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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Troy Amdahl. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Troy Amdahl, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Troy Amdahl. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Troy Amdahl, often where they are interviewed.

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#009 Dr. Troy Amdahl - Author of Oola

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#oolalife the ultimate plan for achieving balance in an unbalanced world. Authors Dr. Troy Amdahl & Dave Braun describe Oola in that way. So much to say, not enough space….you need to check out their website.

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Feb 18 2020 · 36mins
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Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World with Troy Amdahl and Dave Braun

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Dr. Troy Amdahl and Dr. Dave Braun, also know as “The Oola Guys,” have started a movement of their own—Oola—which grew out of their international best-seller, Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. After successful careers as chiropractors, they set out on a new adventure, building a business to help others discover and pursue their greatness. Their message is simple: Wherever you are in life, there is something more that is available to you. In today’s episode, Troy and Dave are talking about how they got started, key points on the journey, and what lies at the heart of their work with Oola.

Jan 28 2020 · 32mins
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Ep. 183 - Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl the OolaGuys

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Be grateful. Have faith. Live Oola.

Those are the words of wisdom that the OolaGuys and Authors of Oolaand Oola for Women, Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl,of OolaLifeare spreading to the USA: That we must always be grateful; even be grateful for our past, have faith in the future, and live in the present.

You will be able to learn more about their message and meet them in person at Your Wellness Connection is coming Thursday, April 11th from 6:00pm-7:30 pm for a book signing and sticker stop as part of their OolaLife Dream Tour!

As you listen to Dr. Michelle’s interview with them, you will learn what the 7 F’s  | 7 Blockers | 7 Accelerators of the OolaLife are, what sparked them to do the OolaLife Dream Tour, how they’ve incorporated the OolaLife into their own lives, and what big shifts you can make with their 21 Day OolaLife Challenge.

Turn small changes into big shifts with their 3 core steps to living an OolaLife by thinking about:

  1. Where you are today
  2. Where you want to go
  3. How you’re going to get there

If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time.- Zig Zaglar

About OolaLife

What is OolaLife all about? The OolaLife isn’t just a book series but a process of life. It allows you to take a day or two every day to step outside of your life and look at it give yourself an honest assessment with where you are with your life, career, family, friendships, and yourself. Once you have assessed that, you can think about where you want to go with your life and how you’re going to get there. 

Listen and discover the deep truth that where you are now is simply just that and it doesn’t define who you are.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver

Mar 24 2019 · 29mins
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How a Dream Can Change the World with Drs. Dave braun and Troy Amdahl

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International best selling authors Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl (The Oola Guys) share their inspiring message with TriplePnation on how to create a balanced and growing life. Learn what a balanced life looks like and how you can build your Oolalife to help crush all your goals and dreams. You will also learn how we are being punked by popular culture into pursuing a life of debt and disappointment. Don't miss the show!

Dec 17 2018 · 56mins
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Collecting One Million Dreams with Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl of The Oola Movement

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Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast this week is Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, founders of The Oola Movement.

The OolaGuys are co-authors of the International Best Selling book series that started with Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. Dr. Dave (the OolaSeeker) and Dr. Troy (the OolaGuru) are renowned experts in a proper work-life balance. They are committed to changing the world with their simple, yet life-changing, message. 

In this week’s episode we chat all about the Oola Movement, their mission to inspire change, and how to find more balance and growth in the 7 key areas of life. Dave and Troy break down the three simple steps to living the Oola life, how to overcome blockers, and tools that we can utilize to move forward. We also talk about the Oola Dream Bus Tour and their mission to collect one million dreams. Dave and Troy share stories from the road, lessons learned, how you too can reconnect to your dreams, living in purpose, and SO much more!

To learn more about this week's episode check out our show notes and you can connect with Dave and Troy on their website and connect with them on social media on Instagram @oolalife and on Facebook @oolalife and you can connect with Dave on Instagram @oolaseeker and Troy on Instagram @oolaguru


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Dec 04 2018 · 50mins
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Oola Guys Troy Amdahl & Dave Braun discuss Holiday Season Balance

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Oola Guys and Holiday Season Balance with Troy Amdahl & Dave Braun

With the holiday season now upon us, why not go into this year’s busy hustle and bustle proactively with a plan. Be prepared to balance, find your personal passion and commit to it so you can handle the family dynamic, huge meals, celebration party food, drinks and much more.
Oola Find Balance In An Unbalanced World: The Seven Areas You Need to Balance and Grow to Live the Life of your Dreams officially published October 18. It’s not the typical self-help book, yet it delivers a powerful yet simple message. When your life is in balance and growing in the 7 key areas of life -- Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith, Friends, and Fun -- you experience less stress, more balance, and greater purpose.
The authors, Troy Amdahl (Oola Guru) and Dave Brown (Oola Seeker), understand that sometimes people need help navigating when dealing with relationships. This book helps readers understand that family relationships and faith are important in every step in life. The delivered message is, “Family relationships are powerful. And, as with any form of power, that power can be used for good or for evil” (as we have recently been reading in the news).
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Dec 06 2017 · 48mins
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POP002: Finding the Seven Key Areas of Life with Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl

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Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl are the co-authors of the International Best Selling book, Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. Dr. Dave (the Oola Seeker) and Dr. Troy (the Oola Guru) are renowned experts in a proper work/life balance. They travel the world, helping people find balance and growth in the “Seven Key Areas of Life”, better known as the “Seven F’s of Oola”: fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun. A better “you” makes a better family, a better community, and ultimately a better world.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • What it means to live an Oola Life
  • Balancing your life as an entrepreneur
  • The dangers of a lack of focus
  • 20% of your efforts will yield 80% of your results
  • Competition vs collaboration
  • What to do when competition mimics your product or service
  • When you make it about the price, you become a commodity

Questions from the show:

The best places to find Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy:

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