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Sheila Heti: Materinstvo

7. stran

Knjige vseh žanrov izbirajo in prebirajo poslušalci. Zgodbe, vtise, razmišljanja in knjižne predloge zbiramo v nedeljski jutranji radijski knjižnici.


10 Oct 2021

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Artist Reunion, with Lauren Groff, Sheila Heti and Sarah Manguso

Shadow // Yaddo

When artists get together, conversation flows! Antics, disco, cocktails and more in this week’s celebration of our upcoming Yaddo Artist Reunion. Three fantastic writers who met at Yaddo discuss how peers influence each other: Lauren Groff, the bestselling author of six books of fiction, including Fates and Furies, Florida and her latest, Matrix; the ever-brilliant Sheila Heti, author of the novels Motherhood, How Should a Person Be and her forthcoming book, Pure Colour; and Sarah Manguso, the luminous author of eight books, including her upcoming novel, Very Cold People. Contributing artists: Joseph Keckler, Destiny’s Child (“Independent Women,” the Charles J Remix). Special thanks to Glenfiddich for sponsoring our Yaddo Artist Reunion.


7 Oct 2021

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Claire-Louise Bennett and Sheila Heti: Checkout 19

London Review Bookshop Podcast

Claire-Louise Bennett’s debut, Pond (Fitzcarraldo), has been a firm bookshop favourite since its release, for its unique, irreverent voice and attention to the parts of experience which go overlooked or unspoken. Checkout 19 (Jonathan Cape), the follow-up, is one of our most eagerly-anticipated books of 2021; Bennett was in conversation with Sheila Heti. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


6 Oct 2021

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Read By: Sheila Heti

92Y's Read By

Sheila Heti on her selection: I chose a chapter from Stefan Zweig’s The World of Yesterday, which he wrote between 1934 and 1941. It is one of the most fascinating and vivid descriptions I have ever read—not only of what Victorian manners and morals were like, but what it feels like to have lived through history, in particular the great political and social upheavals that occurred between his birth in Vienna in 1881 and his death in 1942. He gave his publisher the typewritten manuscript of this memoir the day before he and his wife died, by suicide. Zwieg grew up in a prosperous Jewish family, and this is the world he is writing about. I found in these pages one of the greatest and most fascinating and sensitive eyewitness accounts of history I have ever read. I love the details. I love the feeling that I am seeing the truth about another world with such intimacy. This chapter has stayed with me since I first encountered it years ago. I am at about the age he was when he wrote it, and though I don’t think the changes I have witnessed have been as dramatic, I feel I know what it’s like to remember a lost world, and to set now against then and to weigh all of it up. The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig Music: "Shift of Currents" by Blue Dot Sessions // CC BY-NC 2.0


11 Jul 2021

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59: Sheila Heti


TORONTO / NYC — Sheila Heti is the author of the short story collection the Middle Stories (2001), the short novel Ticknor (2005), the philosophy book the Chairs Are Where The People Go (2011), co-written by Misha Glouberman, How Should A Person Be? (2012), and Motherhood (2018). She also co-edited the collection Women in Clothes (2014). And wrote the intro to the new release of this Virginia Woolf essay, How Should One Read A Book? (2020). Her next book, Pure Colour, is coming out in January 2022. I first encountered Sheila’s writing in late 2014, when I tore through How Should A Person Be? in a night. I’ve since done a handful of pods on her books, so this is really exciting for me, it’s been a long time coming. We recorded this late last week. Sheila Heti lives in Toronto.Here is a link to her website, with links to all her books: http://www.sheilaheti.comSheila's podcast "Podcast With Raisins": https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-with-raisins/id1193833547CONTENTS8 min - pod start12 min - Sheila’s current project15 min - the book isn’t finished till it’s separate from you 16 min - me tryna turn real life into an Art Idea20 min - How Ticknor different but also similar to her other books24 min - friendship/angels25 min - how I first encountered Sheila's writing36 min - on walking / Richard Serra40 min - “art should be taken off the pedestal” 42 min - Middle Stories reactions / why she wrote Ticknor45 min - publishing right after 9/1150 min - Sheila outing me for being in school lolol55 min - Malcolm gladwell story1 hr 4 min - coin stuff / mysticism1 hr 7 min - on God1 hr 11 min - on Nietzsche 1 hr 12 min - “the great writers rearrange your brain”1 hr 13 min - Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Martin Buber1 hr 16 - “who decides that something is good is the Culture / having supporters” / Wittgenstein 1 hr 21 min - “the person who loves a book is the one who’s right about it” / criticism1 hr 28 min - on cigs / tobaccoIntro song: https://soundcloud.com/yeums/thank-you-masterRelated episode - solo rant on Motherhood (1.3.2018): https://soundcloud.com/1storypod/29-family-failure-and-procreation-in-motherhood-2018-by-sheila-heti-1storypod-with-st-conroeSean Thor Conroe lives in Harlem.

1hr 35mins

17 Jan 2021

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Sheila Heti: Materinstvo

Sobotno branje

Roman z naslovom Materinstvo so svetovni mediji razglasili za enega najboljših romanov leta 2018. "Če si med branjem knjige podčrtujete povedi, kakor si jih sam, vam bo pri branju tega romana zmanjkalo svinčnika", so zapisali pri The New York Times. Njegova avtorica Sheila Heti pa je dosegla kultni status tako na literarnem kot na teoretskem področju. Roman je v slovenskem prevodu Katje Zakrajšek izšel pri založbi Beletrina. Pogovarjali smo se z urednico in avtorico spremne besede dr. Manco G. Renko.


19 Jun 2020

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Moomins, motherhood and me — Sheila Heti


Sheila Heti on the life of Finnish writer Tove Jansson who created the Moomins, and some of her own reflections on her choice about whether or not to become a mother


14 May 2020

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FTW 09 - Motherhood by Sheila Heti

Reclaiming the Book Club: Forget The Wine

Laura and Madeline discuss Shelia Heti's work of auto-fiction, Motherhood. Is it too navel-gazey? Is it a novel-as-therapy? Or did we love the introspective, ponderous book. Listen to find out.


11 May 2020

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Materna 1/3: Maternidade, Sheila Heti


Leitura de trechos do romance “Maternidade”, Sheila Heti, tradução Júlia Debasse, Cia das Letras, 2019.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/linguamae/message


3 May 2020

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Extra: Entrevista com Sheila Heti (áudio em inglês)

Maria vai com as outras

Ouça a faixa original, em inglês, da conversa entre Branca Vianna e a escritora canadense Sheila Heti durante a Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty, Flip, de 2019. Um dos grandes nomes da literatura contemporânea em língua inglesa, Heti esteve no Brasil para falar de seu livro Maternidade, publicado pela editora Companhia das Letras com tradução de Julia Debasse.


13 Jan 2020