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Avi Loeb on Aliens, Bob Lazar, Wormholes, Consciousness, SpaceX, and Many Worlds

Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/hTHDCD4MnqY Abraham "Avi" Loeb is an Israeli-American theoretical physicist who works on astrophysics and cosmology. Patreon for conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, and God: https://patreon.com/curtjaimungalHelp support conversations like this via PayPal: https://bit.ly/2EOR0M4Twitter: https://twitter.com/TOEwithCurtiTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/better-left-unsaid-with-curt-jaimungal/id1521758802Pandora: https://pdora.co/33b9lfPSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4gL14b92xAErofYQA7bU4eGoogle Podcasts: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Id3k7k7mfzahfx2fjqmw3vufb44Discord Invite Code (as of Mar 04 2021): dmGgQ2dRzSSubreddit r/TheoriesOfEverything: https://reddit.com/r/theoriesofeverything LINKS MENTIONED IN VIDEO:Brian Keating's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmXH_moPhfkqCk6S3b9RWuwSteve Scully's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM8_4BUpeNfEWJ-wwdIDJxQ TIMESTAMPS:00:00:00 Introduction00:01:27 On writing to sharpen one's thinking, and the purpose of Avi's writings00:04:16 Don't let the repudiation by "experts" deter your ideas00:11:49 Academia requires other people's evaluation and conformance00:17:12 How do you allow outré ideas while retaining integrity?00:18:21 Responding to the Pluto-like rock of Oumuamua theory of Desch and Jackson00:25:37 Why is investigating aliens considered academically uncouth?00:29:16 How the discovery of intelligent aliens would change society00:30:27 How to find alien relics00:31:53 Privatizing the search for aliens, and Elon Musk00:34:03 The problems with inhabiting Mars are deeper than Musk thinks00:35:41 Sean Carole's Many Worlds Interpretation00:41:14 Are singularities "real"?00:44:13 Bob Lazar00:49:35 Cosmic Inflation is not falsifiable01:00:26 Comparing velocities across different points on a manifold01:05:56 Testing Wolfram's theory using the lower bound on masses01:07:42 Eric Weinstein and innovation coming from the outside01:12:34 Gödel's theorems and a Theory of Everything01:15:02 Science learning from religion (and falsifying religion)01:21:35 What is the meaning of life? The question Avi would ask an alien01:24:29 Living forever. Heaven and hell as psychological phenomenon.01:26:04 Consciousness, emergence, and free will01:28:46 Wormholes01:29:29 Why is the universe "fine tuned" for life?01:30:37 Wisdom vs Intelligence01:34:09 Which goal should you follow?01:36:00 Steve Scully: Infinity of smallness and largeness01:37:15 Can you interpret data without presuming a theory?01:40:02 Barfyman: How has aging changed how Avi learns new math / physics?01:42:25 Learning math when you're over 4001:43:26 Artificial wisdom vs Artificial intelligence01:44:11 Brian Keating: Does Avi Loeb dislike the criticism of his ideas, due to his fame?01:49:47 How to balance work and life if you're extremely productive and work constantly?01:51:09 Why does Avi do podcasts?01:53:09 On abnegating social media01:56:58 Rabbitskywalk3r: Claims of Haim Eshed (former Israeli director of space programs)01:57:39 On UFO's and Prof. Kevin Knuth's analysis01:59:36 Getting data on aliens visiting Earth02:01:09 Amjad Hussain: Panpsychism, proto-consciousness, and aliens living with us * * * Subscribe if you want more conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, God, and the mathematics / physics of each. * * * I just finished (April 2021) a documentary called Better Left Unsaid http://betterleftunsaidfilm.com on the topic of "when does the left go too far?" Visit that site if you'd like to watch it.

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9 Apr 2021

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Episode 98 - Bob Lazar - Fact Or Fake?

UK Ghost Stories

This week we explore the widely known and disputed Bob Lazar


6 Apr 2021

Similar People

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Cross Pod Debate: 115 Reasons to Trust Bob Lazar... or Not.

Beyond Terrestrial Podcast

Chris and James from State of Fear join OG's Mike and Lee to debate the Bob Lazar story. Can Dan keep order? Probably not but someone has to try in this no holds barred, conspiracy laden, friendly slugfest. Which side will you land on? Get bonus content on PatreonSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/Beyond. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 20mins

17 Mar 2021

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The Alternate Route Podcast

Yet ANOTHER episode where we're just scraping the tip of the proverbial iceberg....A topic too important to cover in two hours...ALIEN CONTACT: ANCIENT to MODERN ....Have they always been here?  How much of what we know is based on what THEY have told/taught us? We got a little "testy" in our discussion at one point, but it is all good!  Passion inspires conversation...Of course, the usual levity can't keep its head out of the way, but that is how it goes on the Alternate Route Podcast! 

2hr 16mins

6 Mar 2021

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Exploring the Bizarre

“We have things in the desert that our fifty years ahead of anything you know about or could comprehend.” Ben Rich – Skunkworks “Exploring the Bizarre,” (KCORradio.com) hosts Tim Beckley and Tim R. Swartz welcomes JAMES GOODALL to our show. Jim is a recognized expert on Area 51; Tonopah Test Range (TTR); Stealth Aircraft and Technologies, and was a Docent at Kitt Peak National Observatories outside of Tucson. His last "real job" was that of Curator of the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, Hawaii until he retired in the Fall of 2013.He has been honored to have met some of the worlds top aviation designers, pilots, maintenance guys and support staff working for the likes of Lockheed Martin; Northrop Grumman; Boeing and a few of the old aviation industries that were merged or no longer here. In this exciting – off the cuff – program, Goodall discusses his knowledge of what’s going on inside Area 51 and Skunkworks. He discusses how he met the controversial Bob Lazar and why he believes Bob is telling the trust about his experiences at this secret bases with craft from some other world. Goodall is the author of such books as: "Sr-71 Pilot's Manual: The Official Us Air Force Sr-71a Flight Manual/Declassified," "Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird: The Illustrated History of America's Legendary Mach 3 Spy Plane," "America's Stealth Fighters and Bombers," and the upcoming "The US Navy's Fast-Attack Submarines," and "75 years of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works."

2 Feb 2021

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Aliens in the desert - Bob Lazar

R&R podcast

In this weeks episode we talk about the infamous Bob Lazar. From los Alamos to Area 51. It is one of the most bizarre and interesting stories surrounding flying saucers. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

1hr 7mins

24 Nov 2020

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Bob Lazar - Area 51 S4

Paranormal Playboy

Join us as we tell Bob Lazar's Story of his employment at S4 Area 51. We will dive deep into exactly what he did while we also relate his story to other similar happenings. We also let you know what we think. Is his story real? Listen to find out! Please Like, Rate, and Review on your favorite podcast platform! Follow us on Twitter @ParanormalPlayB

1hr 12mins

25 Oct 2020

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Area 51 - Bob Lazar - Element 115

The Mystery of Truth

We delve into Area 51 from the beginning. We also look at Bob Lazar revelations and Element 115 super power.


7 Sep 2020

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EP45: "Bob Lazar: Fock Ya or Fock No?"

Cass A Wide Net

• Subscribe $1.69 a month: www.patreon.com/fockyanation • for exclusive content! Support The Naysch!Cass zooms with DJ Kamoflage & Robert Thompson to talk Bob Lazar & Area 51.www.instagram.com/djkamoflage www.instagram.com/robertlandpod www.instagram.com/fockyanation www.twitter.com/thecassman www.twitter.com/fockyanationEmail fockyanation@gmail.comwww.fockyanation.com


29 Aug 2020

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Episode 213- Aliens and Bob Lazar

Nerds With Friends

The truth is out there, and we want to believe. We talk Aliens, Bob Lazar and Area 51 in this episode and try to decide, is it real, or is it all made up? We also talk about episode 1 of Lovecraft Country on HBO, and Doom Patrol. Let's get weird! Video also available on Youtube. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 7mins

25 Aug 2020