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Free Range American: Ep 121 David Rutherford

Free Range American Podcast

Evan Hafer welcomes back David Rutherford for a second episode of Free Range American.David is a former Navy SEAL, performance coach, author and motivational speaker. David and Evan discuss how teamwork and culture can greatly benefit a company trying to compete in the corporate landscape as well as how a lack of focus or toxic leadership can be a detriment to progress.

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23 Apr 2021

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Free Range American: Ep 095 David Rutherford

Free Range American Podcast

Evan Hafer welcomes David Rutherford to this episode of Free Range American. David is a former Navy SEAL, motivational speaker, coach, author and host of Froglogic Podcast. The two discuss what freedom means, maintaining a positive attitude, leadership and technology's role in the world. for more about David and everything he offers, visit teamfroglogic.com

2hr 22mins

22 Jan 2021

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S3 E32: David Rutherford from NEI Investments

Collective Wealth

What is Responsible Investing and how do you do it? NEI Investments is Canada's legacy firm that took an early interest in sustainable investing over 30 years ago.  David Rutherford, VP of ESG Services at NEI speaks to me about the accelerated purpose-driven movement underway. We discuss: How ESG has "grown-up" in Canada and the world factors that have changed how we regard investing for good What an investor should look for when deciding to invest in sustainable or impact funds Why you need to advocate for responsible investing with your Financial Advisor Shownotes: NEI Investments 


5 Oct 2020

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How to lower ANXIETY through DRUMMING (with Navy SEAL David Rutherford)

LTR PODCAST – Chrislesso.com

https://old.chrislesso.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/38-How-to-lower-anxiety-through-drumming-with-Navy-SEAL-David-Rutherford-091020-1.mp3“Being a musician means being part of a total experience—no winning, no losing.” Jim BlackleyAnxiety and depression levels are at all time highs. How do we handle the amount of distraction pummelling us day in and day out from every direction on the battlefield of life? Our brains didn’t evolve to deal with the pace that the exponential rise in technology gives us. The speed of life is our double edged sword, giving us access to limitless information at any time but taking its toll on our peace of mind. We go to videos games, TV binge watching and social media to find relief, but this only RAISES our anxiety. Recovery from the noise is a NECESSITY not a luxury, and practices that fuel our FUN and ENTHUSIASM are the answer. Discipline to create SPACE is where peace of mind lives.The root word of anxiety of TO DIVIDE. Even though tools of technology connect us like never before, so many of us feel isolated. Since we become the five people that we spend the most time with, this is where COMMUNITY comes in. Mentors can be found anywhere, and they don’t even have to be alive! Through books we can see into the arc of history that delivers perspective to the present. Living inside a past you can’t change breeds depression, and looking too far into a future you can’t control can creates fear. Taking a deep breath and being in the RIGHT NOW is where we can best guide our STATE. The obstacle becomes the way forward. What looks like a wall that blocks us, is often the bottom of the next step that we have to rise over.There’s something about moving to music that is guaranteed to change your state every time. You can be sad when doing activities like painting or writing, but your physiology will not let you feel down when you are DANCING. And to DRUM is to dance! This is where we achieve flow through movement, connection through music, and where we strive forward relentlessly to become our best selves through drumming every day.The post How to lower ANXIETY through DRUMMING (with Navy SEAL David Rutherford) appeared first on Chrislesso.com.

10 Sep 2020

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Episode 11 – What’s in Your Portfolio? How to Invest Responsibly — With David Rutherford

The Ride: Life, Work and Wealth

Today’s investors don’t just want a portfolio that’s well-diversified. They also want a portfolio that’s going to make an impact. Today, Kris Dureau joins David Rutherford to bring you some clarity on how you can become a more informed, responsible investor and invest in a way that aligns with your values.  As vice president of … Continue reading Episode 11 – What’s in Your Portfolio? How to Invest Responsibly — With David Rutherford →


12 Aug 2020

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The Leadership Needed In Your Commercial Team Post Covid 19 with David Rutherford - Talent + Talks Episode 2

Talent + Talks Podcast

Today's guest is David Rutherford, an internationally known motivational speaker, best selling author for kids and adults, world champion performance coach, and an award-wining Podcast host on his podcast Froglogic.Because of current market conditions brought by COVID-19, many are not able to get into the laboratories to do their jobs, provide new and innovative instrumentation, software and testing solutions to the medical markets, so this is where the podcast begins. Its inaugural guest is human efficiency expert David Rutherford. By delivering to you tangible, actionable ideas on how to lead, work, market, sell and thrive during these times, he will introduce new resources to you and deliver new ideas about how to achieve peak performance in the current market conditions.Over the past 10 years, David has worked with some of the world's leading companies, reaching tens of thousands in their quest to achieve victory in the tough markets of today. His message has also reached over 10 million people around the world via his show, YouTube videos and social media presence. David stated, “Listeners can expect to learn how to defeat the negative insurgency in their lives by igniting the fire in their gut and succeeding in every environment imaginable, especially something like this pandemic. They will learn the proven tools to help them begin winning on the battlefield of life. I guarantee listeners will have a life-changing experience using what Scott and I share. HOOYAH!”Links for today:https://teamfroglogic.com/frog-logic-podcast/who-am-i-why-am-i-here/https://teamfroglogic.com/#cercatalent #talenttalks #froglogic #DavidRutherford #ScottRivers

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29 Jul 2020

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Badass Conversations - David Rutherford, ex-Navy SEAL, Author and Speaker

Badass Agile

As you know, I bring on guests rarely and carefully.  But when I KNOW someone will entertain, inform AND inspire you...its a no-brainer.  There's a reason why David Rutherford is a highly sought-after speaker - he's an ex-Navy SEAL, author and speaker who delivers the goods for The Boston Red Sox, Oregon State Beavers, and a long list of leading brands in every imaginable category.  It's not just his battlefield experiences that make him unique; it's his wit, humour and authenticity that you'll hear firsthand as he weaves in lessons learned from being a father, friend, and renaissance man.   David gave us 70 minutes of create conversation and insight around fear, gratitude, the human condition, and team life. Please follow David and support his work: https://www.teamfroglogic.com Podcast - https://teamfroglogic.com/frog-logic-podcast/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/teamfroglogic/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Teamfroglogic/ Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hJTAIdgRl9pD7R8GT2VPw You can find his book "Navy SEAL Self-Confidence" on the Store page of his website, or on Kindle, Audible or Amazon.******Don't forget to join us in the Badass Agile Listener Lounge on Facebook for member exclusives and previews, including a Weekly Livestream every Monday at 7PM EST!https://www.facebook.com/groups/badasslistenerlounge/We're also on YouTube!  Follow the podcast, enjoy some panel/guest commentary, and get some quick tips and guidance from me:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf6I_bii9oUSI8fkN1BOk6g******Our mission is to create an elite tribe of leaders who focus on who they need to become in order to lead and inspire, and to be the best agile podcast and resource for effective mindset and leadership game.Contact us (contact@badassagile.com) for elite-level performance and agile coaching, speaking engagements, team-level and executive mindset/agile training, and licensing options for modern, high-impact, bite-sized learning and educational content.

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19 Jul 2020

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It is an honour and huge privilege to have retired NAVY SEAL and CIA operative David Rutherford on the show today. As you will hear, David's high energy and endless motivation inspire all those who come in contact with him to embrace fear and live life to its fullest. David served 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare Community as a SEAL student, Combat Paramedic, Operator and Instructor. Since leaving the Navy in 2003 he has continued travelling as a tactical training and security expert for the US Government and one of the largest private security firms in the world. David has inspired special operations units around the globe to push themselves past any and all known limitations.  David is passionate about exploring and researching the human condition in an attempt to discover the truth behind what enables us to overcome failure and rise in success in every environment imaginable. David’s ability to take a comprehensive approach of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of an individual or team creates a unique approach in defeating the negative insurgency of life. David and I have an interesting and entertaining conversation that looks at the current state of our societies and how the approach to solving the problems that face us is going to have a significant impact on the world our children live in. We look at history and what we can learn from the innumerable examples of civilisations and communities that were unable to see their common humanity and had the propensity for destroying each other.  We discuss the need for us and our children to understand that life was never meant or going to be a leisurely stroll, but that we will face constant adversity and pain along the way, and developing endurance and resilience is paramount to living a successful and meaningful life. It is a fascinating discussion that I learned a great deal from, and I am looking forward to talking to David again, with a greater focus on fatherhood.

1hr 29mins

8 Jul 2020

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Defeating the Negative Insurgency of Life with David Rutherford

Compete Like a Champion

Navy Seal and performance coach David Rutherford comes by the podcast to talk about how he got into the Seals, and what it took for him to face his own fears. We take a deep look into fear and how it impacts athletes focus and motivation, as well as how to manage our fears. David's passion for pursuing excellence and helping others is on full display. Listeners will get a clear look into what it takes to find your mission and to achieve excellence.

1hr 8mins

29 Jun 2020

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Stress, Life, and COVID-19: Our New Reality with David Rutherford

Tactical Breakdown

What impact do you think COVID-19 has on a person? Emotionally, mentally, physically? How do we cope as first responders? Here is what I took away from my conversation with a Navy Seal, Coach, Instructor, and all-around great human being.EPISODE PAGE: https://www.thebreakdown.ca/post/stress-life-and-covid-19-our-new-reality-with-david-rutherfordSponsored by the INTERNATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING SUMMIT (https://www.iletsummit.com) 27-31 JULY, 2020*This information should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions are anecdotal and should not take precedent over that of qualified medical professionals.David served 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare Community as a SEAL student, Combat Paramedic, Operator, and Instructor. Since his honorable discharge from the Navy in 2003, he has continued traveling as an international training specialist for Blackwater. Eventually, David was recruited by the CIA as a training and curriculum specialist, as well as deploying into high threat areas as a close protection and security specialist. David’s long term service to the country at the highest levels, and in many areas, enabled him to develop a masterful ability to motivate and train people from all walks of life to achieve success in any environment imaginable. Since 2006 David has been motivating audiences and individuals across America and around the world with his highly unique style of speaking, writing, and coaching. His Froglogic Concepts are derived from the 70 + years of operational successes within the UDT/SEAL community as well as 25 years of personal experience and research. He has combined his incredible personal story with the proven track record of the SEAL Teams and the CIA to create a simple, elite performance program.David is living his dream as an internationally known motivational speaker, best selling author for kids and adults, world champion performance coach, and as an award-wining Podcast host. His passion for motiving people is affording him the opportunity to work with the top companies in the world, averaging over 50 events a year. His specialty is helping individuals, teams, and organizations to develop a specific and focused approach to managing people and the mission. David is committed to helping people embrace their fears, forge their Self-Confidence, how to live the Team Life, and to live with purpose. David’s high energy, entertaining style, and endless motivation inspire all of those who come in contact with him to dig deep, persevere, and commit to the development of winning cultures. Notable Clients: 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, 2018 Collegiate World Series Champion Oregon State Beavers,2019 Green Bay Packers Packers, Penn State Men’s Lacrosse Team, 2015 and 16 UPenn Football Champions, iCapital, Bank of America, Risk Assessments, Novo Nordisk, BNY Mellon, Comcast, Johnson Controls, Covidien, Pioneer Investments, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Brenneman Pork, Cust-O-Fab, University of Nebraska, Jackson Memorial Hospital, 12,000 + children across America and Canada, and over 25 million people reached around the world. CONTACT David Rutherford: Social Media: @teamfroglogicLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-rutherford-84256811/Website: https://teamfroglogic.com/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 11mins

10 Jun 2020