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Dr. Brooke Kalanick: Hormone Balance, Normalizing Stress, and Being Human

Fried. The Burnout Podcast

“That was a really, really low point for someone who should’ve known better. I was a hormone expert, and I completely destroyed my hormones,” shares Dr. Brooke Kalanick, licensed naturopathic doctor, author, and host of popular podcast, The Dr. Brooke Show. As someone who suffers from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) herself, Brooke specializes in helping women identify the root cause of their hormone imbalances and get back to feeling better with targeted diet and lifestyle changes. On today’s episode, Brooke discusses her personal burnout story and how it continues to inform her day-to-day life. Several factors contributed to the height of Brooke’s burnout. On the one hand, she was co-authoring a book about fat loss, which prompted her to enter into a damaging and dysfunctional diet and exercise cycle. Combined with a jarring personal attack in an Amazon review and an untimely injury, Brooke suddenly found herself losing the sense of balance she had worked so hard to build. Today, Brooke explains to listeners how she overcame her burnout and gained a newfound sense of authenticity and self-awareness in the process. Tune into today’s episode of FRIED. The Burnout Podcast for a conversation with Dr. Brooke Kalanick about the impacts of stress, particularly on women’s hormones, and how hormone disturbances can lead to significant health issues in all areas of the body. Hear Dr. Brooke’s story of facing her greatest fear head on and coming out on the other side better for it.  Quotes• “That was a really really low point for someone who should’ve known better. Right? I was a hormone expert and I completely destroyed my hormones.” (06:10-06:16)• “I think with the wellness world, and the sound bytes on social media, and the way functional medicine is talked about, we're always after the root cause. Which in theory is great. But if you’re in a place where you’re burnt out, you’ve gone through all this stuff, time has gone on, you’ve ignored symptoms for a long time. You don’t have one root cause. ” (11:45-12:15) • “There’s some real value in facing your biggest fear and then having to look at like why on earth was that my biggest fear?” (17:48-17:54)• “For me, I had certain values going into that first experience and they were more recognition, more money, more success, all of these things. I very much have different goals now. Obviously being a mother was something that changed…there was I think a place for me to rein myself in better.” (26:19-26:46)• “I think I learned the hard way that it's better to just share my pain and my experience and hope that less people will think I'm perfect and more people will feel like, ‘Oh, she understands me.’” (27:37-27:47)• “Things are stressful, because you care about them. For better or for worse, whether it's being driven by an insecurity or you actually love your child or your husband or your family, you wouldn't be stressed out if you didn't care. So, I think the first thing to recognize is that it's okay that you're stressed….Now are you going to deal with it?” (29:11-29:30) Linkswww.betterbydrbrooke.com www.instagram.com/betterbydrbrooke https://www.linkedin.com/in/brookekalanick/ https://betterbydrbrooke.com/5-pillars-opt-in/ https://caitdonovan.com/freebie-values XOXO,C If you know that it’s time to actually DO something about the burnout cycle you’ve been in for too long - book your free consult today: bit.ly/callcait Podcast production and show notes provided by HiveCast.fm Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


23 Jan 2022

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Dr. Brooke Kalanick | Give yourself the gift of muscle (and hormonal health)

Muscle Science for Women

This week Ashleigh sits down with functional medicine practitioner and co-author of the book Hangry, Dr. Brooke Kalanick, to talk about hormonal health, managing stress, and why muscle is the gift that keeps on giving. They cover practical tips on how to not let your health take the back burner no matter how busy you are; learning how to listen to your body and make adjustments without guilt or fear; and how the past year has made people more proactive about their health. They also touch on the challenges of peri-menopause and how to combat them, and Dr. Brooke backs up Ashleigh’s most common tips on the importance of eating protein and lifting weights. These aren’t fads, people! A licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Brooke attended Seattle, Washington’s Bastyr University, where she earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Her areas of expertise include female health, hypothyroidism and autoimmunity with specialties in PCOS, Hashimoto’s, menopause and weight loss. Learn more and work with Dr. Brooke - check out her website Betterbydrbrooke.com Please check out our newest show Sponsor, Palleovalley - they make my new favorite healthy snacks, 100% grassfed and fermented beef sticks and Superfood bars made with bone broth protein and packed with plant-based superfoods (while still managing to taste like a delicious, chocolatey treat). This company doesn’t cut corners, they combine the best that plants and animals have to offer for our health, and it shows - learn more at paleovalley.com and use the code MMR to save 15% on anything you buy! Learn more about Ashleigh, suggest an idea for the podcast, or sign up for one of her health coaching programs at ashleighvanhouten.com

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10 Aug 2021

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[Bonus Episode] Balancing Your Hormones: How to Stop Being Hangry with Sarah Fragoso & Dr. Brooke Kalanick

Ask the Health Expert

Sarah Fragoso and Dr. Brooke Kalanick share a passion for helping women live bigger, better lives. Their recently-released book, Hangry, helps women understand the powerful impact that hormones can have on hunger, energy levels, and mood, and how to balance your hormones so you can feel better fast! Listen as Dr. Brooke and Sarah share how the hormone hierarchy can help you figure out which hormones to address first, including why issues with cortisol and thyroid hormones are placed at the top of the priority list, while estrogen and progesterone imbalances are placed further down. Sarah and Dr. Brooke also reveal how to determine which type of exercise is best for your hormones, as well as common hormone disruptors that may be sneaking into your food. Plus they share their thoughts on the keto diet and their top recommendations if you're struggling with histamine intolerance. Find out how to reset your hormones so you never have to be hangry again! Get additional materials for Hangry including their Hormone Hierarchy Infographic at sarahanddrbrooke.com/hangry-gated-resources.


7 Aug 2021

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Losing The Dieting Dogma & Following The Five Pillars to Ultimate Health with Dr. Brooke Kalanick

The Other Side of Weight Loss

Dr Brooke is a licensed naturopathic and functional medicine physician and women’s hormone expert. She is the co-author of Hangry: 5 Simple Steps to Balance Your Hormones & Restore Your Joy and the host of the popular podcast the Dr Brooke Show. Dr Brooke specializes in PCOS, menopause, thyroid conditions, autoimmunity and various women’s hormone issues. She helps her patients get to the root cause of their hormonal imbalances and get back to feeling better with targeted diet and lifestyle habits. She teaches women how to understand their own hormone talk so they can finally work with their bodies, metabolism and hormones instead of being in a constant fight with themselves. You can find her at www.betterbydrbrooke.com In this episode; Brookes past coming from that typical dieting world with PCOS. The importance of learning your hormone hierarchy. Why cortisol & inflammation can stop the function of other hormones. Why you need to advocate for yourself with your doctor when you feel that something is off in your body. Learn about Dr. Brooke's five pillars to “Living from these Five Pillars makes what you do with diet and exercise more effective.” and more! Todays podcast is sponsored by DNA Power! Get $50 off your Total DNA kit when you use this link here and coupon code karenmartel!   Start your membership to the OnTrack group coaching program to help you balance your hormones and lose weight.   Take the Hormone Quiz and find out what is stopping you from losing weight.  Karen Martel, Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach and weight loss expert.  Visit https://karenmartel.com/  Karen's Facebook Karen's Instagram

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19 Jun 2021

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#124 The Hormone Hierarchy & Why You‘re So ‘Hangry‘ with Dr Brooke Kalanick

Hormones in Harmony

DR BROOKE KALANICK Dr Brooke Kalanick is a licensed naturopathic doctor and women’s hormone expert. She is the co-author of Hangry: 5 Simple Steps to Balance Your Hormones & Restore Your Joy and the host of the popular podcast the Dr Brooke Show. Dr Brooke specializes in PCOS, menopause, thyroid conditions, autoimmunity and various women’s hormone issues. She helps her patients get to the root cause of their hormonal imbalances and get back to feeling better with targeted diet and lifestyle habits. She teaches women how to understand their own hormone talk so they can finally work with their bodies, metabolism and hormones instead of being in a constant fight with themselves. She lives in NYC and when she’s not busy in her practice or as a mother and wife you can find her on a #mantrawalk or lifting weights. We discuss: The biggest factors contributing to female hormone imbalances The ‘Hormone Hierarchy’ and why the order you treat imbalances is so important How blood sugar dysregulation affects hormones Cravings - how to tell the difference between a true message from our body that we need carbs or sugar and hormonal imbalances What different cravings can tell us about our health and hormones Exercise - the importance of strength training & daily walking in particular Mentioned: Previous Episode on Histamine Intolerance & MCAS https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/hormones-in-harmony/id1449574387?i=1000482771815 Blog posts on Histamine Intolerance: https://www.vivanaturalhealth.co.uk/single-post/histamine-and-your-hormones https://www.vivanaturalhealth.co.uk/single-post/natural-solutions-for-histamine-intolerance Dr Brooke's NEW Book 'Hangry' https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hangry-Hormones-Including-Customizable-Mediterranean-ebook/dp/B07D2BDKXV Dr Brooke’s Website https://betterbydrbrooke.com Dr Brooke’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/betterbydrbrooke/ Dr Brooke’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/betterbydrbrooke Dr Brooke’s Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/dr-brooke-show/id1124755635 -------- MY LINKS: Try my favourite ORGANO KING coffee Grab my favourite BluBlox glasses Buy Queen of the Thrones CASTOR OIL PACK with 10% discount using code HORMONES10 ———— Got a podcast question? Send you emails to hormonesinharmony@gmail.com  Enjoyed this episode? Leave me a rating and review so that I can share this podcast with more women Want more from me? You can find me online… Website www.vivanaturalhealth.co.uk Instagram www.instagram.com/vivanaturalhealth Facebook www.facebook.com/vivanaturalhealth Email enquiries@vivanaturalhealth.co.uk Tune in now on iTunes, Spotify, my website or watch on Youtube (Viva Natural Health) If you are enjoying the podcast, please leave me a rating and review, as this helps me to reach more women and continue to interview awesome guests! Make sure you hit subscribe so that you never miss an episode!

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14 Jun 2021

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Understanding Histamines with Dr. Brooke Kalanick

The WellBe Podcast (getwellbe)

It's springtime, which means...allergies! People who suffer from allergies know that all the blooming plants and trees can cause a whole host of symptoms, but most of us don't fully understand how and why allergies occur. In this episode, Adrienne speaks with Dr. Brooke Kalanick, an expert on the very thing at the center of allergy symptoms: histamine. Dr. Brooke explains exactly what histamines are and how they work — including some eye-opening info on the many different things they do besides making you sneeze! She also explains the concept of "histamine intolerance," and why it doesn't mean what a lot of people think it means. Listen to learn all of the above, plus the best low-histamine diet, how histamines affect female hormones, why finding the "root cause" isn't always possible, and much more. Join the conversation at the written version of the article here: https://getwellbe.com/changemakers/high-histamine-levels-dr-brooke/

1hr 8mins

10 May 2021

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Dr. Brooke Kalanick: Do Alcohol and Thyroid Patients Mix? - Thyroid Refresh TV Ep. 48

Thyroid Refresh TV

In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Dr. Brooke Kalanick. Dr. Brooke earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University along with a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Join us for a fascinating discussion with Dr. Brooke about alcohol, and what thyroid patients should take into account before having a drink. Tune in to learn more!


19 May 2020

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#083: Are Your Hormone Issues Really Histamine Issues? with Dr. Brooke Kalanick

The Hormone Prescription with Dr. Kyrin Dunston

If you’ve been suffering with hormone imbalances that remain unresolved then the problem might actually be due to a histamine problem.Many are familiar with histamine as the mediator or allergic symptoms but few know about the interaction between histamine and sex hormones and how this hormone can cause female symptoms like heavy painful periods to global problems including gastrointestinal dysfunction, mood and memory problems.Naturopathic Physician, Hormone Expert and author of Hangry, Dr. Brooke Kalanick, explains this connection, how to know if you have a problem with your histamine and what to do about it. Key Notes:Factors that cause unbalanced hormonesThe connection between histamine and hormonesHow to diagnose if you have histamine issuesFoods to avoid if you have histamine issuesRemedies for hormone histamine concernsQuotes:“We love supplement one-shot wonders but they rarely fix the problem.” – Dr. Kyrin“Health is all about balance.” – Dr. Kyrin “Her brilliant health means being my own best friend.” – Dr. Brooke KalanickLinks Mentioned:Dr. Brooke Kalanick’s website - https://betterbydrbrooke.com/Guide To Lab Testing & Your Hormones - https://betterbydrbrooke.com/lp/lab-guide/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


17 Mar 2020

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84. Brooke Kalanick ND, MS, LAc

Mindfulness-Based Weight Loss Podcast

Dr Brooke maintains a private practice and lives with her two adorable daughters and funny man, Joe Larson. She is well-versed in prescription medications, and takes a balanced approach to using both conventional and alternative therapies. Her areas of expertise include female health, hypothyroidism and autoimmunity with specialties in PCOS, Hashimoto’s, menopause and weight loss. You can also listen to Dr Brooke and Sarah each week on their podcast, The Sarah & Dr Brooke Show. Get full show notes and more information here:  https://www.luciahawley.com/podcast/84


20 Feb 2020

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18. Get to the Bottom of Your Thyroid Health | with Dr. Brooke Kalanick

Healing Hormones

Dr. Brooke Kalanick is a licensed and naturopathic doctor, women’s hormone expert, the co-author of Hangry: 5 Simple Steps to Balance Your Hormones and Restore Your Joy, and the co-host of The Sarah & Dr. Brooke Show. Phew! That’s a lot of awesome in one woman.And Dr. Kalanick is on the show to teach us about a really important topic that not a lot of people think about: thyroid health! There are so many women out there that have undiagnosed thyroid issues because doctors don’t always run the necessary labs to get to the bottom of women’s issues. We talk about why this is, and why going to a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor might be a good next step for you if you’re suffering from thyroid symptoms. Whether you currently have a thyroid condition, you feel like there’s something going on under the surface, or you just want to know more about your body, there is so much information in here for you!We Chat About:Seeking naturopathic medicine when traditional medicine isn’t the right pathKnowing what you can do to make yourself feel betterReading your labs properlyWhy there are so many thyroid tests and what they meanHow you would get all these testsConsiderations when thinking of taking thyroid medicationHard and fast rules when it comes to glutenFinding information on the food and lifestyle changes that affect your thyroidThe hormone hierarchyNaturelle Company is a woman-owned company with the goal to empower and support women along their journey to become their healthiest and happiest self, and they do this with a line of really incredible supplements. I really love their PMS Hormonal Therapy, which I’ve already recommended to a few of my clients. It targets premenstrual symptoms, helps restore hormone balance, and promotes optimal wellness, made with all-natural ingredients that promote the proper ratio of progesterone to estrogen.You can use the code "nina15" to get 15% off your order at naturellecompany.com!Resources:Betterbydrbrooke.comInstagram: @betterbydrbrookeRead: Hangry: 5 Simple Steps to Balance Your Hormones and Restore Your JoyThe Lab GuideConnect With Us:Subscribe on Apple PodcastsSubscribe on Google PodcastsStart your FREE 14-Day Gut RebootConnect on Instagram: @nourishedwithninaPrivate Hormone CoachingHealing Hormones is a production of Crate MediaMentioned in this episode:FAM TrainingLearn how to prevent pregnancy naturally and ditch birth control without fear. This training is for women who have been thinking about getting off birth control and have questions about fertility awareness method (FAM).Join my FREE FAM Training

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10 Feb 2020