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Coaching Better Every Season with Dr. Wade Gilbert

Beyond the X's & O's Podcast

Dr. Wade Gilbert is an internationally renowned performance consultant and award-winning professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fresno. He is author of the highly acclaimed book Coaching Better Every Season. Gilbert is a long-time advisor to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee Coach Education Department and primary coach education consultant for USA Football. Specific to hockey, he has served as an advisor to leading hockey organizations and coaching staffs around the world, including USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, IIHF, NHL/NHLPA, WHL, and USHL. Most recently, Gilbert served as the mental performance coach for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics medal-winning Canadian women’s softball team. Wade has literally written the book on Coaching Better Every Season - here are some of the key takeaways from the episode: There is no excuses for coaches not to be learning (don’t let your insecurities, pride, or ego get in the way) Awaken to the people side of coaching (people first, sport second) The essence of coaching is navigating the moments Best practices versus best principles (personalize the principles to your situation) Each season is a journey and your job is to build a sturdy ship - there will be storms, but with a sturdy ship you will be okay The bottom line is that as a coach you might not be able to fully control winning, but you can control the experience your team has. Safe to say, Wade is an advocate in the fight against the ‘old school’ coaching mentality and you too can join us by sharing with your fellow coaches!

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20 Feb 2022

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Wade Gilbert | Olympic & Championship Mental Health Coach, Medical Professional, Professor & Author Coaching Better Every Season

Knockin‘ Doorz Down

Dr. Wade Gilbert is an internationally renowned coaching consultant and sports scientist, as well as an award-winning professor in the Department of Kinesiology at CSU Fresno.  Growing up, he lived in a small rural Canadian town and started riding his bikes around with his friends, creating jumps and ramps around town.  He started playing multiple types of sports, which would eventually shape his life to come. He ended up going through college studying to be a P.E. teacher.  Eventually, he started working at UCLA, then was offered a job at Fresno State, along with his with his wife.  They both relocated and started working with the Fresno State Athletics Department.  Since then, He’s worked with the United States Olympic Committee, National Hockey League, World Wrestling Entertainment, and more.  He’s worked with some of the most elite athletes and coaches in the world.  Wade says that The Canadian Olympic Women’s Softball team that he coached was the model of what a team should be, a working cohesive group of people.  He uses them as an example of a team effort to accomplish one goal.  He works with many different types of sports teams to show their weaknesses and strengths, as an advisor for coaches and athletes looking to improve their strategies.  The crux of what Dr. Gilbert tells the teams he consults is this:  You don’t have to be the best athlete on the field, you just have to be present.  And much like with recovery, it works the same way.  You just need to be present, in the here and now and be receptive to advice and change. In 2017, he wrote the book “Coaching Better Every Season” where he shares his knowledge on communicating and teaching with athletes, coaches, students, and educators.  Gilbert regularly shares his coaching insights through 'Coach Doc' commentaries on the Human Kinetics Coach Education website in his advisory role with the company. He also works closely with youth and Fresno State coaches locally, often testing the merits of new coaching methods and practices. For more on Wade Gilbert follow him on https://twitter.com/wadewgilbert and https://coacheducation.humankinetics.com/pages/coaching-better This is Wade Gilbert in his own words, on Knockin' Doorz Down. For more on the Knockin' Doorz Down podcast and to follow us on social media https://linktr.ee/knockindoorzdown For Carlos Vieira's autobiography Knockin' Doorz Down https://www.kddmediacompany.com/ For 51FIFTY use the discount code KDD20 for 20% off! https://51fiftyltm.com/ For more information on the Carlos Vieira Foundation and the Race 2B Drug-Free, Race to End the Stigma and Race for Autism programs visit: https://www.carlosvieirafoundation.org/ Listen to and Subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen for more Celebrity, everyday folks, and expert conversations at https://www.KDDPodcast.com © 2021 by KDD Media Company. All rights reserved.

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4 Oct 2021

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Episode #44: Wade Gilbert

Heroes in our Midst

Today’s episode highlights a guy they call “The Coach Doc”. Dr. Wade Gilbert. He is an internationally renowned coaching consultant and award-winning professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University – Fresno. He has taught and studied coaching and talent development at the University of Ottawa, UCLA, and Fresno State and is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Coaching Better Every Season.” He is a long-time advisor to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee Coach Education Department and has counselled coaches and sport organizations around the world in every sport imaginable at the very highest levels. Currently, Wade is also serving as the mental performance coach for the Canadian Women’s Softball team that will be competing in Tokyo this summer!! And after hearing all of that – just think, YOU have the opportunity to listen and learn what he has shared with many coaches, teams and organizations already – right here -- and even more as he shares his personal story too. Dr. Wade Gilbert certainly leads by example and is relentless in sharing what he has learned along the way with others. If you are a coach of any kind, you WANT to hear this conversation. Enjoy!!


28 Jun 2021

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Developing and Evaluating Coaches for Long-Term Program Success with Dr. Wade Gilbert - Fresno State Univ.

ADInsider Podcast

In this AD Insider podcast, we feature a segment from the AD Insider LIVE | Thursday 30, presented by Human Kinetics, we sat down with world-renowned coaching consultant, sport scientist, and professor at Fresno State Univ., Dr. Wade Gilbert.In this episode, we covered the following topics:The Best Use of Your Time When Developing CoachesHow to Provide Meaningful EvaluationsManaging the Post-Pandemic Recovery PhaseMaterials mentioned in this episode:Practice Plan ChecklistLong Term Program Development SystemLinks to products mentioned:Coaching Better Every Season BookCoaching Better Workshop (Digital Version) Coaching Better Workshop (Print Version) 30% OFF Discount Code:CBAD30 Discount Expires May 27, 2021Support the show (https://coachesinsider.com/sign-up/)


20 May 2021

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Ep29 Wade Gilbert Podcast

The Coaching Bubble

On this episode we chat with Wade Gilbert Premier Coach Educator and Coach Scientist . Wade outlines the importance of coaches embracing learning and advises coaches not to limit them selves and to connect with other sports and other coaches.


12 Oct 2020

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Episode 15 - Coaching Better Every Season with Dr. Wade Gilbert

The Coach's Road

This weeks episode features coaching scientist, team performance consultant and author Wade Gilbert. Wade is also a professor at California State University - Fresno and a editor for the International Sports Coaching Journal. Wade's book "Coaching Better Every Season" is the main topic of this week's episode but we also explore how he got interested in the science of coaching, why he decided to write the book, what are some important things for every coach to do, and what the ideas from his book look like in action for him. We also explore what makes a quality practice, how to develop a coaching philosophy and how to continuously grow as a coach.  Wade's book is a required read here in the Degree Program at Vierumäki and one that we both enjoyed reading and highly recommend to any coach in any sport. It is a great combination of science and experience and has a lot of great knowledge for coaches everywhere. Check it out here: https://coacheducation.humankinetics.com/pages/coaching-better.  Another resource that Wade recommends is Practice Perfect which you can explore more at this link: https://teachlikeachampion.com/practice-perfect/. You can follow Wade on twitter @WadeWgilbert. Don't forget to follow the hosts as well @DerekERead and @RickSchreiber68. To keep up with the show and new episodes follow the podcast on twitter, Facebook or Instagram @thecoachsroad. If you want to get in touch with us directly don't hesitate to send us an email (thecoachsroad@gmail.com).

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14 Sep 2020

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#178 How to Overcome Disruption and Build More Team Unity with Dr Wade Gilbert and Dr Jerry Lynch

Way of Champions Podcast

This week on the Way of Champions Podcast we welcome back Dr. Wade. Gilbert, an award-winning professor in the department of kinesiology at California State University at Fresno and the author of Coaching Better Every Season: A year-round system for athlete development and program success. We started with an insightful discussion on Zoom fatigue, etiquette and breakout rooms, talked about the idea of disruption and how it impacts team unity, how to manage the uncertainty of players during this time.  Dr. Gilbert holds degrees in physical education, human kinetics, and education and has taught and studied coaching at the University of Ottawa (Canada), UCLA, and Fresno State. He has more than 20 years of experience in conducting applied research with coaches around the world spanning all competitive levels, from youth leagues to the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. He is widely published and is frequently invited to speak at national and international events. Gilbert is a coach education advisor to USA Football and a regular contributor to coaching seminars for Olympic and national team coaches in the United States and Canada. In addition, Gilbert is editor in chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal, published by Human Kinetics in conjunction with SHAPE America and the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE). As Human Kinetics’ coach education advisor, “The Coach Doc” writes articles and conducts webinars on a variety of coaching issues. Connect with Wade Gilbert at the Fresno State website, and check out his Twitter Profile. Highlights from the Podcast: Managing Zoom fatigue, etiquette and breakout rooms Is there too much communication from a coach to a player? How do Wade and Jerry manage he uncertainty of the players? Managing expectations and motivating players to stay in shape What do you do when two athletes on the team have fundamental beliefs about a topic outside of sports? What are the rules of engagement for social media and fidgeting disruptive social media behavior? Ending cancel culture and being able to disagree with someone in a respectful manner How an idea from Abraham Lincoln can save your reputation in the future Wade shares some things from his book Coaching Better Every Season Resources Mentioned Coaching Better Every Season: A year-round system for athlete development and program success. WOC #33 Best Selling Authors Wade Gilbert and Jerry Lynch Discuss What Quality Coaching Really Looks Like Flying Coach With Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll The Lion Tracker's Guide to Life Help Support the Podcast! Become a Podcast Champion! …and get FREE access to ALL of our online courses.  If you love the podcast, we would love for you to become a Podcast Champion, (https://www.patreon.com/wayofchampions) for as little as a cup of coffee per month (OK, its a Venti Mocha), to help us up the ante and provide even better interviews, better sound, and an overall enhanced experience. Plus, as a $10 per month Podcast Super-Champion, you will have access to never before released and bonus material, including:  Downloadable transcripts of the podcasts, so you don't have to crash your car trying to take notes! A monthly discussion with John, James, Jerry, and other special guests talking about the previous month's episodes and answering some of the FAQs we received that month A code to get free access to our online course called "Coaching Mastery," usually a $97 course, but yours for free for becoming a patron. Access to an online community of coaches like you who are dedicated listeners of the podcast, and will be able to answer your questions and share their coaching experiences. Thank you for all your support these past two years, and a special big thank you to all of you who become part of our inner circle, our patrons, who will enable us to take our podcast to the next level. https://www.patreon.com/wayofchampions

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26 Jul 2020

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ENGINEERING YOUR ENVIRONMENT (And Youth Sports!) with Wade Gilbert – Part 2

Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

ENGINEERING YOUR ENVIRONMENT (And Youth Sports!) with Wade Gilbert – Part 2 Part 2 of our discussion with Wade Gilbert, the professor of Sport Science at Fresno State University and the author of Coaching Better Every Season. We discuss building trust with athletes, team culture, and the goal of youth sports and how we teach young athletes.... The post ENGINEERING YOUR ENVIRONMENT (And Youth Sports!) with Wade Gilbert – Part 2 appeared first on Gold Medal Squared Blog.


13 Feb 2020

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Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

ENGINEERING YOUR ENVIRONMENT with Wade Gilbert – Part 1 Wade Gilbert is the professor of Sport Science at Fresno State University and the author of Coaching Better Every Season. In this episode, he talks about how coaches can engineer their environments to improve learning and culture. They discuss practice design and developing values such as competitiveness... The post ENGINEERING YOUR ENVIRONMENT with Wade Gilbert – Part 1 appeared first on Gold Medal Squared Blog.


6 Feb 2020

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Wade Gilbert on Coaching Coaches

Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Dr. Wade Gilbert joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Dr. Wade Gilbert is an internationally renowned coaching consultant and sports scientist, as well an award-winning professor of kinesiology at Fresno State University. He has a great book called Coaching Better Every Season, and he will talk about how that book is constantly evolving in this podcast. Dr. Wade has taught at the University of Ottawa, UCLA, and Fresno State. He has contributed to over 100 publications, serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal, and was the lead author of USOC Quality Coaching Framework. He is a growth minded individual that is always trying to learn and grow. He is at the forefront of coaching coaches, and tries to help them see better, and solve complex problems. In this episode, they discuss what led to him being a coach of coaches (5:50), when he became passionate about working with coaches (9:10), the differences in working with athletes vs. coaches (10:50), whether he focuses more on mentoring vs. coaching his clients (13:40), how he works with perfectionism (15:50), how he’s seen the best coaches shift from preparation to performance (19:20), if he’s ever been around coaches that lack discipline (22:05), what he does to make sure he’s still working on himself (25:20), how he gives himself space to be (27:50), how he thinks about coaching as an art vs. a science (32:10), how he thinks about creating as little unknown while still embracing the unknown (34:30), what he does to help coaches who don’t enjoy games (37:50), what he intentionally does for performing (39:00), the books that have resonated with him over the years (43:20), what coaching with heart is about (45:20), how he taps into the body when working with coaches (47:20), what’s different about working with a CEO of a company vs. a Head Coach (51:20), what he loves doing (53:30), how he helps people who are doing difficult things (55:40), what drives him (59:10), the mechanics of how his job works (1:02:05), how the world of coaching coaches is evolving (1:07:00), and why there isn’t a process for coaches to become certified (1:10:50) Thank you to Wade for coming on the podcast. We encourage you to check out Wade’s book and his newest work at https://us.humankinetics.com/products/coaching-better-every-season, and you can also find Wade on twitter @WadeWgilbert. Wade’s faculty web page can also be found here. Lastly, if you liked this episode and/or any others, please support us at Patreon or follow me on Twitter: @brianlevenson or Instagram: @Intentional_Performers. Thanks for listening. -Brian

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5 Dec 2018