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Rebekah O'Neill - Joe Biden's First Day In Office

Jennifer Zamparelli

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States yesterday and this morning, our US reporter Rebekah O'Neill told us how his first day in office went.


21 Jan 2021

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Report from the USA with Rebekah O'Neill

Jennifer Zamparelli

It is the week of the inauguration and with tensions in America at an all time high, Rebekah O’Neill has the latest news from there


19 Jan 2021

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Rebekah O'Neill - Report US Election

Jennifer Zamparelli

Rebekah O'Neill spoke to Jen live from the US on the latest from the election


4 Nov 2020

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Rebekah O'Neill - Report from NYC

Jennifer Zamparelli

Rebekah spoke to Jen about all things Stateside ahead of US election day tomorrow


2 Nov 2020

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Report from NYC - Rebekah O'Neill

Jennifer Zamparelli

There are just over two weeks until the US presidential election and New York based reporter Rebekah O’Neill filled us in on what's going on Stateside


19 Oct 2020

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New York Reporter Rebekah O'Neill

Jennifer Zamparelli

It’s less than a month now until the election in America so we are going to check in every Monday with reporter Rebekah O’Neill in New York. Rebekah gave an update on Trump's health and his decision to take a drive outside his hospital to wave at well-wishers last night


5 Oct 2020

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Rebekah O'Flaherty : Podcast

Rebekah O'Flaherty

Claire Hatton interviews CEO Rebekah O'Flaherty. 


19 Nov 2019

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Rebekah O'Dell-A Sequence of Happy Accidents

Little Lives in the Suburbs

In this episode we talk to Rebekah O'Dell. Rebekah is a middle school English teacher with a heart for issues of social justice and equality. Growing up, she thought she'd either be on Broadway or spend her life saving all the whales, but she accidentally fell in love with teaching. Rebekah sees herself as a "window builder," someone who exposes her students to issues of poverty, inequality, and injustice through young adult literature. Scottie needs someone to beer her some strength on a family vacation, Grace finds joy walking through IKEA without kids, and Laura recommends the book Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle.

1hr 6mins

15 Oct 2019

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S 2, Ep 9: Moving Writers with Mentor Texts: A Conversation with Rebekah O’Dell & Allison Marchetti


“Do real writers get assigned topics and have to force them into five-paragraph essays by their editors?” Allison Marchetti and Rebekah O’Dell, co-authors of the popular blog movingwriters.org, Writing with Mentors, and Beyond Literary Analysis, use real world texts as mentor texts to teach the skills of writing. In this episode, Marchetti and O’Dell chat with co-host, Kim, discussing engaging and relevant writing instruction, the writer’s notebook, and partnering with parents to support student writing. With so many changes to 21st-century education and learning, what should we try tomorrow, this week, and this month?


1 Mar 2018

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Beyond Literary Analysis with Allison Marchetti and Rebekah O'Dell

Heinemann Podcast

In your daily life, would you voluntarily sit down to write an analytical essay on The Odyssey? Or on Catcher in the Rye? Probably not. Would you like to read and grade more than one hundred identical essays about these novels instead? Probably not. So, why do we ask our students to this year after year?Today on the Heinemann Podcast, authors Allison Marchetti & Rebekah O’Dell explore alternatives to the dreaded literary analysis essays in their new book, Beyond Literary Analysis. Allison and Rebekah explore the meaning of analysis from an entirely new perspective, in hopes of challenging traditional notions of what students should be analyzing and how they should write about. They want student writing to be where passion and analysis meet by redefining the meaning of the word “text.”We began our conversation discussing how this new understanding of analysis came to be. 


2 Feb 2018