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Minds 2.0 Tokenomics With Bill Ottman

Crypto And Things

Minds has recently gone through some major updates for their platform and their tokenomics. I chat with Bill Ottman the CEO & co-founder of Minds to talk about all the changes and what to expect next. Some of the prominent updates to the token were burning 75% of the supply, more ways to earn tokens, Uniswap integrations for liquidity pool providing, on-chain holding rewards, more minds tokens being distributed, and much more.


12 Apr 2021

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The "Changing Minds" Series: Episode 3 with Minds CEO Bill Ottman

The Technically Human Podcast

We are back with our third and final episode in the “Changing Minds” series! Across the 3 episodes, we focus on civil discourse, and we ask what it means to engage in dialogue with people with whom we disagree, sometimes deeply.  In the first two episodes, I spoke with Daryl Davis about racism, and how he envisions the possibility of changing the minds of those who believe, and participate in, white supremacist and separatist movements. In our third and final episode of the “changing minds” series, I sit down with Bill Ottman. Bill Ottman is the founder of Minds.com, a new community-owned, “open source” social media network that prizes privacy, transparency, and open exchange. We explore the advantages, and the challenges, of unfettered free speech, we talk about relationship between tech and civil discourse, and Bill talks about his vision of a social media ecosystem that can help pave the way toward creating a healthier and more vibrant national conversation—not in spite of our differences and distances, but because of them. In thinking about the ethics of technology, and in particular, its relationship to our moment of political, cultural, and ideological polarization, the ethics of technology extend far beyond how we use tech. Social media offers the potential for new connections, or new levels of disconnect and partisanship. The ethics and intentions we bring to social media matter, and our approach starts far before we ever sit down at our computer to respond to a Facebook post, or broadcast our views on Twitter. They start with how we imagine, and practice, civil discourse, how we think about meeting other folks where they are, considering the journey that led them to believe as they do. Here's part 3, with Bill Ottman Produced by Matt PerryArtwork by Desi Aleman

1hr 36mins

12 Feb 2021

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Currents 026: Bill Ottman on Minds.com

The Jim Rutt Show

Bill Ottman & Jim have a wide-ranging talk on the state of social media and his open-source social platform, Minds.com… In this currents episode, Bill Ottman & Jim have a wide-ranging talk on the state of social media and his open-source social platform (Minds.com). They talk about what makes Minds different than other social networks: open-source, community-owned, profit-shared, decentralized, … Continue reading Currents 026: Bill Ottman on Minds.com → The post Currents 026: Bill Ottman on Minds.com appeared first on The Jim Rutt Show.

1hr 13mins

6 Feb 2021

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Minds.Com CEO Bill Ottman on Censorship, 'Algorithmic Transparency,' and the Post-Trump Social-Media Landscape

Quillette Podcast

Quillette’s Jonathan Kay speaks with Bill Ottman, co-founder of the Minds social-media network, about the challenges facing Silicon Valley communications giants


4 Feb 2021

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CMS | Interview with Minds CEO Bill Ottman - 7/13/20

The CMS Podcast Network

Now more than ever, with big tech censorship running rampant, it's best that we learn and move to alt-tech for our communication needs. We chatted with Bill Ottman, the CEO of Minds, back in July of 2020! Listening to this interview now, it's almost a nostradamus like interview seeing what came to be. In this interview, Ottman calls in to talk about Minds, free speech in social media, the fact that the line blurs when it's based on feelings, and why it's just better to have an alternative to the big tech giants. Get all our interviews at www.theclassicmetalshow.com. FVIEWPAL: www.fviewpal.com RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/c/cmspn BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/cmspn/ ODYSEE: https://odysee.com/@ClassicMetalShow:d --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cmspn/message


11 Jan 2021

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Timcast IRL #199 - Trump Has Been PERMANENTLY BANNED, Democrats WILL Impeach w/ Minds CEO Bill Ottman

Timcast IRL

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia host friend and Minds CEO Bill Ottman to discuss the recent censorship of President Trump, the Google suspension of Parler from the app store, fact checking, Josh Hawley, and alternative media in a time of major censorship. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

2hr 47mins

9 Jan 2021

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173: Do NOT Watch This Episode - Do NOT Sign up for MINDS - Do NOT Listen to Bill Ottman

Unframe of Mind

Bill Ottman is the CEO and co-founder of Minds.com, a social media alternative to Facebook. Watch if you want to. *Shrug* *shrug* *Shrug*


3 Sep 2020

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471. Why Facebook is a Reverse Crack Dealer with Bill Ottman of Minds

Lions of Liberty

In today's flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, Marc Clair is joined by freedom of information activist and the CEO and co-founder of free and open source social media network, Minds! Bill explains why he became so passionate about freedom of information, and helps parse down just what "freedom of information" really means. They discuss social media censorship particularly in regards to information regarding COVID-19, how the pandemic has led to rapid changes in how work is viewed, and break down Marc's theory that Facebook is essentially a reverse crack dealer. What does that even mean?? Tune in to find out! Use discount code "LIONS" for 10% off your order from Lorenzotti Italy over at Lorenzotti.coffee Check out Marc's new adventure into nerd culture along with Remso W. Martinez on the Second Print Comics Podcast! Check out the fine CBD products at NorthSpokaneCBD.com and use discount code "LIONS" at checkout to get 15% off your entire order! Join the conversation in our private Facebook group: The Lions of Liberty Forum! Never miss an episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast and subscribe for free via iTunes (don’t forget to leave us a 5 star rating and review )- or the Stitcher Radio App. Check out our full catalog of interviews in the podcast archive. The Lions of Liberty are on Twitter, Facebook & check out our YouTube Channel!


3 Aug 2020

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#011 - Bill Ottman: Internet Freedom, Social Media & Mindful Living

Educate Inspire Change With Kash Khan

Host Kash Khan interviews Bill Ottman, an internet entrepreneur, freedom of internet activist, and the CEO and co-founder of Minds, a free and open source networking service that rewards its users through the blockchain.  In this podcast, Bill talks about an array of topics from the importance of the internet transitioning to a transparent, open source, decentralized direction; to the similarities psychedelics and technology share through the interconnectedness it provides to the individuals who use them. The Educate Inspire Change Takeaway: “Biology and technology is symbiotic.” “Conversation minimizes violence, so if you’re restricting the conversation even though it may be with the intent of reducing hate speech or radicalization, that has a higher likelihood of causing violence and radicalization because you create all these people who think that they're victims, they’re pissed off that they’re censored, and they freak out.” “Our success is not dependent on someone else's failure… you can be successful by doing what you do well and there will be people who are attracted to that.” “By participating in bitcoin you are building a better system.” “I feel like taking psychedelics is like going to a teacher and figuring out what you need to do and the areas you need to work on.” Bullet Points (w/ time stamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed  2:37: Kash asks Bill to explain how he became involved in the technology field, and Bill talks about the platforms our technologies should be built on to ensure a user's freedoms. 8:41: Kash asks Bill why he thinks Facebook doesn't care about the creators and the platform, and after surmising his beliefs, Bill asks Kash the same question. 22:40: Kash asks Bill to talk more about how his networking website Minds works and how it rewards users with tokens, essentially paying users for their data through the revenue Minds generates.  31:00: Kash opens up the conversation for Bill to talk about his psychedelic experiences and what part they have played in his view of life, our planet, and technology. 45:47: Kash and Bill talk about artificial intelligence and the Open AI initiative that Elon Musk created, and the pros and cons Bill sees in it becoming a beautiful resource to help people or pharmaceutical and other companies corrupting the initiative.  56:52: Kash asks Bill to talk about where he believes the future of cryptocurrency lies, and Bill expresses his appreciation for the creator of Bitcoin as well as how cryptocurrency is integrated on his platform Minds. 1:07:43: Bill shares the last book that he read, which was a book of passages by Geroeg Orwell and how relevant they are today considering social media platforms have become silos of communication that are able to censor its users.  1:14:44: Bill talks about the feeling of interconnectedness that psychedelics give you is very similar to navigating through the internet by leaving traces and giving energy to thousands of places every single day.  1:18:00: Kash talks about the importance of intention and being thankful; both Bill and Kash begin discussing vegan and vegetarianism, and how the pace of eating or fasting influences the body and mind in ways similar to psychedelics. Find Bill at https://minds.com/ottman Sponsors: EcoLife Supplements  This podcast is proudly supported by EcoLife Supplements, Rythmia Life Advancement Center and our very own Psychedelic Documentary series PANTERA Whilst in Costa Rica last year I came across a guy by the name of Anthony Walsh who handed me a bottle of hemp extract CBD oil and after just taking a few drops I was sold. I immediately felt more relaxed and less stressed. I found the quality of my sleep improved and it even helped me with my meditation practices.  The reason this product stands out for me was Anthony himself is passionate about healing the world one person at a time and has personally invested thousands of hours researching CBD and cannabinoids in order to fully understand it and to help guide others to receive the maximum benefits.  Please visit https://ecolifesupplements.com/blog to learn more and make sure you get a 10% discount by using the coupon code inspirechange.  Currently delivering in the USA only.  Rythmia Life Advancement Center Rythmia Life Advancement Center is one of our first podcast sponsors and is a special place for me. It’s where I experienced my first deep healing plant medicine journey which sent me on a road of self discovery that ultimately led to the creation of my podcast.  If you’d like to find out more please visit them at  www.rythmia.link/khan or give them a call on +1 (877) 835-1806  quoting EIC to receive a free shuttle worth $300 off your trip Pantera  For the last year and a half, I've been working on a psychedelic documentary series called Pantera where I travel around South America visiting plant medicine retreats and documenting my transformational journeys. The first episode ‘ Our Ayahuasca Journey Begins’ is due to be released in the coming weeks. If you would like to keep up to date with what we're doing and receive the latest updates and releases please register your email at www.pantera.film Thank you! - Kash Khan , EIC Founder

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22 Jul 2020

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Interview with Minds CEO Bill Ottman - 7/13/20

The CMS Podcast Network

Interview with Minds.com CEO Bill Ottman. In this interview, Ottman calls in to talk about Minds, free speech in social media, the fact that the line blurs when it's based on feelings, and why it's just better to have an alternative to the big tech giants.GET THE NEW CMS APP to keep up with THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW. Available on Android and iOS! https://www.theclassicmetalshow.com/get-the-cms-app/NOTE: Due to YouTube Censorship, all In Studio Cam videos of the entire week's edition of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW are uploaded to:https://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/cmsstudioWANT TO COMMENT? Use Dissenter - https://www.dissenter.comCatch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at www.theclassicmetalshow.com.SHOW/SOCIALS:WEBSITE: https://www.theclassicmetalshow.comCHATROOM: https://www.chatandkill.comGAB: https://www.gab.com/theclassicmetalshowMINDS: https://www.minds.com/ClassicMetalShowREDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/classicmetalshowVIDEO:VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/classicmetalshowBITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/classicmetalshowDAILYMOTION: https://www.dailymotion.com/theclassicmetalshowPODCAST:SPREAKER: https://www.spreaker.com/user/cmsrocksiTUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/classic-metal-show-best-podcast/id295946198LAUNCHPAD (PODCASTONE): https://www.launchpaddm.com/pd/The-Classic-Metal-ShowSPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/5B6g73ONnQskxRk79KAJ9IGOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Ilolxypla5l5zk7diswqfm2zae4TUNEIN: https://tunein.com/podcasts/Talk-Show-Replays/The-Classic-Metal-Show-p587552/STITCHER: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-classic-metal-showSUPPORT THE CMS:BUY A T-SHIRT: https://www.theclassicmetalshow.com/cms-shirts/BUY GENERAL MERCH: https://www.zazzle.com/store/cmsmerchCHRIS' BOOK CAUSE & EFFECT MOTLEY CRUE: https://amzn.to/2WuK2ElCHRIS' BOOK CAUSE & EFFECT METALLICA: https://amzn.to/2WS0zkYCHRIS' BOOK CAUSE & EFFECT JUDAS PRIEST: https://amzn.to/2Myr8I8CHRIS' BOOK LITTLE... --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cmspn/message


14 Jul 2020