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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ken Medema. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ken Medema, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ken Medema. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ken Medema, often where they are interviewed.

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125. Ken Medema on Music & Faith

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Musician Ken Medema talks with Word&Way Editor & President Brian Kaylor about his music and concern for justice. He also talks about his weekly live concerts on his Facebook page on Wednesdays amid coronavirus. 

(This episode is sponsored in part by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.)

May 22 2020 · 33mins
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Confirmation 2018 with Ken Medema

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On Sunday, June 4, 2018, we had a couple of incredible worship services! We were led in music by the incredibly gracious and talented Ken Medema (kenmedema.com) and confirmed 8 young people into the church. It was a great day! Our scriptures were 2 Corinthians 4:5-12 and Mark 2:26-3:6. At the end of the sermon, an improvised musical response from Ken is part of the podcast! 

Show notes: Our church website is stsumc.org, check us out! Join us for worship Sunday mornings at 8:30 or 11:00 am at 2003 W. 43rd St. in Houston, Texas. The music in our intro is from bensound.com.

Jun 04 2018 · 21mins

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Be Daring: You Are Enough, with Ken Medema

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Blind from birth, Ken Medema has always lived in a world of sound. Known and admired internationally for his improvisation skills, Ken outlines the steps to teaching your choir students how to improvise, unlocking both their voice and their courage. As a bonus, Ken also writes an impromptu country song about Ryan’s new bride, Amanda!

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Highlight to Tweet: “My program to win friends through rock&roll wasn’t that successful. I started with 1 friend and graduated with 2.” -Ken Medema

“Daring in one area usually leads to daring in another.” -Ken Medema

Show Notes:
  • Ken Medema has been blind from birth. High school choir was a revelation for him; a class based on sound instead of sight. He pursued his love of music through college and into a music therapy career before turning to composition and performance.
  • Three goals for choir experiences: build community; explore new things (improvisation); introduce new music
  • Every time you speak, you are improvising. You simply respond.
    • Start with a melody
    • Throw in some harmony
    • Introduce some simple call and response phrases, building each time.
    • Return to main tune.
    • Model a phrase too long for a singer to echo; encourage them to respond with something similar.
  • When encouraging a singer to improvise, kneel in front of them instead of standing over them. This “servant posture” is more welcoming and less intimidating.
  • Benefits of improvisation:
    • Students get to hear their own voice, and the voices of their comrades.
    • They realize the ability to MAKE music, not just reproduce someone else’s.
    • People gain courage, not just in the musical realm, but elsewhere.

Ken Medema has been singing and composing since 1973.His music encompasses solo recordings, improvisation, personal songs for individuals, and tons of choral pieces.Blind from birth, he seeks to offer perspective for the voiceless. the choir room was where he first found his home and freedom to be himself.

Resources/links Mentioned:

  • Choir Nation group on Facebook - Going to TMEA? Meet up with other Choir Ninjas! Join the Choir Nation Facebook group for time and location.
  • Email Patreon - Support the podcast!
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Jan 24 2018 · 47mins
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Ken Medema: A Blind Musician

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Ken Medema, consultant in musical therapy, pianist, composer, and vocalist, discusses growing up blind and the benefits music therapy.
Nov 17 2016 · 25mins
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Ken Medema - Fall 2011 Hearn Music Innovator Series Presenter

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This week at our Community Gathering for Worship we welcomed Ken Medema, presenter of the Fall 2011 Hearn Music Innovator Series at Baylor University. Though he was born blind, Mr. Medema began playing the piano at the age of 5 and later became a classically trained pianist. His lyrics generally provide social commentary on themes such as justice, hunger, poverty, homelessness, and Christian charity as it pertains to them.
Sep 20 2011 · 54mins