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[MINDSET] Ep. 181 How To Be Debt Free w/Paula Pant

You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

Get your own copy of Ashley’s new book You Turn at youturnbook.com! How do you feel about spending versus saving money? This is a very different week! Ash switches topics up and brings on Paula Pant, the host of the Afford Anything Podcast to talk all about how to be debt-free and financially free. The topic of money can feel really uncomfortable to talk about, but Paula’s mantra you can afford anything, but not everything sparks a beautiful conversation around how to enjoy your relationship with money. Have you taken the time to compare what you make, versus what you save? This gap is where the juicy opportunities for financial freedom lie. Paula and Ash talk through the various ways you can begin to grow the gap between these values and how to create consistency in your finances. And if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner unsure of how to pay yourself, here lies a path to create a stable and supportive income for yourself.  Budgeting can feel restrictive and negative. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this episode, Paula talks through her anti-budget strategy, how to enjoy saving and spend and even plan for retirement. Paula’s view on finances is unique and doesn’t make you feel as though you must restrict your money and your life. In This Episode, We Discuss: 3 largest expenses we have, and how to make them more affordable. Grow the gap: what this means, and how to implement this idea into your financial health. Indicators of where your financial struggles lie. Budgeting advice that you can actually implement and enjoy following. How to talk with your partner about finances. Where You Can Find Paula Pant: Afford Anything Podcast Resources: Escape by Paula Pant Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by Harv Eker Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk by Cameron Huddleston Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam Promotion: Want to upgrade your health? Visit organifi.com/youturn and enter code YOUTURN to get 20% off at check out!  Here are some of Ash’s favorite goodies to put in your next coffee, tea, water or smoothie: ✨Pure Powder: Lion’s Main extract, aloe vera and ginger extract are just a few of the superfoods packed into this powder to improve your mental clarity and overall brain health. 🥬Green Powder: Packed with spirulina, chlorella, and ashwagandha, to increase your immunity and aid your digestive tract. 🍦Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder: A soy-free, dairy-free, 100% vegan protein that tastes like a milkshake and yet is packed with amino acids and MCT’s to speed up metabolism, quench cravings and improve recovery. 🌟Gold powder-  A yummy anti-inflammatory superfood powder packed with reishi mushrooms, turmeric, cinnamon and magnesium to support restful relaxation and recovery. Promotion: Visit YouTurnBook.com to get a copy of Ashley’s NEW book— You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction & Design Your Dream Career!  Promotion: Ready to discover the best career path for you? Visit: https://ashleystahl.com/freequiz/


26 May 2021

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#159: Hope, Fear, and Financial Independence - a Conversation with Paula Pant

Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Episode #159 - Coach has a conversation with Paula Pant, host of the Afford Anything Podcast, a world traveler, and a thought leader in the financial independence space. This discussion centers around how to actually enjoy life during and after a journey to financial independence. They also discuss different forms of passive income, including real estate investments & online businesses. Companion article/show notes: https://www.coachcarson.com/paula-pant/ _ 💲RENTAL PROPERTY ANALYSIS🏘️My online course teaches EXACTLY how I run the numbers and confidently analyze rental properties that produce cash flow and build wealth (includes my spreadsheet): https://www.coachcarson.com/RPA _ 🎧SUBSCRIBE to the podcast for more episodes about how to achieve financial independence and do what matters using real estate investing! https://coachcarson.com/podcast ---------------- ▶️WATCH my YouTube channel - Coach Carson TV - for tutorials, tips, strategies, and interviews https://www.youtube.com/user/CoachChadCarson?sub_confirmation=1 ---------------- 📋 GET MY FREE REAL ESTATE INVESTOR TOOLKIT https://coachcarson.com/reitoolkit ---------------- FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM 📸 https://www.instagram.com/coachcarson1/ ---------------- READ MY BOOK ON RETIRING EARLY 📚 https://www.coachcarson.com/retirementbook ---------------- 👋👋 SAY HI ON SOCIAL https://www.facebook.com/coachchadcarson/ https://twitter.com/CoachChadCarson

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29 Mar 2021

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Paula Pant: You can Afford Anything but not Everything

The NewRetirement Podcast

The 54th NewRetirement podcast. This time, Steve Chen is joined by guest Paula Pant — Founder of Afford Anything, a personal finance site, and host of the Afford Anything Podcast with 15 million downloads — and discusses Paula's core beliefs that you can “Afford Anything but not Everything” and that every decision has a tradeoff.Produced by Davorin Robison.© 2021 NewRetirement Inc.

1hr 5mins

19 Mar 2021

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Paula Pant and Paul Merriman: The present and future of investing

Sound Investing

In this fast-paced, fun and educational interview by Paula Pant — the self-described “writer and instigator” behind the weekly podcast, “Afford Anything” — Paul and Paula discuss: Meeting Vanguard founder John Bogle 2 Funds for Life What’s wrong with Target Funds? What’s different about investors today? Why should investors make more in future? Should you add internationals to your portfolio? What happens to bond portion of portfolio in 2 Funds? What should investors do with the market at historical highs? How can you know the risk you’re taking? As Paul commented, “It was the 300th podcast of “Afford Anything” and I can see why Paula is so popular… she’s a terrific interviewer and wonderful teacher! I like how, in the beginning of the podcast, she defined some terms to be used during discussion, including an explanation of asset allocation, and provided a powerful wrap-up at the end with “5 Key Takeaways.” Visit Paula Pants’ website for podcasts, blogs, community and her free book, Escape: https://affordanything.com/ This podcast is part of the educational offerings from The Merriman Financial Education Foundation, a registered 501(c)3.  If you found value in this podcast, here are five ways to support the podcast and our foundation: 1)     Leave a podcast review on your player of choice. 2)    Sign up for our biweekly newsletter at PaulMerriman.com 3)    Use our M1 Finance affiliate link to set up a brokerage account and use our portfolio suggestions. If you fund your account with a minimum of $1,000, our foundation will receive a one-time fee at no cost to you, which helps support our financial education projects.. 4)    Buy our latest book, We’re Talking Millions! 12 Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Retirement available at Amazon and other online outlets. 5)  Consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation to support our mission to provide financial education to investors.  Thank you!

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17 Feb 2021

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401b FIRE without the RE with Paula Pant

my millennial money

Paula Pant (USA) is passionate about personal finance and runs her own podcast called Afford Anything. In this chat with Glen, Paula shares her thoughts on:👉🏽the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early)👉🏿how she saved for her own travel goals👉🏻the idea of being able to afford anything, but not necessarily everything👉debt and how she views different types of debts👉🏼mindset around investing, saving and how you think about your money - simple is key👉🏾accumulation vs preservation phases - what these phases are about and how they're applied throughout your life👉🏻her experience in property investing - the challenges, the upsides and how she manages itRead more about Paula and her podcast, Afford Anything, here: https://affordanything.com/Follow Paula on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paulapant/?hl=enBuy your copy of the my money journal to start achieving your goals and support the podcast at the same time: https://bit.ly/mymoneyjournalHead over and subscribe to our newest podcast, my millennial health: https://player.whooshkaa.com/shows/my-millennial-healthGet $20 off The Glen James Spending Plan using the code "MAGIC". Link to course below!For podcast resources, links to our stuff, disclaimers & warnings about this episode + more... check out: https://www.sortyourmoneyout.com/shownotes🛑 This podcast is for education and entertainment purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional financial, tax or legal advice. Any advice is general financial advice only which does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, you should consider if the advice is appropriate to you and your needs, before acting on the information. If you do choose to buy a financial product read the product disclosure statement and obtain appropriate financial advice tailored to your needs. We may discuss products, services and answer listener questions on this video for entertainment & illustration purposes only. We may change the name of the questioner for anonymity. It is impossible to give you personal advice on an entertainment podcast as we do not know the details of your personal financial situation. While we do our best to provide accurate information, we accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies that may be communicated in this podcast. SYMO interactive Pty Ltd, the publisher of the podcast, is an authorised representative of MoneySherpa Pty Ltd which holds financial services licence 451289. Please read our Financial Services Guide located at sortyourmoneyout.com. This podcast is intended for residents of Australia.We acknowledge the darkinjung people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which our studio sits, and pay respects to their Elders past and present. We extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who may listen to our podcast.


13 Jan 2021

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Escaping The Rat Race and Exploring The World with Afford Anything's Paula Pant

The Weekly Juice

Paula Pant joins the Weekly Juice Podcast to discuss her unique journey to financial freedom. She tells the juice boys about how travel inspired her to focus on working for herself, developing her own path, and investing in things that would pay the best returns.

1hr 11mins

4 Nov 2020

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Index Funds: The Everyday Investor's Best Friend - with Paula Pant

Marriage Kids and Money

Why are index funds so popular? Paula Pant from Afford Anything joins me to answer a listener question about this investment option and shares why they are superior. Shandon Fowler, VP of Marketing, from Starship HSA also joins us this week to weigh in on the "HSA vs. 401k" debate. Last but not least, my daughter Zoey reads the review of the month and we talk about virtual school, hybrid school and what it's like to wear a mask for 3 hours at school. 


5 Oct 2020

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247 | Zach and Marilyn Talk Real Estate Investing | Paula Pant


Continuing the financial independence case study series, Households of FI family, Zach and Marilyn are a married couple with young kids. Using Dave Ramsey's baby steps, they no longer have any debt but have wondered what to do next. Looking to explore investing in real estate, ChooseFI connected them with real estate expert, Paula Pant. Though Zach and Marilyn once lived below the poverty line, they managed to pay off their debt, including student loans, a car loan, credit cards, and medical debt. During that time, they gained a little experience with buying and selling property. Since that time, Marilyn has gone back to work and their income almost doubled. Having earned a profit on some previous homes they flipped after living in and renovating them, it's encouraged them to use the skills they've acquired on future investment properties. Where they currently live in Cedar City UT, the market is a bit inflated and are concerned about the 1% rule where monthly rent should equal 1% of the total purchase price. Paula explains that if a property rents for 1% of the purchase price, that is 12% per year at full occupancy. Since it is estimated that operating costs will be roughly 50% of the monthly rent, 6% of the purchase price is what if leftover as an unleveraged dividend on the property. Assuming no increase in the value of the property, but keeps pace with inflation, that's roughly another 3% based on historical averages, the property gives a 6% dividend and 3% inflationary increase, for a total return of 9%. It is a rough way to determine if a property is worth looking into further Exceptions for the 1% rule of thumb may be made when operating costs are expected to be less than the 50% average, such as if property taxes are extremely low or if it is a newer home. Other exceptions to the 1% rule can also be made when buying a multi-unit home where you live in one unit and rent out the others. In those cases, personal criteria for where you want to live also come into play and the 1% rule can be thrown out the window. Because property values are a little inflated where they live, Zach and Marilyn are interested in buying properties in markets where they don't live. Paula believes that it's easier being an out-of-state landlord because it forced her to treat it like a business when she couldn't just pop over and take care of issues herself. Zach and Marilyn were also interested in what criteria they should consider regarding properties that are fixer-uppers versus being move-in ready. Paula says what she teaches the students in her real estate investing course includes a graph where on the x-axis represents a spectrum with “You Find Deals” at one end and “Your Create Deals” at the other. On the ends of the Y-axis are “Move-in Ready” and “Not Even Habitable”. There are tradeoffs between effort and reward, but as effort increases, generally, reward increases as well. If you don't have time to devote to the hardest quadrant of the graph, then it might be easier to find deals in the move-in ready quadrant instead. Since they are debt-free, Marilyn I feeling anxious about taking on additional mortgage debt, but Paula views the mortgage from an investment property differently from personal property. An investment property mortgage is a tool that allows you to cashflow positive. Paula doesn't have a specific price range she won't exceed but says there is a balance of equity to debt that she tries not to exceed across her entire rental property portfolio. She tries to keep a 50/50 ratio where for every $1 of debt she has, she also has $1 of equity which is conservative by most real estate investor standards. To ensure that enough funds are on hand to take care of emergency maintenance and other unexpected household repairs, Pauls advises having 3-6 months' worth of rent on hand to cover these expenses. Zach and Marilyn are wondering if they should cut back on retirement investments and divert to real estate to help them acquire property faster. Paula suggests instead look at how much from their overall budget they want to save and then decide how to divide up the savings. Considering what happened in 2008 with the real estate market, and unsure how the pandemic will impact real estate today, they are unsure when to jump in and purchase an investment property. Similar to trying to time the stock market, Paula encouraged them to look at the numbers to decide if it's a good deal right now. If in the future, the market shifts and no longer makes sense, then sell. When this is done repeatedly over a lifetime, you win. Since they have done well in the past with live-in flips, Paula cautioned them to be aware of their emotions and to be careful about separating what they want from a home they live in with what makes sense as a good investment. A 1031 Exchange allows you to avoid paying capital gains when selling an investment property and reinvest the proceeds from the sale within certain time limits in properties of like-kind and equal or greater value. Living in a property for two of the last five years qualifies you for a capital gains exclusion of up to $250,000 or $500,000 for couples filing jointly. Brad has been an out-of-state landlord like Paula for more than a year. He purchased a couple of properties in Georgia for $50-55,000. The market rent for these properties is about $750-800 so Brad is above 1% at around 1.4%. To watch the video highlights, click on ChooseFI.com/247 RESOURCES MENTIONED IN TODAY'S CONVERSATION Afford Anything Get the FREE ebook Escape by Paula Pant Get your first 90 days of advisory fees waived at Fundrise Create a new retirement plan and get 14 days for free with NewRetirement Get started on your path to financial independence at ChooseFI.com/start IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT CHOOSEFI: Share FI by sending a friend ChooseFI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence.


28 Aug 2020

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Exploring An Alternative Definition Of Financial Independence With Paula Pant

Inspire To FIRE Podcast (Financial Independence Retire Early)

Paula Pant from AffordAnything.com joins the show to discuss exploring an alternative definition of financial independence.  Many of us in the FIRE community have heard the traditional definition of financial independence. GREAT NEWS!!! M1 Finance has a promotion where you get $30 for opening an investment account and funding it with $100. That's A 30% Return On Investment Right There!!! Just Sign Up With This Link: GET $30 Traditional Definition: FIRE Number = 25 x Annual Expenses However, with Paula, we discuss how financial independence can actually be a moving target. Alternative Definition Of Financial Independence: Financial independence is the state in which your potential passive income, typically through investments, is enough that you could make decisions from a place of hope and desire, rather than fear or obligation. - Paula Pant We Discuss - Alternative Definitions Of FI  - The 1% Challenge - Building A Passive Income  - Minding Your Financial Gap  Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Anchor, or on your favorite podcast platform.  Subscribe & Leave A Review If you would like to help the show you can subscribe and leave a review anywhere you listen to podcasts.  Resources - Take The One Percent Challenge - How Much Is Enough? - What's The Most Awesome Lifestyle? - The Power Of Marginal Gains *More Resources At InspiretoFIRE.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/inspire-to-fire/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/inspire-to-fire/support


20 Aug 2020

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1074: F.I.R.E. Movement Feature: Paula Pant, Founder of Afford Anything

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

This week I’m chatting with a number of people who identify as members of the FIRE movement, which stands for Financial Independence Retire EarlY. The mission is to intensely save and invest —over half your income—so you can retire sometime by 40 or sooner. The movement is often associated with white men who have high earning careers in software engineering or finance. And as a result the FIRE saving and investing advice and pursuit of FIRE  can be inapplicable to many..  So this week we’re speaking to the minority members of the FIRE group that are making the movement more diverse, more inclusive and more relevant.Today we’re speaking with Paula Pant, a prominent leader of the Financial Independence Retire Early movement and an enthusiastic investor with a soft spot for spreadsheets. She is the Founder of Afford Anything, a personal finance and financial independence website and host of the award-winning Afford Anything podcast.Paula’s core belief that “you can afford anything, but not everything” is the backbone of Afford Anything. Through expert interviews and bi-weekly “Ask Paula” episodes, listeners learn to think critically about how they spend limited resources like time, money, and energy.Paula survived Covid 19 earlier this spring so our conversation starts there…and we dive into her financial belief systems in this unusual time…have they changed? 


27 Jul 2020