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The rivers are part of us all: Greater Shepparton City Council's Manager, Environment, Sharon Terry

98.5 ONE FM Podcasts

One FM Breakfast Announcer Terri Cowley presents a special outside broadcast live from the Goulburn River is Shepparton in celebration of World Rivers Day 2021.Here she is joined by Greater Shepparton City Council's Manager for the Environment Sharon Terry. She talks about the council's role in maintaining our environment and local rivers.This broadcast aired on Sunday the 26th of September, 2021.You can contact the station on admin@fm985.com.au or (+613) 58313131The ONE FM 98.5 Community Radio podcast page operates under the license of Goulburn Valley Community Radio Inc. (ONE FM) Number 1385226/1.PRA AMCOS (Australasian Performing Right Association Limited and Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society) that covers Simulcasting and Online content including podcasts with musical content, that we pay every year. This licence number is 1385226/1.


28 Sep 2021

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Episode 10: Sharon Terry, CEO Genetic Alliance

Few & Far Between: Conversations About Rare Disease Research

Why is the sharing of data so crucial to #raredisease research? Tune in for today's full episode of Few & Far Between. Episode 10 features Sharon Terry, CEO at Genetic Alliance and #pseudoxanthomaelasticum (PXE) advocate.


15 Sep 2021

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Gestalt Awareness Practice with Sharon Terry

The Dream Journal

We have a very experiential Dream Journal in which our guest Sharon Terry leads gentle dream explorations first with Katherine and later with our caller Ellen. But we start off by discussing the principles of gestalt practice and it roots in the work of Fritz Perls and Sharon's collaborator Christine Price. The essence of gestalt is that all of the parts of my dream are somehow parts of me. Gestalt Awareness Practice is an adaptation which focuses on body awareness and allowing feelings to come into awareness rather than on fixing things. We laugh about the motto, "If it's broke, don't fix it" and how finding a feeling of frustration is a sign that transformation in imminent.Sharon Terry is part of the Tribal Ground organization, and they provide workshops and book groups including a dream workshop called Mirrors in the Dark. Books we talked about include Gestalt Therapy Verbatim by Fritz Perls,BIO: Sharon has an eclectic mix of training and experience. She has a master’s degree in theology, was a chaplain, and has practiced “engaged Buddhism” for several decades. After a transformational experience in a workshop led by Chris, Sharon became a student and practitioner of Gestalt Awareness Practice. She integrates awareness practices into her work in biomedical research and health, offering companies, academic groups, and nonprofits tools and practices to show up fully and trust process. Sharon offers Intro to GAP and other workshops in the DC area and online. She seeks to participate in and create experiences for individuals and communities that give space and time to being.You can get in touch with Sharon Terry through TribalGround.comWe play clips from the following two guest-selected songs: Heart with These Dreams and All I Have to Do is Dream sung by Emmy Lou Harris and Alison Krause,Live ambient music by Rick Kleffel.Show aired on September 4, 2021.The Dream Journal is produced at and airs on KSQD Santa Cruz, 90.7 FM, streaming live at KSQD.org 10-11am Saturday mornings Pacific time.  Catch it live and call in with your dreams or questions at 831-900-5773 or at onair@ksqd.org.If you want to contact Katherine Bell with feedback, suggestions for future shows or to inquire about exploring your own dreams with her, contact katherine@ksqd.org, or find out more about her at ExperientialDreamwork.com.The complete KSQD Dream Journal podcast page is found here.You can also check out The Dream Journal on the following podcast platforms:  Rate it, review it, subscribe and tell your friends.Apple Podcasts Google Play Stitcher  Spotify

6 Sep 2021

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ABCs of Genetics w/ Sharon Terry, Chief Executive Officer, Genetic Alliance 4/6/21

Aging Matters

Conversation with Sharon Terry, Chief Executive Officer, Genetic Alliance, about the influence of genetic factors and genetic disorders on health promotion, disease prevention, and human longevity, and how the Genetic Alliance engages individuals, families, and communities to transform health.


6 Apr 2021

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Biobanks and Patient Registries: Putting the Power in the Hands of the People—Sharon Terry—Genetic Alliance

FutureTech Podcast

“If people knew institutions were hoarding their data, they would be shocked,” says Sharon Terry, CEO of Genetic Alliance. That’s right—what many people don’t know is that some academic institutions retain patient data information and avoid sharing it with other institutions until they’re able to roll out a solution first. Many people would agree that this type of competition is not only inappropriate for the field, but detrimental to the health of individuals and communities. Things are done quite differently at Genetic Alliance, where every individual in the system is allowed to make decisions about where their data and samples will go. In most cases, they’ll go straight to patient registries and biobanks, which are comprehensive collections of tissue samples, information about disease progression and drug therapies, and information about the correlation between genotypic and phenotypic data as it relates to diseases. These resources are accessible to anyone—not just powerful institutions that may stand to gain from them. Genetic Alliance has been around for 32 years now, and continues to evolve with the needs of the communities and organizations they work for. They are currently helping about 2,000 other non-profit advocacy organizations gain the tools and information they need, as well as work more efficiently overall. Information on any of the 10,000 diseases can be located by visiting diseasinfosearch.org. To learn more about Genetic Alliance, visit geneticalliance.org. 


22 Feb 2019

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Providing the Tools for Citizen and Community-Led Science—Sharon Terry—Genetic Alliance

Finding Genius Podcast

There are approximately 10,000 known diseases affecting modern humans—about 7,000 of which are rare, and about 3,000 more which are common. Each and every one of us is susceptible to developing or contracting a disease at any point in our lives, and most of us will. And once we do, then what? Where will the resources be? The team at Genetic Alliance is working to make those resources comprehensive and easily accessible by the community in the form of biobanks containing tissue and blood samples, information on the progression of diseases, data on treatment methods and drug therapies, and statistics correlating phenotypic and genotypic traits. They are a 32-year-old non-profit initially established to help other non-profit disease advocacy groups work efficiently and effectively, but over the years they have worked increasingly toward creating and raising awareness of the benefits of disease registries and biobanks. Not only do they allow individuals to decide the way in which their data will be used, but they are making it easier than ever before to share that data by providing non-profit advocacy groups with free sample collection kits. Sharon Terry, CEO of Genetic Alliance, joins the podcast to discuss all of this and more, including large-scale genome sequencing, the stratification of drug therapies, FDA interest in various gene therapy/editing registries, and at least one aspect of Genetic Alliance’s mission that doesn’t sit well with some academic institutions. Search for information on any of the 10,000 diseases by visiting diseasinfosearch.org, and learn more about Genetic Alliance by visiting geneticalliance.org.


22 Feb 2019

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Sharon Terry on Changes in Drug Discovery, Diagnostics, and the Treatment of Patients

The Harry Glorikian Show

Harry talks with Sharon Terry, president and CEO of Genetic Alliance, about the way drug discovery, diagnostics , and the treatment of patience are changing. How to rate MoneyBall Medicine on iTunes with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Launch the "Podcasts" app on your device. If you can't find this app, swipe all the way to the left on your home screen until you're on the Search page. Tap the search field at th top and type in "Podcasts." Apple's Podcasts app should show up in the search results. Tap the Podcasts app icon, and after it opens, tap the Search field at the top, or the little magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner. Type MoneyBall Medicine into the search field and press the Search button. In the search results, click on the MoneyBall Medicine logo. On the next page, scroll down until you see the Ratings & Reviews section. Below that you'll see five purple stars. Tap the stars to rate the show. Scroll down a little farther. You'll see a purple link saying "Write a Review." On the next screen, you'll see the stars again. You can tap them to leave a rating, if you haven't already. In the Title field, type a summary for your review. In the Review field, type your review. When you're finished, click Send. That's it, you're done. Thanks!


23 Nov 2018

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Sharon Terry - aka Champagne Author, Actress, Entrepreneur shares on Good Deeds

Good Deeds

Dr. Renee Sunday is Christian-pruner who is a Celebrity Media Personality, Best Selling Author, Publisher. Dr. Sunday is internationally known as The Platform Builder. She helps faith-based entrepreneurs get their message out into the world through the media. If you are a faith-based entrepreneur, Go to www.reneesunday.com for your Free Gift.Our esteemed guest: Sharon Terry a.k.a ChampagneSharon Terry a.k.a Champagne was born and raised in Rochester,  Ny. She is author, up and coming actress, entrepreneur and model. She recently played Vanessa in a comedy by Unc Trent, " I'll Drink To That." She is also the author of latest urban fiction release " The Goddess of Lust, Loveand Infatuation. She was also a model for Vision Hair Salon in " The night of Elegance."She also has her own health and wellness company B.O.S.S. You can contact her via email- Champagnebooks1@gmail.com, Fb- Champagne Bcmc, or Instagram- Champagne Bcmc.


4 Sep 2017

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Meet Sharon Terry a.k.a Author Champagne

The Ms. Reason Show

Sharon Terry a.k.a Champagne was born and raised in Rochester,  Ny. She is author, up and coming actress, entrepreneur and model. She recently played Vanessa in a comedy by Unc Trent, " I'll Drink To That." She is also the author of latest urban fiction release " The Goddess of Lust, Loveand Infatuation. She was also a model for Vision Hair Salon in " The night of Elegance."She also has her own health and wellness company B.O.S.S. You can contact her via email- Champagnebooks1@gmail.com, Fb- Champagne Bcmc, or Instagram- Champagne Bcmc.


2 Jun 2017

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A Call to Consumers to Lead the Shift in Healthcare: Sharon Terry, Genetic Alliance

Mendelspod Podcast

One of those attending the recent White House gathering where Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative was a woman who has worked tirelessly as a patient advocate for over twenty years. She’s an award winning scientist and the CEO of the Genetic Alliance: Sharon Terry joins us to kick off a new series, Personalized Medicine and the Consumerization of Healthcare.

17 Feb 2015