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Lori King and Junction 63 with all your Branson Country USA favorites!

Branson Country USA Podcasts

This week we welcome Lori King and Junction 63! Women in bluegrass music is a sisterhood...our numbers are smaller than our talented brothers, but we bring a different sound and style to win the hearts of fans. Lori King is proud to be part of this amazing group of women, and hopefully a source of inspiration for others to also pursue their talent. Lori and husband, Joe King who call Iowa home, were previously part of Bluegrass Addiction prior to forming their award-winning band, Lori King and Junction 63. Located in the upper Midwest, the King’s debuted their band at the Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa 2nd Annual Des Moines Area Festival in February 2014. The band is well known for their traditional sounds and hard driving instrumentals, paired with midwestern determination and grit. Over the last seven years, the band has loved every festival performance, special event, and the opportunity to create and release two albums (and working on the next one!) Recently, they signed with Turnberry Records and plan to release their latest effort in the spring of 2021. Founding singer-bassist, Lori King describes how her bandmates showcase their personality along with their talent in each performance. “Joe’s guitar and lead vocals are a direct extension of his personality. He becomes part of each song. While you need to rosin up the bow, and call out the Fire Department, when Kyle Murphy plays the fiddle! It can only be described as pure fire and passion. Our energetic banjo player, Mark Hargrove and his harmony vocals are the perfect pairing for these guys and Kevin Amburgey’s rhythmic chop, perfect leads and tight harmonies are second to none and really round out the band. As for me, I do what I do best and lead the effort onstage and off,” explained King. The band is comprised of songwriters, arrangers, and multi-instrumentalists which gives them a wealth of originals to choose from – hard-driving numbers, heartwarming gospels, sing-along country grass, and the unexpected contemporary bluegrass compositions alike. Lori believes that she and Junction 63 have forged a strong connection with their audience by being authentic on and off stage and that is a true testament to being the best bluegrass band in the Midwest! You can check their website: Junction63.com; or on their Facebook page: Facebook.com/Junction63Band.


22 May 2021

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Lori King's Marathon Swim Story

Marathon Swim Stories

Today I spoke with the first woman to swim around the island of Bermuda, Lori King. Upon rediscovering her love of swimming later is life, Lori tried to politely decline an invitation to swim in the open water, strongly preferring the pool. Needless to say, she eventually found her rhythm and got over her fears. There's quite a bit of mom chat in this episode. About how hard it can be, but also how having kids mentally trains you to get through the tough parts of marathon swimming. Once you get to the start line, all you have to do is swim. I hope you enjoy this episode. In her own words: Lori King grew up in Norristown Pennsylvania and started swimming competitively by age 5.  In college, she swam Division I for La Salle University.  After college, she temporarily fell away from swimming, moved to New York City, married and had two children.  She began a career as a research analyst for the Visiting Nurse Service Research Center, which eventually led her to earn a Masters of Public Health, from Columbia University (2010).As her career progressed, she felt something was missing in her life and returned to swimming in 2004.  In 2006, she was introduced to open water swimming and her lifelong passion evolved.   In 2010, she competed in her 1st open water event, followed rapidly, by 6 and 12-mile open water swims, in Bermuda and Key West, respectively.  While trying to juggle family life and swimming, she has since competed in numerous open water marathon events, such as the Catalina channel swim, the Manhattan Island swim, the 120-mile 8 Bridges Hudson River Staged Swim, Capri-Napoli, Ibiza Marathon swim, & Kalamata Greece swim to name a few.On June 15-16, 2016, Lori became the first woman (second person) to successful swim the 36.5 miles around the island of Bermuda in just over 21 hours.In December of 2016 Lori was awarded the Global Marathon Swimmer Yudovin Award for most adventurous swim by the Marathon Swimmers Federation for her Bermuda swim.  Lori has used her swimming to speak to swim teams and organizations aimed at empowering girls and was featured on “heroes on our Island” television news segment.Settled in Long Island, New York, family comes first for Lori but with their support she is able to live her dreams and reach her goals one swim at a time.Questions, comments, feedback, or if you'd like to be a guest on Marathon Swim Stories, email me! mailto:shannon@intrepidwater.comStay in touch by joining our email list at http://intrepidwater.comJoin a supportive group of limit pushers at The Marathon Swimming CollectiveMusic credit:Epic Inspiration  by Rafael KruxLink: https://filmmusic.io/song/5447-epic-inspiration-License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Swimming sounds courtesy of swimmer Todd Lantry.


25 Nov 2020

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Come Back Strong with Lori King

Taking Charge Podcast: Ending The Self Help Hustle and Heartbreak

Menopause is a scary phase of life for many women. Contrary to popular belief, it's much more than just hot flashes and night sweats. These women face a daily onslaught of challenging symptoms including insomnia, lack of focus, anxiety, weight gain and more. For them, menopause is truly a difficult place to be.In this episode best-selling author, Lori King, shares her inspiring story of recovery and triumph. Her body was thrust into surgical menopause following the removal of some cysts, fibroids and masses she discovered, bringing with it the worst-case scenario of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.Sometimes the storms that blow into our lives aren’t there to disrupt us; they come to steer us. For Lori, the menopause storm steered her into the great, successful person she is today.


21 Oct 2019

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Lori King [TM 004]

#EndCCStigma / End Community College Stigma

Episode 4 of "Teachable Moment"


25 Oct 2018

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028: Lori King swims around the Island of Bermuda

Mile After Mile Podcast

Lori King says she can't remember a time when she wasn't swimming  but most recently she did something that is really incredible - she swam around the entire island of Bermuda. Lori was a collegiate swimmer but she didn't tackle long distance open water swims until well after college. Lori has done several other marathon swims mentioned in the interview. Swim around Key West www.swimaroundkeywest.com 8 Bridges www.8bridges.org Catalina Challenge Swim www.swimcatalina.com Swim around Manhattan www.nycswim.org Around the Sound swim in Bermuda www.roundthesound.bm She also talks about a 24 hour swim club. I did not find a specific  link to this club but if you want more information try www.openwaterswimming.com There is only one other swimmer who has swum around Bermuda and that was Shawn Connell in 1976. His swim was 48 hours. To get ready for this swim Lori would do 10k lcm (long course meters) 5 days a week. at the Aquatic Center at Eisenhower Park. It took a whole team to get this ready. I think I list them all here: Bridgette Hobart - Swam Finger Lakes in upstate NY Andrew Malinak Rondy Davies - David Barra - Devon Clifford Coach Bonnie Schwartz Nolan Lynne Cox Nick Strong and Mike Cash in Bermuda Ilya Cherapru Jim Butterfield and Brion Estis Alex Hammond and Russell de Moura Rosali Johnson was the talented photographer who donated her time. Lori's swim around the Island of Bermuda took  just over 21 hours. We discuss the rules of open water marathon swimming and how to handle nutrition on a long swim like this. Lori followed the rules of marathon swimming from.   Marathon Swimmers Federation http://www.marathonswimmers.org . Lori used CarboPro for this swim and in the interview she explains how and why she uses CarboPro to fuel. Lori had to adjust the timing of her swim due to weather and we talk about the winds and seas that she battled for the entire swim. We talk a lot about swimming overnight in the ocean which is fascinating. We talk about the effect on her body of spending 21 hours in salt water. We talk about the finish and what that felt like. Lori is a mom and we chat about what her kids think about her swimming accomplishments. Thank you Lori for being a guest on the Mile after Mile podcast and sharing your story. You can follow Lori at www.lorikingswimming.com or Instagram at instagram.com/lorijeanking Thank you to our sponsor TriVillage  be sure to visit them for all of your multisport shopping. Use code mileaftermile18 for an 18% discount off your order and if you find that what you want to purchase is already on sale you can use code mileaftermile5 for a 5% discount off of sale items which is pretty great.


11 Jul 2016

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Lori King talks about community and more

Kim Plumley's posts

Politics, personal and business... oh my!


8 Jun 2012