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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jared Latigo. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jared Latigo, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jared Latigo. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jared Latigo, often where they are interviewed.

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Video Marketing 101 (with Jared Latigo)

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Video Marketing 101 (with Jared Latigo)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or a little intimidated by using video to market your business and engage an audience? I certainly feel this way, and most of the time I have just avoided it so I can focus on writing.

However, our guest today is here to help us use video better. His name is Jared Latigo, and he is a marketing consultant in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He’s going to give us a crash course on the benefits of using video, and how to get started.

In this conversation, you’ll learn how to repurpose writing into video, tips for creating engaging videos, how to get comfortable with video, and much more! 

You can find the full show notes here: https://kentsanders.net/161.

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Mar 27 2020 · 45mins
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KDE 208: God is the Master of Convergence (Chat with Jared Latigo)

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Today's guest is Jared Latigo, a corporate change consultant and family video blogger at LatigoLife. Jared shares his journey of discovering his Kingdom assignment and the beauty of convergence; how God brings together your life’s experiences, passions, and hardships and orchestrates something beautiful out of it all.
Feb 13 2019 · 35mins

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Financial Tips to Successfully Launching Your Startup, with Jared Latigo

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Jared Latigo is a corporate change consultant. He provides in-person trainings for companies to help them build the best possible workplace. Jared teaches on soft-skill topics like The Entrepreneur Mindset, Financial Wellness and Lifestyle Alignment.

Show  Notes:

Jared enrolled in the Dave Ramsey programme, downsized and did all that was necessary to get out of debt. Now he lives a debt-free life. While he may have decreased his physical, he has certainly increased his mental space. This for him is priceless.

In this episode of The Entrepreneurial You, Jared shares tips for you to successfully launch your startup and even beyond the startup phase.

Here are a few:

-Live within your means

-Make a budget and decide on your priorities

-Borrow only if you must


Listen to the episode to hear Jared’s complete list.


Do what matters! When you are focused on this it clarifies everything.

In our Ask Heneka segment, Joneil Alcok gets his questions answered…listen to the end to hear the response.


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Jan 23 2019 · 26mins
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Jared Latigo – Living Debt Free – Why Practical Minimalism Might Just be Your Ticket to Freedom (AoL 138)

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One of the reasons many people become self employed is because they believe they can have more freedom working for themselves. Whether that's more time for family or the ability to dictate what they do in a given day - they're looking for more autonomy.However, as we get more and more successful, we have a decision to make. Do we want to scale up and bring more onto our team or stay at the level we're at because that's our sweet spot?It's really hard to fight the urge to scale up - especially if part of the way that you measure success is through an increase in income and the ability to buy bigger and better things.But what if finances didn't enter into the equation of success? What if it stayed at what was important to us at the beginning - to do what we want when we want? Not to be pressured by keeping up societal norms - but to spend time with those we care about and/or traveling?This is the life that today's guest Jared Latigo has crafted for himself and his family. Listen in as he explains how he got here and more about his life after debt.Enjoy!
Where was Jared in his career when he felt like he needed to break out of debt? 9:36What was it like trying to keep up with a persona of success online that he truly didn't have yet? 14:43How has minimalism changed his life? 19:13How can someone become aware that they're a slave to their stuff? 22:15What are Jared's 3 steps to become debt free? 29:08How does he keep a life balance with everything that he has going on? 35:08What kind of habits does he practice to get the opportunities that he's had? 38:34What's Jared looking forward to in 2019? 45:11Who's his top 3 favorite influencers? 48:17Has he been learning anything new that he's excited to implement? 48:40What advice does he hear adults give kids that he calls BS on? 49:49Has there been something under $100 that has changed his life? 51:22How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 52:35
Jared Online: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeCohost: Harrison PainterSession Sponsor: Fizzle (Get your first month FREE!)George Carlin "A place for my stuff"Jordan Harbinger’s Level One ProgramThe Intern - Robert De NiroDave RamseyDonald MillerBrendon Burchard’s High Performance PlannerJared’s Bluetooth Speaker Device for his Truck (Aux port)JC’s Bluetooth Device - GoGroove FlexSMART X2 (FM Transmitter)
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7 Steps to Building a Custom Pole Barn Home
Rachel explains the Kids' Toy Library System
How the Latigos Work Together
A Day in the Life of...
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Dec 20 2018 · 58mins

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EP 147 - Jared Latigo From Typical Broke Middle Class to Living a Life of Abundance

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Jared Latigo was living his life like a typical middle-class family paycheck to paycheck. He knew one catastrophic event would ruin his family financially. Finally fed up he and his was decided it was time to do something about it. 

In His Words...

I’m Jared Latigo, a financial wellness consultant with a catch, I won’t try to sell you anything.

That’s right.

I strictly educate and train individuals, families, and employees in corporate settings on how to properly manage finances.

The end goal is always the same though, to help people through financial struggles, stressful living and learn to dream again.

In the past, God has allowed my writing to reach millions of readers through various online publications.

I have been a web designer for 20 years where I’ve freelanced, worked for an interactive agency and was even an agency director.

Some brands I’ve worked with are Stetson, Resistol, Mountain Dew, Pier 1 Imports, TCU Neeley School of Business and more. 

I also self-published a book called The Connection Brand where I talk about the power of a brand that knows how to truly connect with people. 

Now, I educate individuals on personal finances as well as provide turn-key financial wellness plans to companies with hundreds of employees.

I DO NOT sell mutual funds, insurance or anything of that nature, I strictly educate on how to properly handle finances. You can find more on that here.

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Dec 11 2018 · 32mins
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053: Creative Freedom Through Debt-Free Living (with Jared Latigo)

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What does it mean to have creative freedom in your life? And what’s more, how do you get it? Our guest shows us how he and his family followed a surprising path to creative freedom, and how he is helping others do the same.

His name is Jared Latigo, and he is a personal development consultant who works with individuals, families, and companies in corporate settings. Jared’s writing has reached millions of readers through various online publications such as Addicted2Success, ThriveGlobal, MichaelHyatt.com, 48Days, ProBlogger, and Lifehack. He has also been able to work with companies like Stetson, Mountain Dew, Pier 1 Imports, and more.

Jared shares the journey he and his family took to becoming debt-free, and how it has allowed him to pursue a whole new path in life. You’ll learn why it’s important to have freedom in your life, all about the connection between creativity and being debt-free, how managing your money well sets you up for success as an entrepreneur, and so much more.

Highlights & Key Takeaways

1. Financial wellness is a stewardship issue. It is easy to view our money as its own little “box” in our lives, but it’s intimately connected to every other area, including our creative work. Ultimately, it’s a matter of being a good steward or manager of what God has entrusted to us.

2. Getting out of debt can have a major impact on your ability to be creative and serve others. I asked Jared to come on the show because I wanted to explore the connection between debt and creativity, and he delivered! Jared laid out in clear detail how becoming debt-free has helped reduce stress and expand his family’s ability to explore new directions. It has also given him the freedom to try things that might now work.

3. The importance of having freedom in your life. We don’t often realize how much we are “shackled” to things that weigh us down and hold us back from achieving our dreams. It might be debt, a job you hate, or even a bad relationship. When you are free, you are able to do the things you want and start fulfilling the dreams God has for your life.

4. Getting control of your finances helps you be a better entrepreneur. Something we think, “If only I had a better job or more opportunities, then I could achieve my dreams.” But the reality is that our dreams begin right here, right now with what we have in the moment. Becoming a better manager of our resources, and being a better employee, will help us develop the skills to apply to our entrepreneurial efforts later on.

5. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset in your job. I love how Jared emphasized how we can think like an entrepreneur even while employed by someone else. If fact, that’s how we should think. We should be constantly finding ways to add value to our employer and make our organization more profitable and successful. It’s not only more fun to think this way, it’s also a great way to prove your value to leaders above you.

6. You can quickly generate income. Jared mentioned several ways to generate income quickly: selling things you already have, getting a 2nd job, or taking on extra hours at work. Can you do any of these things to generate some income in the next month?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode


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Latigo Life YouTube channel

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Oct 25 2018 · 44mins
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Making Connections with Jared Latigo | Book Launch Place - QLMS #020

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This week, Jared Latigo is joining me. I met him on 48day.net and he has also been on Kent Sanders' podcast (Kent was also on episode #009 of this podcast). You can go to his site or connect with him on Twitter.

Making Connections

Jared has published his own book: "The Connection Brand." He is offering some bonuses if you purchase the book by July 15. Here's a snippet of what the book is about:

In this connection economy, the companies that will succeed now and in the future are the ones that build connection with us. They are the brands that have developed advocates to market for them and actually care about what the public thinks and says.

We can build those brands as well. Whether you are one person, 25 or 500, the core principles that brands like Apple, Michael Hyatt, Dave Ramsey and Jeff Goins have used are applicable to you. The deeper we can go with our connections, the better off we’ll be in the long run as we continue into this new economy.

Book Launch Place

Reading and writing is one of the greatest privileges that we have. In today's society and with today's technology, there are limitless possibilities. "Ordinary" people now have the opportunity to bypass the traditional publishers and get their own books out into the marketplace. One of the largest and most popular places for this is Amazon with their CreateSpace and Kindle publishing. With all of these new books, there are many of them that are offering specials and bonuses during their launch period.

The problem: how do you find all of these new book launches? As an author, where is a great place to advertise your own book launch?

The solutionBookLaunchPlace.com. Jared has put together this site to become the place for book launches. The tagline is "All launches. One place." Jared talks about this in more detail in the episode.

Work You Love

In 2009, Jared quit his traditional job to pursue his own work. In the episode, he shares his missteps while doing this. You'll want to listen to this story and get his advice.

Coming up in the next several episodes, we will be having an emphasis on doing or creating work you love. In episode 11, I was able to interview Dan Miller and discuss some of his advice about pursuing work you love. We'll have an interview with Jon Acuff next episode. In future weeks, we should have interviews with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive IncomeJohn Dumas of Entreprenuer on Fire, and Scott Barlow with Happen to Your Career. These are going to be some great interviews that you will not want to miss!

Questions: What do you think about the Book Launch Place? What about connection branding?

Jul 02 2013 · 30mins
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Jared Latigo - What is Your Super Power?

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Jared Latigo is just a normal guy that found out God's plan is better than anything he could think of himself. So he decided to chase the dreams given to him and help others along the way. With a vast background in web design, he has now geared his efforts towards helping coaches, speakers and small businesses with their branding efforts. You can connect with Jared via Twitter or find him at JaredLatigo.com
Mar 26 2013 · 34mins