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Direct Care as a Unifying Force

Healthcare Americana

Dr. Haynes' work on the policy side of healthcare has helped her understand the inner workings of the industry over the past 10 years. Focusing on the unifying power of direct care, she discusses how to push the model forward and why it works for so many people.Support the show (https://healthcareamericana.com/sponsors/)


26 Nov 2019

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Episode 036: Markets and Med Students with Dr. Beth Haynes

The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

What is the difference between a first year medical student and a senior in college? A lot of debt and neither knows anything about medicine. Contrary to popular belief, medical students don't know the first thing about the health care system, how it is delivered in the United States, or what challenges face physicians in caring for their patients. So all of the popular opinions floating around in the general undergraduate student population are present upon their training. Unfortunately, much of their understanding lacks nuance or knowledge of the alternatives in the market or the fact that there even is a market.   My guest, Dr. Beth Haynes is an emergency medicine and family medicine residency trained physician who is looking to change that problem as the medical director of the Benjamin Rush Institute. The Institute is committed to teaching medical students alternative ways of caring for patients, ethics, and practice models. She participates in debates arguing for market solutions against those arguing for single payer systems like Medicare for All.   Dr. Haynes also hosts ethics workshops where she discusses the nature of rights. These delve into the essence of what a right really means and if someone can truly have a right to health care by forcing others to provide that care. In addition to those BRI activities, Dr. Haynes serves as a public speaker and health policy advocate with the Docs 4 Patient Care that we discussed with Dr. Lee Gross in Episode 034.   Dr. Beth Haynes is the medical director of the Benjamin Rush Institute whose mission is to educate medical students about the role of the market in providing health services.   show notes Benjamin Rush Institute -  The Benjamin Rush Institute is the organization dedicated to introducing medical students to ways to preserve the patient-physician relationship. It provides scholarship for students to participate in lectures, debates, and talks to learn more about market alternatives to the current focus on large single payer delivery systems. @haynes_be: Twittering for Dr. Haynes Docs4PatientCare Foundation: Dr. Haynes is an executive board member for this group that represents physicians in national health care policy. Episode 019: The Big CON - Discussion with Dr. Gejendra Singh about his battle with the North Carolina state to run his imaging center. Episode 011: Let's Treat Patients, No Populations. A Discussion Dr. Michel Accad. Memorial for Andy Larson: This is the donation link to honor Andy's death with the Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys where he blossomed and served as a head chorister. YouTube for Paradocs: Here you can watch the video of my late son singing his solo on the Paradocs YouTube page. Patreon - Become a show supporter today and visit my Patreon page for extra bonus material. Every dollar raised goes towards the production and promotion of the show.


14 Feb 2019

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#27 Beth Haynes, MD Free Market Medicine Apologetics: Healthcare as a Right

Next Generation Medicine

Beth Haynes, MD and BRI medical director, drills into what constitutes a right, and is claiming that healthcare is a right really in accordance with our Constitutional principles?


9 Jul 2018

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#17 Beth Haynes, MD What about healthcare and the poor?

Next Generation Medicine

Beth Haynes, MD, BRI medical director discusses fundamental issues in healthcare policy underlying questions such as "What about the poor?" Is the overall goal to drive more and more people into government dependence, or to help people thrive independently, making the best healthcare decisions for themselves in a free market?


2 Oct 2017

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04/14/16 Guest Beth Haynes, MD

The Doctor's Lounge

Beth Haynes, MD, Executive Director of the Benjamin Rush Institute, joins Dr. Michael Koriwchak in the Doctor's Lounge to respond to some of the problems identified and critique the solutions.


18 Apr 2016