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KNP441 - How to Use Adversity to Your Advantage With Doug Bopst

The Key Nutrition Podcast

Doug Bopst is an award-winning personal trainer, author, speaker and podcast host. Those credentials and accolades are a result of his own transformation. He is a former felon and drug addict, sentenced to months in jail due to being found guilty of “possession with intent to sell.” He chose to use his time locked in that small cell to beat his demons and reinvent himself thanks to a combination of faith, family and fitness. He has helped hundreds of people improve their health and wellness. The three books he has written are a reflection of his personal story: “From Felony to Fitness to Free,” “Faith Family Fitness” and his newest book, “The Heart of Recovery,” where he interviewed roughly 50 of the most inspiring individuals who have beat addiction from of all walks of life with hopes of helping others get into recovery. Doug is also the host of the Adversity Advantage Podcast where he interviews people from all walks of life on how they have turned their trials into triumphs and the exact tips, methods and tactics they used. He has been featured on national media outlets/podcasts such as the Today Show, Men’s Health, Forbes, Goalcast, Cheddar, mindbodygreen, The Rich Roll podcast, Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey, Mind Pump, The Be Well By Kelly Podcast, Rise Together Podcast with Dave Hollis, The Darin Olien Show and many others… The Baltimore Sun voted him as one of Baltimore’s “12 Fitness Heroes” in 2015. “From Felony to Fitness to Free” a short documentary about his story premiered at The Reel Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles and New York City in 2018. He has spoken to and worked with many companies, organizations and schools including McCormick and the Clemson football team. Schedule your free strategy call for the Next Level Experience https://e7i1zgf52lc.typeform.com/to/sAXwlqol Next Level Waitlist – http://mynextlevelexperience.com/wait-list/ Get a Free Consultation – https://keynutrition.com/free-evaluation/ Podcast Q&A Submissions –> https://bit.ly/3c74i7A Cured Nutrition Discount code: Brad Order from Cured Nutrition -> https://bit.ly/3z0mkBv Discount code: keynutrition for 20% off your first Legion order. Order Legion Supplements -> https://bit.ly/3mHRqYV Connect with us on Instagram Host Brad Jensen – @thesoberbodybuilder Guest Doug Bopst – @dougbopst Key Nutrition – @keynutrition


24 Feb 2023

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Kill your Excuses and optimize your life with Doug Bopst

The Ellen Fisher Podcast

Your mindset is a key to overcoming adversity and empowering ourselves from victim to victor. How we think and speak about ourselves is a strong determinator of our reality and this episode is all about using your disadvantages to your advantage and overcoming anything In life. I sit down with Doug Bopst, a former drug addict and convicted felon who found transformation while serving jail time. He turned to drugs at 14 years old as a way to cope with an emotionally dysfunctional and broken home life including abuse, severe bullying, and the challenges that come with parents of divorce. This lead him down a spiral of addiction and selling drugs, and he was eventually pulled over and caught with drugs in his car. What seemed like the worst day of his life, turned out to be his greatest blessing. Doug speaks a powerful message in this conversation to help others harness the power within them to “kill your excuses” and live life to their greatest potential. In this episode we cover: Doug’s background and how the narrative about himself growing up shaped his reality Self talk, mindset, and sense of sense being hugely important in life How we can get to the root cause of behavior/feelings in childhood before it becomes self destructive Being a victim of something versus living in victimhood mentality How Doug’s cell mate in jail deeply impacted his mindset and what was instilled in him that he never herd before Life is a lot of times about perception and how you look at a situation makes or breaks you How do we learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable? Creating your own reality If “pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps” is a privileged mentality. What about those living in extremely hard circumstances? How to turn shame or regret from your past into purpose How can people set goals and stay inspired to show up consistently? Advice for those who feel stuck in their circumstances and have a hard time believing in themselves and their capabilities WHERE TO FIND DOUG BOPST Instagram website Adversity Advantage Podcast WHERE TO FIND ME Get my birth course Get my ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast

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25 Oct 2022

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Former Drug Addict Reveals How To Completely Turn Your Life Around In 2023 with Doug Bopst

Dhru Purohit Podcast

This episode is brought to you by Birch Living and WHOOP.It’s part of the human condition to run away from pain. Most of us have habits we acquired as a way to cope with painful childhood experiences or traumas, which unfortunately don’t serve us as adults. These habits can manifest as addiction in a wide variety of forms, from substance abuse to overworking. Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru talks to Doug Bopst about hitting rock bottom in jail from a felony drug charge, overcoming addiction, and how he turned his life around with the help of fitness. Doug Bopst is an award-winning personal trainer, author of three books, and host of The Adversity Advantage Podcast. He is on a crusade to inspire others to overcome adversity and become the best version of themselves. He’s a former convicted felon and drug addict who spent time in jail for “possession with intent to sell.” While locked in a cell, he slayed his personal demons, kicked addiction, and reinvented himself, and he hasn’t touched drugs since the day he was incarcerated in 2008. In this episode, we dive into: -Doug’s early childhood experiences and the development of emotional pain (2:39)-Doug’s first experience using drugs (25:03) -The importance of having strong mentors in your life (32:56)-The difference between blame and responsibility (40:05)-When Doug started to spiral out of control (46:08)-Doug’s first exposure to opioids (57:04)-The night Doug was arrested (1:10:10)-Doug’s experience in jail and the conversation that changed his life (1:18:14)-Five lessons Doug learned from his cellmate (1:37:17)-The power of letting go of resentment (2:07:04)For more on Doug Bopst, follow him on Instagram @dougbopst, Facebook @dougbopst, Twitter @dougbopst, YouTube @dougbopst, and through his website, dougbopst.com. Get his book, From Felony to Fitness to Free, here. Check out his podcast, The Adversity Advantage, here.This episode is brought to you by Birch Living and WHOOP.Birch mattresses by Helix are made from organic latex, organic cotton, New Zealand wool, and American steel springs. To get $200 off your Birch Living mattress plus two free eco-rest pillows, head over to birchliving.com/dhru today.WHOOP is a personalized digital fitness tracker and health coaching platform that monitors your physiology 24/7 and provides personalized recommendations based on what your body needs. For me, it's been a game-changer to optimize my sleep and improve my fitness, performance, and overall health. To get yours, go to join.whoop.com and get 15% off your membership with code DHRU15. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

2hr 11mins

20 Oct 2022

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A Guide to Overcoming Adversity In Your Life (Ft. Doug Bopst)

SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley

When walking through adversity, it can be easy to fall into a negative or victim mindset.After all, everything seems to be working against you, and sometimes it feels like there’s nothing to do but spiral downward. Ever been there? 🙋‍♀️But if we can take a step back, we may find that the adversity in our life presents an opportunity for growth and connection.Still, you may be wondering… how do I overcome challenges when life feels like it’s falling apart?And how can I help others do the same?This episode will help answer those questions as Jordan talks with personal trainer, author, and speaker Doug Boost about how to overcome adversity.Doug is the host of the Adversity Advantage Podcast and he knows a thing or two about turning trials into opportunities for growth.So grab those headphones and tune in to learn:Doug’s personal story of overcoming adversityThe importance of analyzing your mindset in the midst of challenging circumstancesHow adversity can affect our faithWhy overcoming difficulties is often a nonlinear journeyWays to support a friend who is walking through adversityHow to support your health during a difficult or draining seasonReady to dig deeper? Learn more at dougbopst.com.P.S. SoulScripts’ OG crewneck is back 🎉, but only through October 7th. Shop the collection now at soulscripts.com.


5 Oct 2022

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71: Doug Bopst on Accountability, Facing Adversity, and Confidence Building

The Madhappy Podcast

Welcome to Episode 71 of The Madhappy Podcast. This week we are excited to welcome Doug Bopst onto the show to learn more about the experiences that led him to serving ninety days in prison after being found guilty of “possession with intent to sell” and how he has worked to move his life in a different direction since his arrest in 2008. We kick off the episode as Mason asks Doug about his childhood experiences in Baltimore (2:30) moving the two into a conversation about the realities that led Doug to begin using and dealing drugs (9:00). Doug talks more on how he ended up serving time, reflecting on his life choices leading up to his arrest (25:40), prior to sharing more about his time in jail and speaking on how jail actually saved his life, on multiple levels (31:30). Mason and Doug discuss the importance of learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable (40:00) before wrapping up with a conversation about setting small goals for yourself to build confidence and trust in yourself (50:14). We talk about some serious topics on this show. We are not professionals and are not giving advice. If you or someone you know needs help, please text start to 741741 and for additional resources please visit LocalOptimist.com/Get-Help The Madhappy Podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Follow us: @Madhappy | @LocalOptimist Visit us: Madhappy.com | LocalOptimist.com

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29 Sep 2022

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Doug Bopst: How Alcohol Harms Your Health + The Addiction Spectrum

The Art of Being Well

Award-winning personal trainer, author, and former addict, Doug Bopst lets us in on his difficult journey through addiction and recovery. Join us as we discuss the impact drugs, alcohol, and addiction has on a person's mental and physical health, while also learning why it's so important to take charge of your own decisions for thriving wellbeing. Learn More: www.drwillcole.com/podcast Sponsors: Munkpack.com code WILLCOLE for 20% off your first purchase Paleovalley.com code DRWILL for 15% off your order Magbreakthrough.com/willcole code WILLCOLE for 10% off Insidetracker.com.com/artofbeingwell for 20% off site-wide Betterandbetter.com code WILLCOLE for 20% off Produced by Dear Media.


7 Jul 2022

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227: How to Break Any Addiction, Destroy Laziness, and Turn Your Life Around | Doug Bopst

The Genius Life

Doug Bopst is a personal trainer and author of Faith Family Fitness and From Felony to Fitness to Free. He is a former felon and drug addict who chose to use his time locked up to beat his demons and reinvent himself, and now he's on a mission to help others integrate the lessons he's learned. His latest book is The Heart of Recovery: Real People. Real Lives. Real Success Stories. Full show notes: https://maxlugavere.com/podcast/227 

1hr 8mins

20 Apr 2022

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MBPP EP. 704 - Doug Bopst: How Finding Fitness In Jail Saved His Life, A Gateway Drug Story

Mark Bell's Power Project

Doug Bopst started down the slippery slope of depending on drugs to escape his reality. Drugs led to selling which led to jail time where his cell mate introduced him to fitness. Doug is a personal trainer and speaker who can help you transform yourself into the best you. Services include Training, Wellness, and Nutrition. Follow Doug on IG: https://www.instagram.com/dougbopst/ Join The Power Project Discord: https://discord.gg/yJsNEMBr Subscribe to the new Power Project Clips Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UC5Df31rlDXm0EJAcKsq1SUw Special perks for our listeners below! ➢https://www.vivobarefoot.com/ Code POWERPROJET for 20% off Vivo Barefoot shoes! ➢https://markbellslingshot.com/ Code POWERPROJECT10 for 10% off site wide including Within You supplements! ➢https://eatlegendary.com Use Code POWERPROJECT for 20% off! ➢https://bubsnaturals.com Use code POWERPROJECT for 20% of your next order! ➢https://verticaldiet.com/ Use code POWERPROJECT for 20% off your first order! ➢https://vuoriclothing.com/powerproject to automatically save 20% off your first order at Vuori! ➢https://www.eightsleep.com/powerproject to automatically save $150 off the Pod Pro at 8 Sleep! ➢https://marekhealth.com Use code POWERPROJECT10 for 10% off ALL LABS at Marek Health! Also check out the Power Project Panel: https://marekhealth.com/powerproject Use code POWERPROJECT for $101 off! ➢Piedmontese Beef: https://www.piedmontese.com/ Use Code POWER at checkout for 25% off your order plus FREE 2-Day Shipping on orders of $150 Follow Mark Bell's Power Project Podcast ➢ https://lnk.to/PowerProjectPodcast ➢ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/markbellspowerproject ➢ https://www.facebook.com/markbellspowerproject ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbpowerproject ➢ LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/powerproject/ ➢ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/markbellspowerproject ➢TikTok: http://bit.ly/pptiktok FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marksmellybell ➢https://www.tiktok.com/@marksmellybell ➢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkBellSuperTraining ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/marksmellybell Follow Nsima Inyang ➢ https://www.breakthebar.com/learn-more ➢YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/NsimaInyang ➢Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nsimainyang/?hl=en ➢TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@nsimayinyang?lang=en Follow Andrew Zaragoza on all platforms ➢ https://direct.me/iamandrewz #PowerProject #Podcast #MarkBell

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29 Mar 2022

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Ep. 137 Turning our adversities into our advantages with Doug Bopst

Recovering From Reality

In this week's episode I am joined by my friend, and fellow podcast host Doug Bopst. I celebrated my 11 years in recovery on March 8th and I thought that doing an episode on recovery was only fitting. This episode will leave you feeling inspired even if you don't deal with substance issues as Doug's story is about so much more than addiction. We talk about the importance of human connection, how childhood trauma effects out psychy's, and answer the age old question, "is weed really a "gateway" drug?" If you or someone you know needs addiction treatment please visit www.ororecovery.com Follow Alexis (@itsalexishaines), join our Facebook group, and follow @recoveringfromreality on Instagram to stay up to date on all things RFR! You can also enroll in Alexis’ Life Reset Course at liferesetcourse.com to learn the exact, tools to recover from limiting and self- sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviors and replace them with new ones that will set you up for the life you deserve and are fully capable of as you integrate the learnings and tools in your life. www.Hellofresh.com/reality16 for up to 16 free meals and 3 free gifts. www.TheOuai.com with code REALITY for 15% off your entire purchase. www.NativeDeo.com/rfr for 20% off your first order. Produced by Dear Media

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21 Mar 2022

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From Felon to Fitness to Freedom, feat. Doug Bopst (Enneagram 3) [S05-032]


Every personality style has a story that includes a catalog of false beliefs about themselves and the world. But what happens when you take those false beliefs and pain from your younger years and turn them into purpose? Our guest today, award-winning personal trainer and host of the Adversity Advantage podcast, Doug Bopst, explains how he went from hopeless and emotionally bankrupt to helping others overcome adversity to achieve greatness. His inspiring story of transformation is a prime example of what happens when we learn to re-interpret our past and choose to lean into a new narrative. 


3 Mar 2022