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Amy Mahjoory

In the Limelight with Clarissa Burt

Entrepreneur Talk: In today’s episode, Clarissa chats with multi-talented Amy Mahjoory. Amy is a real estate investor, a HGTV personality, a networking coach, and a keynote speaker.  One of Amy’s missions is to help real estate investors raise private money for their business. Doing so has brought Amy to see real estate investors all over the country grow their existing businesses and start new ones. www.amymahjoory.com 


2 Jun 2021

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Amy Mahjoory: Expert in Raising Private Capital

Alcoholic Entrepreneur Podcast

Amy Mahjoory has been my real estate coach from the beginning of our real estate investing journey, and she is a killer real estate coach!! But what we didn't realize we were also getting was an expert in raising private capital. What a blessing this was!When Amy left her corporate job to become a real estate investor she immediately began raising private money. In her first year she was able to raise millions of dollars in private money that allowed her to scale her business very quickly. After writing a book on how to raise private money, she now  has an online master class as well called "Raising Private Money Master Class". Whether you are looking to scale your business or you are just starting out in your entrepreneurial journey, do yourself a favor...invest in yourself and click the link below. https://www.raisingpm.com/webinar?affiliate_id=3045791I am a product of Amy's coaching and tutelage, take my advice and join her growing community of entrepreneurs! 


19 Mar 2021

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Networking with Purpose w/ Amy Mahjoory

The Play Inspired Podcast

This week on The Play Inspired Podcast we hang out with the amazing Amy Mahjoory Amy is a Real Estate Investor & Educator, Best Selling Author, HGTV Personality, Networking Coach & Keynote Speaker who built her business by Networking w/ A Purpose! Connect with Amy: https://www.instagram.com/amymahjoory/ Follow The Play Inspired Podcast On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judithvvergara/


17 Mar 2021

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Networking with a Purpose—Raising Capital for ANY Business: Amy Mahjoory

Why Not Me Academy

In this episode, we will hear from guest Amy Mahjoory. Amy built her own real estate investment company, raised millions of dollars, and made an appearance on HGTV. She also wrote a book called Networking With a Purpose. Amy will talk to us about where to find private money, how to create a good elevator pitch and what sources of income people can use to invest. She also touches on how to help introverts who are interested in real estate to network with a purpose.  If you have had the thought that you want to invest but you don’t have enough money, this episode will give you a new mindset. There’s money everywhere, and Amy will help you find it.  Arthur Williams "Just Do It" speech: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=arthur+williiams+just+do+oit+speach Amy's website: https://amymahjoory.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amymahjoory/ Networking with a purpose: https://www.amazon.com/Networking-Purpose-Raised-Million-Dollars-ebook/dp/B07G6Q9PX2 https://whynotmeacademy.com/airbnb/


3 Mar 2021

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HGTV personality Amy Mahjoory gets very real on the ups and downs in property and mastering strategic networking to fund her projects #75

The Nicole Bremner Podcast

EP75: Tear jerker alert! Amy really was such a lovely guest. I welled up, and so did she, as she opened up about the near-failure of her business and what she did to move on and learn from her mistakes. Clearly it's still raw but her humility and willingness to talk about provides us with such value. Also an HGTV presenter and best-selling author Amy Mahjoory who mastered the art  of strategic networking while in a corporate environment before transferring her skills to real estate. Over the last 8 years have raised over $16 Million in private money.  Amy also discussed her traditional roots and how she defied her family's dream for her to pursue entrepreneurship. In this podcast we also discussed her journey with mentors and coaches in which a system Amy encourages that you can apply to yourself. Also how she transitioned from being a shy kid to being an extrovert and how this attitude propels her to greater heights.About Amy Mahjoory:Amy is an expert real estate investor and educator, best selling author, HGTV personality, networking coach and keynote speaker. Before pursuing her passion in Entrepreneurship, Amy was a highly recognised global leader in procurement, logistics, and operations management for Dell. After 14 years in corporate America, Amy quickly realised that a traditional education combined with the security of a 9-5 was not going to produce the results she wanted to achieve. Amy’s success can be attributed, in large part, to her team-building talents and cutting-edge business systems. She focuses on surrounding herself with some of the most dynamic and dedicated entrepreneurs, mentors, peers, employees, and investors. Her training include Strategic Networking, Team Building, Problem Solving, Outsourcing, and Raising Capital. Amy has a genuine interest in helping others succeed. Most of her success originates from her belief in working smarter, not harder. Amy’s number one goal is to provide the absolute highest level of service to her clients.Follow Amy :• Website: https://amymahjoory.com/• Instagram :  https://www.instagram.com/amymahjoory/• Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Amy-Mahjoory-2257653407619681Hosted by Nicole Bremner:Nicole is an investor, speaker, writer, and podcaster. After a frantic decade building out a property portfolio worth millions throughout London recent personal and professional setbacks forced her to stop and reassess what really matters. After a period of healing, Nicole realised that what comes after a setback is a success. Nicole focuses on telling these stories of #reboundaftersetback and the lessons learned along the way. Connect with Nicole:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolebremnerInstagram: http://instagram.com/nsbremnerYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/NicoleBremnerYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SailingSavvyFacebook: http://facebook.com/nicolesbremnerDisclaimerThe views and opinions expressed in this podcast belong solely to the host and guest speakers. The view and opinions of the guest speakers do not represent that of the host. Always do your own research. Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/NicoleBremner)Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/NicoleBremner)


27 Jan 2021

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FINANCE - Finding Deals and Networking in Real Estate with Amy Mahjoory

Suburban Folk

My Guest is Amy Mahjoory, real estate investor, author and coach.  She walks through her journey from 9 - 5 job to real estate investing.  She emphasizes the importance of having the right systems and teams in place to be successful.  She describes how she accomplished this through using coaches to help her learn more quickly and through networking.  We also discuss how networking is key to raising capital.  Finally, she talks about her reasons for writing her book, Networking with a Purpose, and how it can help new investors. For more information about Amy, visit: https://amymahjoory.com/ or check Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amymahjoory/ For more content like this, visit https://suburbanfolk.com.


18 Jan 2021

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134: Building Your Dream Team with Amy Mahjoory

More Than Corporate

Amy is an expert real estate investor & educator, best-selling author, HGTV personality & keynote speaker. For the past 19 years, Amy has studied the art of strategic networking. Before pursuing her passion in Entrepreneurship, Amy was a highly recognized global leader in Procurement, Logistics and Operations Management for Dell. After 14 years in corporate America, Amy quickly realized that a traditional education combined with the security of a 9-5 was not going to produce the results she wanted to achieve. Amy’s success can be attributed, in large part, to her team-building talents and cutting-edge business systems. She focuses on surrounding herself with some of the most dynamic and dedicated entrepreneurs, mentors, peers, employees and investors. Her trainings include Strategic Networking, Team Building, Problem Solving, Outsourcing and Raising Capital. Amy has a genuine interest in helping others succeed. Most of her success originates from her belief in working smarter, not harder. Amy’s number one goal is to provide the absolute highest level of service to her clients. Connect with Amy Majoory:AmyMahjoory.comOne this episode:Amber and Amy discuss the importance of a team, a support system, and not letting early failures hold you back from staying the course. Tweetable Quotes:"If you're not getting the support you need in your family... branch out. Go find it. There is support is in the community of entrepreneurism." -Amber Fuhriman"There was a great deal of fear leaving my corporate job... but when I did I never looked back." -Amy Mahjoory"Throw away your agenda. It is irrelevant. Know what problem you're going to solve for people and build your team." -Amy MahjooryConnect with other incredible people looking to break out of the corporate mindset by joining the More Than Corporate Facebook group: http://bit.ly/2MuWn53 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Dec 2020

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EP 176 - Purpose in a Wildly Successful Real Estate Business with Amy Mahjoory

Abundantly Clear Podcast

After losing her uncle to cancer in 2013, Amy realized that tomorrow is never promised. This experience made a huge shift in her life’s purpose and mindset. The power of leverage became clearer more than ever. While still working at her full tie job, she started out as a part-time investor. Her quest for knowledge and focus granted her the privilege of working with some of the most dedicated entrepreneurs, mentors, peers, employees and investors.  Amy currently coaches and mentors real estate investors on the strategies she used to raise over $16 Million in private money. She is genuinely interested in helping others succeed and is committed to providing the absolute highest level of service to her clients. Tune in to today’s episode to learn how you can crush it in the real estate business if you work on it with a purpose. You’ll learn: How simplifying the complex stuff and being committed to a single course at a time can propel you to a greater height. How Amy broke even and turned her side hustle into a fulltime job that she enjoys. How her why shifted from “money” to “time” and why this shift brought her more fulfilment. and so much more! Favourite Quote: Do you have a why? If not, maybe come up with one. And if you have one, does it make you emotional? I'm not saying you have to cry about it, but is there substance around it? If you want to make money, great. But why do you want to make money? Because once you have an emotional why, that's going to naturally motivate you and drive you daily to take action. - Amy Mahjoory Connect with Amy: Website: https://amymahjoory.com/ Facebook: Amy Mahjoory Instagram: @amymahjoory How to get involved Malorie has become an expert in helping people remove their mindset blocks, so they can experience the growth in their business and decrease in stress they desire. Check the site to learn more, download a freebie and stay connected. If you liked this episode, take a moment to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and post a review, or visit us here - and be sure to check out episodes 57, 63 and 24 to hear more from Malorie’s clients!


2 Dec 2020

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Creating deeper connections. An interview with Amy Mahjoory.

The Lindsey Elmore Show

In today’s episode of the Lindsey Elmore Show, we’re talking all about creating greater connections, becoming the life of the party, and understanding that we can build true meaningful relationships.Amy Mahjoory is an expert real estate investor, an educator, a best selling author, a key note speaker and HGTV personality.Amy shares how we can become a better communicator, especially when we’re being introduced to new people. She has a genuine interest in how to help others succeed. Her belief is that you can work smarter not harder, and her number one goal is to provide the highest level of service to her clients, and those she makes connections with.After that Lindsey shares a few tips and tricks she learned from acting about how we can become better conversationalists, and create deeper connections.


22 Oct 2020

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Network Your Way to Private Money, with Amy Mahjoory

REI Clarity

Our guest today is Amy Mahjoory, a real estate investor and educator. She raised over $16M from private money lenders through networking. In this episode, she shares with us how to grow a thoughtful and well-rounded network of service providers and mentors. If you are ready to learn the exact steps of successful networking, then this episode is for you! Learn more about Amy and her journey at reiclarity.com! “You want to surround yourself with like-minded people, people on the same mission. As you do that, it's actually going to have a snowball effect on you personally, professionally.” 02:37 Amy started her journey in corporate America, working for Dell Computers for 14 years. However, she knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur and had a great deal of interest in real estate. Although she was never looked at as a leader, she was very good at strategic networking. This skill helped her reach incredible success through real estate. According to Amy, she learned networking in her childhood, as she came from a big family of many aunts, uncles, and siblings living together. This experience helped her navigate difficult situations and become an excellent networker. During her real estate career, she was able to raise $16M in private money and now she coaches others on how to do the same. “It's time to start networking. It's time to start talking to people, start getting out there, and developing relationships.” 12:09 Amy is teaching a 4 step method on how to network efficiently and successfully. Her framework is called the FACT method. Foundation: Figure out who you are and what your goals are. Understand your “Why”. Then create a short, 20-second elevator pitch you can use in networking events. Action: Start your marketing and be active on social media. Start developing relationships outside your friends and family circle and let the world know about your mission. Credibility: Create your credibility pieces like your online portfolio, pricing, contracts, and put systems in place. Transactions: Network consistently to have more and more deals come in. If you do this right, then transactions from your private money lenders will start to roll in. “Stay focused, keep the end in mind, get out there, and connect yourself with people who are doing exactly what you're doing.” 30:21 Amy has been a real estate coach and keynote speaker since 2014. After her daughter was born in 2018, she wanted to stop traveling all over the country for speaking. She decided to focus on one topic in her coaching business, raising private money, as this is an area that many investors are struggling with. She is launching a webinar in August 2020, where she not only talks about how she raised $16M in 4 years but about raising $388k on her very first deal in just 21 days. Check out her masterclass here. Mentioned in the show: 10 networking question raisingcapitalforyourbusiness.com www.shineinsurance.com/reiclarity Learn how to grow your portfolio and reach incredible success the right way! Visit us here for everything you need to know: www.shineinsurance.com/reiclarity.  Special thanks to Amy Mahjoory for taking the time to share so many great insights with us   If you enjoyed this podcast, there’s a couple of things we need you to do right now:    SUBSCRIBE to REI Clarity on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts    While your there, please RATE & REVIEW the show    SHARE with friends   Finally, please, JOIN the REI Clarity Facebook Group Then, please share the show with whoever you think it will inspire. Until the next time, We truly appreciate you listening. Need the REI Insurance Guy? More great stories & information at: Youtube - Blog - Podcast Facebook - Twitter


24 Aug 2020