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Matt Bird (Hang 'em High, Deathrow)

Heavy Sweater Podcast

Back again and we're not slowing down! The guest this week is Matt Bird of Hang 'em High and Deathrow and we dive into his beginnings and introduction to heavy music and the local scene.

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28 Jul 2021

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Reset Episode 3 with Matt Bird

The Exchange

Matt Bird is a global speaker, author, broadcaster and entrepreneur. His first business was a chocolate shop at school and most recent "Rebottling" providing fine wine experiences with the greatest sommeliers in the comfort of your home. He is the Founder CEO of Relationology International coaching business leaders to build profitable relationships and Cinnamon Network International a global NGO helping churches transform communities. He has spoken in 40 countries to more than a million people, published more than a dozen books and is a frequent broadcaster www.coffeewithmatt.com


25 Mar 2021

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Episode 5: The Secrets of Story - featuring Matt Bird

The Hobcast Book Show

In Episode 5 of The Hobcast, publishers Adrian Hobart and Rebecca Collins talk to Hobeck Books U.S Editor, Matt Bird about the power of editing, and about his upcoming book, The Secrets of Character, the follow up to the superb The Secrets of Story which was published in 2016. They also discuss the future of the London Book Fair, the challenges of audiobook narration, and set their targets for a week without interruptions from children.

1hr 11mins

15 Feb 2021

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Matt Bird, The Founder Of The Shirt Society, On The Value Of Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Business Mastermind Podcast

Gavin talks to entrepreneur and founder of revolutionary new service, The Shirt Society, a subscription-based fashion brand for men that aims to put the power back into customer’s hands by allowing them a greater sense of control and freedom over their choices. Matt discusses the journey of his brand, including the marketing experiments that saw a boom in his success, and the importance of identifying your ideal customer. Sign Up Here: https://bit.ly/biz-pod KEY TAKEAWAYS Launching a brand is a case of experimentation, in which we release a range of products and see which find success. In Matt’s case, identifying hits such as the Oxford shirts, led to his focussing on one specific area, and raising his game in terms of quality, and the types of customers he was attracting. We create our ideal markets by identifying our ideal customers and shaping our business model around them and their needs.  Subscription models are currently a rapidly-adopted trend amongst consumers. For a minor fee, customers are delighted to receive quality goods or services, and the business model is helping small businesses to thrive and grow. We must seek to determine if the idea or product we wish to market is right for the market, or right for our own sensibilities. We must endeavour to be driven by market-based needs. BEST MOMENTS ‘With no degree in fashion and no experience in fashion, I decided to start a fashion brand’ ‘It’s a shift in consumer behaviour’ ‘It’s about being able to take yourself away from the product and asking “Is this the right thing to do, or not?”' ‘It’s about the staples, and doing them really, really well!' VALUABLE RESOURCES The Business Mastermind Podcast Matt Bird LInkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-bird-44858373/?originalSubdomain=uk The Shirt Society - https://theshirtsociety.co.uk ABOUT THE HOST Gavin Preston Gavin is an inspirational Speaker, Business Strategist, Business Growth Mentor, Trainer and high-performance Coach.  He works with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and has a strong track record in creating creative strategies to accelerate the growth of their business. He has helped hundreds of SME business owners and leaders improve their performance and that of their business and a comparable number of executives and employees in blue-chip corporates over the last 20 years. Gavin’s energetic, insightful and yet down to earth and practical talks, workshops and coaching is in demand with high growth business between £250,000 and £30 million revenue and with multi-national organisations at all levels from Board to frontline Managers. He is an expert in Business Growth Strategies, Peak Performance Mindset, Persuasion & Engagement, Marketing, Productivity, Leadership Development, Team Development & Motivation, Leading Change, Stakeholder Management, Personal Effectiveness and Behavioural Change. CONTACT METHOD Gavin Preston Website Gavin Preston LinkedIn Gavin Preston YouTube Gavin Preston Facebook Gavin Preston TwitterSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


29 Oct 2020

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Matt Bird, Founder of The Shirt Society

The Menswear Style Podcast

The Shirt Society, founded by Matt Bird, brings you the highest quality men's wardrobe essentials, delivered only when you need them. With a subscription service model, they aim to deliver the best shirts, polos and tees every month. Customers can easily skip or cancel at any time. Plus, for a limited time - your first shirt's on them.In this episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast we interview The Shirt Society Founder Matt Bird about the brand tagline of 'life without the shopping', and targeting customers who like to look good but hate shopping. It was 2 years ago when Matt spoke to the loyal customers of his previous menswear venture which brought him to the idea for this new concept. He then reached out to his LinkedIn contacts to promote it and to capture early sign ups which helped to fund the first stock purchase. Our host Peter Brooker and Matt also chat about angel investors, how a clothing subscription model works, the process of designing the garments, and what a typical day is like for a startup founder.Whilst we have your attention, be sure to sign up to our daily MenswearStyle newsletter here. We promise to only send you the good stuff.


12 Oct 2020

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BPS 70: Secrets of Story w/ Matt Bird

Curious About Screenwriting Network

So how can you write a story that audiences will embrace? The answer is simple: Remember what it feels like to be an unwilling audience. Tell the story that would win you over, even if you didn’t want to hear it.

1hr 16mins

13 Jul 2020

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Matt Bird - Relationships Are the True Currency of Business

How To Be a Success: Ordinary Men Living Extraordinary Lives...

Matt Bird is an international entrepreneur, speaker, author and broadcaster. He has spoken in 30 countries to more than a million people, has written 10 books. He is the founder of Relationology International and the CEO of philanthropic foundation Cinnamon Network International. In ‘The Beginning’ section, Matt tells us about how he went from being in remedial classes at school to advising 10 Downing Street. In ‘The Battlefield of the Mind’, Matt tells us how he COMPLETELY overcame his lack of confidence and timidity to become an international motivational speaker. In ‘The Mountain Top’, Matt tells us about the years of hard work it took to reach his mountain tops and why we should always aim for the mountain tops. In ‘The Things I Wish I’d Known’, Matt gives us a Mini-Masterclass about one of ‘The Seven Behaviours of Highly Effective Relationship Builders’ – How to Understand Others and Adapt Yourself.HashtagsMentors Help Us Believe in OurselvesFrom Remedial Classes to Published AuthorRelationships Are the True Currency of BusinessBelieve You Can Win!Don’t Speak Negativity to YourselfKnowing Jesus Not Just Loves You but Likes You Matt’s Mastermind GroupsIf I Can Do it You Can Do it!Personal Growth Happens in the Valleys Shut Up, Listen and Ask Questions!Do You Understand Your Client’s Needs?The Best Relationship Builders Speak the Least Email us @info@economicsandthespirit.com The Good Man AudiobookThe Good Man on Audible.comLinksCinnamon Network International Relationology InternationalInterested in getting Matt’s free eBook The Seven Behaviours of Highly Effective Relationship Builders?  Go to Relationology International and sign up to Matt’s mailing list.CreditsIcon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com


7 Jul 2020

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017. The Why & How Of Purposeful, Personal & Workplace Relationships, Feat Matt Bird

Oh My Days Academy Podcast [free version; no premium access]

Matt Bird, founder of Relationology International, joins Tom Elliott on the Oh My Days Academy to chat about why relationships are important and how we can maximise our relationships in both our perosnal and working lives. In the insiders club, Matt shares a top tip for those who find crowded rooms distressing and awkward - To join, head to ohmydaysacademy.co.ukClick to view: show page on Awesound


5 Jun 2020

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BPS 070: The Secrets of Story with Matt Bird

Bulletproof Screenwriting™ Podcast with Alex Ferrari

You’ve just boarded a plane. You’ve loaded your phone with your favorite podcasts, but before you can pop in your earbuds, disaster strikes: The guy in the next seat starts telling you all about something crazy that happened to him–in great detail. This is the unwelcome storyteller, trying to convince a reluctant audience to care about his story.We all hate that guy, right? But when you tell a story (any kind of story: a novel, a memoir, a screenplay, a stage play, a comic, or even a cover letter), you become the unwelcome storyteller.So how can you write a story that audiences will embrace? The answer is simple: Remember what it feels like to be that jaded audience. Tell the story that would win you over, even if you didn’t want to hear it.Today's guest Matt Bird can help you. He is a screenwriter and the author of the best-selling book The Secrets of Story: Innovative Tools for Perfecting Your Fiction and Captivating Readers. To succeed in the world of fiction and film, you have to work on every aspect of your craft and satisfy your audience. Do both–and so much more–with The Secrets of Story.I dig into Matt's story system and breakdown the secrets of story. Enjoy my conversation with Matt Bird.

1hr 16mins

13 May 2020

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* Matt Bird, Reeths-Puffer HS Head Football Coach; Covid-19 Survivor

The Drive with Jack


4 May 2020