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Episode 89: 3 Marketing Frameworks to Use on Your Writing Business with Evan Knox

The Savvy Scribe

Do you know what marketing frameworks are perfect for your writing business? Today, I'm with Evan Knox, the founder of Caffeine Marketing and a small business investor. He got into marketing because of his dad and grandfather, and then at some point, he wanted to use his marketing skills to help other business owners. That's why he started Caffeine Marketing.  Fun fact: He thought of his brand name while drinking coffee! Imagine? Many business owners struggle to choose a business name but not for Evan. So, what we're going to talk about in today’s episode with Evan is marketing frameworks plus tips that will ultimately propel your nurse writing career. 3 Marketing Frameworks We tend to over-complicate marketing that it becomes intimidating, so here are marketing frameworks you can use: 1. Simple Marketing2. Optimized Marketing3.  StoryBrand-Certified GuideLearn more about these marketing frameworks and let us know which of them sounds perfect for your writing business!His Best Advice for Business Owners  Every quarter you can look at all your expenses then go through them. Ask yourself if it helps grow your revenue or not. Ethan calls this the Trash and Trim method. This will help you get rid of expenses you no longer need, but if you still need it, maybe there is a better option out there. You can staple that into your Bench Accounting, an expense that you can justify because it saves you time. If you want something, remind yourself first of how much money you need for it. Is it worth it?Never stop learning, but at some point, you need to pick the information you really need. Evan also shares his favorite tools that he uses every day so, tune in!Support the show (http://www.thesavvyscribepodcast.com)


26 Jan 2021

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63. Paying Off $100,000 in Debt in 3 Years While Building a Business with Evan Knox

Silicon Alley

63. In Paying Off $100,000 in Debt in 3 Years While Building a Business, host William Glass sits down with Evan Knox the CEO & Founder of Caffeine Marketing, & CaffeineLabs. Evan helps small businesses nail their marketing and achieve incredible growth. Evan walks us through his journey of living an affluent middle-class life in Georgia and having all of that disappear in his teenage years. As a 12-year-old, Evan sold a $22,000 pair of earrings in his grandfather's jewelry store and the seeds of entrepreneurship were planted. Not only is this episode packed with Evan's compelling story, but you'll also hear practical advice you can apply to your life and business. Prepare for a value-packed episode. Evan's Official Bio: Evan Knox is the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and CaffeineLabs. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies. CaffeineLabs is the education arm of the Caffeine family and gives entrepreneurs the exact blueprint to run in order to grow the company they've been dreaming of. Connect with Evan on evanknox.com and caffeine.marketing Follow Evan on Instagram @evanbknox and @caffiene.marketing __ Follow The Silicon Alley Podcast - Instagram: https://instagram.com/siliconalleypodcast - LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/siliconalleypodcast - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSF39MO5e4z1SX9tYZEhNgA Theme music is Million Voices by Brett Miller - www.brettmillerofficial.com Ostrich is a personal finance app that uses the power of positive social accountability to help you define, set, & achieve your financial goals. Sign Up for Ostrich at https://www.getostrich.com Silicon Alley is a Financial Glass Production--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/silicon-alley/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/silicon-alley/support

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22 Jan 2021

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[343] Leadership and Sales Success, with Evan Knox

Authentic Persuasion Show

Want to separate your company from the competition? How do you set the right expectations? Building and scaling a successful company could be a difficult venture. One of the challenges to small business organizations is to bring in the wrong type of salesperson. Many times, companies do not set the right expectations or over-promise on deliverables. If the sales team set the proper expectation and do not oversell, that boosts customer lifetime value. If you’re in marketing, be willing to learn every single time. Successful business owners over the long term are humble and teachable, they’re not afraid and not flying blind. In this episode, Evan and I talk through how to transform your team from order takers into quota breakers. Common observations plus the marketing side. The minute we over-promise in marketing or sales, it does not help the company. We walk through the value of the product. Learn about sales and marketing, messaging, and strategy. Significantly increase your revenue. Buy Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker Get help with your sales team Book your free Sales Power Call with Jason Connect with Jason on LinkedIn Or go to Jason’s HUB – www.JasonCutter.com Connect with Evan on LinkedinEvan’s BioEvan is the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and CaffeineLabs. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies. CaffeineLabs is the education arm of the Caffeine family and gives entrepreneurs the exact blueprint to run to grow the company of their dreams.Evan’s LinksWebsite: https://caffeine.marketing/ / https://evanknox.comLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evan-knox/ Learn more about EvanShow less


2 Dec 2020

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Clarifying Your Business Message To Make People Listen and Buy With Evan Knox

Market Me Podcast

Evan is the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and small business investor. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies.In this episode, Mike sits down with Sean to discuss the seven-part framework to clarify your business's message so that people actually want to listen and buy your products/services.Market Me is a strategy podcast that covers all things marketing and business development. Your host Mike Moll records the show each week and publishes on Wednesdays. Download and listen on your favourite streaming platform or watch the video recording on YouTube. Each show is about 30 minutes long and filled with actionable strategies around building your personal brand, product positioning, growing an audience, sales funnels and marketing goals.Follow Mike Moll on Socialhttps://www.instagram.com/mikeajmoll/https://www.instagram.com/marketmeco/https://www.facebook.com/marketmeco/Check out Sean Campbellhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/seancampbell/https://www.facebook.com/seanallencampbell/https://twitter.com/sean_campbell/https://www.cascadeinsights.com/


4 Nov 2020

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Overcoming Adversity with an Internal Locus of Control with Evan Knox

Onward Podcast

Evan Knox grew up as an only child with everything he could ever want. Furthermore,  his dad struggled with substance abuse. Consequently, when Evan went into high school, his family lost everything due to his father's issues with narcotics. Then, his parents got divorced. Ultimately, Evan went on Christian missions straight out of high school and established a strong relationship with God. Later, Evan married a wonderful woman who struggled with finances and was $100,000 in debt. They paid the debt off within three years of being married. In addition, Evan began and finished his bachelor's degree within five months. Also, Evan started Caffeine Marketing to help business owners like his dad. Evan has doubled the bottom line revenue in his company every year for the past 3 years. Caffeine Marketing: Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies.  Most people just throw money into marketing, hoping it will work. Evan founded Caffeine Marketing to design a better way to help businesses create marketing that's profitable, not painful. Also, Evan believes that your marketing should deliver results.  And he understands what it feels like to be frustrated by marketing that doesn't work. That's why he’s helped over 100 leaders create digital marketing that actually grows his client's companies   Highlights: First Emily introduces Evan. Then Evan shares his personal story of overcoming adversity. Evan shares what it was like navigating life as a child to someone who struggled with narcotics, Then Evan explains how he was able to forgive his father. Next, Evan explains how he and his wife paid off nearly 100,000 of debt shorty after they got married. Also, Evan explains how earned his bachelor's degree within five months. Emily and Evan discuss how to cultivate discipline and share their morning routines. Finally, Evan explains why he chose to operate from an internal locus of control   Resources Mentioned: If you're in the business space Evan has a killer guide on "How To Build A Winning Sales Funnel" Evan's web page Caffeine Marketing  - Evan's company  Connect with Evan on instagram LinkedIn - Evan Knox Emily Harman Soul Pajamas Onward: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Onward Movement Facebook Group | YouTube PodcastPress


12 Oct 2020

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Evan Knox: Focusing On What Really Matters

The Mentor Project

Excited to bring on Evan Knox, the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and small business investor. We talk about: - Evan's story- Not pursuing the traditional path- Designing a business to fit your life- Paying off debt- Why Evan went back to university- How to make decisions- Being able to do it all- Planning and productivity- Delegation vs. empowering- Overcoming limitations- Full Focus Planner- Marketing in 2020- What you can do right now while in lockdown- The pressure to take a stanceAnd so much moreEvan: @evanbknoxhttps://evanknox.comhttps://caffeine.marketingFahad: @fahadlkhan


5 Oct 2020

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Episode 052 - Evan Knox

The Geoholics

Do yourself a favor and spend this hour with us as we learn what it takes be at the top of our branding and marketing game! Let's be honest, surveyors typically are not the best "business minded" people. Evan Knox, the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Caffeine Marketing, joined us and graciously shared an array of tips and tricks that will without question help you to grow your business and expand your personal brand. He brings a fresh and simple approach to something we tend to take for granted or in some cases completely ignore. The bottom line is "Bad Marketing is Costing You"! PJ does not know what bubble hockey is. BS is tired. DD and TLM celebrate an anniversary.  Please SUBSCRIBE to The Geoholics YouTube channel and be sure to support our Friends of the Program. Music for this episode by Hillsong Young & Free!

1hr 8mins

4 Oct 2020

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Marketing Made Simple With Evan Knox

The Lucky Titan

Investor | I make marketing easier for small companies ~Founder of Caffeine Marketing | StoryBrand Guidecaffeinemarketing.com


27 Aug 2020

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28. Evan Knox discusses how he owned/invested in 8 companies before his early thirties

Creating A Career

Evan KnoxFounder of Caffeine Marketing2:45 - Evan turned his skill set of digital marketing into having ownership in 8 different companies.4:25 - How to leverage your skill set to gain equity within a company10:45 - Are entrepreneurs born from Trauma? 14:00 - Evan shares how he hacked the  bachelor's degree system by getting  the entire degree in one semester, for the price of one semester. 16:45 - Why get a degree if you already have a successful business? Evan shares his thoughts on when you should and shouldn’t get a degree. 19:15 - Evan now wants to get a masters degree even tho he wasn’t sold on a bachelor's degree20:25 - Does where you got your degree matter more than you ability to do the job?22:50 - The internet is bringing us back to the entrepreneurial spirit that our country was founded upon25:50 - Time Span Capacity - 27:25 - Advice during Covid-19 - work smart and hard. It’s important to not only apply a lot but also apply to positions that are hiring. Some industries are doing really well right now. Try to find that type of employer/industry to better your odds. 28:30 - Don’t feel like you need to commit yourself to your employers for 5-10 years. This could be a job that helps you get experience and if after a year you think it’s best to leave you can. Your first job will not be your last job. Take what you can get and learn from it. 32:05 - “Will it matter a hundred years from now?” If not. Don’t worry about it too much. We worry far too much about things that aren’t a big deal. 


19 Aug 2020

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Ep. 177: Evan Knox: Adding the Power of Caffeine into Your Marketing

Spot On Insurance

Apple Podcasts Rate and Review for SpotOn Evan Knox is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Caffeine Marketing, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses build profitable marketing strategies. They have services and programs that can help clients get more leads, achieve better ROI, and have a bigger brand impact. Evan specializes in overall marketing strategy, social media marketing, sales funnel creation, SEO, and website design. Evan is also a Facebook Certified Buying Professional and a Facebook Certified Planning Professional. Evan joins us to share a few business hacks when it comes to marketing and what sets Caffeine Marketing apart from their competition. He describes what it’s like to be part of a family of entrepreneurs and why he started Caffeine Marketing. He explains the importance of tracking marketing data, especially Facebook ads and the difference between brand marketing and direct marketing. He discusses why you should write your brand story as a guide instead of as ‘the hero’. Evan also shares how you can communicate your business knowledge and expertise to your customers. "If you don't look at marketing like a science experiment, then you don't know which is a solution and which is not." - Evan Knox Today on Spot On Insurance: Who Evan Knox is and how he got to where he is today. What it's like to be part of a family of entrepreneurs. Evan's faith and doing service as part of the Christian community. How Evan started Caffeine Marketing and what his initial goal was. Evan's advice to entrepreneurs in solving their brand awareness problem. The difference between brand marketing and direct marketing. Writing your brand story as the guide. What sets Caffeine Marketing apart from the competition. Monitoring the returns of investments from your social media ads. How to best communicate your expertise to those who aren't experts.  Key Takeaways: Tracking your marketing data is a metric critical to the success of your business. Knowing the hardships of people all over the world can keep you grounded in life and in business. Solving your marketing problems requires a more scientific approach. Resources Mentioned: Zapier Gusto Bench Connect with Evan Knox: Evan Knox Official Website Caffeine Marketing Instagram evan@caffeine.marketing This episode was brought to you by….. Insurance Licensing Services of America (ILSA), America’s Premier Insurance Compliance and Licensing experts. To learn more about ILSA and their services, visit ILSAinc.com. Connect, Learn, Share Thank you for joining us on this week’s episode of Spot On Insurance. For more resources and episodes, visit SpotOnInsurance.com. Subscribe so you never miss an episode. Love what you’re learning, Spot Light your review on Apple Podcasts Rate and Review For SpotOn and share your favorite episodes with friends and colleagues!


11 Aug 2020