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Pocket Change - Part 2 with Pastor Jon Scofield | 3.14.21

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Research shows that the #1 reason people spend money is to be happy - yet 87% of people say that their debt is what’s keeping them from happiness! In part 2 of "The Pocket Change", Pastor Jon shares real-life experience to explain how more debt equals less freedom. We serve a God that doesn’t want us to live lives that are enslaved by debt - but lives that are free to follow where He leads us. By transforming how we earn and spend what God has blessed us with using Biblical financial principles, we can find hope no matter what financial situation we’re currently in.


14 Mar 2021

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The Problem with Problems - Part 5 with Pastor Jon Scofield | 2.28.21

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Aside from the kingdom of Heaven, money is the most talked about topic in the Bible. There are more than 2,300 verses about wealth, money, and possessions in its pages – probably because God knew that the love of money, or the fear of not having enough money, is a pretty easy trap for us to get caught in. So what are we to do if money is becoming our god? In the finale of “The Problem with Problems”, Pastor Jon speaks through personal experience to remind us that we cannot serve both God and money. We must check the condition of our heart to see if our finances are our top priority – and if they are, we can refocus on the fact that God will never fail us no matter what our bank account looks like.


28 Feb 2021

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Can We Talk? - Part 2 with Pastor Jon Scofield | 10.11.20

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Can we talk about sexuality? The world has turned sexuality into an expression of our individuality - a definition of who we are. But God has a lot more to say about it than that. In part two of “Can We Talk?”, Pastor Jon compares what modern culture says about sexuality with what the Bible says so we can understand how we as followers of Christ should handle the controversy surrounding it today. We are called to love people well enough – especially those struggling with sexual sin – to be able to tell them the truth in love and share the light of Jesus with them!Watch part one of this series by visiting newlifefm.com/past-sermons


11 Oct 2020

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Summer of Freedom - Part 3 with Pastor Jon Scofield | 7.19.2020

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If we want to experience all the freedom God has for us, we can’t stop at simply believing He exists. We must realize that He has an incredible plan and purpose for each of us – filled with power, love and self-control – and that the areas of our life that feel impossible to recover from are not impossible with God! In part 3 of the series “Summer of Freedom”, pastor Jon emphasizes how God knows our situation, cares about our situation, and can change our situation – and that freedom happens when we embrace His power instead of our own.


19 Jul 2020

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Alive & Free - Part 6 with Pastor Jon Scofield | 5.10.20

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In the fallen world we live in, we often face situations that don’t seem fair. And before we know it, seeds of resentment toward a person or situation can grow into deep roots of bitterness. We may think we’re strong enough to carry it around without damaging ourselves, but it will eventually crush our spirit. So how do we handle and heal hurts that cause bitterness in our heart? In the finale of “Alive and Free”, pastor Jon gives valuable insight on how to reconcile a world that’s constantly getting it wrong - with a loving Heavenly Father who never does! You can find the entire “Alive and Free” series at newlifefm.com/past-sermons, or check out our podcast at newlifefm.com/podcasts.


17 May 2020

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#034 Supervisor's Edition with Sgt. Jon Scofield

Police K9 Radio

The guys discuss K-9 Supervision with Sgt. Jon Scofield including handler selection, program management, and the big "C" (Communication). 

1hr 16mins

11 Feb 2020

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This is My New Life - Part 3 with Pastor Jon Scofield

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You are a MASTERPIECE! God has given us all gifts, and we can put them to use to share the light of Christ. Part 3 of This is My New Life focuses on volunteering at church. It's not about recognition, admiration, or earning anything at all; we should serve because we love the Lord and because he’s called us to use our gifts. Check out Pastor Jon's message and learn how you can use your gifts every day, so that others can see the light of Christ shining through you!


19 Jan 2020