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Tones & Drones w/ Erik Wollo

Tones & Drones

On this episode of "Tones & Drones" a conversation with Erik Wollo. He is one of Norway's foremost composers, and has been a professional artist since 1980.  Erik has released over 50 albums. Music that can be classified in the genres of space, drone, new age, and electronic music. A true pioneer and always looking for new ways of expression. Using guitar as the primary instrument in a highly imaginary and emotional music, building a bridge between grand symphonic realms and gentle, minimal and serene atmospheres.  For more information on Erik Wollo visit:  https://erik-wollo-homepage7.webnode.com/ https://projektrecords.bandcamp.com/album/recurrence "Tones & Drones" is hosted and produced by Jason M. Miller in the studios of 91.3 FM KVLU. For more information about the station visit:  www.kvlu.org Music is this episode was used by permission of the artist.

1hr 24mins

8 Mar 2021

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Erik Wollo Special: No 157

Sequences Magazine

Erik Wollo Special Edition:When it comes to the electric guitar in Electronic Music one name that is always at the forefront, Norwegian professional musician Erik Wollo.After over 30 years of innovative writing and recording, he has developed his own style, playing and composing not only very expressive synthesiser parts, but also blending it with his own guitar style.With this special edition we’ve concentrated on Erik’s solo releases to date, a catalog of over 30 albums including EP’s & mini albums, starting with his latest release, ’Sources’, earlier music from 1986 to 1992, taken from previously unheard tapes, to his first offical album aptly titled, ‘Where It All Begins’.Near Future’ (album Sources ) https://erik-wollo.bandcamp.com 201907.20 ‘Infinite Moments Part 4’ (album Infinite Moments) wwwprojekt.com 201912.38 ‘Ravel Peak’ (album Threshold Point) www.projekt.com 201816.22 ‘Motion Blue’ (album Different Spaces) www.projekt.com 201721.46 ‘Crescent Moon’ (album Cinematic) www.projekt.com 201729.00 ‘Silent Current’ (album Star’s End 2015 (Silent Currents 4) www.projekt.com 2016 35.31 ‘Echotides No2’ (album Echotides) www.projekt.com 201539.00 ‘Sepia’ (album Blue Radiance) www.projekt.com 201544.04 ‘Swirled Lights‘ (EP Tundra) www.projekt.com 201449.05 ’Timescape’ (album Timelines) www.projekt.com 201453.32 ‘Silent Currents 3’ (album Silent Currents 3) www.projekt.com 201301.02.14 ‘Celestia 2’ (EP Celestia) www.projekt.com 2013 01.07.51 ‘Airbourne 2’ (album Airbourne)www.projekt.com 201201.12.33 ‘Crystal Bells 1’ (EP Crystal Bells) www.projekt.com 201201.18.40 ‘Nocturne 2’ (EP Nocturnes) www.projekt.com 201201.22.41 ’Silent Currents 2 pt 10’ (album Silent Currents 1 & 2 Stars End)www.projekt.com 201101.26.54 ‘Silent Currents 1 pt 1’ (album Silent Currents 1 & 2 Stars End)01.29.04 ‘First Arrival’ (album Gateway) www.projekt.com 201001.35.09 ‘Green Odyssey’ (album Elevations) www.spottedpeccary.com 200701.41.15 ‘Red Guitars’ (album Blue Sky, Red Guitars) www.spottedpeccary.com 200401.46.00 ‘Sounds Of The Seen pt1’ (album Emotional Landscapes) www.spottedpeccary.com 200301.53.40 ’Soft Machine’ (album Polar Drones) www.groove.nl 200301.59.35 ‘Dream Lines’ (album Wind Journey) www.spottedpeccary.com 200102.04.47 ‘Rainbows’ (album Guitar Nova) www.spottedpeccary.com 199802.10.07 ‘El Dorado’ (album Transit) Monumental Records 199602.16.22 ‘Kjelda’ (album Fossegrimen) Origo Sound 199502.20.34 ‘The Great White’ (album Solstice) www.spottedpeccary.com 199202.28.35 ’String Flow’ (album Images Of Light) www.spottedpeccary.com 1990 02.33.52 ‘Journey’ (album Silver Beach) www.projekt.com 1987 02.39.54 ’Tide’ (album Traces) www.spottedpeccary.com 198502.45.34 ‘Pyramids’ (album Dreams Of Pyramids) Hot Club Records 1984 02.50.27 ‘Hydne’ (album Where It All Begins) Hot Club Records 1983

2hr 55mins

16 Sep 2019

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Jukebox #19 Deborah Martin and Erik Wollo

Spacemusic (Season 2-3-4-5)

Deborah Martin's passion is to visualize and create music that takes each listener on a journey through time and space. With a vivid imagination and a deep love of historic places and peoples of the past, we see her as being blessed; for they are few, those visionaries, who can bring forth into the present, and into our hearts, the spirit of that which has been so utterly lost in antiquity. Erik Wollo grew up in a small mountain village in Norway where his ancestors have lived and farmed for hundreds of years. Weaving through this exotic and timeless landscape of snowy peaks and deep valleys, you can still hear the music of those centuries flowing through a people whose culture is deep, alive and thriving.[ad#post-ad]Here we are: the Jukebox plays the title song of the album "Between Worlds" performed by these two great ambient artists. Deborah shares some insight into the essence of the work, "The American Indian believes there are two worlds - the world of spirit and the world of form. Creating a bridge between the two worlds are ritual, healing and magic. The music process presented here was created to represent with sound this bridge between the worlds." Erik adds, "It is important to hear the voices of the past and how they lived in tune with the rhythm and spirit of the earth. With Between Worlds, we delved deeply into the experience, capturing the feeling of this American Indian heritage with sounds and compositions."Spacemusic.nl says about this album: "swept away from the present into an imaginary world that happens to tell the truth and nothing but the truth"Artist: Deborah Martin and Erik WolloTrack: Between WorldsAlbum: Between WorldsBuy the album on iTunes Store here Visit the Spotted Peccary label hereJukebox copy; 2009 - spacemusic.nl

27 Nov 2009