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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nick Capper. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nick Capper, often where they are interviewed.

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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nick Capper. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nick Capper, often where they are interviewed.

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50 - Medea (with Nick Capper and Jack Druce)

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On this episode of Book Cheat, Dave has read Euripides play, Medea. Joining him to hear about this Ancient Greek classic are comedians Nick Capper and Jack Druce.

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Nov 17 2020 · 1hr 38mins
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Episode 034 with Nick Capper

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Nick Capper is an established melbourne comic, podcaster and well seasoned traveller.Today we're discussing Nicks 2 Tuxedo Tours where he wore one Tux for several days straight from Melbourne to London Via mostly land transport after the initian flight off the continent.We Discuss Comedy, life, and a couple of weirdos in the bush that lent him a tractor.Enjoy Sri Lankas #1 comedy interview podcastThe Flow State Podcast Episode 34: Nick Capper
Sep 23 2020 · 39mins

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513 - Tom Ballard & Nick Capper

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We're about to head into lockdown again so we've roped in TOM BALLARD and NICK CAPPER for an emergency riffing session! We speculate on the real reason behind Victoria's latest outbreak before hearing about some of Capper's previous employment before starting comedy, and his shocking first encounter with a young Tom Ballard. PLUS Karl's been for a run (don't worry, it's not like the last times) and we get our first taste of Tommy's spicy retooling of his dad's memoir "Having Said That".

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Jul 29 2020 · 2hr 7mins
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Self isolation - Nick Capper

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He's been keeping busy with his housemates.

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May 13 2020 · 22mins
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496 - Nick Capper & Nina Oyama

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Another one from the good ol' days! NICK CAPPER and NINA OYAMA join us to dissect our then-recent appearance on TV's The Project! We hear about Capper getting hassled by the Bureau Of Statistics and Nina's run at Festivals before everything got cancelled, PLUS Chando's checked out the Seinfeld porn parody so we all discuss the first horny material we ever consumed! 

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Apr 08 2020 · 1hr 52mins
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What We Did In Isolation episode 1 with Nick Capper

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New midweek pod to keep everyone entertained at home on isolation duties during the Coronavirus lock down times.
We'll endeavor to get a new comedian in every week on a Wednesday to talk shit for a bit.
This week we have returning favourite Nick Capper.
This is recorded through Skype, so don't be too harsh on the quality.
Stay safe fam.

Please checkout Capper's podcast The Phone Hacks, it's hilarious.
Also buy his stand-up special Pork Palace via www.nickcapper.com

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Apr 01 2020 · 1hr 10mins
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Confident in Colombia with Nick Capper

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Comedian and Phone Hacker, Nick Capper joins Lauren and Bea to talk about boarding school, country life and an older woman who can show you how to root. Follow Capper on instagram and twitter (@Capperflapper) and listen to his pod "The Phone Hacks" if you haven't already!
Mar 31 2020 ·
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#624 - Nick Capper On Comedy & The Tuxedo Traveller

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Nick Capper - Comedian

Nick is an Australian comedian who has been a part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival.

In 2019, Nick crowdfunded a trip to travel to London via the worst route and means imaginable – through Asia, across Europe, and finally stepping foot on the cliffs of Dover, all in a tuxedo and tophat.

Alongside Mike Goldstein, Nick Capper hosts The Phone Hacks, where they swap phones and rummage through the dark corners of each other’s private lives.

On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss: 

- Pubs and XXXX Gold
- Walking the line with alcohol and comedy
- Knowing what works
- Nick's crowdfunded Tuxedo Trip to London
- Plane food
- Nick's grandad's trip to Africa
- Podcasts 
- The Phone Hacks
- Status and business culture
- Comedy and putting in the work

Nick Capper's website: http://www.nickcapper.com/

Nick Capper on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/capperflapper/

The Phone Hacks Podcast: https://www.nearly.com.au/the-phone-hacks/

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Feb 29 2020 · 1hr 37mins
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Mugg Off #27 - Nick Capper

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Nick Capper joins the big 3 for another episode of The Mugg Off

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Feb 26 2020 · 55mins
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485 - Gareth Reynolds & Nick Capper

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One half of The Dollop, GARETH REYNOLDS is back in the country, so we've paired him up with our great pal NICK CAPPER! We spend most of the episode attempting to learn about Capper's childhood, from pony school to his rivalry with a neighbouring town - with plenty of interludes and roasting from all of us. PLUS Karl's seen a man walking a dog!

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Jan 22 2020 · 2hr 1min