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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rachel Oliver. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rachel Oliver, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rachel Oliver. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rachel Oliver, often where they are interviewed.

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163: How to Make More Cashflow with Less Landlord Headaches with Rachel Oliver

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Oliver. Rachel is a multi-award-winning real estate investor and entrepreneur. She is often featured in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, popular podcasts, TV shows, and industry events as an expert on Rent-to-Own. Passionate about education, Rachel is the author of an Amazon best-selling book ‘Rent to Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers.’ Together with her husband, Rachel owns and operates Clover Properties, Ontario’s most established Rent-to-Own company. Working closely with real estate and mortgage professionals for over a decade, they have done over 400 Rent-to-Own deals to help homebuyers become homeowners. For many people, Rachel is affectionately known as the “Cashflow Queen” because she helps investors generate lucrative cash flow, without the headaches of being a landlord.   Rachel shares with us a few valuable tips about purchasing a rent to own home.
Oct 21 2020 · 27mins
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Greenthumbs in Canterbury -Rachel Oliver and also Rachel Teen

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Ray and Lorraine chat with Rachel Oliver about thing to at the CHS and also Rachel Teen about water sensitive cities

Out and About With the Canterbury Horticultural Society
Oct 12 2020 · 28mins

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Say Hello to Cash Flow with Rachel Oliver

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Find out about the kind of investment strategy that rakes in cash flows for you, gives you capital gain, and requires no maintenance and repairs on the investor’s part, discover about the homebuyer-centric investment model that is a win-win for both buyers and investors, and learn about real estate strategies to implement to have win-win solutions for clients on distress as well as for investors.



Rachel Oliver is an international best-selling author, successful real estate investor, ambitious entrepreneur, and a dynamic speaker. She is the co-founder and managing partner of Clover Properties, a company established out of her passion for enabling families to achieve their homeownership goals and live a better life. 

By offering a private alternative financing option for people who cannot qualify for a mortgage due to a low credit score or low down payment, Rachel’s company is supporting families to make a fresh start and get ahead financially. Rachel’s mission is to raise awareness about Rent to Own in the real estate industry to ensure homebuyers are getting accurate advice about this proven financing option. Through her best-selling book “Rent to Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers” and educational workshops, Rachel is staying true to her vision – to elevate the success rate of Rent-to-Own transactions in Canada, USA, Australia, and UK. 

In this episode, learn about how Rachel helps generate above-average cashflows for investors without having the headache of a landlord. 

Topics Covered: 

01:30 – The trigger that got her into real estate 

03:36 –  How the thought of doing one investment strategy the way she wants it done prompted her to get her feet fully wet in real estate 

06:03 – Working out on her investment model that was homebuyer-centric 

07:21 – Rachel walking through the homebuyer-centric real estate investment model she develops 

13:07 – How do you profit from a rent-to-own deals  

15:52 – The pitfalls of rent-to-own strategy 

19:05 – What does their rental deal look like on any given day 

Key Takeaways: 

“The babysitting is exactly what we're doing, I mean, we’ve systemized it and it has a bit of professional polish to it now that I think about it over the years, but it's true that we're babysitting them. But these people need it. This is, I think, the absence of the rent-to-own strategy that you don't go into this and, kind of, I think, is a fallacy about it that it's a set it and forget it. Because everybody's looking for a passive solution with real estate, but that's not the case. Rent-to-own is really designed to help a home buyer overcome a certain challenge or a certain habitual behavior.” - Rachel Oliver

“As the investor, what you’re essentially benefiting from rent-to-own, I guess, is a very equitable solution to try to help home buyers build up a bigger down payment because the more of a monthly down payment credit they give me, the higher my cash flow is over the course of the rent-to-own and the higher their down payment accumulation is. So, it’s really win-win.” – Rachel Oliver 

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Apr 23 2020 · 20mins
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E31 - Helping Tenants Through Rent-to-Owns with Rachel Oliver

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Rachel Oliver is real estate investor and founder of Clover Properties. She retired in 2009 to spend more time with her family and invest in rent-to-own properties. Over the past 10 years, she has done nearly 350 deals across Ontario. On this episode, we discussed:

Immigrating from the Ukraine at 9 years old

Learning about rent-to-owns in 2009

How she made the RTO process more effective over the years

Creating a 90% purchasing success rate

How to generate $800-1,000 in cash flow

How to avoid mistakes as a tenant buyer

You can learn more about Rachel by visiting http://renting2own.ca/

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Mar 15 2020 · 51mins
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Transitioning From Tenant to Everyday Investor with Rachel Oliver

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Nicole Edmonds fills in once again for Rav today and is joined by Rachel Oliver for a very interesting episode about how to make money transitioning from a tenant into becoming an everyday investor.

Episode Highlights:

How Rachel got into real estate investing
How the ‘rent to own’ strategy works
A case study of one of Rachel’s rent to own properties with a tenant-buyer-investor


“I didn’t know how much time I had left, so I started re-evaluating: if I could pick how I would spend my days, what would that look like?”

“I really cringed at the idea of tenants and toilets.”

“We were helping another family overcome their personal setback.”

“We laser-focused right on the rent to own strategy.”

“With every monthly payment, they are building equity.”

“We match them with a family that has the means to take on a mortgage.”

“We would be looking for rent to own properties that have an income suite component.”

“We’re working in areas that are up and coming.”

“Oftentimes, it is a 3 year arrangement.”

“We set it up that this, you know, future investor has the right to rent out a portion of that property and generate rental income.”

“Essentially they’re using the rent to own vehicle to buy below market value and generate rental income.”


Everyday Investor homepage: https://everydayinvestor.com/

Feb 01 2020 · 21mins
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Investing In Rent-To-Own to Grow Your Capital with Rachel Oliver

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This week, Rav is joined by Rachel Oliver, co-author of ‘Rent to Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers’, who teaches listeners how to make money by growing capital through ‘rent-to-owns’.

Episode Highlights:

Rachel’s involvement in Mothers of Real Estate (MORE)
Investing in rent-to-owns and its advantages for both cash flow and capital gains
Scenarios which may determine an investor’s preference for cash flow or capital gains
A case study of growing capital through a rent-to-own


“I love that humanistic part of your business.”

“Believe it or not, real estate agents and mortgage agents are actually jumping on the bandwagon to educate themselves about how rent-to-own works!” “And investors!”

“When you know what your ‘why’ is, you’re going to overcome any hurdle, any challenge, and any unknown.”

“We really needed that juicy, predictable cash flow.”

“It’s passive whether you want the front end heavy cash flow or you want the back end capital gain…you don’t have to manage this, the money’s just coming in every month.”

“I perspire when there’s tenants and toilets, and that’s why I’m rent-to-own all day long.”

“The rent-to-own process allows them to take their 5%, lock in some equity, and every month continue to…build up that equity and create stability.”

“There’s a ‘feel good’ aspect from the investor’s point of view.”

“You’ve doubled your money in 3 years, helping another family become an owner.”

“It’s a really wonderful experience to be part of their journey into home ownership.”


Everyday Investor homepage: https://everydayinvestor.com/

Nov 30 2019 · 21mins
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Selling My AirBnb To Fund My Stock Hacking & the Rent to Own Queen Rachel Oliver

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On to this week’s show which has been a year in the making!

Rachel Oliver is an award-winning investor and co-host of Mothers of Real Estate TV Show. After 20 years in the corporate world, Rachel retired from the rat race to spend more time with her family and invest in Rent to Own properties. Today, she is affectionately known as the “cashflow queen” because she helps investors profit with Rent to Own properties — without headaches of being a landlord. She is also the author of an Amazon best-selling book Rent to Own Essential Guide for Homebuyers. Together with her husband (Mr. No), Rachel owns and operates Clover Properties, one of the most reputable Rent to Own companies in Ontario. Connect with Rachel at Rachel@RethinkRentals.com

Host notes: pay special attention to husband Mr. NO Neil Oliver’s role and how Rachel gets her leads, and their qualifying criteria. The Oliver’s are extremely good at what they do

Oct 05 2019 · 1hr 8mins
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Investing in "Rent-to-Own" Properties with Rachel Oliver of Clover Properties

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In today’s episode, Rav discusses the strategy of investing in ‘rent-to-own’ for cash flow with good friend Rachel Oliver of Clover Properties. Rachel provides in-depth information about this strategy including: how it works, why she likes it, and what it can do for both renters (tenant-buyers) and investors.

Episode Highlights:

The advantages of this strategy for investors
Finding the right tenant-buyers and the impact this strategy can have on their lives
The average return that is possible for investors using this strategy
The many potential ‘exit strategies’ for investors
Clover Properties’ success rate
The cash flow advantage with rent-to-own investments


“We really needed to replace our job income so we could spend more time with our kids, so we could travel when we wanted to, leave our jobs.”
“You’re putting together the investor and the tenant who wants home ownership.”
“He actually saw that he was making such a positive difference in the lives of these home buyers…they would be hugging him, they’d have tears in their eyes, they would be so grateful.”
“Benevolence doesn’t mean it has to be ‘not for profit’…everybody can win.”
“Other people’s money gives you more leverage.”
“So now they’re very desirable to the banks…what we are doing…behind the scenes…is nurturing them and guiding them on what they need to do to become mortgage-ready.”
“Rent-to-own gives them the time they need and a runway in order to fix those little credit issues in order to become mortgage-ready, but at the same time they are building up a bigger down payment.”
“We’re looking for emotional commitment, we’re looking for financial commitment. There’s a lot of things that we do to screen the right fit.”


Everyday Investor homepage: https://everydayinvestor.com/

Clover Properties: http://renting2own.ca/

Sep 28 2019 · 21mins
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Rent To Own Investing Is with Rachel Oliver

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We dive deep into Rent To Own investing with the Canadian Rent To Own Queen Rachel Oliver of Clover Properties. Rachel and her team has done over 260 transactions. She shares with us the importance of working with great people. 

You can connect with at http://rethinkrentals.com/

Watch the live video Stream here

Mar 13 2019 · 1hr 2mins
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EP12 – Rachel Oliver – Author, Investor and Queen of the Rent-To-Owns

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EP12 - Rachel Oliver - Author, Investor and Queen of the Rent-To-Owns
This might have been the most fun we’ve had to date on the podcast.

The REIL podcast had the Queen of Rent-To-Owns (RTOs) on this episode and there may be no better person to talk to about this strategy than Rachel Oliver.

She’s been so successful with this strategy, that her and her husband, Neil (aka Mr. NO) started Clover Properties and have successfully put over 500 families through their RTO program - SUCCESSFULLY.

That’s right - they have an over 90% success rate with their bread and butter strategy.

I highly encourage you to open your ear holes for this one, because it’s a beauty and you can’t help but like Rachel and her optimistic outlook in this industry.

Let us know what you think.

Rachel@RethinkRentals.com - Rachel Oliver

www.reilounge.ca - Real Estate Investors Lounge

www.niagararei.ca - Niagara Real Estate Group

Thanks again,

Brian, Erika & Jay

P.S. She said we’re the perkiest podcast of them all!
Nov 13 2018 · 49mins