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Utilising automatic speech recognition with Deepgram CEO, Scott Stephenson

VUX World

Deepgram is a Speech Company whose goal is to have every voice heard and understood. We have revolutionized speech-to-text (STT) with an End-to-End Deep Learning platform. This AI architectural advantage means you don’t have to compromise on speed, accuracy, scalability, or cost to build the next big idea in voice. Its easy-to-use SDKs and APIs allow developers to quickly test and embed our STT solution into their voice products.We sat down with CEO, Scott Stephenson and discussed all things speech recognition including;how a particle physicist turned into a speech recognition expert,how Deepgram approaches creating ASR,what use cases their customers are utilising the service for,the different between Deepgram and it's big tech competitors,why deep learning is an important differentiator,why speed is important and how quick its response times are,accuracy levels and training/tuning ASR,how to select a speech recognition vendor and much much moreLinksVisit Deepgram.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Sep 2021

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Scott Stephenson – Constitutional Law

The De Minimis Podcast

Scott Stephenson is an academic at the Melbourne Law School specialising in Constitutional Law. We talk about the advantages of a judicial associateship after graduating, how he became an academic, and his recommended scuba diving spots!


12 Aug 2021

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Scott Stephenson - Actor/Teacher/Writer/ Musician

The Sanctuary

Scott is from Dartmouth,  Nova Scotia,  and is currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is an actor,  musician,  teacher,  and writer. He has an honours BA from Dalhousie University and a Masters of Fine Arts from York University.Scott has acted across Canada,  from Victoria to Whitehouse, Toronto,  and Halifax.In Ukraine, he teaches Acting Shakespeare and English, when he's not acting in Ukrainian film projects.Check him out @scotiascottinkyiv


26 Jul 2021

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Scott Stephenson (CEO of Verisk): How Data Sharing Transformed Insurance

World of DaaS

Scott Stephenson, CEO of Verisk (NASDAQ: VRSK), talks with World of DaaS host Auren Hoffman. Verisk Analytics is a $28 billion market cap data analytics company. Scott joined Verisk from BCG in 2001, was promoted to CEO in 2013, and doubled Verisk’s annual revenue to almost $3 billion since then. Auren and Scott discuss Verisk’s founding as a nonprofit, its role as one of the first InsureTech companies, how data sharing transformed the insurance industry, what went into building a successful data contributory model, and more.World of DaaS is brought to you by SafeGraph. For more episodes, visit safegraph.com/podcastsYou can find Auren Hoffman (CEO of SafeGraph) on Twitter at @auren


22 Jul 2021

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Dark Matter Physicist Turned CEO? Scott Stephenson, Co-Founder of Deepgram

The Seed – The Startup Journey

Scott was in a lab deep underground studying dark matter... then he got too bored and decided to launch a company   What??   Today we’ll be chatting with Scott Stephenson – a dark matter physicist turned CEO!  Scott is building Deepgram, a startup that’s reinventing automated speech recognition using end-to-end deep learning. Deepgram is backed by Nvidia, Slack, Y Combinator, and has been named by Forbes to be one of the Top 50 AI companies to watch for in 2021! You can also check out this episode on YouTube! For more highlights and takeaways, follow us on Instagram! Finally, if you'd like our weekly episodes summarized in one-minute digestible droplets, sign up here!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-seed-startup-journey/support


19 Jun 2021

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Meet the Hosts: Scott Stephenson & Steph Shoell

Nominations Podcast

BEHIND THE MICThis award-winning duo is the perfect match to bring listeners  two different perspectives. Steph is a first-time home buyer. Scott is a seasoned home buyer, having purchased real estate in several states. His sales and insurance background, including home buyer’s insurance, gives him a different lens on real estate.Steph Shoell Podcast Producer Steph Shoell launched her first podcast in 2016 and has produced over 200 episodes to-date, talking to featured guests about business, real estate, and their journey of accomplishing their personal and professional goals. With podcasting as her full-time career, Steph enjoys interviewing and asking questions with her feature guests.  Steph is excited to be the producer of Nominations and Utah Real Estate Podcast. She seized the opportunity to foster this much needed Utah real estate resource for Utah Realtors, residential and commercial real estate agents, and other professionals in the Utah real estate space. Steph brings vital information to create a richer experience for professionals and their clients, no matter which real estate niche they serve.  Steph is the President of the Utah Podcast Coalition and enjoys working with the organization to provide support, education, and comradery of local, indie Utah podcasters! Phone-alt Envelope Instagram Scott Stephenson Executive Marketing Director Scott is the founder of the Silver Dollar Academy at Title One. With over 40 years of experience in sales, he prides himself in his Silver Dollar Guarantee. Which is, “I will always value you, I will always value your clients, and I will always value our relationship.” He gives a silver dollar to everyone he does business with as a reminder that he is a man of his word. Scott is an East Coast guy through and through. Having spent a lifetime in Maryland, he misses his home’s water and greenery but loves more the company of his kids and grandkids that settled in Utah. Known for his flashy style, the Silver Dollar man takes after his fashionable wife, Vickie. Scott loves working with other professionals and is always impressed when someone outshines him. Scott enjoys co-hosting Nominations Podcasts, interviewing featured guests, and having conversations around best business practices. Scott lives in the Salt Lake City area with his wife Vickie, children, and grandchildren and enjoys playing with his four sons in a local softball league. Phone-alt Envelope Facebook Subscribe To Our Podcast Whether you have been in the industry for a lifetime or a few days, we guarantee you’ll find gems of wisdom in each episode. Many agents struggle through their first few years of becoming a Realtor. Nominations are a starting point for creating a richer real estate experience for yourself and your clients. We offer both veterans and rooky agents more education, advice, and authentic real-life takeaways allowing you to become the best agent you can be! New Episodes Nominations Podcast is the premier resource for the Utah Real Estate Community. Our featured guests range from seasoned professionals to real estate rookies. Each nominee offers a unique perspective giving listeners valuable tools and advice on setting yourself apart in an ever-changing environment.  Harmony Nordgren January 25, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Home Inspection 00:30:43 Comments Off on Harmony NordgrenYou may be surprised to find out that a home inspection is not required in Utah! Although this process... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Harmony_Nordgren.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Chris Ferguson February 1, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Media 00:41:46 Comments Off on Chris FergusonWelcome to Nominations Podcast, where we chat with our second nominee, Chris Ferguson of Keller Williams Utah Realtors. He... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Chris_Ferguson_Podcast.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Jeff Ingersoll February 8, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Media 00:39:08 Comments Off on Jeff IngersollWelcome to Nominations Podcast, where we chat with our second nominee, Jeff Ingersoll. Jeff  took his first job in... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Jeff_Ingersoll_Podcast.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Kim Beck February 15, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Media 00:26:13 Comments Off on Kim BeckKim Beck from Top Dog Realty with Equity Real Estate, is a former dog trainer and wanted to blend... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Kim_Beck.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Ann Atkin February 22, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Media 00:34:43 0 Comments Ann Atkin owner of Meth Mob, promotes education on methamphetamine contamination in homes. Ann encourages Utah realtors to... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Ann_Atkin.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Lisa Piela March 1, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Media 0:50:41 0 Comments Lisa Piela, who came to us with rave recommendations from a former guest on our Utah Real Estate Podcast.... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Lisa_Piela.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Jason Cook March 8, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Marketing 00:34:57 0 Comments Welcome to Nominations Podcast, where we chat with our nominee, Jason Cook with SilverBack Home Warranty, about what realtors... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Jason_Cook.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Belladonna Riso March 15, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Cold Call 00:48:05 0 Comments After spending ten years in corporate, Belladonna Riso with received a severance package one Friday, which created a... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Belladonna_Riso_Nom.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Bree Motta March 22, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Credit 00:37:12 0 Comments Bree Motta with Goldenwest Credit Union shares how to keep your credit score in good standing. You want... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Bree_Motta.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Mike Anderson March 29, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Marketing 01:10:30 0 Comments Mike Anderson from Intercap Lending talks about how agents can't be successful in sales or marketing if they... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Mike_Anderson.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Trevor Thompson April 5, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Distressed Properties 00:47:17 0 Comments In a fast-moving market, such as the one we are experiencing right now, Trevor Thompson with Equity Real Estate... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Trevor_Thompson.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Bryan Hurd April 12, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Real Estate 01:11:25 0 Comments Bryan Hurd with Keller Williams of South Valley shares his story of how he doubled his real estate earnings... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Bryan_Hurd.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Rex Frazer April 20, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Communication 00:40:04 0 Comments When you get a lead or if you’re working with a client, Rex Frazer, an agent with EXP Realty.... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Rex_Frazer_Nom.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Matt Atkinson April 26, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Investing 00:53:27 0 Comments Matt Atkinson, a mortgage lender with Intercap Lending he comments that real estate is like a drug to him.... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Matt_Atkinson.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Meet the Hosts: Scott Stephenson & Steph Shoell May 3, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Uncategorized 00:54:03 0 Comments This episode goes behind the mic with the Scott Stephenson "Silver Dollar Man" and Steph Shoell. This award-winning duo... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Scott_Steph.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Alan Matheson May 10, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Uncategorized 00:39:02 0 Comments Alan Matheson is the executive director of the Point of the Mountain Authority. Alan’s responsibilities include overseeing over 600... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Alan_Matheson_Nom.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Lee Stern May 17, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Uncategorized 00:54:41 0 Comments Lee Stern from Keller Williams has been in real estate in for almost 50 years! Lee wouldn't have expected... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Lee_Stern_Nom.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Rob Moser May 24, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Uncategorized 00:54:21 0 Comments Rob Moser May 24, 2021 Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Uncategorized 00:54:21 0 Comments https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Rob_Moser_Nom.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window |... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Rob_Moser_Nom.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download David Bushman May 31, 2021Season 1 stepshoellsue12581 Uncategorized 00:43:43 0 Comments Dave Bushman May 31, 2021 stepshoellsue12581 Uncategorized 0 Comments David Bushman Bushman Accounting Phone-alt Envelope Facebook Subscribe To Our... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/David_Bushman.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Summer Break June 7, 2021stepshoellsue12581 Uncategorized 00:01:02 0 Comments Nominations Podcast will be on break for the summer. We will be back on September 20th. H.A.G.S! ... Play Episode https://reminisceaudio.blob.core.windows.net/utahrealestatepodcast/Summer_Break.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download More EpisodesjQuery(document).ready(function($) { 'use strict'; /* Default Isotope Load Code */ var $containerb8a8f17 = $("#secondline-blog-index-masonry-b8a8f17").isotope(); var $imgs = $('#secondline-blog-index-masonry-b8a8f17 img'); $containerb8a8f17.imagesLoaded( function() { $(".secondline-masonry-item").addClass("opacity-secondline"); $containerb8a8f17.isotope({ itemSelector: "#secondline-blog-index-masonry-b8a8f17 .secondline-masonry-item", percentPosition: true, layoutMode: "masonry" }); $imgs.load(function () { $containerb8a8f17.isotope('layout'); }); }); /* END Default Isotope Code *//* Begin Infinite Scroll */ $containerb8a8f17.infinitescroll({ errorCallback: function(){ $("#infinite-nav-slt-b8a8f17").delay(500).fadeOut(500, function(){ $(this).remove(); }); }, navSelector : "#infinite-nav-slt-b8a8f17", nextSelector : "#infinite-nav-slt-b8a8f17 .nav-previous a", itemSelector : "#secondline-blog-index-masonry-b8a8f17 .secondline-masonry-item", loading: { img: "https://nominationspodcast.com/wp-content/themes/tusant-secondline/images/loader.gif", msgText: "", finishedMsg: "No more posts", speed: 0, } },// trigger Isotope as a callback function( newElements ) {var player = $('.wp-block-audio audio, .powerpress_player audio, audio.wp-audio-shortcode'); player.mediaelementplayer({ 'classPrefix': 'mejs-', 'isVideo': false, 'setDimensions': false, 'preload': 'none', 'pauseOtherPlayers': true, 'alwaysShowControls': true, // 'audioVolume': 'vertical', // add into customizer 'startVolume': 0.8, 'skipBackInterval': 30, 'jumpForwardInterval': 30, 'timeAndDurationSeparator': ' / ', 'features': ['skipback', 'playpause', 'jumpforward', 'current', 'progress', 'duration', 'tracks', 'volume', 'speed'], 'speeds': ['2', '1.5', '1.25', '0.75'], 'defaultSpeed': '1', success: function (mediaElement) { mediaElement.pause(); } });$(".secondline-themes-gallery").flexslider({ animation: "fade", slideDirection: "horizontal", slideshow: false, smoothHeight: false, slideshowSpeed: 7000, animationSpeed: 1000, directionNav: true, controlNav: true, prevText: "", nextText: "", }); $(".secondline-themes-default-blog-overlay a[data-rel^=\'prettyPhoto\'], .secondline-themes-feaured-image a[data-rel^=\'prettyPhoto\']").prettyPhoto({ theme: "pp_default", hook: "data-rel", opacity: 0.7, show_title: false, deeplinking: false, overlay_gallery: false, custom_markup: "", default_width: 1100, default_height: 619, social_tools:"" }); $(".secondline-themes-default-blog-overlay, .secondline-themes-default-blog-index").fitVids();var $newElems = $( newElements ); $newElems.imagesLoaded(function(){ $containerb8a8f17.isotope( "appended", $newElems ); $(".secondline-masonry-item, #main-container-secondline .mejs-container").addClass("opacity-secondline"); if (typeof sppressProPlayerReboot !== "undefined" && $.isFunction(sppressProPlayerReboot)) { if ($(".sm2-main-controls")[0]) { sppressProPlayerReboot(); } } if ($(".sppaudioplayer")[0]) { $("audio").audioPlayer(); }if (window.innerWidth > 959) { $("#main-container-secondline #secondline-blog-index-masonry-b8a8f17 .mejs-container, #main-container-secondline #secondline-blog-index-masonry-b8a8f17 p.powerpress_links a, #main-container-secondline #secondline-blog-index-masonry-b8a8f17 .podcast_meta a").addClass("opacity-secondline");}; if (window.innerWidth > 959) { $(".single-column-slt .secondline-themes-feaured-image img").addClass("match-height-slt"); $(".single-column-slt .secondline-blog-content").addClass("match-height-slt"); $(".single-column-slt.secondline_elements_post_list_disable_match .secondline-themes-feaured-image img").removeClass("match-height-slt"); $(".single-column-slt.secondline_elements_post_list_disable_match .secondline-blog-content").removeClass("match-height-slt"); $("body .grid-columns-slt.masonry-secondline .secondline-blog-content").removeClass("match-height-slt"); $('.match-height-slt').matchHeight(); $('body .grid-columns-slt.fitRows-secondline .secondline-blog-content').matchHeight({byRow: true,}); };$('body #secondline-blog-index-masonry-b8a8f17 .secondline-post-meta').each(function() { $(this).find('span:visible:last').addClass('secondline-visible-last'); });}); } ); /* END Infinite Scroll *//* PAUSE FOR LOAD MORE */ $(window).unbind(".infscr"); // Resume Infinite Scroll $("#infinite-nav-slt-b8a8f17 .nav-previous a").click(function(){ $containerb8a8f17.infinitescroll("retrieve"); return false; }); /* End Infinite Scroll */ });


3 May 2021

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Meet the Hosts | Scott Stephenson & Steph Shoell

Utah Real Estate Podcast

This episode goes behind the mic with the Scott Stephenson "Silver Dollar Man" and Steph Shoell. This award-winning duo is the perfect match to bring listeners two different perspectives. Steph is a first-time home buyer. Scott is a seasoned home buyer, having purchased real estate in several states. His sales and insurance background, including home buyer’s insurance, gives him a different lens on real estate. The post Meet the Hosts | Scott Stephenson & Steph Shoell appeared first on Utah Real Estate Podcast.


22 Apr 2021

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Cultivating a culture of innovation with Scott Stephenson, President and CEO of Verisk Analytics

Integrate: Faith & Innovate

Dr. Hannah Stolze and FT Chong host Scott Stephenson, President and CEO of Verisk Analytics to find out how he promotes a culture of innovation.


17 Nov 2020

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Deepgram CEO Scott Stephenson on Underground Intelligence

Machine Meets World

Scott Stephenson, CEO of the speech recognition company Deepgram, talks artificial intelligence with Infinia ML's James Kotecki. --- EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS How working in a “James Bond lair" led to the development of Deepgram. (4:14) How doing particle physics is like doing deep learning for speech. (6:10) Machines will be low-cost analysts of conversations. (15:57) How always-on recording can change human behavior. (19:58) --- EMAIL THE SHOW mmw@infiniaml.com --- Video and transcript: https://medium.com/machine-meets-world/from-the-laws-of-the-universe-to-the-laws-of-intelligence-53ff91ee6049


28 Jul 2020

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Scott Stephenson CEO and Cofounder of Deepgram - Voicebot Podcast Ep 158

The Voicebot Podcast

Scott Stephenson is cofounder and CEO  of Deepgram. He earned a PhD in particle physics at the University of Michigan with a focus on Machine Learning. He then spent time building a system designed to detect dark matter two miles underground. That experience inadvertently introduced Scott and a colleague to the limitations of speech recognition systems which to their surprise were not using the same deep learning architecture with hardware acceleration they had built to detect dark matter activity. It ultimately led to founding Deepgram in 2015 as a new model for automated speech recognition. The company added 12 million in funding in March of 2020.

1hr 13mins

13 Jul 2020