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227: How a woman can reclaim her erotic essence (ft. Violet Lange)

Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships With Women

Want that sizzle, that dazzle, that magical mystique? Of course you do. Everyone does. And if you're in a long-term relationship, it can feel harder to maintain that over time.We're witnessing an epidemic of sexless relationships -- some studies put it at 15% of all marriages. When it comes to sex, sensuality, and a woman's erotic essence, it can be easy to lose.One way this can show up is as mismatched desire. A man wants sex with his woman (i.e. wants to know, "How do I get my wife to have sex with me more?"), but she's not feelin' it. Maybe she feels like her libido is low. Maybe she wants to figure out whether there's something wrong with her -- isn't it her wifely duty to "provide sex" to her husband/man?Here, we delve into the pattern of losing one's erotic essence as well as the delicious ways to reclaim it. YES, it is possible to get that sexy, sassy, soulful passion back -- both in a relationship as well as just in your own body.If you’re interested in staying in the loop about the program we reference at the end of this episode, email one of us: dearmanpodcast@gmail.com or Violet at: violet@violetlange.com.Violet's site: https://violetlange.com/

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21 Oct 2022

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191: Supporting a woman in her sexual pleasure & healing (ft. Violet Lange & Keri Nola) [replay]

Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships With Women

Sexual trauma shows up in different ways — both physically and emotionally. For example, some folks may not have undergone sexual abuse or assault, but have experienced religious trauma that actually impacts their physical body and experience of sex. If you've ever had a woman partner who struggled with vaginismus, vaginal dryness, sexual trauma, or other issues with ladyparts, you'll appreciate this non-judgmental, open conversation about sexual pleasure on the feminine side. Topics include vaginal steaming, the jade egg, sexual healing, and more. Plus shifts in levels of libido (what if hers is higher?) and how lubrication changes over time.Violet's site: https://violetlange.com/

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11 Feb 2022

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The Pleasure Principle With Violet Lange

Get Your Guy Coaching Podcast

Hello My Loves! We're back with a brand new season and to start us off, I'm discussing Pleasure with Relationship and Intimacy Expert, Violet Lange. Violet is a devoted mama, ice cream afficionado, and expert in dating, intimacy, and relationships. She helps successful, spiritual women attract and create healthy, lasting love. As a survivor of sexual abuse, she champions women connecting with their bodies, sensuality, and pleasure. Today, I'm sitting down with Violet to discuss her unique approach to coaching and its significance, How she defines Pleasure and Why it's Important in Dating and Relationships, Aligning Your Head, Heart, and Body, Yoni Eggs, and So Much More! I'm so excited to be back and spilling juicy tea, as always! Are you ready to discover The Pleasure Principle?Are your Head, Heart, and Body disconnected? Are you experiencing pleasure on a regular basis? Do you only associate pleasure with sexual intimacy? If so, this episode is for you. Reach out!Violet LangeWebsite: VioletLange.com | Podcast: The Pleasure PathSchedule a Session: VioletLange.com/Talk | Get Your Guy CoachingEmail: anwar@getyourguycoaching.com |  Facebook: Get Your Guy Coaching | Instagram: @getyourguy_coaching | Book a Consultation: Getyourguycoaching.com/apply | 


4 Nov 2021

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153: Her sexual healing: How to support her *and* get your needs met (ft. Violet Lange)

Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships With Women

Many couples start out hot and heavy when it comes to sex, only to see that sexual heat fade. One of the sources of this can be unresolved sexual trauma in one or both partners ... which can be hard to talk about. How do you bring up your own need for a dynamic and fulfilling sex life when she clearly doesn't want to talk about it? Here, we look at the dynamic when your wife or girlfriend is a survivor of sexual trauma (child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault), how it affects your sex life, and what to do about it. If you're a man looking to figure out how to both support your woman in her sexual healing work, and how to speak up about your own need for a thriving sex life (which trauma is getting in the way of), you won't want to miss this.Books referenced in this episode:Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, by Peter Levine & Ann FrederickIn an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness, by Peter Levine & Gabor Mate

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21 May 2021

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140: The line between her being abusive and her feminine storm (ft. Jason Lange & Violet Lange)

Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships With Women

Women want to feel fully emotionally expressed around men, but where's the line between expression and abuse? Here, we take on the issue of women sharing their truth with full power (whether that's their rage, disappointment, desire, or hurt) -- when it's healthy expression, and when it's abusive. Whether you're in a committed relationship like a marriage, a dating relationship, or a sexual one, this is important to know to be a healthy, aware, and conscious man.


19 Feb 2021

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Violet Lange


Hosted by Aseem Girihttps://achievepodcast.com


21 Oct 2020

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117: What does it look like for *women* to "do the work"? (ft. Violet Lange)

Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships With Women

Men aren't the only ones who struggle with dating, relationships, and sex. Women of all ages, including those just out of a divorce, have insecurities around sex, dating, and relationships, including around trust, dating etiquette, and more. We discuss what it means for women to do the work in terms of personal growth as well as growth in a relationship, and how when women bring sexy back (to themselves), they grow in their own personal power, which deeply serves the masculine, as well.

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4 Sep 2020

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116: Dating during COVID-19: how does it work? (ft. Violet Lange)

Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships With Women

Sex, dating, and relationships (including marriages) have all been affected by the coronavirus pandemic of COVID-19. There are unique challenges as well as opportunities to grow here, and people are definitely still meeting, dating, falling in love, and deepening their relationships right now. We discuss dating during COVID (How do you meet people? When you go on a date, do you Zoom first or just do in-person with a mask?), as well as how it has impacted people who were in relationships when the pandemic first hit.

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29 Aug 2020

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Violet Lange Discusses Wellness Practices for Finding Pleasure in Dating, Love and Partnership

Courageous Wellness

Today on the podcast we sit down with love, dating and relationship expert, Violet Lange. Violet's mission is to help women become empowered in love,  feel amazing in their bodies, and reclaim their feminine essence. She teaches women how to attract and maintain incredible partnerships through her signature program: Queens of Pleasure. Violet teaches that we have the power to build healthy romance, healthy families, and a healthy world. She does this through integrating the masculine and feminine energy within all of us and our partnerships. She has her MBA from Harvard University, is a  500-hour registered yoga teacher, and has been coaching women for the last 7 years. Today you will get to hear Violet share her own story and why her life experiences led her to the work she now does. To learn more about Violet you can visit: https://violetlange.com and follow her on instagram @violetlovelange Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review Courageous Wellness! We release new episodes each #WellnessWednesday! You can also follow us on instagram @CourageousWellness and visit our website: www.courageouswellness.net to get in touch. This episode is brought to you by Ned! You can receive 15% off our favorite Ned CBD products . They even offer an entirely female created line for periods called Natural cycles. Go to helloned.com and enter the code CWPODCAST at checkout!   We are so happy to offer our listeners 10% off on all Four Sigmatic superfood coffee and elixirs! For 10% off Four Sigmatic products visit www.foursigmatic.com and use the code: courageous at checkout!


26 Aug 2020

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Sex, Love, and Dating Mini- Series, Part III: YOUR Questions Answered! ft. Violet Lange and Dawn Q

I Can't Wait To Tell You

On today's episode of the show, we head into part III of our mini-series on sex,love,dating, relationships, and everything in between!The week before this interview happened, I went on my Instagram stories and asked YOU what you wanted to learn from our experts.Some of the things we get into in this episode:Self-pleasure, self-pleasure rituals, and being intentional If we should be ashamed of the kinkier "taboo" things we might likeHow to keep the flame burning in a long-term relationship How to keep the sex frequent (and spicy) in a long-term relationship...and so much more!As mentioned in the show, I want to give another shoutout to our episode's sponsor, Bliss Yoni Eggs. I am so excited to be able to partner up with them and offer you 5% off of your purchase with the coupon "CANTWAIT" which you can apply at checkout! Check out the link below to head to their site!https://blissyonieggs.comFor more with Dawn, you can check out her solo episode, Episode 94, and head to her Instagram or website below at:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-cant-wait-to-tell-you/id1416218499?i=1000485598761https://www.instagram.com/joyfullbody/https://joyfullbody.comFor more with Violet, you can check out her solo episode, Episode 95 below, as well as check out her Instagram and website! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-cant-wait-to-tell-you/id1416218499?i=1000485598761https://www.instagram.com/violetlovelange/https://violetlange.comSome other toys and tools mentioned in this episode: The rabbit (vibrator), a cervical wand, and moonstone dildos.As always, you can follow alone with me and the show on Instagram as well, at:https://www.instagram.com/casey_edward/https://www.instagram.com/icantwaittotellyou.podcast/Thank you so much for tuning in!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/caseyedward)

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29 Jul 2020