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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rachel Paling. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rachel Paling, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rachel Paling. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rachel Paling, often where they are interviewed.

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Tiger Heart Chats: Episode 15 - Rachel Paling

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This is the fifteenth episode of the Tiger Heart Chats podcast featuring Tiger Heart CEO Sanj Surati and Rachel Paling who is an Author, Neuroscientist and the creator of Neurolanguage Coaching recorded on Tuesday 21st September 2020. Rachel Marie Paling founded Efficient Language Coaching Global in 2008 and created the Neurolanguage Coaching® concept based on the introduction of the principles of neuroscience as well as the structure and principles of coaching in the language learning process.
Some of the topics raised include:
Neurolanguage Coaching -
Language Coaching
The difference between Teaching and Coaching
The difference between Empathy and Compassion
Harvard -
Leaders of Learning -
Pre frontal cortex
Steve Jobs -
University of Madrid -
The University of Sheffield -
Spanish Law
Masters in Human Rights
David Rock -
Neuro leadership
Richard Bentley
Ancient Greek
Before the Internet
The evolution of communication
Professor Bessel Vanderkolk –
The shaping of behaviour
Social and emotional pain
Creative Futures


Challenges will make you grateful. So be grateful.
Get ready to lose everything to become everything
Face yourself, face your fears, be tipped over.
Question and liberate your own brain
Learn how to ask the right questions
The essence of what you are doing should move you.
Have a passion. Don’t focus on the reward.
Remove judgement and encourage each other
Be gentle with ourselves

Rachel Paling can be contacted on the following links:
Neurolanguage .com
Sanj Surati & Tiger Heart:

You can listen to the Podcast on the following links:

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Tiger Heart is an innovation agency that specialises in emerging technologies set up by Digital Atelier Sanj Surati. Sanj is an award winning multi-disciplined Digital Atelier with over twenty years of experience within the music, fashion and luxury industries. London-based Sanj has been working within digital and technology since 1998. He has seen the cultural shift in human habit and behaviour as we all evolve into digital consumers. Some of his successes have been burgeoning, ground breaking and, more importantly, culturally relevant.
Sep 23 2020 · 49mins
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[101] Brain-friendly Learning - My conversation with Rachel Paling

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Listen to my conversation with Rachel Paling, creator of Neurolanguage Coaching,® as we discuss the benefits of working with a language coach who has been trained using Rachel's method. An avid language learner and polyglot, Rachel shares some of her stories and how she went from language teacher to coach to training over 600 Neurolanguage coaches® worldwide.

Learn more at

Read Kate's blog post about her experience at
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Jun 18 2020 · 37mins
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ep. #45 - Tendências no aprendizado de idiomas | Bate-papo com outra Neurolanguage: Rachel Paling

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Eu conversei com a Rachel Paling, que é diretora do Efficient Language Coaching. Certificada e Acreditada como Neurolanguage Coach. Nessa live além de aprender o que há de novo na jornada de aquisição de uma nova língua, você poderá também treinar o seu listening já que é um vídeo 100% em inglês!

Feb 19 2020 · 52mins
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Season 3 Episode 10 Rachel Paling on being a pioneer, dealing with criticism and bringing empathy into EVERYTHING

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Welcome to the last in Series 3 but by no means the least! It is an absolute joy to welcome the delightful Rachel Paling to the show today. Rachel Paling is a pioneering language coach. She works with corporates worldwide to enhance communication and cross-cultural performance within International Teams. I think what I love about Rachel is her tenacity and her willingness to go to any country on the planet to train, educate and encourage people to tap into a completely different part of their brain to embrace language learning in a different way. She is the leading light on this and works with teachers everywhere to support them. When she is not disrupting the language training industry (or perhaps at the same time!) Rachel is the warmest and most vibrant person. Rachel and I discuss exactly what makes up great communication skills and how to bring empathy into every single encounter. 

Find out more about Rachel's work here:

We'll be taking a short break in August. Watch out for Season 4 with some fab interviews including a former Britain's Got Talent star, a gospel choir director who found fame overnight, a maverick revolutionary resilience pastor (yes I know!) and the fabulous author of Hustle and Float - Rahaf Harfoush.

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Jul 29 2019 · 30mins
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ep. #28 - Como Aprender Inglês Mais Rápido [com a ajuda do Coaching e Neurociência] - Feat. Rachel Paling (100% em inglês)

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Estive em Portugal participando da Neurolanguage Coaching Conference 2019 e tive a oportunidade de aprender tudo que há de novo no mundo do ensino de idiomas. A neurociência e as ferramentas de coaching integradas são a revolução do ensino de línguas e eu fico muito feliz em fazer parte desta revolução, guiando meus alunos do meu curso de inglês online por este caminho. Neste vídeo eu tive a honra de entrevistar a Rachel Paling, autora do livro "Neurolanguage Coaching, Brain Friendly Language Learning" e criadora do método Neurolanguage Coaching®.

Saiba mais sobre a Rachel e Neurolanguage Coaching aqui:


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May 24 2019 · 8mins
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What Is Language Coaching Episode 22 - Series Finale with Rachel Paling

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Join Rachel this week for the What is Language Coaching series finale.

This series has been dedicated to the question, What is Language Coaching? For the last 3 months, Rachel has been interviewing some amazing experts in the language field from all over the world.

The phenomenon of coaching has exploded worldwide and throughout the series Rachel, her guests and listeners have explored opinions and discussions around What is Language Coaching and how coaching techniques and principles are helping to shape education.

We are extremely grateful to all of our special guests who made this series the success it has been and in a few weeks time Rachel will begin a new series so stay tuned!!

****** SPECIAL INVITE ******

At the end of April 2020, the 4th annual Neurolanguage Learning Conference is taking place in London, UK.

There are people from all over the world travelling to Lisbon to be part of this amazing and inspiring event.

Come and be inspired; get new insights into brain-friendly learning; find out how to make the learning process more effective and efficient; and network with like minded people from all over the world.

We have amazing speakers at the conference at over the over the three days we'll be exploring how to enhance the learning process through neuroscience, coaching, emotional intelligence, practical intelligence, neurofeedback, neurolanguage coaching, polyglotism, enhancing educational systems and much much more!

The conference is very different to other conferences that you may have been to. There are no breakouts and no simultaneous talks. Everyone who attends has the same experience, together as a group.

We have some last minute discount offers so please, get in touch with us at or visit our conference website at

If you would like to buy Rachel's book, Neurolanguage Coaching: Brain Friendly Language Learning, please click here and we'll send you a signed copy!

Finally, to explore all of the areas of Rachel's work, go to

May 03 2019 · 27mins
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Episode 57 - Neurolanguage Coaching with Rachel Paling

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James interviews author and language specialist Rachel Paling about Language Coaching and Neurolanguage Coaching. Rachel has created the new method and approach called Neurolanguage Coaching® and has trained over 200 language teachers worldwide certifying them as Neurolanguage Coaches with her training course, one of the only language coaching certification courses in the world accredited by International Coach Federation USA.

For more information visit her website at:

You can purchase her book on Amazon at:

If you are looking for a Neurolanguage Coach visit:
Feb 04 2019 · 49mins