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“What is Love?” with Dr Helen Fisher

Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous

Move aside Haddaway, it’s time to give the stage to Dr Helen Fisher. She’s a Biological Anthropologist who has appeared on the Today Show, given multiple Ted Talks and today at 1pm EST, she adds Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous to her impressive repertoire to discuss….love.Specifically what is love?Why do you fall in love with one person rather than another?How have the past 2 years affected courtship, sex, love and marriage?You’re going to love it! Have any questions for Helen or just want a shoutout on air? You can potentially ask your question live or get a shoutout using $JAFFE coins which you can purchase via my creator coin link: rally.io/creator/JAFFEPurchase an “access” NFT (while stocks last – lol) and by buying this limited-edition art, you’ll get an e-book, access to pre-tapings, special shows AND locked channels on my discord server. Find out at nft.rally.io/jaffejuice I’ve quietly launched my discord server. I’ll be slow burn building it in parallel with you. Join at bit.ly/notfamousdiscordI’ll also be giving away $JAFFE coins every episode to viewers who tune in live. Watch full episodes at youtube.com/c/josephjaffeisnotfamous. Subscribe at bit.ly/subscribetotheshow Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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19 Jan 2022

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EP 24 - Changes for Women. Changes for Men? with Helen Fisher

Men Are Talking / Good Will Toward Men

Helen Fisher, a noted biological anthropologist, was one of the twenty-two women Jack interviewed in 1993 for his book Good Will Toward Men (St. Martin’s Press, 1994). In that interview, the idea of patriarchy was the main topic. In this new conversation, Helen spoke of the significance of women's achievement of jobs and careers. Jack asked about the need for something similarly revolutionary, liberating, and fulfilling for men. They didn’t agree, but there is never any question about Helen’s Good Will Toward Men. contact info: helenfisher.com STAY TUNED TO MALE-FRIENDLY MEDIA: • Stay up-to-date on Jack’s podcasts as well as his guest appearances on podcasts in other important niches: malefriendlymedia.com/stay-tuned www.malefriendlymedia.com


7 Jan 2022

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E19: Dr. Helen Fisher, The Science Behind Romantic Love

My Fame Explained

Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist, is Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute and Chief Science Advisor to Match.com. She uses brain scanning (fMRI) to study the neural systems associated with the sex drive, romantic love, attachment, rejection, love addiction and long-term partnership happiness. She has written six books on lust, romance and attachment now sold in 25 countries— among them: Why We Love; Why Him, Why Her?; and Anatomy of Love (2nd Ed). She also studies courtship trends in the digital age, using a representative sample of 50,000 single Americans to examine hooking up, friends with benefits, video chatting and why today’s dating patterns may lead to decades of relative family stability—due to a trend she calls “slow love.” Using data collected from her biologically-based questionnaire, the Fisher Temperament Inventory, now taken by 15+ million people in 40 countries, she is also studying the biological basis of personality and is a pioneer in examining the neurochemistry of team-building, innovation and leadership to explain how people of different biological styles of thinking are predisposed to work, buy, innovate and lead. Fisher appears regularly on national and international TV, radio, print and podcasts. She is a TED All-Star with over 12 million views of her TED talks; a recipient of the American Anthropological Association’s Distinguished Service Award for her work at presenting anthropological data to the public; and was chosen in 2015 by Business Insider as one of “The Fifteen Most Amazing Women in Science.” Follow Dr. Helen Fisher on her website at HelenFisher.com Follow the My Fame Explained podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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6 Sep 2021

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261: The Anatomy of Love with Dr. Helen Fisher

Stellar Life

Dr. Helen Fisher shares what she’s found in her years of studying love, the four brain systems, and how they affect our lives. Understand how these systems significantly affect our lives, especially the way we love.


31 Aug 2021

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1. Dr. Helen Fisher

Psych Busters

Welcome to our first episode of Psych Busters! Listen to Kate and Sharmila chat with Dr Helen Fisher, reader in Developmental Psychopathology, about her career, how she got there and the advice she has for sixth form psychologists. Her research focuses on schizophrenia and psychosis in young people and involves collaborations with charities, hospitals, universities and the National Gallery. Interested in psychology careers? You're in the right place. Follow us on... instagram: @psychbusters twitter: @busterspsych 


10 Jun 2021

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So tell me about yourself: Storytelling and the Science of Love with Helen Fisher

This Anthro Life

If Dr. Hellen Fisher isn’t a household name in your house (yet), her work certainly is. Helen is a biological anthropologist and basically the reason you can date online. She’s an expert on romantic love, gender differences, the evolution of human emotions and attraction. She has also been the Chief Scientific Advisor for Match.com and was instrumental in their offshoot, Chemistry.com. She has explored how love patterns are actually deeply coded in our physiology and neuropsychology. We talk about how to understand sex, love, and dating across human behavior, patterns in courtship, and the evolution of bonding.But beyond this, Helen is a wildly popular author, TED speaker and public intellectual. To this end brings to the table a wealth of insight into how to translate anthropological insights in ways that feel meaningful to people today.Hellen discusses her career path, how she strayed from the field of academia, became an accredited author and eventually an advisor to Match.com We discuss how to handle media attention, the tactics of public speaking, and how to connect to your audiences.In this episode we focus on: Fisher’s formula for making anthropology matter in the mainstream The biological anthropology of how we find love and who we are attracted to The ways in which we can apply/sell anthropology in a context outside of academia Effective tactics of public speaking and audience engagementGuest Bio: Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist who studies human behavior, love, and attraction. She has been the Chief Scientific Advisor for Match.com for ten years and was instrumental in their offshoot, Chemistry.com. Additionally Fisher is known for her TedTalks and is even a Ted All-Star but not only is she popular on the TedTalk circuit she also has appeared in several YouTube videos and has written books about love and relationships. Some of her books include Anatomy of Love (2016), Why We Love (2004), and Why Him Why Her? (2009).Where to Find Helen Fisher:helenfisher.comPew Research on online datingMusic: Epidemic Sounds Girl Like You (Instrumental Version) - Flux Vortex Sweet Talk (Instrumental Version) - Tyra ChanteyEpisode Art: Sara SchmiederEpisode Production: Elizabeth Smyth, Sara Schmieder, Sarah McDonough, Adam GamwellLeave a Review for our Book Give Away! (We've got one copy of Ghost Work with your name on it! - Leave us a review at one of the sites below and email a screen shot to thisanthrolife@gmail.com so we know it's you).This Anthro Life - Anthropology Podcast | Podchaser‎This Anthro Life on Apple Podcasts--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisanthrolife/message


4 Jun 2021

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Best of: Sex Drive, Love & Attachment w/ Dr. Helen Fisher

Sex With Emily

On today’s Best of episode, I am joined by renowned biological anthropologist and author of Anatomy of Love, Dr. Helen Fisher. We discuss whether love at first sight is possible, how our personality traits shape our attraction to others and the way our biology influences who we love.We dive into the parts of your brain responsible for your sex drive, romantic love, and deep attachment. Dr. Fisher also shares findings from studies she has done with Match to answer the question: why do you fall in love with one person rather than another? We also explore the best age to marry, why orgasms create connection, the importance of space in a relationship and why casual sex is not really so casual (hint: catching feelings is real). You can take Dr. Fisher’s personality test to learn about how your personality impacts who you love and how you bond.Take Dr. Fisher’s Personality Test here: https://theanatomyoflove.com/relationship-quizzes/helen-fishers-personality-test/For even more sex advice, tips, and tricks visit sexwithemily.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Jun 2021

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#49 - That Episode with Biological Anthropologist, Dr Helen Fisher

Ask a Matchmaker

This week, Maria is so excited to welcome Dr. Helen Fisher to the podcast to answer your dating and relationship questions!Fisher has written several books about  the evolution and future of human sex, love, marriage, gender differences in the brain, how your personality style shapes who you are and who you love, and more. Her books include Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray and Why Him? Why Her? Finding Real Love by Understanding your personality type. She is also the Chief Scientific Advisor for the internet dating site Match.com. Dr. Fisher is a senior research fellow at The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, and a member of the Center For Human Evolutionary Studies in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University. Prior to that, she was a research associate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.Fisher holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Psychology from New York University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.Visit Helen's website: https://helenfisher.com/Follow Hellen on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helenfishersexandlove/Purchase Hellen's books: https://www.amazon.com/Helen-Fisher/e/B000API2K0Enroll in the next Agape Intensive: https://agapematch.com/agape-group-coaching-intensive/ Follow Maria on Instagram Follow Maria on TikTok Have a question for Maria? Visit http://askamatchmaker.com Enroll in Agape Match’s Group Coaching Intensive: https://agapematch.com/events To learn more about how Maria and how her team can help you find love, visit agapematch.com


26 May 2021

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1119. Dr. Helen Fisher says, “Dogs are chick magnets!”

Animal Radio®

Pets Make You More Attractive Dr. Helen Fisher is a Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. She's been studying the correlation between pets and dating. Dr. Fisher says, "Dogs are chick magnets!" Women find men with a dog to be more attractive. But interestingly, or not, this does not work in reverse. In fact, the 'cat lady' has a negative stigma. Listen Now Major Pet Store Raided After Whistle Blowing Employee Police in Bellevue, Tennessee recently raided a national pet store chain location after getting a tip and photos concerning animal cruelty. That tip, along with the pictures, came from an employee at the PetSmart store. Listen Now Pet Insurance & Preexisting Conditions While pet insurance may seem like a good value, be sure to check to fine print. Some breeds predisposed to certain ailments, like hip-dysplasia, may be excluded from certain insurance policies, especially if your pet has been seen before for problems related to the claim. Listen Now Mandatory Pet Rental Laws If you don't own a home and you have a pet, you know that finding a home to rent that accepts pets can be difficult. According to a poll, 64% of respondents felt landlords should have the right to refuse to rent to pet owners, compared to 36% who felt landlords should not be able to deny a tenant's pets. Of course, opinions varied between homeowners and tenants. Listen Now Read more about this week's show.

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13 May 2021

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The Pat Kenny Eason Book Club Reviews 'Space Hopper' By Helen Fisher

Eason Book Club on The Pat Kenny Show

We are back with this months Eason book club, today Stefanie Preissner, Claudia Carroll and Keith Walsh review the space hopper by Helen Fisher.     Listen and subscribe to The Pat Kenny Show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.    Download, listen and subscribe on the Newstalk App.   You can also listen to Newstalk live on newstalk.com or on Alexa, by adding the Newstalk skill and asking: 'Alexa, play Newstalk'.

18 Mar 2021