and always a force to be reckoned with, respected by all. This is a no-holds barred examination of the man, his renegade lifestyle, his resolute beliefs, and the legal system he serves and transforms. Filled with murder, drugs, and death-penalty cases, snitches, the psychological elements of crime, the nullification of and nexus with juries, closing arguments, and more, Lust for Justice pulls the black robe off the justice system to reveal what it is: a railroad to prison for minorities. In Lust for Justice, you view the law through the eyes of one of its greatest practitioners - and you'll never look at it the same way again. LUST FOR JUSTICE-The Radical Life & Law of J. Tony Serra-Paulette Frankl and J. Tony Serra

1hr 35mins

17 May 2012