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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sharon Saline. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sharon Saline, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sharon Saline. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sharon Saline, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep.49 Dr. Sharon Saline, PsyD - Living With ADHD At Work, At Home & At School

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Today we are joined by Dr. Sharon Saline, PsyD to talk about individuals living with ADHD at school, at work and at home.

Grab her book here: https://amzn.to/3ftWiu6

It may surprise you to learn that adults can be diagnosed with ADHD (which can present itself at work and in business) and that not all forms of ADHD present or behave in the same way.

Dr. Saline brings us through the different types of ADHD and discusses what you can do to help make work, school and home a lot more enjoyable (for everyone!).

About Dr. Saline:

Sharon Saline, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and author of the award-winning book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life and The ADHD Solution Card Deck specializes in working with kids, young adults and families living with ADHD, learning disabilities and mental health issues. Her unique perspective – as a sibling in an ADHD home, combined with decades of experience as a clinical psychologist and educator/clinician consultant – assists her in guiding families and adults towards effective communication and closer connections. She lectures and facilitates workshops internationally on topics such as understanding ADHD, executive functioning, anxiety, different kinds of learners and the teen brain. Dr. Saline is a regular contributor to ADDitudemag.com and PsychologyToday.com, a featured expert on MASS Appeal on WWLP-TV and a part-time lecturer at the Smith School for Social Work.

You can find Dr. Saline here:

Learn more at https://www.drsharonsaline.com.

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Jul 15 2020 · 32mins
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Ep. 112: Sharon Saline – Counterbalancing Patterns of Failure

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Having difficulties can be discouraging and counterproductive. Children with ADHD experience far more defeats and discouragements compared to their counterparts. It’s no surprise that promote thriving in struggling learners depends on the right support, the right tools, but above all, the right environment that conveys a message of acceptance and hope.

On this episode, our guest, Sharon Saline, Psy.D., an author and a clinical psychologist, discusses the unique needs created by the dopamine deficient ADHD brain and how best to coach, train, and support these brains to summon extra dopamine for something they don’t love or care.

About Sharon Saline, Psy.D.
Sharon Saline, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and author of the award-winning book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life  and The ADHD Solution Card Deck specializes in how ADHD, learning disabilities and mental health issues affect children, teens, young adults and families. She helps families navigate the confusing maze of information, emotions, stress and conflict related to ADHD, appreciate the positive aspects of living with ADHD and create successful dialogues, interventions and connections.

Dr. Saline has also worked extensively with schools and educators on understanding and assessing mental health issues in the classroom. An internationally sought-after lecturer and workshop facilitator known for combining her expertise in psychology with a background in theater, she addresses topics such as understanding ADHD and executive functioning, discovering new tools for managing anxiety, making sense of the teen brain and working with different kinds of learners. Dr. Saline is a regular columnist for ADDitudemag.com and Psychologytoday.com and is a part-time lecturer in the Continuing Education Program at the Smith School for Social Work. She appears monthly on WWLP’s Mass Appeal show as their resident child and family psychologist. A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, she received her master’s degree in psychology from New College of California and her doctorate in psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant University.



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May 28 2020 · 47mins

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EP 50: Making a Long-Term Plan with Dr. Sharon Saline

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It’s been months since many of us across the nation have had to change our way of life. It’s a difficult time for everyone, but having a child with special needs comes with additional obstacles.

In this edition of Parenting Impossible, Annette speaks with licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline. Dr. Saline is a top expert on ADHD, anxiety, learning differences and mental health challenges and their impact on school and family dynamics.

Annette and Dr. Saline begin their conversation with a discussion about school cancellations and the added difficulties children with neurodiversity are facing during these unprecedented times. Some of these issues include missing their friends, lacking classroom cues from other students, and harboring feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, and anger.

Dr. Saline also shares her thoughts about creating a long-term plan and the importance of accepting the lack of answers available to us right now. She gives suggestions about ways special needs parents can navigate through this pandemic, especially with kids who are neurodiverse. It’s crucial to take into consideration, neurodiverse children need more help along the way, and that requires positive feedback.

Annette and the doctor also touch on the importance of self-care and what it really looks like. Dr. Saline stresses the need for parents to first help themselves before helping their children. People are living online today more than ever, and that comes with a lot of judgment and self-doubt. Limiting your interactions on social media is just one way to prevent getting sucked into negativity energy according to Dr. Saline.

You can learn about Dr. Sharon Saline https://drsharonsaline.com/about-dr-saline/bio-press-kit/

May 12 2020 · 44mins
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Episode 025 - What Your Child with ADHD Wishes You Knew with Dr. Sharon Saline

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Dr. Sharon Saline a clinical psychologist in private practice in Massachusetts who is a top expert in how ADHD, learning disabilities and mental health issues affect children, teens and families. Dr. Saline has worked extensively with schools on mental health issues in the classroom, interpreting psychological evaluations and improving teacher/parent communication. Her unique perspective, namely growing up in a household with a sibling who wrestled with untreated ADHD, combined with decades of clinical expertise, assists her in guiding families from the maze of emotions, conflict and stress toward successful dialog, interventions and connection.

May 12 2020 · 26mins

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COVID-19 & What to Do When You and Your Kids are Stuck in the House with Dr. Sharon Saline, Clinical Psychologist and ADHD Expert

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Today's episode starts with my thoughts about COVID-19, and how to respond to it.  (Like ordering a bidet!)  I hope you find them useful, and maybe even a little reassuring.After that, we’re talking to my friend, Dr. Sharon Saline.  Dr. Saline is a licensed, clinical psychologist specializing in ADHD, and the author of “What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew”.

In today’s episode, Sharon and I are talking about what to do when your kids are cooped up at home.  We did the interview through the lens of a snow day, but it works for quarantine and social distancing, too!  There’s a lot of really good information and ideas in here.  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you’re able to navigate the current pandemic with as much ease and grace as possible.

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Mar 13 2020 · 41mins
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Managing time as a team with Dr. Sharon Saline

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Do you and your ADHD child understand how to work together to solve the time management, task management, emotional management issues that show up daily? These happen in every household of course but they break down more easily and more often when ADHD is involved. Your child is trying the best she or he knows how but the ADHD brain can’t figure it out without help, your help. My guest today is Dr. Sharon Saline, a psychologist who sets out the framework for approaching these challenges in her book What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew, based upon the 5 Cs. Her website is  https://drsharonsaline.com/

Curious to know what the 5Cs are and how they can help families coping with ADHD?  Listen and learn!

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Feb 24 2020 · 30mins
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Episode 350: An Interview With ADHD Expert Dr. Sharon Saline

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Welcome to the ADHD bookclub podcast series where I have been discussing the chapters in a brilliant book called, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew by Dr. Sharon Saline © copyright Sharon Saline, Psy.D. 2019. Today on the show, I'm super excited to share with you the interview that I had with the author and share with you so much wisdom. We talked about everything parenting and ADHD and I was so inspired by it all. Thank you, Dr. Saline, for all the work you do to help us better navigate the challenges that ADHD can present us in our parenting.

Dr. Saline shared with us that she will be starting a group coaching program for parents of kids with ADHD later in October so, if you are interested, please click on the link here for more details:


You can find Dr. Sharon Saline at www.drsharonsaline.com

Follow her on FB at https://www.facebook.com/DrSharonSaline/

Follow her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/drsharonsaline/

You can purchase the book at the following Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2MGa9mW


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Oct 04 2019 · 53mins
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Episode 3: ADHD &... Dr Sharon Saline

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ADHD &... talks to Dr Sharon Saline, a licensed clinical psychologist & top ADHD expert from the USA!For more information on Dr Saline, please visit their website https://drsharonsaline.com/

Recorded September 2019.

Music by Ian Chattam (can be found at https://soundcloud.com/sack-of-soul).

Produced by Neli Urruela, James Sarek, Abi Silvester, Ian Chattam & Priscilla Eyles.

Oct 01 2019 · 1hr 13mins
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Preparing kids with ADHD for success in school and life, with author and clinical psychologist, Dr. Sharon Saline: TWMM 084

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Sharon Saline is a renowned expert on ADHD, anxiety, learning differences, and mental health challenges, and their impact on school and family dynamics. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of the excellent book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew.

Aug 27 2019 · 1hr 3mins
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Expert Interview #24 Sharon Saline, PsyD ADHD and Anxiety

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Dr Sharon Saline is an expert on ADHD in children and adolescents. Her recent book What Your ADHD Child Wishes you Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids For Success in School and Life  is based on her interviews of children with ADHD. It is a book with  compelling stories and practical advice. Today she talked about the experience of anxiety with children who have ADHD. 

Jun 26 2019 · 30mins